Xiling Empire Chapter 1155

The last picture taken by the monitor in the shrine before the scrap was Della, which was magnified dozens of times, and the face was biting in front of the camera. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine it. What Della’s head was thinking about when doing this stupid thing. Well, maybe I didn’t think about anything, which is in line with her intellectual setting.

But then again, Della’s fighting strength is really high, and her mouth is too big to swallow a mung bean, and even bite the camera – although it may be damaged with a head – – This fully demonstrates that the destructive power of small things is not at all somewhat weaker than the small group of demon kings at home. Well, now is not the time to discuss this issue.

I laughed and laughed at the smirk with a smile. I really don’t know what answer I should make now. Della fucked shrine, tossed these believer groups and saw the complete mess of the chasing battle. Hall, not only the debris everywhere, but even the Bible and the other sacred objects on the preaching platform are everything in disorder. She also drank the holy water of the people… I patted the chest pocket, Della fine The sound of the sound came: “Della is just a little nervous… who knows why they suddenly rushed up…”

“This is a very serious incident, but the gods did not make clear instructions, so it may need to be low-key,” said the thunder booth. “The church district will probably block in the next few days until it finds the strange creature or the gods drop their mouths.” However, the two guests are not citizens of the Blue Star, so they will not be affected. I hope this has not affected you. Some scientists later want to talk to you – oh, it won’t take long, they are just right The true form of the universe civilization is very interesting. We have used it for many years to debate the civilization between universes. Perhaps your appearance can end this debate…”

When Lei Gang said halfway, Eva suddenly heard an exclamation and interrupted him: “Oh! Idol!”

Everyone in the main hall, including a few of us, follows the prestige. Then the believers made a noisy exclamation: in front of them, the ornate War God image behind the preaching station was emitting an increasingly strong holy light at an intensifying speed visible to the naked eye, at this same time. Far away, as if the sound of the bell of the heavens is coming from the air, the familiar atmosphere of Yersin is becoming more and more obvious in the holy light (of course. For the believer that uses War God’s blessing power, it is pure and holy. The breath is obvious.) Obviously, a portal is being opened with the image of the god. Eva looked at it all, and finally reacted after a moment: “God is falling! God is coming!”

Ray’s eyes were wide open, his muscles were shaking, and after Eva he remembered what he should do now, so he rushed to the door of the church almost in a gust of wind, shouting loudly to the lower priests outside: “God !! Go and start the clock tower! Dispel the idlers, all the priests check their dress and sacred objects – don’t blame the gods! The ones that are still there are still waiting! You are baptized on the first day, I don’t know what I am saying. What? God is coming!! It is God!”

I really didn’t expect that a 70-year-old grandfather could achieve such a level. Visually, he went to Chang’an Street to sell candied fruit. The four rings of the ring can be used to cultivate fixed customers. I am afraid that the entire church area can hear his voice. After the thunderous voice fell, shrine sounded loud outside, although most of the priests did not know exactly what was happening in the hall, but the shocking news just heard from their big priests was enough for those who prayed for half a lifetime. Jumped up. Soon, the noise outside was gradually gone. And the low-pitched bells came from the central area of ​​the church.

“To inform the pope, you must immediately inform the pope… But the parliament is… no, the thing that God descends is the most important thing now!” Ray the old man sprinted from the shrine door, then squatted and sighed. Endlessly, my hands were nervous and stunned. Then shouted to the preaching station: “Eva! Go to the Pope!”

“The Pope has already arrived here,” Eva replied loudly, and a little hurriedly plunged from the dark space under the evangelistic platform to wear a variety of bizarre ceremonial supplies. She had a small ear on her ear. Like the earphones – according to what Eva is saying, I immediately guessed that it should be similar to the function of the phone. “The Pope has just received the revelation. He directly feels what happened to shrine. Now… ah, The Pope is blocked in the outer ring!”

“I advised him to change a floating car! That old stubborn!” Lei Laozi on the spot picked up more than half a meter high, “Well, no matter where you are, you have to prepare the ceremonial offerings to meet God – you No experience, but you should know what to do!”

Eva almost continued to work hard without even answering her enthusiasm. Her actions were dazzling, and it seemed that the rituals needed to meet God’s descending were very complicated. Of course, I am sure that 90% of the ritual requirements are The mortal’s own brain is purely busy, and our family meets the Father God’s standard no more than the amaranth box. It is a very simple matter to meet God.

“Two hundred years have passed, and there have been no gods falling for two hundred years,” Ray said, excitedly slamming his hands and screaming in the air. He said to himself, “Why does the gods choose to suddenly come at this time…he The last time we stopped blocking the giant meteorites, this time to stop the disaster or to bring guidance… Is it…”

At the end of the day, Ray finally stopped, then the eyes slowly turned and finally placed on me and Shandora.

“Oh… Lord, outer space visitors, the turning point of the Blue Star! Joe’s old urchin is right!”

It seems to be to prove the words of Lei. At the moment when his voice just fell, the holy light on the War God statue quickly contracted and formed a portal suspended in the air. The first step was to come out. Wearing a golden full body armor, a long cloak behind him, full of madness and arrogance, the handsome guy who is in the wind, Yersin. He took a step in the volley and then fell off without any accident: the portal was open in the air, but 123 didn’t even know!

“Aunt. Monina, this dead girl, no wonder she is rushing to open the door for me, and let me be the first one.” Yersin jumped up and smashed his mouth and smashed the image of his arrogance. Of course, when I fell down, it was almost smashed.) There is no doubt that this way of speaking is the 123 that can be with me on the road to eat a big cake to watch the sun go down. It is still a habit of this version.

Jumping down behind 123 is a petite young girl in black. Silver-haired flying, it is a little black belly Monina, the main culprit that opened the portal in midair and jumped out of his old brother. Then a familiar figure appeared in front of me: God Clan, a five-person group, Qianqian, sister. Pandora sister, Mercury Lamp… Finally, I jumped out with a jelly pudding.

They even brought that slime – this is a group to brush my rhythm Oh!

“Ah, Eva is here,” Monina jumped out and looked around, then saw the “Grandfather” who was stunned and looked at a large group of people in Wuhua. “Well, it’s as cute as a child.” – This is the first time I looked at Oh.”

Eva’s head seemed to have a hard string running twice, hesitating and said: “Shadow goddess… adults?”

“Shadow goddess?” Monina hurriedly jumped to Yersin’s side and licked his brother’s arm. “Brother. I used this name in this World?”

“It’s Goddess of Darkness, a blue-and-white star literary innovation more than a hundred years ago, and shadows and darkness slowly become synonymous.”

“Oh,” Monina jumped back to Eva. “Shadow goddess shadow goddess. – How is this expression? Is it so stupid gimmick that I can’t tell the smell of my body? The patron saint you blessed is me. And.”

Eva opened her mouth with difficulty. But did not say anything: the string seems to have finally broken.

At this moment, I have been surrounded by a bunch of people at home, and half of them are the kings who don’t care about the surrounding environment. So they don’t care how much the carefree way of playing has caused confusion. Just came over and surrounded me and Shandora to start researching the fleet’s trek. Mercury Lamp also rushed to my shoulder for the first time, sitting still, holding my head and sleeping peacefully: as if I was afraid of coming late. This unique territory will be taken over by anyone.

“It’s all quiet!!” I see that I don’t open my mouth anymore. This group of energetic guys is going to make a fuss, so I shouted aloud, but I can exchange for a moment of peace. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yersin also quickly pointed out to Ray’s father: “Now Don’t even think about anything, close all doors and windows, don’t let people in – you and Eva can stay. I want to explain it to you.”

Fortunately, before the start of the gods, all War God believers except Eva and Ray have left the main hall: I have heard Lilina say that God is an extremely sacred and significant event, believes think Not enough pure believers will tarnish the land that God has just landed, so only the highest-level believer can be seen at the scene of God. And now the most high-level believer in the church area is only Ray and Eva, and the Pope and several other big priests are out. This saves us a lot of trouble.

Now that I know the situation in the main hall, only the two fathers, we are not worried about the daring and curious believer dare to peek at the inside: this is estimated to be the sin of the fire.

Although I don’t understand what happened, War God is not fake. Because of the power of the gods, believer can’t misidentify his gods. So Ray is immediately nodded, almost rushing to the main hall. Closed and locked up, and then ran like a wind to block all the windows with a sun visor, and even the skylight at the top of the main hall slowly closed in a mechanical hum. After doing all this, the main hall was completely closed to the outside world. Qianqian touched the black saying: “What, who is going to turn the lights on…”

Monina’s voice came not far away: “Brother, go to the roof.” everybody: “…”

Monina is of course just talking about it, 123 knows it, so he just made a snap: “There is light.”

Suddenly, the entire hall was magnificent, the holy light was almost astounding, and Yersin hurriedly snapped his finger: “The light is darker.”

This time it is finally normal.

I can say that I have tossed Little Bubbles and Little Raven, who are practicing tree climbing on their own, and let them play slime. Then I came to Eva and Ray, who was still in a state of sorrow, waving in front of the two: “Is it back to the soul? Back to the soul, let’s talk about this god-dead thing… forget it, 123, you come. Let’s talk.”

“Call me Yersin, how much I have to show some majesty in front of the child,” said the dead handsome man, scratching his head and coming forward, then clearing his throat. The line of sight fell on two believer with a smile. “Eva. Ray, this is the first time I have appeared in front of you in an entity. It may have brought you fright. I should not be free to intervene in the mortal world.” My sister is bothering me – right, Chen, have you seen my captain?”

“Here is here,” I quickly took out Della from my pocket and held my head in a small group (she also knew that she was in trouble for others) and handed it over to everyone. “I became Della ball.”

“Oh, the captain started acting cute again.” Yersin knew Della deeply, no accident at all, just confirmed that his captain had found a relief, and then turned to Eva. Start to explain to them the identity of “outer space visitors.”

This is a long story about the identity of Shando’s and me, and the question of why we are so familiar with War God and its seven great aunts. It is necessary to explain the background and relationship of the whole thing. Hours of time: It’s really hard for Yersin. We’re all messy, and you’re not sure about the 30-minute formula. And he has to explain to a person who knows nothing about it what is going on. In the end, he summed up the words and pointed me and Shandora: “All in all, this is the charter, this is the charter, we are now living in their home, and the rest are the ancestors of the family…”

He spent an hour on Nima summing up this thing! – Although the summary is also in place.

Then Ray and Eva took five minutes to slow down and watched a large group of strange “people” who could almost be described by rare creatures – I know what our family would look like when they were in front of others. . And what kind of impressions will be brought to others, nothing more than the extra-large family out of the outing, and the wife and children have complete pets, so Ray looked at our eyes more and more surprised, but in the end it was nodded: “In other words, always with us together… is it actually two other gods?”

“Well, in fact, God is not the same thing,” I said as I watched a few small things that were playing far away, focusing on preventing Raven from biting the Slim, called Hiroyuki. In our own World, we generally don’t call ourselves God, but in the lower world, this view is very common. In the final analysis, it’s just a name, but you don’t have to care about it – because Xiling God and Star Domain God The system is two independent groups. Even if we regard God as God, it is within the territory of Xiling. For you, Shandora and I should be equivalent to stronger foreigners: and foreigners who have good relations with your gods.”

Such an explanation should be clear: the term “Xiling God” is now more than just a concept, but a real system that is mature. With the increase in the number of beavers of the little Raven, the belief system of the crows is gradually established, and the crows have been perfected as the first touchstone of the Xiling gods, plus the 300Commander of the mysterious side of Empire. Ancient spirit also leads a large number of religious organizations on motherland. It can be said that Xiling is already in its infancy. And even though our family has no idea of ​​establishing religion, in some places, the term “Xiling God” is spreading, because of the lower levels of indigenous civilization in the Empire (some of which are even on the planet). Inside the feudal society), the Empire patrol ship that accidentally skimmed across the sky and the Xiling Apostle that came to the forefront of research on their planet are all objects that can be deified, so that for a long time, in the territory of Empire, there will be “Xiling God” Blur concept.

But in the end, it was only developed in Empire. At present, it has not entered the World managed by Star Domain God Clan. Therefore, from the perspective of Ray, he does not care about Xiling.

Well, perhaps in the future, when Empire and Star Domain are further developed, it is possible that there will be a fusion of believers in the territory of Star Domain, just like the new sects of motherland at the same time and the gods of Star Domain: this It is entirely possible. After all, whether it is Star Domain or Xiling, there is a relatively loose policy on the bottom of the believers. The two sides do not prohibit the belief in polytheism. For us, there is no need to compete for faith.

Now I think that these are still too far away. I took my attention back from the prospect of the future and looked at Ray: “You will probably not accept it for a while, but the fact is that. These things are only for you and Eva can know for the time being. Don’t be open to the lower believers and the public. I don’t want to disturb the normal development of the Blue Star because of this. Think of this as a religious secret.”

“Yes…Yes,” Ray was a little credulously nodded, watching the comping from the god of his own faith and standing in front of him made him feel quite nervous – and not standing still, but standing a group, “So, The fleets in space…is actually the Legion of God? Oh, no wonder we can’t understand the principles of spaceship at all. The source of their driving is like coming out of nowhere, there is no magic fluctuation…”

“Amount, this is troublesome to explain. They are not our army. According to your understanding, it is probably a mortal level.” I scratched my hair. “In fact, I and Shandora just went to rescue the fleet and put They took it to Greece…God’s Domain came, and then there was something unexpected.”

“It turned out to be like this,” Ray said nodded, and finally seemed to think of something again. “Oh, yes, although your things need to be kept secret, but the news of God’s fall has spread, and the Pope is coming, the Pope is not Also…”

“Oh, the news of God’s fall can be made public. Anyway, it is not a godless drop. Just don’t tell them that there are more than a dozen gods in the group. It’s fine to open up my work with Monina,” Yersin said. I laughed heartily. “As for the pope… That kid should be more than two hundred years old this year. When I saw him last time, he was still fighting on the street… I can tell him the details, it’s a Rest assured child.”

“Yes, my lord, I understand – Eva, where is the pope now?”

Eva quickly confirmed on the phone and replied loudly: “It has already reached the Fourth Ring! It is still blocked!”

Everybody : “…” (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote, monthly pass, your support, my biggest motivation.)

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