Xiling Empire Chapter 112

Chapter 112, a car Esper

After expelling Liu Zicai, Ding Ling immediately put on a smiling face and slammed into Lin Xue’s direction. At the same time, he screamed happily: “Great! Little Xue, a few days ago I heard the news, I thought you… Fortunately, you are fine…”

Q: What is the probability of hitting a Prophet in the case of a positive attack?

A: Are you funny?

Naturally, after Lin Xue’s face was not changed, Ding Ling flew directly, slammed against the backrest of the sofa, and then lost balance under the inertia, turned over from the sofa and wandered on the ground. Octopus shape.

A set of difficulty factor nine points zero funny index five plus continuous skills.

The stunned look we saw, Lin Xue’s whole man’s effort is really well-deserved. I am afraid that everyone who knows her and has become the Supreme goal of this gimmick.

Ding Ling quietly squatted on the ground for a while, then slammed into the ground and slammed into Lin Xue again. The result was easily held down by the other side. She was not able to lean on Lin Xue’s shoulder. The head, the dance, but there is no way.

“Okay, well,” Lin Xue said with a little helplessness. “You are two years older than me, can’t you be mature?”

I and everybody have been shocked.

Lin Xue certainly knows what we are thinking. When she presses Ding Ling on the sofa, she points to the latter and says, “Don’t look at this guy’s 15-16 years old, she’s actually two years older than me, and It’s still a genius young girl, but because of this long-lasting personality, I can’t help but treat her as a sister.”

“Hey, that’s Miss Innate’s beauty, it’s a youthful, old-fashioned body, you’ll be embarrassed~~~”

“World is amazing…” I said.

“Human Race is amazing…” Shandora said.

“The carbon-based creature is amazing…” Acida Acidora is the same.

“Oh…ah…” Little Bubbles expressed his incomprehension in an unidentified Martian language.

“Little Xue, who are they Ah?” Ding Ling finally settled down after a few presses by Lin Xue’s, and then asked us with a facial expression just found here.

Sure enough, Lin Xue’s friend! Such subtle disregard has reached the realm of perfection!

“They are friends I have known recently,” Lin Xue said, then pointed to us one by one.

“There is a Princess?!” When she heard Shandora’s identity, Ding Ling’s eyes instantly opened her boss. She stared at Shandora for a long time with amazement, and suddenly realized: “Oh, yes, I saw it on TV.” Past! Princess, Little Xue, you are so powerful! You can deal with such a legendary character! More didn’t expect, I actually saw a Princess! Still alive! Oh… I am too rude…”

“Don’t care.” Shandora maintains a decent smile, and the aristocratic temperament and the royal family halo are dazzling, except that there is no crown on the head. It is simply a privately-visited image of the folks. You never imagined the Princess just now. The adults also solved the three-person dim sum on their own in two minutes…

“Sure enough, Princess Oh!” Ding Ling was suddenly conquered by Shandora’s noble temperament, and said with a golden voice, “That must be rich and powerful!”

Why do I think this Ding Ling’s thinking direction is a bit off?

Ding Ling continued to stare at Shandora with her shiny eyes, and then said with a bright smile: “Her Highness the Princess, there is an old saying in China that it is a fate, we can meet in the Sahara today, this is a great fate. You see, can you look at the face of this fate, what is the name of a female count? If you have a nationality question, you can simply give me a billion-dollar pocket money.”

If this is what Lin Xue told us about her “greatness and cheapness”, I can only say that the way in which this kind of encounter with Princess has to pull out two hairs for collection is far beyond the scope of greed and cheapness…

Even Shandora can’t secretly sigh that Human Race is a very incomprehensible creature.

Lin Xue certainly can’t let Ding Ling be so noisy. Although Shandora is now a neutral friendly unit, most of Xiling Apostle are incomprehensible fanatics. Shantora’s prestige in Xiling Apostle is not a joke, Ding Ling. It’s simply unacceptable that this slap in the face is a joke. If you can’t do it, the dog blood story like Star Wars will start in this nonsense situation…

Ding Ling still wants to be poor with Shandora, but Lin Xue grabbed her mouth and smiled at us: “Don’t take care of her, this guy has been a virtue since he was a child.”

We smiled and understood, and then together in my heart lamented that there was really anyone in the world, at the same time, it’s quite unbelievable for such a screaming guy to be a two-year-old sister who is even older than Lin Xue. .

“Please, don’t talk together… I will go crazy if I go down…” Lin Xue said bitterly in his head.

“So the form of the living thing of carbon-based living thing is too fragile,” Shandora commented. “It’s just that these people are at the same time and you can’t stand the spiritual connection. If it’s a general Xiling Apostle’s The mental bandwidth is at least three digits…”

Of course, the above dialogues all happened on the spiritual level. Ding Ling just saw that Lin Xue suddenly glanced at us with a squint of his head, and naturally couldn’t think of what had just happened.

“Right, Little Xue,” at this moment, Ding Ling suddenly converges on the joke, revealing a serious expression that is very disproportionate to her appearance but very consistent with her age. “How come you are here? To the news…”

Having said that, Ding Ling suddenly stopped. She knew that Lin Xue understood what she meant, but she couldn’t say something in front of us.

Well, actually, we understand her meaning more than she…

“Just say it here because it has a certain relationship with us.”

Shandora’s voice suddenly sounded in Ding Ling’s mind, and then the latter screamed, three feet high from the spot.

As Ding Ling screamed, the cup in front of us also banged, all bursting open, and the various drinks splashed out in all directions – no doubt, Ding Ling’s scream was mixed with ultrasound and the like. But according to common sense, is ultrasound not inaudible? In other words, in fact, Ding Ling still need to use ordinary sound as an aid to send out ultrasound?

I am thinking about this problem very calmly.

Ok, I admit that the current state of the chicken is really not suitable for such a serious analysis…

Shandora still maintains an elegant smile, but I can clearly feel the dark fog behind her, and this girl is in front of me is a happy and harmless person, but for a stranger like Ding Ling, she is Queen. It is estimated that for the current Shandora, what has just happened has surpassed the level of international disputes and rises to the height of the Universe civilization confrontation…

Fortunately, Qianqian responded quickly, and packed up the scene before the outbreak of Shandora. The drink on our body and the broken glass slag around it miraculously returned to the original state like a movie.

For some reason that is easy to understand, Shandora, who usually disregards anyone, has some fears and even deliberate appeals to Qianqian. Now she sees that even Qianqian doesn’t care, and she quickly converges on hostility.

Ding Ling is stunned.

Lin Xue stepped forward to Ding Ling’s shoulder and let her go back, then pointed at us and said: “They are all Esper, and they are recently ready to contact with the organization, so you can say it with confidence…”


Ding Ling seems to have a little bit of a turn, and still looks at us with the look of rare animals. It’s no wonder that Esper on World is a rare resource, and the practical Esper is rare. The whole Esper Organization is really rare. Esper has only 20 people, the others are just some of the trained members who are stronger than the average person. Those who have only a little auxiliary ability are not Esper because their power is used. There is no use of the task at all, but she is now wearing a car Esper at once. This situation is just like walking on the road suddenly to drop out from the sky.

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