Xiling Empire Chapter 110

Chapter 110—The encounter on the great desert of Sahara

It’s not someone else, it’s the eternal minor character Liu Zicai shoes that have been enumity several times.

I feel that even as an annoying flies, Liu Zicai is too sinister, we are all in the Sahara, and even meet this guy, is this too dramatic?

Looking at us, Liu Zicai is also stunned.

Some of us have experienced at least a variety of incredible things, and the acceptance of the ability is far more than ordinary people. It is only a little surprised to meet the ghosts here, but Liu Zicai is completely there.

He didn’t know that he would see us before getting off the bus!

He just heard the driver in front telling himself that there are two men and several beautiful women on the side of the road asking for help, and they will stop at the discouragement of others, and they will play the first time of the Prince Charming, but they will meet These few people!

“Oh, it’s really Oh!”

I quickly calmed down and said hello if nothing happened.

“Well…ah…it’s a good thing…”

Liu Zicai also reacted, and returned unnaturally, but in her heart, she was secretly married, and she met in the great desert of Sahara. Is this his mother’s surprise?

I can roughly guess what the other person is thinking, but still do not change the color and then say: “We have lost a few in the desert, want to take a ride, do not know convenient and inconvenient?”

Of course it is convenient for a few beautiful girls! But for you and the black super next to you, it is not convenient at all, especially for you, it is inconvenient, I can’t wait to reverse the car from you!

Liu Zicai thought so, the sights swept over us, and I added a word of hate: I haven’t seen it for a few days, but I have a few more new faces. I really don’t know what good luck this kid has made. One by one, such a beautiful girl appears.

Liu Zicai thought so, but he certainly didn’t say it.

Although I am hostile to my poor and sour boy who doesn’t know why, but there are a few beautiful women in Qianqian, the fool knows what kind of impression I will give them at this moment, so Liu Zicai is still depressed. The idea of ​​kicking me off and carrying a few beautiful girls on the bus.

What’s more, there is also a Shandora.

Don’t forget the identity of Shandora’s. At first, this girl used the hole of the law of causality to make himself a Princess of the Kingdom of Human Race. Before she was confused, an accidentally was a diplomatic event. Liu Zicai didn’t learn anything, but he was not stupid. At this moment, he still knows what to do.

“I am very honored to help a few ladies,” Liu Zicai ignored me in an understatement and said to the Qianqian people in a pretentious manner. “It seems that you have suffered a lot in this desert?”

That’s it!

Liu Zicai feels that she is so smart!

Although I don’t know how many beautiful women in front of me and this poor boy who eats swan meat will appear here, it is easy to think that in this deserted great desert, they have definitely suffered a lot from following him. I am doing a little better, and I have to entertain a few beautiful girls. By the way, I will mention the bitterness of eating in the desert. When…

Liu Zicai thought so, the corners of his mouth were involuntarily tilted up. He could almost think of a poor sour boy who was not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, and was kicked by himself and then surrounded by several beautiful girls. The scene of the blessing of man…

Liu Zicai, who had already been stunned by his own yy, did not notice that the people in front of him were dressed neatly and without any experience of sand.

Although it has been seen from the outside that this car is really luxurious, but I really entered the interior of the car, I still could not help but sigh, too defeated!

Isn’t it a car? Are you decorating it in the European court style?

Seeing the surprises of several of our girls, especially the girls, Liu Zicai is not proud of it. This car has been specially tailored for a big price. If it is not for the little girl of Ding Family, even the luxury. It’s impossible for me to bleed this way. Then again, Ding Ling’s hobby is really strange. It’s a whimsy to come to Sahara to play. Yesterday, I suddenly drove myself to drive this ghost place, if not because of Ding. The status of Family, such a savage girl, is that she will not want to be beautiful again.

However, Liu Zicai turned to think, this time thanks to the words of the savage gimmick, how could it be possible to encounter such angels that make them dream? It is still a while to pay attention, don’t be too close to Xu Qianqian in front of Ding Ling, or else she will know that it is really impossible to eat.

Liu Zicai’s thoughts in the brain changed the idea of ​​so many everything in disorder. We naturally couldn’t know, but Shandora yelled at me through the spiritual connection: “The brain wave activity of this Human Race was suddenly intense, I don’t know. What… Really, the spirit of Human Race is so special that I can’t read any ideas…”

“I didn’t think about good things anyway.” I replied that Liu Zicai’s eyes were swept away from a few girls, even though he dared to sneak up on both eyes, but it made me feel bad. Especially, this grandson has not even let go of Pandora, who is just beginning to develop, and two Bubbles “mother and daughter” who only know that they are eating sugar when they get on the bus. Oh, all three Loli are It is my baby! What kind of strength do you see!

At this moment Shandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind: “Isn’t it just watching the bone eyes? I said that you are too exaggerated about this food care? In addition, Bubbles does not seem to be your subordinate?”

Oops, the idea was too intense. I was told by Shandora who kept my telepathy at all times…

“You are all my baby, how can you just watch it!” The idea was suddenly seen by people, which made me a bit flustered. As a result, this sentence was only expressed in the mental connection – relying on it, it is still a group !

In the different worlds, in order to facilitate communication with each other, we established a temporary network of spiritual communication through Pandora. Later, several girls thought that this communication method was so good, so they passed the super research staff of Bubbles. Efforts to permanently cure this network of mind communication, in other words, let Qianqian have several earthlings with the ability of thoughts conversation.

As a result, the words that I had just had no brains just sent out.

Except for Carrow, who knew that this was spam and filtered my group’s information automatically, several girls reacted differently. Qianqian was a happy face, and Shandora also showed the signature in front of me. Happy smile, my sister looked at me more and more tenderly, with a little helpless smile in the corner of my eyes, Acida and Acidora accidentally caught, stayed at the same time, and then the sisters bowed their heads tacitly, saying that they are The ostrich, Pandora’s face flashed a slight blush, although the expression is still the same, but the corner of the mouth is a little tilted, showing that little girl is very happy now, Little Bubbles did not understand what I was talking about, so he kept looking down Lollipop, Bubbles While playing the game console, except for occasionally raising his hand and touching his daughter’s head, he simply ignored any outside information. Alaya slumbered in my spiritual sea, and didn’t know what happened, Lin Xue…I Didn’t have time to see her reaction, because she gave me a punch quickly – the only thing I can confirm, she didn’t really Angry, or else I will not be boxing but repeating…

I am awkward here, Liu Zicai is quite strangely watching the atmosphere between us. I don’t know why it suddenly changed inexplicably, and then he cleverly thinks that this is because the poor boy feels incompetent in this upscale environment. And a few beautiful girls are in a better match with the poor boy named Chen and who is next to him.

If we can read the mind, we will be amazed at the imagination of the formidable Liu Zicai.

“I don’t know how a few ladies will come here? great desert is not a good place to travel Oh!”

Just as we started boring on the sofa and yawning, Liu Zicai suddenly spoke up.

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