Xiling Empire Chapter 1063

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The little grocery shop Raven, this is Lilina’s conclusion after accurately evaluating the power of the stupid bird’s god.

Probably because it is still incomplete and too immature, McGrady’s influence on the symbolic power of surrounding things is very random. A person who believes in the crows is not allowed to receive any blessing: it may be a new power, maybe It’s a mystery, it’s probably a mysterious knowledge, or it’s a new technology (without mistakes) that will wake up to two hundred cherries in a minute. This random blessing makes Lilina very big because This signify can’t define the crow god: What is the god she is in charge of? What kind of power should be believed in her believer? What is the standard way of prayer? If these three major items cannot be determined, the authority of a god is the castle in the air.

“The church can be not serious, but the god “this idol” must be serious, at least the image that looks like in the believer group must be serious,” Lilina said very hard to me. “The bird is now do on this matter. Nothing about it Seriously, look at Goddess of Life, although there are all sorts of questions (say, as Della’s bishop you say this is really okay?), but at least her power is impeccable, goddess believer What should be done, what will become, the power system of goddess, everything can be unshakable like the law. This is the way God leads the people, and now the believer of the crow is like the lottery, after the prayer, etc. Three minutes, then the system pulled out a dialog box: ‘Congratulations, you got the reward of today’s defense + 10086’, this is not sloppy…”

It’s not easy to say “crap” from Lilina’s mouth. It seems that this girl also has a world outlook…

“There is a long way to go,” Lilina sighed as he sighed, and then pointed to vanilla without any frankness. “This is your mission. You have to be responsible for getting all these things done, at least to understand the correspondence between the prayer ceremony and the blessing effect.”

Vanilla is concentrating on the fingers, and it’s lifted the head: “Ah?”

Lilina sighed and began to roll on the ground: “Stupid death is stupid! You have no conscious Oh! You are the only one in the believer, you can’t write “The Crowd”, you know it! ”

Vanilla embarrassedly scratched her hair and smirked: “Because I wouldn’t have written it.”

“Oh, you don’t want to vanilla.” I reached out and pulled Lilina up from the ground, and sorted out the messy dress for the little dwarf. “Meddie is still small. With a god’s life, she is now more limited than a fertilized egg… cough cough, one day she will grow up and stabilize, I remember Xiaoxue said, the god of Raven is The patron saint of the embarrassed, this shows that she has a fixed priesthood in the future.” Speaking of this, I looked at Xiaoxue and the other person rolled his eyes: “Mage. Thieves, assassins. Summoner’s patron, Dad, you usually go Dim Sum. Or in the future, you really can only hang people at the door of the delivery room to protect the mother and son safely… Ah, Mom, I am wrong!”

I haven’t done it yet, and Xiaoxue, the bear child, was repaired by Young Lady Lin. Lin Xue is now getting more and more into the role.

Although the current crows are a bit black Dragon, the hungry people’s belief in the stupid bird is not serious, but Lilina also sums up a lot of valuable information. She explored the general process needed for the Priest of the Crow, and the basic method of exporting a small portion of the power of Medivh to release the miracle, as well as several effective “prayer texts”. At least it is enough to establish a religious prototype.

“The symbolic power of the gods will not take effect at will, otherwise even the pagans will gain power if they live in the city of God. Isn’t this a mess?” Lilina explained the so-called “Priest”, “‘Priest’ It is to use some special items and actions to simulate the scene with God, or to simulate some characteristics and deeds of God. At the same time, it gives psychological hints to believers. Symbolic power is something that takes effect by means of information disturbance. Therefore, this unscientific ‘Priest’ can lead to effective miracles because of the information-oriented. Christianity has the saying that bread and wine refer to the flesh and blood of Christ. This is to use special items and psychological cues to connect yourself with God. Link up. Priest on the crows needs to put black bird feathers on the clothes. Use flexible grass to build a nest, place pebbles or other similar things in the nest. The first character before the prayer should be ‘嘎’, after the end of Priest, sprinkle a grain of grain in the nest. The above is the most effective one I have summarized so far. Cheng, allowing mortals to borrow strength from the birds there. Of course, in the center of this process must be honest, at least to the extent that can be applied to devout psychological implications of their own, such as …… for example, you believe that he is a bird …… “

Lilina said that it was quite reasonable. But when it came to the end, I almost stuck in the eyes of the blind man. I immediately voted for those who believe in the cults of the Ravens: You say this is a strong psychological quality. As a priest in this sect, it is not easy to believe in this stupid bird. And praying for the crows to add a “嘎” in front of the prayers… I finally found a lesser canon than the name and address after the prayer.

“That,” while we were squatting with Lilina to understand her missionary work in the past few days, the lounge door was carefully pushed open, and the short catwoman appeared in the door with her head down. “The room is packed.” And dinner is ready too.”

“Wow, it’s so fast!” Qianqian squatted and walked out. “It’s a bit hungry to eat and eat.”

After a while she pushed the door in again: “What, where is the dining room?” The cat eager to keep up: “I will take you there.”

“Is her courage too small?” I looked at the direction in which Rabbi disappeared.

“I was bullied and grown up from a young age. I developed the habit of being unassuming,” Lilina sighed with sighs. “In the South, there are two ways to survive. If you are not strong enough or smart enough, you can lie or lie.” For the sake of life, if you want to lower your posture and slap others’ leftovers, the ratio of Rabbi is weaker. The brain is not good, what can you do besides being beaten?”

Probably because it is a cat that is agile, Rabbi is very quick to work, and has prepared a table for us: I know there are more than a dozen people here. But after seeing a large table of food on the long table in the dining room, I couldn’t help but glance at Shandora. The food here is obviously not enough.

The cat is estimated to be incomprehensible. There are only two types of Chefora’s chefs that can be fed in the world. One is Anveena. One is a hundred-person chef group, and the meal she prepared for Shandora is not enough for Her Majesty the Queen.

We are sitting at the long table. Shandora immediately began to eat something from the portable space. She also knows her own meal, so when she goes out, she will be filled with food in her portable space. After all, although Her Majesty the Queen can be stocked in the wild, she will never refuse to eat normal food. . Shandora’s move immediately shocked the cautious catwoman, and Ai Ai asked: “Which… does the rabbi’s meal not suit your appetite?”

“You just get a pot of sand and it’s her appetite,” Ice Teece stuffed his mouth into the mouth and didn’t care about eating. “It just doesn’t suit her meal.” Then she suddenly took a look at Lin: “little girl, make friends with Rabbi.”

“Ah?” Lin confusedly lifts the head. Meet Ce Teece’s narrow vision, the latter toward the catwoman Nunu mouth: “She is also a subject. You must have a common language in one piece, such as communication and bullying.”

Lynn shook her head in a blank expression: “No, the two are in a piece of no plot, and one attack is the right match.”

The whole world was quiet, and a room was horrified to see the usual honest Dragon God young girl. So Teece’s mouth was still hanging on the leaves of the dish, and it was still there. Then Lin bite the spoon carefully. Look around and whisper: “Bubbles taught me.”

The Bubbles, who was feeding Little Bubbles, immediately slammed up from the chair: “Child, her dad, you first go to the kitchen to see the kids’ hot milk…wow!” Then she was suppressed by Onee-sama. We tried this guy for a few minutes and solemnly denounced her not only for the house but also for trying to transmit this abnormal tendency to the most honest people in the family. Finally, Bubbles finally admitted the mistake and said that she was responsible for correcting the Dragon God young girl. World outlook, she ran to Lin and said very seriously: “The situation of one attack and one should be limited to two men, and you are a woman, so you don’t have to worry about this cat together without a plot – you two can lily .”

Lin: Although I don’t understand what it means, Oh.

So Bubbles was ordered by us to not eat.

After taking a break and responding to a spirit, we began to discuss the next itinerary. There seems to be no need to complete the task in this World. This is a rare situation for us. This signify everyone can enjoy it here. For a while – Shadow City is running fine, everything is allocated before leaving, so don’t worry too much. There is nothing to plan for a small group of people. They are also going to play with adults. Pandora and Viska want to conquer World, so they ignore it. Qianqian’s view is whatever it is, as long as it is interesting with A’Jun, it is also ignored. God Clan The five-person group wants to go to the southern region to see Lilina’s missionary work to make a wonderful result, which is in line with their profession, and Lin Xue and Lilina want to stay here for a few more days: they have not played enough yet. .

Maybe you can stay here for another two or three days, then set off for the South: I am also very curious about what the Ravens are like.

“Speak up, vanilla, you didn’t go home to see?”

From the secret law, I was going to play in the other districts that I didn’t turn over yesterday. (The cat named Rabbi was left behind to watch the house, but she didn’t want to take her out, but she seemed to be afraid of going to the streets) I saw the vanilla that was smashing behind the team with Little Raven. The girl’s mood has been very high. For her grown up in the mountains, a big city like Mori is quite open to her. Eyes: Of course, Shadow City is even more eye-opening. However, the specification is too high, so high that she can’t understand it. In contrast, Sentu is so prosperous and not dizzy that the vanilla has a sense of intimacy.

I mentioned it before the vanilla. She used to live near a small town called “Lauren”, and the town seems to be in the south. In the southern region… The southern region of this country seems to be a very backward place. What has been heard so far in the south is not a barren mine or a deserted mountain village. The town of Loren, where the vanilla originally lived, seems to be economically developed.

“I just sneaked a glance at the day I came back,” Vanilla said, spit out his tongue. “But it seems that no one cares where the girl who sells vanilla near the town finally went, but someone is talking about the natural spirit that appeared outside the town not long ago. The things of the Kingdom Soldier, I mentioned it by the way, they probably thought that I was dead. Anyway, not many people care. I don’t want to go back.”

“So…” I don’t think this is anything to be happy about, but looking at vanilla does not matter. No more talking about it. “Speaking of it, the two half-dragons seem to live in the dark alley area. We didn’t go to the dark alley area yesterday?”

Lilina has heard about the half-dragon Sagina and Sona from my mouth, and immediately nodded: “Right, go to the dark alley area to see it – but say it in advance, the dark alley area is the meaning of the slum, there is nothing in that place. Fun.”

“Slums.” Qianqian had a good time with the two half-young young girls, and he muttered. “It seems that the status of this World Half Dragon is not very high. None of the half dragons seen on the street yesterday were wearing good clothes.”

My sister has been in this World for almost half a month. I also know something about the customs of this World. She nodded. “Half-long people – in fact, not many people here admit this statement. Only they themselves call themselves half-dragon people because they believe in their ancestors. It’s Dragon Clan, because the curse was sealed and the power became what it is. Nearly eighty or ninety percent of the other races on Continent think it’s their superstition and delusion. For other races, those half The dragon man should be called the ‘lizard man’. You can hear the situation by the two names. It is said that the half dragon people have had a glorious time a long time ago, leaving a very strong civilization relic, but their race has The Achilles heel is that you can’t learn anything that touches Magic, and it has been in civil war for a long time. Later, after other races were strong, the half-dragon people who occupied half of Continent’s living area quickly fell down. After many years. Now they have become a low-lying ‘lizard man’, except for a few dragons ‘country’ on several islands across the sea. Half dragon on the Continent are only dependent on other race to survive. On this Continent each race has its own land, only half dragon people do not. “

“History is very brilliant, the status quo is very hard,” Lilina sighed. “Now they have only one strength and glamorous history to show off, oh, there is also the self-respect that is the dragon’s self. I really admire them. The half-dragon people still believe that they have the blood of Dragon Clan, and would rather die than change this view. I really don’t know what this self-esteem is supporting.”

I have heard the story of Sagina and Sona in the past, but I have never heard of the history of the Half Dragon. I just know the position of the Half Dragon in this World based on my own two days of experience. Now these things I learned from my sister are a lot of emotions. This is a silhouette of a race from victory to decline. I suddenly remembered the time when I met the two half-year-old young girls two days ago. They said what they said when they introduced themselves: “…we are half-dragon!” The face looks proud, but perhaps the bottom of the eye is also helpless and ready to accept the ridicule. After all, for the half dragons, the three words are already history.

Ice Teece suddenly touched Lin’s arm and picked it up: “Hey, don’t you see if those half-dragons really have something to do with the dragon? If it’s really the mistake you made when you were young…”

Everybody squirted a piece, I dragged the female rogue to the side: “I said that your mouth has a spectrum! It’s so big this year, you are so arrogant – yes, Lynn, how old are you this year? What?”

Dragon God young girl is full of blushing. Apparently, Ice Teece’s joke has exceeded her shame line. When I heard my question, she snorted and replied with a head: “Seven…70,000 years old. I It’s still small, and I haven’t talked about love.”


I am wrong, I am from the very beginning, I should not discuss this with the guys who don’t even know the words “time”!

The dark alley area is very easy to find. The layout of this port city is very neat. Each residential area is separated by nearly straight lines. At the same time, it is bordered by the central square. A simple map can be found under the sculpture in the central square. , showing the general direction of several residential areas.

I took the address that Sagina left for myself that day, compared to the door number of the surrounding buildings. They lived in the middle of this messy area: it was already a good place, and the deepest part of the dark alley was a thorough slum. Almost even a complete house can’t be seen. Naturally, there is no such thing as a house number. The homeless and the shackles are crowded in the shacks. The middle section of the dark alley is a place where civilians live. Although the houses are old, they are at least normal residences. The authorities of Mortu also maintain management and security. As for the entrance to the dark alley area, it was connected to the trading market next to it. It was mentioned before that it was a place where explorers and local scholars (mainly traveling scholars from the Secret Society) did business. As one of the largest ports leading to Lost World, Sentu is also the first stop for the “Lost World Materials” turnaround, where the explorer trading market is so large that it spans two urban areas.

The pavement under the foot is pitted, and the slate has already broken into pieces. Due to the lack of drainage facilities, many of these potholes have accumulated water that has already been reversed. The surrounding buildings are low, basically all of a layer of bungalows and walls. Body mottled, cracking in many places, obviously everything here has been in disrepair. The only slightly brighter color here is the occasional notice that can be seen when passing by the fork in the road. The notices posted by the Sentu authorities, but these colorful notices posted here are no one to see is another thing: in my opinion They are far less interesting than the graffiti made from inferior pigments on other parts of the wall.

In the end, we found the destination in the corner. “The picture of the two dragons is engraved with a knife on the door.” This is the mark that Sagina told me at the time, although it seems that the door is engraved with two starving. Bat, but the address is probably still correct.

It’s just that after we knocked on the door for a long time, there was no movement in it. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to (.com) to vote for the recommended ticket, the monthly pass, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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