Xiling Empire Chapter 103

Chapter 103 of the group (below)

The fun of the group is to put a hard skin and strong flesh boss in the middle, and then the group of dps swarmed up, the sinister tricks are endless, so that the boss has no counterattack force, watching the other side hp slowly decline, the sense of accomplishment naturally rises Thousands of people hit a sandbag and the sandbag will still be bad for a while, the coolest thing is this.

I think that this awe-inspiring abyss in front of my eyes will definitely die. This guy has been working with a large group of Little Brothers. The wishful thinking in his heart must be beaten, waiting for the other party to be exhausted. When the garrison was relaxed, the brothers swarmed up, and the result was didn’t expect. When they first appeared, they were robbed of the first head team. They didn’t react and the road was inexplicably blocked. When they looked around, they found themselves. The Little Brothers also disappeared cleanly, and then they were alone in dealing with a super-violent gang that was murderous in countless Worlds…

I looked at Pandora’s beautiful spotting points to remove only a few Demonized Creatures in the air, and then two thousand Xiling terrorists slammed into the tragedy of heaven.

I have to say that as the leader of the abyss creature, the strength of the beach ink is really strong. Under the shooting of two thousand people, he actually tore his half body and made himself in an incredible way. Half of the body as a shield blocked the gunfire, and then fled the first round of attack.

Only half of the volume of ink left a low slap in the air, and then his surface shrank, and several black rays hit us.

More than a dozen Xiling soldiers opened up the whole body of defense equipment, eagerly greeted the enemy’s attack, and the black rays and the energy shields on them ignited a fierce explosion. The first few Soldiers only supported the In three seconds, an overload and self-explosion occurred, and the black ray was weakened once. Finally, it was intercepted by more than a dozen Soldiers before causing more casualties.

The first confrontation, we took advantage of the enemy’s intentions, concentrated the firepower of two thousand heavy infantry seriously injured the opponent, and the counterattack in the other has killed our five Soldier, and more than a dozen Soldier temporarily unable to overload due to system overload The state of action.

The Soldier we lost this time is a non-independent production type Xiling Apostle directly controlled by Pandora. In other words, it is a bullet-like consumable, so for the first time we met, we took a big profit, but I have nothing at all. I can’t easily get it, I finally realized that the real Abyss power is not comparable to those that are contaminated with a little corrosive atmosphere. If you care about it, I am afraid it will never be lost.

At this moment, I suddenly found out that the bodies of the surrounding people were rapidly turning into black fog and gathered in the abyss of the sky. The latter greedily absorbed these energized nutrients, leaving only half of the body to start fast. Get back.

I forgot the key question!

Waiting for me to tell, the super little Healer Della on my head yelled, the surrounding thing Green living thing Force Field was almost twice as thick, and the scattered black mist seemed to be stinking and the air was fresh and disappeared. Clean, the ink brother who was drinking blood medicine in the sky was suddenly interrupted. It was naturally uncomfortable. The surface of the black lacquer was rippled and ripples, and several rays came to us.

It seems that this abyss is better than Kaiser. The attack method that he came and went is such a trick. The power is great. Unfortunately, it is not good to use more, and he is still seriously injured.

Pandora, who has mastered the detailed data of this attack, has specified a solution. Xiling Soldier quickly moved to the ground, and their respective defenses, Force Field, were overlaid in a strange way, and the incoming rays were reflected in a principle that I could not understand at all. Then, Pandora’s cannon made a low-pitched squeak, and a blue-and-white beam screamed and rushed to the abyss that had just completed the attack in midair and was still in a state of overcapacity.

The attack from the general-level Pandora is not comparable to the general Xiling Soldier. She has a large variety of energy reactors set up in different spaces as a powerful power. In my words, this little girl is a sneeze. The Psionic reactor is combined to produce the top.

The abyss instinctively felt that the blue-and-white light beam had a much stronger energy than the attack of the fish. He tried his best to avoid it, but Shandora had already looked at it, how could he let go of such a good hitting dog? Opportunity?

β€œYour soul is for my use—” Shandora said lowly, β€œspiritual aggression!”

The powerful mental power amount was strengthened by a dozen times of the increase of the golden stripes behind Shandora, and then intruded into the spiritual field of the abyss. Through the spiritual connection, I obviously felt the unhappiness in Shandora’s heart. It seems that the invasion of the abyss is full of brutality. And the soul that destroys desire is not a good experience, but this discomfort does not have much impact on Shandora. She took the initiative to lose her mind for the time being, and made another blow.

“Thinking flames burn!”

Just then, Pandora’s attack also hit the ink brother.

The double blow from the soul to the flesh finally made the black mist of the group awake from the state of mental control. The severe pain made him scream, although I said, but I still have to ask : How did you call out the sound organs of Qilian? !

Despite the serious injury, the abyssal formidable’s living thing force did not let him be destroyed on the spot. He tried to split his body to smash the shell, but the two thousand Xiling soldiers who were waiting for the good implementation of the group of beaten dogs The abyss of the spirit and the shrinking body once again appeared in a saturated gunfire covering the entire sky.

Just when we thought that this time we could be able to eliminate the ink of the living thing, a black defensive shield suddenly appeared in the surrounding surrounds, blocking the Xiling Soldier’s attack.

With this at the same time, in the sky above our defensive positions, several black energy arrays suddenly appeared out of thin air. This familiar to be full of the dark alley murder and the shameless mode of attack behind the sap makes my spirit instantly tension.

Pandora immediately issued a full-defense defensive formation, but Kaiser’s attack is obviously stronger than the one-fourth of the ink in the sky, and he is familiar with the vulnerability of Xiling Soldier’s energy shields. A series of explosions, nearly two hundred Xiling Soldier, which had no time to evade, turned into a dazzling fireball.

This is the biggest round of damage since we started the battle. One face, we instantly lost one-tenth of the fighting strength.

This is also the result of the great strength of the other side after the fierce battle between Vitesse and Esper forces, and through space transmission thousands of miles to attack us.

Undoubtedly, this abyss creature, which was made by Xiling Emperor, suddenly increased its strength.

I suddenly thought of the Bubbles and the Espers in Vitesse. If they were the original Kaiser, they could also delay and save their lives in a short time, but now Kaiser’s strength is soaring, I suddenly feel uneasy about them. .

Fortunately, after this Bubbles took the initiative to contact me and Shandora, her voice sounded very tired: “Kaiser has broken through our defense, now he should have arrived at you – very embarrassing, we have not weakened him much strength.”

While I was in urgent contact with Alaya, who was on the other front to support the Oddo Empire army, to be more careful, to prevent the enemy from having any conspiracy, he asked anxiously: “How is your situation over there? Why is Kaiser’s strength suddenly increasing so many?”

“The reason why Kaiser became stronger can’t be analyzed. We are not very good here. Esper is killed in 50%. All other people are seriously injured and loseighing strength. The mass-production Xiling Army is completely annihilated. More than half of the ‘blinder’ level of combat vehicles is lost. The base I am in is basically intact, but all defense devices are overloaded and have zero resistance to the next attack.”

… almost destroyed most of our left-behind troops!

Although they are low-level fighters with no sense of mind, similar to remote-controlled robots and semi-autonomous combat machines, such losses still make me hurt, and I am even more surprised by Kaiser’s strength.

As for the Esper troops who lost 50% and all others lost fighting strength, although they lost all the live Human Race, not the unthinking of our men, it seems to be more lossy on the surface, but I am afraid of the Vitesse Empire. I am already very satisfied – the history of Source of Demons has basically ended up with the Human Race. Even if you are lucky, you have to pay the price of a thousand horses. Now you can rely on the Esper of 100 people. Back (at least they look like this) Source of Demons, that is already a miracle.

Recognizing that the enemy has greatly enhanced its strength, I and Shandora are not nervous, and concentrate all their spirits on the black matter that is constantly distorting in the sky.

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