Xiling Empire Chapter 1118

Although the fighting strength is always the same, Lin Xue is indeed a mascot that can guarantee the shun, no matter the whole life or the whole life – she often claims that she is sneezing and it is equivalent to killing millions of enemy troops in the future. Although no one believes that she is so nonsense, her ability to avoid evil is still recognized by everyone.

If it weren’t for her, or if it weren’t for some of the important prophecies made by her previous “Lie Ji”, I am afraid that even the new Empire would not appear at all.

And after assisting the Emperor of the year, Emperor completed the feat of splitting the fifteen-day capital city into two, and arranged a seemingly incomprehensible task in Odysseus without knowing everyone: hiding World heart. No one can guess the purpose of this task except for herself, but in our opinion today, this arrangement is obviously aimed at the current Fallen Apostles – she predicted the death of Empire, predicting the only Twilight, predicting that we will enter the assembly hall after so many years, and even predict the appearance of Fallen Apostles and the value of World Heart, it is really hard to imagine how much she knows and how much she knows. Now I am somewhat sympathetic to Fallen Apostles who have been repeatedly attacked by Lin Xue’s predictive ability. I also understand that they have spent so much money on developing new warships, just to be able to interfere with Prophet on the battlefield for a few minutes. Unreasonable existence as an opponent can be really a solution.

Of course, she also has places where predictions are not accurate, such as the reason why this secret mission is given to Odysseus alone. I am afraid that she foresees that a large number of Xiling Apostles have become “rebels” for “some reason”, but she is not sure of the scope of this “rebel”, so the fewer people who can only arrange this matter as much as possible Well, in fact, she made a mistake: the real rebellion against Empire was Fallen Apostles, which should have been wiped out at the moment of the disaster, not the surviving compatriots in the fifteen-day zone. However, it cannot be blamed for the distrust of the person in the past, which is not distrust, but only essential caution. After all, even the power of Prophet is limited, she can’t hold everything in her hands. It was as if Lei Ji had foreseen the demise of Empire, but still could not stop everything. She sacrificed herself to void in exchange for the last chance, but the price was her own degeneration – impermanence.

“Wood, I am embarrassed when you sigh,” Ojou-sama grinned my ears with a smile, because I didn’t glare at her. “Odysseus, I don’t know more about it now. Let’s talk about the things of the year. There is also a seal on the heart of World. You know what part we know, just say what you know. .”

“Yes,” Odysseus’s ambiguous half-length projection shook a little. “About the mission of the subordinates, basically it was said before, hiding the heart of World. And built a secret seal system for this purpose.

Regarding this matter, the day and the Emperor your majesty had directly ordered that it must be carried out in secret. Even in any Empire information link, it is classified as absolute confidential, and at the time it was not clear why this order was available. But obeying the order is the responsibility, so after the entire mother star fell asleep according to plan, the subordinates awakened, remodeled, and built the current Northern Land ice sheet, hiding the heart of World here. โ€

“What kind of hiding is this? Is it hiding in a different space? Or is it simply blocking the breath?” Aurelia asked a detailed question, and she also had a strong interest in this secret plan that she didn’t even know.

โ€œThere is a combination of both. World Heart is stored in a proper space fold. At the same time, the identification feature of the space fold is disguised. It is highly confidential and can even surpass Empire’s most advanced To scan technology,” Odysseus patiently explained, “The system is designed to continue to operate on any secondary energy source and to create a group of elemental creatures to maintain the seal. The task of these elemental creatures is to ensure that the entire system is forever It works until World’s end, or Empire revives. They can collect the original minerals from the Northern Land border to maintain the magic energy array. They use their own fuel as a source of energy shortage, and if the situation is worse, these are worse. The elemental creature will forcibly wake up the subordinates and restart everything. This is the perfect design that can be done under the circumstance. There is limited room for choice, and several ‘safety’ areas pointed out by the geniuses are all in this On the little planet, and she deliberately emphasized that the current carrier of World Heart must not be damaged, otherwise the heart of World Once transferred, the risk will be multiplied, so it is only possible to protect World Heart and its carrier on this piece of ice. It seems that the judgment of Dr. Lai Ji is correct, only after the disaster broke out. No impact, other planets including the mother star, most of them have been torn apart, even if they survived, there are traces of severe damage by the Subspace storm.”

I thought about it. I always felt that something was wrong. I hesitated and asked: “So, there should be a World heart on the side of science and technology. After all, mother star is conceptually divided into two, and the heart of World. Can’t there be only one? Since the World Heart of World is properly hidden, where is the other one?”

“Although the situation is not very clear about the situation there, the two Worlds should be corresponding. The adult of Lei Ji must have arranged another Universe. I think that the other side of World must also have the heart of World. The place.”

“But I never heard of Gaia!” I replied immediately. When this statement came out, everybody quieted down in an instant, and we found out again that everyone ignored the most important thing.

I quickly contacted Gaia. After a while, I shook my head to the people around me: “The Gaia’s memory library doesn’t have the intelligence of World Heart. She said that the universe in which the mother star of science and technology is located has never found the heart of World. She also I asked all the Xiling Apostles that are currently online, and no one remembers any similar secret missions in the past.”

Lin Xue glared at her forehead and closed her eyes slightly. After a moment, her face looked worried. I looked at me: “The situation is not good. The heart of World is probably in the hands of some people, and the stealing method is quite clever. It even shields Xiling Apostle’s memory that may have participated in the corresponding tasks that year.”

โ€œWhy do you want to protect the world of capital city universe in 15 days?โ€ Qianqian thought for a long time and finally seized another key point. โ€œIsn’t the Universe a lot? The world of capital city in the fifteen-day zone. The heart is very special?”

“Speciality, particularity, must have special characteristics.” Lin Xue quickly knocked his temple with his index finger, which seems to speed up his thinking. “I remember that Fallen Apostles collects the heart of World and has goals. They Itโ€™s not the world of any Universe. The heart of World in the capital city of the fifteen-day zone must be a key item. I have seen everything in the past, but now… oh. If I am as good as I was then. … wood, can you use it with magical power?”

“Do you sacrifice yourself to the void again?” I slap on the head of Lin Xue. “What do you think? The situation is not too bad. Even if Fallen Apostles got the heart of World, it has been tens of thousands of years, and their great cause is still in the preparation stage. It is certain that they have a lot of bad things, we always have Opportunity to fight them, as long as they get the results every time they act.”

โ€œWise decision,โ€ Aurelia โ€œseesโ€ me. “I have a general understanding of the status quo of degeners, their plans can not be completed overnight. Perhaps the world of capital city of fifteen-day district is extremely important, but definitely not the only factor. We should be long-term. Odysseus, the World you saved The heart should be still in good condition, right?”

“Yes, after awakening I checked its status for the first time.”

“Good, give it to us to protect it, and you can just get rid of this weak state. We need you to do something more important now: to unlock the core lock of Tower of Sky.”

โ€œSpeaking, what is the heart of World?โ€ Qianqian looks curious, she knows that the body of World Heart is invisible and intangible, it is an information entanglement, but the heart of World will be random. Attached to anything in the current World, only the current destruction of the object, World Heart will jump to the next object – this is also Odysseus to use a different space to seal the heart of World with its dependencies The reason for this: prevent the thing from suddenly jumping to other objects, thus adding unnecessary variables to your task. Now that Qianqian is interested in the heart of the world that is protected, she can’t wait to see what the baby looks like.

To be honest, I am also a bit curious, because the normal business is busy… It is said that the business is busy, I rarely touch that thing, the most impressive World Heart in memory is Melia of Mobrador World (many times The body and host of World Heart can be confused. It feels that World Heart does not seem to see anything special. After all, it can hardly be destroyed before World is destroyed. The change of the host is just to entangle the information. Just to jump, for the heart of World, the current host is almost a container, even a cat can even be. The World Heart host of the capital city universe in the fifteen-day district must have been chosen by humans. I was curious as to what Onee-sama chose to act as the host.

Odysseus, who is in a state of sorrow, promised very happily: “At the moment Aurelia contacted me, this task was actually completed. If you want to see it, I can open the channel of World Heart’s storage point now. outside.”

As a result, the two-foot square crystal block that Odysseus lived in was shattered and quickly reorganized in the air. After a burst of crackling sound, it became a crystal sculpture similar to the Guldman outside. He moved the body and said sorry to us: “I am sorry that this state can only last for ten minutes, and can not leave the icefield range, but it will soon be over.”

We left this little igloo and found that the snow outside had stopped, and at a great distance, a vast snow and ice hurricane was hovering high above the sky and gradually approaching here, the hurricane It is filled with a lot of crushed ice and stones, so it can clearly see its boundary and shape. The shape is not like natural generation, and it is still changing: in the process of gradually approaching this side, it even gradually presents A face of a middle-aged male who must be angry – only one face. In the very strange state of the upper end of the hurricane, the lower half of the hurricane has only a pair of enormous arms that seem to distort the swaying clouds, which makes it look like the Alpine lamp god of the quick-frozen version.

After a fairly close distance, the hurricane has become a giant nearly a hundred meters high – but only the upper body, the lower body of the giant is still a circle of storms, and a deafening roar.

“Oh, this is the storm giant that Continent uploaded,” Lin Xue pointed at the hurricane. “Looking really spectacular.”

“The ancient spirit and other compatriots are different from the natural phenomenon. The storm giant is made under the conscious condition of its subordinates. Its mission is to guard the seal of World Heart, so it can never leave the ice sheet. The wind and snow are the incarnation of the storm giant, so he can always feel the wind and the grass in the whole ice sheet. After he re-enters the sleep, he is the most powerful guardian of the planet. Although it is only a small part. The soul of the fragment, but he still puts the task done very well.”

“I probably know how the Gudell elemental creatures were made.” I looked at the storm giant in the distance. A small whirlwind is being split up near his inverted cone. After these small-scale whirlwinds were split, they seemed to have their own consciousness. They began to wander around and collected nearby snow and stones to build their own bodies. They soon became crystal clear โ€œicemakersโ€. There are some crushers flying in the air, so there is no lower body, it looks like the Little Giant’s Storm Giant. The ice-breakers who walked on the ground looked exactly like our guides.

โ€œYes, the Storm Giant and Goodall elemental creatures were made at the same time. The latter is the split of the former,โ€ Odysseus said. “The storm giant within the body is the seal hub. Now the subordinate and this avatar are a common sense. Please see, that is the place to store the heart of World, it has been opened.”

Odysseus said that the transparent arm made up of his broken crystal pointed to the Storm Giant, which is 100 meters away. In the depth of the latter’s body, there is a red core that is rapidly brightening and gradually getting out of the storm giant’s body. I saw many bright lines and Rune imprints covering the red core and connected to the hurricane of the surroundings. These lines and Rune also broke one by one as the core drifted away from the storm giant body, just because I knew it. More occult knowledge, this signify seal is a one-off, once it is turned on, it will be completely destroyed, and only destroying these Runes in the correct order can ensure the stability of the space, otherwise there will be something particularly discordant – such as The Northern Land ice sheet becomes the northern hemisphere ice sheet, or motherland becomes the ice Continent, and then the heart of World will be collapsed into the God knows of the Cape End.

Odysseus pointed to a glimmer of light that gradually drifted over and said: “That is the heart of the World that was ordered to be hidden, intact.”

When the halo finally faded away, I saw the appearance of the thing, and suddenly I was stunned.

A huge and heavy metal ring, dark black, about one meter in diameter, with a star-shaped blue-violet star shining on the surface, as if floating in the air, without being affected by gravity, radiating out the ripples visible to the naked eye: it should be air Some kind of Force Field has a distortion, and it is also possible to distort the light, or even the space itself.

Now let’s combine two things: Onee-sama, and a circle.

A coming from Onee-sama at the peak of its power, a huge circle…

When I saw this metal ring, I and Lin Xue, who often missed my heart, couldnโ€™t help but step back and take a few steps to make a cold sweat. Della is on the top, this is the cold place of Baidu. I tm out a brain sweat!

There were two people in the scene who didn’t react: Alaya and Aurelia, the former is estimated to be unresponsive, and the latter is hard to see. What does she know about her now?

“Can’t this thing be touched directly by hand?” I kept at a safe distance and pointed to the metal ring.

Odysseus nodded: “You seem to understand the power of your majesty. The metal ring itself is also given the self-protection ability. The power of your majesty is attached to it. It has never dissipated for tens of thousands of years. It is too important, so your Majesty makes it as hard as possible to be destroyed. Oh, the system shows that the information entanglement of World Heart is still attached to the ring.”

I continue to linger in the cold sweat, you say such a thing… how to return to this!

After thinking for a long time, I still contacted Avalon and contacted the director of the local street office, Miss Artemis: “Little Artemis, I need support here, I will send a camp immediately… No, send a group of gunmen to come…”

I haven’t finished it yet, Lin Xue inserted a sentence directly: “Don’t ignore him, we can get it ourselves.” Then I hang up the communication, then Ojou-sama looked at me with enthusiasm: “Don’t be so exaggerated, you Take it back.”

“I rub, it will be better than death!”

“Afraid of anything,” Ojou-sama rolled his eyes. “You are not an enemy. Elder Sister Chen Qian’s curse will not be launched for you.”

“You made a mistake. This is the power left by the Emperor in the fifteen-day district. She doesn’t know me! Put this stuff in the portable space, and don’t die and peel off Oh!”

Ojou-sama glanced: “Oh, I forgot this.”

“Odysseus, should there be a transfer method for this thing?” I looked forward with a glance at the crystal-clear Empire Military Officer standing next to me. “Package box? Switch? At least give a protective glove. What can’t you touch, how can you ship to City of Angel?”

Odysseus shrugged: “The power of your majesty is inseparable, but it can identify the enemy and me. As long as there is the Empire’s identification code, theoretically will not be affected by the curse. Of course, if you find your majesty now, let her personally It is okay to lift the curse.”

I felt that it was a bit of a hassle to call my sister again for this matter, so I looked at a group of people around me. Odysseus doesn’t have to think about it now. Lin Xue and Qianqian have identification numbers, but their Empire account was revoked 70,000 years ago. Alaya is also the same. Now the two parts of the mother star have not been reorganized yet. Mysterious side mother star here is a black household, and the rest of the people…

Finally my eyes fell on Aurelia.

“Aurelia, can you give it to you?”

The kite Angel, who is always very indifferent, has smashed it like this before, and then nodded. It is almost like a deadly posture. It is close to the black ring that still wanders in the air. In the attention of everyone, touch it gently. The latter.

What makes people relieved is that nothing happened.

“It’s feasible.” Aurelia was also very happy, she was nodded, and she took the ring into her own portable space.

I smiled and took a shot of Aurelia’s wings. “Good job, now go back to Angel…”

If you don’t finish the game, I feel that it is black… (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for the recommended ticket, the monthly pass, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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