Xiling Empire Chapter 108

Chapter 108 is going to work home

Woman is really a very strange creature, even Shandor, who is the biggest war-monger in the Universe, is no exception. She may be awkward because of something small that others can’t understand, or she may be persuaded by the words, so she is clear. I always think that it is a matter of thinking about what a woman is thinking and then deliberately wanting to please. It is better to spend more time with them than to accompany them. Often, the degree of goodwill will naturally rise…

Listen, I am definitely not hypnotizing myself for being forced to accompany a few girls, absolutely not! !

Ok, I admit, there is a little bit of self-hypnosis…

The awkward Shandora regained her spirit at an alarming rate, and even seemed to be more spiritual than before. The most intuitive manifestation of this is that she did not even have a shopping mall that seemed to her in her opinion. Little interest.

I have to say that this is a very bad sign – I hope she is just a little interested in shopping…

Qianqian seems to have reached a certain degree of compromise with Shandora. This is how I got didn’t expect, but I didn’t ask her in detail – this kind of thing is only a fool who will chat endlessly, since already Determined the feelings of Shandora’s, then whether it is deceiving Qianqian or Shandora is unforgivable in my opinion, so I must face this feeling, Qianqian has made such big concessions and sacrifices, all I can do is Cherish her, other things – I am too lazy to think about it.

“Kid, Yan Fu is not shallow?”

It seems to see what I am thinking, Lin Xue, the eternal god of chaos, jumped over.

I glanced at Lin Xue and said with a sigh of relief: “Well, I haven’t seen me bothered? Play while!”

“Cut…” Lin Xue returned to me with a blank eye, and then nodded with praise. “But you have a headache now, at least prove that you are not a scum – well, this lady has changed your impression!”

… my Ojou-sama, can’t you live without hurting me for a day?

I secretly groaned, Lin Xue leaned over again, mysteriously said: “Right, forgot to tell you something, last night, the fairy is watching the sky… oh, don’t go, I will say Focus, yesterday I accidentally saw a little vision of the future – about your three Oh~ ~~”

I stopped and looked at Lin Banxian’s children’s shoes with amazement. How is this possible?

Lin Xue’s predicting the limitations of what is most clear to me, that is, the stronger the object of prophecy, the greater the interference of this ability, which is the most prominent feature of all mysterious Esper, Qianqian’s control time, Elder Sister’s curse, all of this – This also somewhat corrected the problem that the mysterious Esper is too heaven defying.

Lin Xue’s energy intensity was tested by Bubbles once, and is generally the same as Qianqian. In other words, her ability is most likely to observe the activities of Qianqian in the future, and it is not a clear future scene, but my energy The intensity is far above the Qianqian. As for Shandora, the Bubbles didn’t dare to test. At that time, I only took a test for me and almost let her down. The energy intensity of Shandora’s is better than my third year in high school. Not good will burn cpu, although Bubbles have no cpu…

In other words, the power of Lin Banxian children’s shoes is simply impossible at the same time to see the future of me, Qianqian, Shandora.

“You just broke out when I was a little Universe!” Lin Xue was very dissatisfied with my doubts, but after waiting for a few seconds, she couldn’t help but explain it. “Energy interference is only when two energies are mutually hostile. It will be obvious when you are three of you who will resist my prophetic energy?”

So, I nodded and understood, but…

“No interest.” I said categorically.

“Ha?” Lin Xue had already prepared for a long story in my grief, and didn’t expect that I simply blocked her mouth and almost didn’t lie on her own.

“The future things are more boring now. Are you tired of living in a story of a known ending?”

“So I never look at my future – you bastard! You don’t even mention me, don’t you think, how can you feel so uncomfortable when you say this?”

Why do I feel that the people around me are not normal?

Kaiser and another abyss Passer-by A have been wiped out by us. The interference of this World outer space has been weakened by a large part. With the efforts of Acida and Acidora, we finally reversed the Earth’s space coordinate again. We can finally go home.

I almost forgot that Carrow of the Javanese country was also called back by Pandora. When it appeared, it was changed back to his black super, and he also brought a pair of sunglasses made of obsidian, shining all over the body. With the breath of God, when he met, he began to complain to me, complaining about how imperfect the world’s urban management department is, how unrealistic his piracy career is, and how much he sighs and the urban management of Earth. How fun is the battle…

I said how to see Modese The Third the other’s face is so subtle, and the other side has always mentioned that the market situation in the city is not very optimistic, the feeling is this guy’s angry Ah?

In terms of shame, this guy has been sacred.

We stayed in Vitesse for another three days, arranged the “Central Esper Bureau” led by Rick, and let Bubbles build an autonomous base, as the future Central Esper Bureau’s headquarters, how to say, see the new recruits of the Esper force We used the crystal radiant warehouse as a Divine Artifact and regarded the Incubator as a holy place to worship. I really think that life is a big movie…

I thought that if there was an advanced Alien civilization coming to the planet in the future, I saw that the indigenous people who were still in the feudal era actually had a state-of-the-art high science and technology base. What kind of reaction would they have? ……

Knowing that we were leaving the World, Mellon made a special trip from Layton City to Modese The Third’s Palace, in order to finally feel the power of God’s Envoy. It is said that he originally planned to walk from Layton City to Victorious Shellfish City to show his piety. But after a day and a night, the old man suddenly realized that at this speed, when he went to Victorious Shellfish City Alaya, it was already gone, so we finally saw a white-bearded grandfather riding a Pegasus shouting Radiant God on the to Drop out from the sky.

It’s like a protagonist.

Looking at Mellon’s magnificent way of playing, I have a strong heart for Qianqian: “You see, riding a white horse is not necessarily a prince, he may be Dafa.”

β€œZealot and Dafa are not alone.” Lin Xue is very focused on me.

Others don’t know, but I know very well that Alaya’s pure and holy gentle appearance hides the mind of an airhead, perhaps as a high-end problem that the World Arbitration Mechanism has to think about the evolution of the universe all the year round. Interpersonal relationship is even more ignorant than Pandora. Usually she also remembers that I kept her away from strangers to avoid cheating. But now, the fanatical Mellon obviously makes it difficult for her to turn away, so Angel sister began to send me a continuous connection through spiritual connections. Help information.

The next second, I made something that impressed everyone: I quickly walked between Mellon and Alaya, then turned my head off Alaya’s wings and handed it to Mellon.

Mellon kept the expression of dementia, and Angel’s sister’s wings shook, in the eyes immediately filled with the grievances of tears… cough cough, anyway, finally solved it, right? And it seems that I have created a new Divine Artifact for this World – I don’t believe that Mellon would dare to use this feather removed from Angel as a baby!

The last thing we need to say goodbye is our little cute, Della.

Originally, I thought that as a living thing with a long history of God Clan, Della’s ability must be very strong, even she would not have any sentimentality to this “transient separation”, but I was wrong, I was wrong. Novels and myths are deceptive, and God Clan is not a ruthless race at all.

The little things cried in my palm, and said that I would not leave. Under the persuasion of several girls, she had just flew less than a meter away, and immediately turned and fell to my head, then cried.

I really doubt how many she is so sentimental how she spent the long living thing…

“Hey… why do you want to separate… We have become friends since we finally, why can’t we always get together…”

To be honest, I am also reluctant to like this kind of lovable and kind, but we can’t help but return to Earth. Della must also go back to God’s Domain. This is something that no one can change.

We had a good comfort, and finally let Della face the reality, watching the little brat crying and flying alone, everyone is not a taste.

“Okay,” I sighed and said loudly, “I’m all uplifting, go home!”

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