Xiling Empire Chapter 1083

“Call… Is this all right?”

After rushing out of the mirrored passage of the Phantom Tower, Sagina and Sona gasped and gasped, and said with amazement, they looked at themselves with a look of fear, until they found that their scales were covered with a layer of pale cyan. After the luster, I will relax.

I looked around, it was already a world with normal colors, the blue sky and the clear clear sky sprinkled the sky between the giant stone pillars 100 meters away, and the strange atmosphere disappeared, so I nodded: “Looks like It’s okay.”

“It’s a weird situation. I’ve seen this type of defense for the first time in my life. Is this a conceptual blow?” Ice Teece at this moment can still be joking, even though she still started The first jumped up to remind everyone that the situation was wrong. “What do you say if we didn’t run out in time? The silly girl over there, do you know what it was?”

The name that is called silly by Ice Teece is of course Alaya, who is finishing the clothes. When I rushed out, the airhead didn’t stop the car. I flew out and hit the stone pillar on the edge of the roof. Now I’m still covered with lime on my head. Wolverine. When I heard the question from Ice Teece, Angel Angel immediately whispered a word: “I am not a stupid girl, I am stupid…”

For a moment, we didn’t know where to start to vomit. This girl is really honest – if I want to sell her, this girl is expected to hang herself on Taobao! Well, if she would use Taobao…

“If it’s done, it’s going to be part of the Mirage Tower,” Alaya got rid of the dirt on his body, then habitually scraped it over and put an elemental wing in front of me, letting her sort out the feathers. “The very complicated and sophisticated defense system should have been activated in the moment we entered the Phantom Tower. It was only catalyzed when we were fighting with the guards… otherwise it should take effect slowly. It would be more difficult to prevent.”

“Even the Emperor and the high-order gods will be affected,” Ice Teece took her small mirror and photographed it to confirm that her eyes really changed back to red. “Although I don’t know if its power is Powerful to really accommodate this power, but the process of transformation only takes effect. It’s really a thing that is suspected of a capital city’s defense system.

Yes. Great, I always thought that the defense system should be the guard. fort. The violent and fierce things like traps are in line with the “defense” feature of the average person’s impression, and the result is a mystery of the mysterious power of Old Empire.

where is this place? It’s not just an Ancient times remnant of Lost World!

Now one-quarter to one-third of these lost Worlds are judged by us as the fragment of the mother star of the 15th day of the Old Empire, although it is impossible to explain what these fragments are, and the Gaia mother star of the shadow space. What is going on, but mother star is mother star, mixed with no fake. In other words, here is the capital city of the most powerful era of Xiling Empire! Although I want to add “one”…

Xiling Empire’s capital city. There is no doubt that there is the most powerful Defense Ability of the entire Empire, and Lenovo’s planetary fort fleet, which is stationed in the shadow space, can imagine one or two. Even now, there is only the fragment of the previous mother star, which still has a fairly high-level defensive power. Even if it is only a guard in a military facility, it should be in accordance with the “Assassin breaks through the entire fleet defense line and kills Emperor all the way” The standard setting, this statement may be a bit exaggerated, but definitely not exaggerated too much.

The defense system set up for this kind of crisis may not be as strong as the fleet, but it has absolutely more deadly “singular tricks.”

Obviously, the quirky phantom tower hides a trap that allows the intruder with Emperor-level fighting strength to fall into it. Now it’s no surprise that the tower looks like Old Empire. Like the core of the mysterious architecture of the mother star in the five-day zone, the status should be equivalent to the current Shadow City and the storage array on the mother star Gaia. The defense cannot be relaxed.

“What now?” Shandora looked up at the mirrored entrance in the sky and looked through the mirror. The space on the opposite side did not seem to change at all, but Shandora made a spiritual ball and lost it almost instantly after being thrown in. Contact, the remaining defensive system of the Phantom Tower has no doubt that it has been running at full power. “The opposite side has been completely blocked. Before I can understand the phantom tower’s defense mechanism, I am afraid there will be an accident.”

I am very difficult to grasp the hair, an unknown secret is in front of me, blocking only one old set of defense system, but for a variety of reasons can not be inadvertent, this kind of scratching the heart can really feel Not good. Looking around, my eyes accidentally fell on Lin Xue, and Ojou-sama was clenching her brows. I remembered what she said not long ago: Tower of Sky hides the secret of an unknown, even earth-shattering, how much now is this secret unlocked?

Certainly, we have already solved some of them. We know that the mother star of the 15th day of the Old Empire may have been split into two. Now there is only the science and technology side on the mother star Gaia in the shadow space, and all the mystery The related mother star fragments are in this World, and become a fragmented “Lost World”, but that’s all. No one knows who made this, and no one knows why. The answer to all this is very likely. Just at the heart of the Phantom Tower… this… suspected in the Unreal Tower of the Mysterious Side General Command of the 15th-day Old Empire.

“Speaking, I didn’t seem to be affected just now?” After thinking for a while, I suddenly remembered something, so I turned to look at the direction of Shandora and others who were studying the problem. Ice Teece immediately lifted the head, right. Here is a white eye: “nonsense, you are a void creature, unless you directly destroy the attack, any information that disrupts the level of damage is ineffective to you – just the assimilation process is a phenomenon of information disruption.”

“Would you like me to go in and see?” I scratched my hair. “The most undead person on the scene should be me.”

“Not allowed!” “Don’t think about it!” “Are you sick?” “Too dangerous!” The sound of everything in disorder suddenly rang, both Shandora and Qianqian’s eager to care, and also Ice Teece and Lin Xue These two subconscious mouth guns, no matter who they are, do not seem to agree with the plan. “That assimilation is not effective for me.” I shrugged and felt that there was no danger.

“It’s just that the information disturbance is not effective for you,” Ice Teece told me as an expert. “This is your talent for the race. But you are immune to other injuries? Don’t forget that you are not a mature void. Creature, your soul can still be attacked, your spiritual body is affected by Real World, you even need to maintain a tangible entity for a long time, in the physical form you are not invincible, in the tower, then brush out two Wandan Angel, you wait for death – don’t worry too much about your void creature talent. You are not Father God.”

Ice Teece says this, it makes sense. I know that my void form does immunize any damage. But it’s hard to say what happens when you get rid of the physical form. Do you have similar sad reminders in various myths? The magic god that cannot be defeated by Human Race is abducted and sealed into a weak object, and then tricked. Everyone who slashes melons and cut vegetables will kill him. Even the soul will never be super-born. The last one to be killed is Sargeras…

“How do you get that?” I sighed, while subconsciously pinched the upper edge of Alaya’s wings. Every long wing in the family likes it. It is said that the winged family feels the most comfortable massage method except Della. Her wings are special in composition. “We have been studying such complicated things for a while. You have not lost.”

As soon as I said this, Ice Teece smirked and smirked. She is self-proclaimed as a technical house, but this time she is really playing on the iron plate. The mysterious remains of Old Empire Supreme are quite challenging for her, and Ice Teece is not good at this: she is said to be best at it. I also made homemade mods on various World Administration Systems and researched various registration-free patches. I wanted to be a character in the God Clan operating system industry that is like the current Carrow, which makes the majority of genuine manufacturers gnash their teeth. Far away.

“Well, go back,” I was thinking about how to get around the one who didn’t know the principle’s defense system. Lin Xue’s voice suddenly came in. Ojou-sama didn’t know when to stretch his brow and his face was smiling. “Go back first, from long-term planning, it is not the time. After a while, many puzzles will naturally be solved.”

“Amount…” Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and Shandora shrugged, and Ice Teece snorted boringly. Lin Xue’s sentence is tantamount to terminating any form of discussion, but just going back like this… Is it a bit too wrong?

I looked in the direction of Ojou-sama, and she blinked over here: “It just takes a little while. And we don’t need to sort out the information at hand? In addition to the Tower of Sky, this World hides the secret. One.”

Lin Xue’s words are also very reasonable. At present, there seems to be no better way. Therefore, although everyone is unhappy, they can only temporarily put the tower aside. But even if you want to leave, you have to leave something behind: Shandora has created his own spiritual cores. These golden little balls are almost the same as her mental power, and there is also a certain amount of material World. Affecting the ability, Shandora left these little balls of light in the Tower of Sky and continued to explore all the way – the tower was a thousand stories high, and there were more places we didn’t find. Now only the Phantom Tower is closed, and the Tower of Sky main tower has somehow not raised the alert level. These small balls can be explored freely here.

“Although I don’t have any hope, it’s good to know a little about this tower,” Shandora looked at his mental power and disappeared through the crystal cluster. He sighed softly and then turned his head. “So this guy… …do you always carry it? It doesn’t mean to communicate at all. It seems that there is no value, and it is not allowed to suddenly go away.”

Shandora’s eyes fell on the most special member of the team. It was the “Angel” that was covered with white haze, unclear, and silent, like a ghost and a wild ghost floating in the air. When the Everybody evacuated the Phantom Tower, the prisoner was slammed out by Little Bubbles, and now he is accepting everybody without a word.

“Theoretically the thoughts that have become part of the defensive facility are impossible to get out of the tower.” Alaya leaned closer to the phantom-like Angel, and while he squeezed the other’s body, the latter continued without consciousness. Floating in the air, although I can’t see her (according to Shandora’s judgment, this should be a woman?), but the other’s head always heads towards Little Bubbles’, and does not respond to any other stimuli, including Alaya, the “compatriot” Touch. “Maybe it was shocked by Little Bubbles’ and was reduced to an independent individual. After all, modifying the information is the child’s talentability. Bring it back, it looks like it won’t look harmful.”

Everybody voted for approval with a lack of interest, and then unanimously said that the illuminator that would not even be said to be handed over to me.

Ok, okay, anyway, as long as there is an appeared person who is not interested in throwing away and a pity, it is thrown to me according to the habit. Or let Shandora eat it – now of course I can’t choose the second one, naturally I can only give it to me. It is no trouble to take care of an unknown illuminator for the time being. But the problem is…

“It’s easy for you to say! How to bring it back!?”

Ice Teece and Shandora have led the big forces to move in the direction of the exit. I am still staring at the small eye with the illuminator. This human form ufo has no reaction to all the stimuli around me. Now I can’t see the fierce attack in the near future. I am with her. After a half-day gesture, then point to the direction of the big force: “Go!” People don’t take care of me.

I took two steps forward and waved her to keep up: “Come with me!” People still didn’t respond…

“Get off – go!”

no response.

“Follow the team!”

no response.

“The wolf is coming!”

no response.

“All goods in this store are 50% off, 50% off!”

Still not responding.

“Authentic good fertilizer authentic sound welcomes to watch the Huihua Cup broadcast by the fertilizer leader brand gray fertilizer brand volatile fertilizer…”


The last sound was that Lin Xue accelerated from 15 meters away. I rushed over to the side of my stomach, but fortunately I caught the hoe of the hoe. She could only exclaim and then squatted on one leg: “Let me go! You stupid! Dead wood, do you have the time to grind with this big light bulb!”

“Crap, didn’t see that she didn’t follow others!” I grabbed Lin Xue’s ankle. With one finger in the air, the light-emitting creature in the sky is the same as the neon light in the background. The latter can’t see the sneak peek at the close, but only look at the Little Bubbles that have been swayed by Ji. A very wonderful thing, I thought she would at least move with Little Bubbles: after all, the latter is the only target of interest for this glowing creature, but now it seems that in addition to looking far away or occasionally reaching out, This Angel doesn’t have any bigger movements at all, which makes my other induction program still dead. I originally planned to get a carrot on the stick… cough cough, Little Bubbles on the stick This Angel is walking.

“You are stupid,” Ojou-sama finally managed to pull her foot out of my hand, then slammed it in the portable space for a while, and found a rope. She put the rope on the neck of Angel in the air. The set, then may feel wrong, and then tied to the other side of the waist, and then handed the other end of the rope to my hand, “give, solve.”


When I smashed the rope, the illuminator floating in the air immediately floated over, feeling a bit like a balloon, and saying nothing… Is this really ok?

“Don’t you do this?” I glanced at Ojou-sama carefully, feeling that it seemed quite inappropriate.

“Then you can find a way, this guy can’t put in the portable space, and even if you can put it in, can you dare to put it in boldly? Or let’s get a cage and put it up, but it’s more troublesome, how can it be? Miss’s tricks are easy.”

“Well, that’s it,” I shrugged and looked at the rope head in my hand. It was strange to be strange, but it seemed to be nothing.

Ice Teece expressed euphemistic comments on the scene in front of him as he dragged the glowing creature in the air back to the everybody: “The trough! This balloon is very chic Oh!”

Shandora sighed: “At least not lying around his neck.”

Obviously, Her Majesty the Queen has long understood the hobby of an Ojou-sama.

I walked on the rope for a while, and suddenly I felt a sigh of emotion: how is this like flying a kite!

From the Tower of Sky back to Motherland, I still have to take the transit route, but this time there is no need to wait for the flight. After coming to the Hanging River from the Tower of Sky backdoor, I am eager to go back to the rest and choose the direct space transmission to the middle. Downstream of the transmission entrance, after a while, the team returned to the southern part of motherland, and again the familiar ridiculous land, a new day is slowly rising from the horizon.

“Amount, has it been a day,” Qianqian looked at the time in surprise. “It feels like it didn’t take long. The Tower of Sky doesn’t seem to have nights? I don’t even see the sun, the sky is always bright.”

“There is night, but the night there is two or three times longer than motherland. No one knows what is going on.” Sagina responded with some exhaustion. She is still an ordinary person. At best, she is also a half-kragon person. It’s stronger, but after all the thrilling activities of the whole day, it’s already exhausted. It’s probably not supported by the mental head support in the Tower of Sky (we’re thrilling all the way. Spirit), but now it is obviously showing signs of fatigue.

“Hungry and starved to death!” Shandora snorted and vented her heart, although she had eaten two meals and countless snacks at Tower of Sky, and Della was in my chest pocket. In the end, he yawned: “Hey, Della is sleepy, A’Jun good night.”

I always feel that the time difference of this small point has completely collapsed!

In this way, everybody returned to the Holy City again, and I also… well, there was a balloon or kite for the time being… (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to (.com) to vote for it, The monthly ticket, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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