Xiling Empire Chapter 101

Chapter 101, Powerful Shandora

Xiling Legion is the most powerful and proud of its exaggerated remote attack ability, but the number of enemies like Demonized Creature and the likes of Chunge’s upper body and fearless death are hard to get to the extreme, no matter your long-range firepower. How strong, they can all be pressed to the front of the position, the most arrogant bomb on the World is not too strong, so that the weapon in your hand can not kill the enemy, but the other party is weak and a shuttle can pass A string of deaths, but your bullets have not had a large number of them.

Being killed is absolutely the most grievous. In the past, small Japan was killed.

Now I feel a bit like this. No matter how Pandora’s saturating blows destroy the cannons in pieces, the enemy is still close to our position, although the situation does not look bad, but it still gives people some psychological pressure. definitely.

I pressured for a while, then continued to play the game console, which will make me pass the fourth level. Little Bubbles still inherits a lot of useful knowledge from her otaku girl mother who plays games all day long.

When the first batch of Monster’s distorted limbs stepped into Pandora’s pre-set warning range, she immediately stopped the surrounding matrix. However, in the melee, it was possible to accidentally injure the friendly radiation matrix. After the “kaka ε’”” metal bite, the double-hold The three-tube six-barrel cannon and the 剽悍Loli, which floated hundreds of missile launchers behind it, debuted.

Qianqian grinned and sighed: “A’Jun, I suddenly want to conquer World. Such a powerful war weapon makes it too wasteful for you to use Loli. It is better to purify and purify the already filthy World.”

I did not hesitate to ignore the Qianqian who was running the train full of mouths. By the way, I ignored the Pandora that was connected by the spirit.

It seems that in the future, it must be noted that the Qianqian and Pandora after the blackening cannot be placed separately. Otherwise, when I wake up, I will insert the Empire Army flag. It is estimated that there will be people all over the world uniting against me. It is undoubted that the dog blood event of the evil axis occurs. A cold-blooded dark young girl adds a violent Loli with a full-fledged war. They are twice as powerful as the ones who hit the building.

At this same time, Della, who has always been an ornament on my head, also has an action. Her little arm waved, and the light green light curtain immediately shrouded the battlefield. The most powerful halo skills are probably small. This thing can make the enemy weaken nearly 50% of the living thing Force Field. With the power of the living thing, the black mist of the Demonized Creature is weakened to almost completely disappear.

With the roar of the air razor cluster missiles breaking through the air and the roar of giant machine guns, the battle entered the mid-range fire suppression stage.

After paying an enemy’s casualties, the Demonized Creature army finally struggled to get close to their effective range. The front row of Monster used the attack method that Demonized Creature is best at: overnight… cough cough, it is corrosive, it will be all over the body. The abyss of the abyss is mixed with the rot of the body with the body to spit in front. This highly corrosive ball can not only melt the conventional armor and the human body, but also transform the attacker into a crazy disappointment like the t virus. Even if they are not directly attacked, the stench of these polluting balls can effectively weaken the appetite of the soldiers so that they can’t eat enough to cause malnutrition and thus affect the work enthusiasm of the army’s squadrons. Fully weaken the despicable purpose of the Human Race army’s fighting strength. Add another sentence. My final analysis is purely nonsense…

Under Pandora’s crazy sweep, the piece of Monster had not yet had time to spit out the sour water in the stomach and it was burst into a black black fragment, but with the huge base added, there was still a large amount of corrosive liquid coming to us.

The two thousand elite Xiling guards, who were already ready to go, immediately took action. Several defense Force Fields blocked the Monster’s attack 100 meters away from us, and then the individual infantry guns in the hands of the heavy infantry responsible for the fire output. A fierce fire tongue, when the defense of the Force Field was exhausted, the attack from the heavy infantry just arrived.

The two thousand fighters have now closed their own independent thinking modules, and instead accept the direct control of Pandora, which is the best in our field command, so that they can achieve this millisecond-level fighter and the synchronization rate of a person. If it is any other Human Race army, it is impossible to achieve this level.

Although this may not be nice, Xiling Apostle is indeed a race for combat.

Although ordinary Soldier’s attack power and Pandora as a strategic-level weapon have no comparability at all, two thousand people at the same time launch attack, and its coverage area makes up for this shortcoming. Demonized Creature is not as strong as the abyss body. The force, generally Xiling Soldier’s attack is enough to kill them, so the surging enemy is finally suppressed for the first time.

Seeing that the time is ripe, Shandora takes a deep breath and then gradually floats in the air.

The golden lines emerged from the air, and finally concentrated behind her, at the same time, an inexplicable pressure spread.

Although I have already said it, I still have to say: Shandora is like this, really like cpuOh!

Qianqian and her sister were also the first to see Shandora’s fighting stance. They were not very curious. The sister made a pertinent evaluation: “It seems that all the Xiling Apostle, only A’Jun’s fighting posture is the most common.”

Yeah, because I don’t have any fighting posture at all, is it difficult for me to change into a tights and wear shorts every time I fight?

I thought about the scene, not as good as Ultraman…

“The mind is overweight!”

Shandora snorted, and hundreds of Demonized Creatures, which were near us and were about to break through the first line of defense, suddenly stopped on the spot, then spit and foamed on the floor.

Although in terms of grandeur, Shandora’s attack method no match for Pandora can use the light and shadow effect to get the special effects of the Kyles card on the Kyles card, but when it comes to the strength and danger of the attack, it is almost impossible to defend and shoot without any warning. The mind attack is definitely Pandora’s regular attack no match for.

After several souls have been overweight, we have already dropped thousands of Monsters in front of us, compared with the bodies that were bombarded into fragments by high-energy guns, so that the enemies with intact but blank souls have greater use of Shandora. value.

Under the control of Shandora’s, more than a thousand grotesque Monster bodies stood up and swayed, and then began to turn to attack their former compatriots like chicken blood.

It was just the beginning. With the Monsters in chaos, the golden lines behind Shandora gradually extended out, until behind her, a light-colored wall with a golden circuit board running through the sky, and I even lamented such a shape and cpu. When it was exactly the same, Shandora said in a cold and proud tone: “I, the slayer, Shandora.Celvi.Eulasis, declares to rule all the souls of this family. I am the king of the soul! The opponents with me will surely receive the most Severe punishment!”

Shandora’s arrogant speech made me feel awkward. The scene just made me involuntarily associate the half-empty cpu’s blond gimmick with a tragic brother who was arrogant but was shot at the bottom.

The difference is that Shandora has no tragedy and Monster is tragedy.

I sorted out the information about her big move from the shared database with Shandora, and then sighed.

The conqueror declaration of the mind, the most powerful skill besides the rule of attack, declares its dominance for a race, forcibly impresses each individual of the race, and the branded individual once rebelled against the perpetrator The will will be severely punishable by the soul. The stronger the resistance will be, the more the punishment will be, but the effect of this brand will be weakened as the individual strength of the target increases. In addition, the soul punishment will only cause pain to the target, and will not cause Substantial damage.

A completely heaven defying skill.

For the first time, I heard that there is such an attack that can be applied to the entire race. If there are not many restrictions, I am afraid that this skill can be classified as one of God’s ability, although it is easy to be resisted by the strong and cannot really make the enemy. The two fatal restrictions of injury make the mind conqueror declaration that this skill seems a bit sloppy, but at this moment, the power of this skill is enough to reverse the role of the game.

These Demonized Creatures were members of various races before being infected. They were all sea, land and air, and the animals were born, but they were corroded by the strong assimilation of Abyss power. The same race branding, which directly led to the imprint of all Monster by Shandora, it is obvious that none of these Monsters are not hostile to Shandora, so, of course, all Monster are recruited.

The speed at which they ran suddenly slowed down, and then the body began to emit bright arcs. The powerful Monster could barely keep the attack. The weak Monster had already started to twitch, even though the arcs had no substantial lethality. Although Demonized Creature is not afraid of death, they still have pain, and the pain of soul punishment instinctively begins to twitch.

The ferocious wolves suddenly became the lambs to be slaughtered, and Pandora and the two thousand Xiling soldiers she controlled began to kill the Quartet.

I looked at the Shandora in the air, and wiped the cold sweat that didn’t exist. He said, “Fortunately, fortunately…”

“What fortunate?”

The tip of the ear sister strange strangely asked.

“Fortunately, Shandora has always been a master of eating and sleeping when he was at Earth, or we will become the axis of evil…”

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