Xiling Empire Chapter 1185

ff37; u85c0f;8bf4;66f4;65b0;6700;5feb;5c0f;8bf4;9605;8bfb;7f51;“Fallen Apostles ,本质上是一个因各种错误而诞生的race ,他们面对着一个从未有人面对过的问题,”Father God 向后仰靠在座椅上,思绪渐远,“既不属于深渊,又与秩序为敌。”

“Is the situation really so serious?” I feel incredible.

“Until ten minutes ago, I also didn’t expect so many,” Father God smiled slightly. “I’ve never asked about Fallen Apostles directly. It’s all for kids. So I don’t know much about them. In my impression, I confuse them with the regular abyss variants, but now it seems that I have to pay more attention to them. According to you, Fallen Apostles It’s not the crazy individual who is completely mutated. They are also rational. At the same time, they are still affected by the abyss. The reason for this period is probably due to Xiling Apostle’s powerful living thing and self-purification ability. Your Psionic can Constantly neutralizing the abyss, but not powerful enough to annihilate it directly like a void, so the two forces are constantly clashed, compromising each other, transforming, and eventually producing an unprecedented variation of Fallen Apostles. Now I am basically sure that they can’t Living in the gates of the abyss cannot survive in absolute order… Well, this is not true, World can survive in order, but with the passage of time, order World will eventually be transformed into a strange environment they conform to the characteristics of their race. “

Father God paused and seemed to give me time to understand these questions before I continued. “You mentioned yourself, you have a group of deep-deep fleets, they are independent, because they gather together will surroundings The environment has a certain impact, I guess this is definitely a passive phenomenon. And as their number of individuals increases and the intensity increases, this effect will become more and more obvious. In your Empire, the abyssal fleet is limited in number. How much less has been purified, so their impact does not cause any trouble, you can even ignore this little problem, but for the Fallen Apostles camp… they need a more distorted, more chaotic World. They transform World, At the same time also depends on such a World, which is probably an interactive process.”

“So… they need to create a new ‘order’ for themselves…” I understand a little.

“A race that wants to survive and develop will transform itself.” Father God’s tone is as fast as ever, “but all the races that have appeared in the past, including source and God Clan or you created They belong to the order side creatures, regardless of their transformation and adaptation to World, they must at least follow the premise of ‘order’. Even if they destroy their own World, they are doing this in accordance with the rules of order, so World Still World, the existing templates and void quadrants are not affected by the activities of these races, but Fallen Apostles is an exception that has never been exceeded, and their requirements for World are destined to go beyond the limits of ‘order’. Some World templates are not suitable for the species of Fallen Apostles, so as long as they are still developing, they must… have a template that meets their requirements. Even a void quadrant that meets their requirements.”

I feel suddenly, but more deeply shocked: “Wait, if this assumption is true… Do they want to create a new World model in void, or even a void quadrant?”

“The latter is very likely,” Father God nodded. “I don’t know if you think of it. Fallen Apostles will not choose the gentle strategy of ‘renovating World one by one,” because the existing order World has The basic framework, if Fallen Apostles is to be transformed one by one, it must inevitably destroy its basic framework. According to my guess, the lifetime of each universe in their territory should be extremely short. You force the influence of an order World in the high concentration abyss. Under the orderly operation, this World will be consumed hundreds of times. Therefore, their territory is probably the most unstable, and there are a lot of Universes at any time due to the influence of Fallen Apostles. They must change this situation, so create a kind of It’s important to be born in the World mode of blending with the abyss.”

“Is this possible?”

“It’s very difficult, I don’t know where to start, but if Fallen Apostles has been studying this for tens of thousands of years, maybe it’s the way to find it – the following are my guesses, oh, of course, the above is also – I Guess that this distorted World is impossible to rely on changing the template. All the parameters decided by the World template are in the order frame. This is a tree structure. The World template is only in the middle layer in this tree structure. The word ‘order’ is completely controlled, on its upper level… is the void quadrant. Only the void quadrant can determine something more fundamental.”

“So you guess they want to start with the void quadrant?” I feel like I can’t keep up with Father God’s rhythm. “Really… their big business may be such a whimsical thing, they extract the key from various Worlds.” Items, destroying the universe in the order of the rituals, but we have never drawn any rules from it, because no one has thought of the ultimate goal of Fallen Apostles to such a bizarre point.”

“To the void quadrant, this ‘hands’ is good,” Father God closed his eyes slightly and indulged for a few seconds. “The difficulty of creating a void quadrant out of thin air is unimaginable. If I understand the nature of void, Wrong, then only three people can do it.”

I was shocked. There are so many people in the world: “Which three?!”

Father God gave me a silent look: “It’s wrong, it’s two and a half now.”

Me: “?” But soon I understand what is going on, in fact, directly according to the void cow x leaderboard, Father God (two brothers) count one, Sheila (big sister) count one, I count half. Well, half probably don’t count, saying that two and a half is probably a psychological comfort. There is one thing that can be affirmed now, Father God and King Huron… The bottom force is not to look directly at Oh! void quadrant this thing… Is it that the two people who have been largely unsuccessful in history have to Is it convenient for the user to draw it out?

“Cough cough, not so powerful, I just said that I can do it, but I didn’t really do it,” Father God heard my guess and immediately coughed twice. “I used to have such an ambitious plan with Sheila. Later I Both of them feel that this thing is too full. I just didn’t get it. I just want to explain one thing: open the void quadrant out of thin air, it is impossible for the ordinary race under the void creature. Absolutely, sure, percent One thousand, something that is impossible from the setting -“

Father God paused for three seconds and added the latter sentence with a big gasp: “But there is a loophole.”

Me: “…” Can you say it out once?

“This loophole is: normal race can start with the existing void quadrant. So they bypass the restriction that ‘normal race can’t create any product equivalent to void’ because they just do the existing items created by void. Point correction only.”

A flash of lightning crossed his mind. If, from the beginning, Father God’s inference is true, then…Fallen Apostles The things that the grandson is going to do are far more imaginative than the imagination!

“They are very likely to distort an existing void quadrant so that they can produce a universe that fits their requirements. From then on, there will be more and more deformed Worlds in the void like the universe they live in – but For them, World is normal—and these malformed Worlds don’t have a long history. The ultimate goal of Fallen Apostles is to make this deformed individual take it for granted, they want to replace the position of Order World. At least replace the position of a void quadrant, but considering Xiling Apostle’s expansion of nature…”

“As long as one succeeds, they will start to distort every void quadrant…” I feel that the forehead is pumping. “In this process, the World that will be extinct is not a discussion, not a heap, but a quadrant. The whole void has only a total of more than 20 quadrants!”

“So far, everything is inference. Isn’t it?” Father God could still carry the kind of smile, and then smirked and scratched his hair. “Hey, you said how the trick jumped so far. On the topic?”

I looked at Father God, a sense of powerlessness that suddenly came to my heart, this calm attitude…

But this sigh only lasted for a few seconds, because I have to understand that Father God, the harmless serene of humans and animals, can’t believe it. Behind his kind-hearted smile, his second brother. What is hidden is the experience and wisdom that will keep you unpredictable. Perhaps the ultimate ultimate wisdom and ignorance should be the Lord in front of him. It is true that as he said, everything before is just speculation. But this guess at least logically, there is nothing wrong with it.

I have always neglected one point: Fallen Apostles, despite being brutal, is a race in the cracks. They reject the order, but they cannot be accepted by the abyss. At present, there is no place in the existing domain of void, their World is distorted. Malformation, in the middle of order and chaos, and they want to expand, develop, and even hold the “grand” that makes Empire return to the apex of void, it will inevitably spread its own deformity to every corner of void, and let The deformity becomes the “axiom” in void. Then, what is the act of dying? Is it better to call the void quadrant the name of a psoriasis called “Daye”?

I don’t blame myself until now that I realize the “slit” state of Fallen Apostles. After all, although the new Empire now has a group of deep-rooted troops, they are also very different from the pure Fallen Apostles, with a small number, order, and also by Xiaoxue. Once in batch purification, the race characteristics of Fallen Apostles have been neutralized by them, so that even Shandor has not noticed that Fallen Apostles is essentially different from Xiling Apostle in terms of species.

“Even if one-tenth of these speculations are true, they can’t sit back and ignore them,” Father God thought. “If they really have the ability to start with the void quadrant, then their ‘big business’ will be successful once it’s successful. It’s really hard to deal with…God Clan is strong, but void is infinite. When the power of deformity spreads to the entire quadrant, the situation can’t be controlled. Now it’s time for them to start’s big business. It’s just right, you know, from the beginning of the centuries, the abyss door of void has once again entered an active period, and the God Clan expedition is about to begin, so that, in the convenience of the abyss cycle, they are equal Solved one of the biggest threats – I guess, in their original plan, God Clan is probably the only threat to their ‘big business’, and the emergence of the new Empire should be unexpected for Fallen Apostles. Now, look at this accident. Is it enough to make their big business bubble?”

I thought about it, the core idea of ​​these words should be: God Clan can’t count on it.

Of course, there is nothing to complain about. The God Clan expedition cycle has been a hit for hundreds of millions of years. They regularly annihilate the accumulated Abyss power, and even many Worlds use the God Clan Expeditionary Force to pass the soy sauce as a perpetual calendar – as accurate and timeless as Pandora’s height. So God Clan can’t get a man at this moment, and he has no temper at all. Just no temper and no temper, there are still a lot of regrets, probably to see my thoughts, Father God is very open-minded: “Of course, it seems that the threat of Fallen Apostles is no less than the collective outbreak of the abyss, so I still I will try my best to prepare for the support. I hope that you can try to keep their footsteps. The more backward, the better for us.”

I shook my head and set aside the Fallen Apostles break: go home and talk to Shandora, she should be a little longer than my eyes.

“What do you think about the civilization of the bottom of the abyss?”

This is also the indirect reason we came here to meet with Father God. At first, God Clan learned about the fourth civilization. Only find the wreckage of the Universe with signs of deep dive. And Father God himself was very concerned about the mysterious civilization that popped up. When I heard this, he nodded slightly: “The fourth civilization? You know, I recently also looked at what God Clan already has. All files, at least in our records, have never seen this fourth civilization, including the signs of their existence have not been discovered, so basically can be sure that they have the ability to send information to Order World in the near future. One of the information received was the Old Empire of the year – but it was already after the implementation of a series of special plans for Old Empire. You also know that history, because of the dispute over the experiments, God’s The relationship between Domain and Old Empire is a bit stiff and…”

“And I am afraid that Empire Emperor is no longer revealing anything related to the x plan to God Clan. They didn’t tell you about the fourth civilization.” I said with some emotion that Xiling Apostle throughout history made the biggest mistake. It is to ignore God Clan’s Warning and confidently study void. It now appears that this error has caused a lot of knock-on effects. The fourth civilization was revealed tens of thousands of years ago, but it was not known to Father God because of the isolation of Empire and God’s Domain information. Until the Old Empire was destroyed, it became a secret that was hidden for tens of thousands of years – if the fourth civilization is a threat to Order World, then we will undoubtedly lose the most precious opportunity.

“It’s worthy of vigilance, but it’s hard to say that it’s an enemy or a friend,” Father God said slowly. “I’ve been shocked when you heard that there’s a powerful civilization that is about to break out of the abyss. However, after reading more information from you, I think this civilization is actually an ‘order’ race. The deep depths of the abyss will show an abnormal calm state, and the deeper it is, the more obvious this state of calm is. It is also possible to have a order of World at the bottom of it. It’s just that I am a bit worried that their ‘order’ is compatible with the ‘order’ here. From the black shuttle you have, and the one you just know today. -166 samples can be seen, at least their World material is ‘incompatible’ in our nature…”

I sighed: “I can occasionally ‘hear’ the sound coming from the other side, just like the string, they seem to be very curious about the situation on our side, and it seems that they have no better intelligence than us. The fourth civilization’s detector technology is more advanced than Empire, but I am afraid that within a long period of time, it will not reach the level of manned cross-border. You said… Will this be related to the nature of void creatures? You can hear What?”

Father God shrugged: “Of course I haven’t heard it, or I started preparing for tens of thousands of years. The void creature is very strange. Although it is a race, each individual has very different nature and capability. We I summed up this rule long ago…”

I squinted at him: “Is it necessary to sum up what you know with the big sister and the exchange of a business card?”

Father God: “…I don’t think it’s high-end, and it’s been a long time with Sheila. I seem to be influenced by her.”

“For example, always stress the population problem of the void family, and openly call the two people chat as the National People’s Congress?”

Father God looked at it very seriously: “Do you dare not talk about it?”

I am smirking, my heart is also a little disappointed: this way to see the comping from the fact that you can string to the bottom of the abyss is can do nothing about it from the two seniors to find experience, this is a problem that they can solve, but now Look, I have to rely on my own experience to figure this out. I might as well study the egg or the chicken first.

While both my father and Father God are in a daze… When thinking about the state, a little stranger Little Girl suddenly popped out from the side: “Dad!”

For various reasons, I heard this word and I subconsciously agreed. Fortunately, before I spoke, I suddenly realized that it was not the voice of my own bear child. I turned around and saw that it was not a problem: standing one away is one The little girl of Mondo is not his own family – it is the Father God’s home.

Father God’s face is wrong: “Cindy Ya? How come you?”

Little girl, with a big chest, said with a bright light: “I slipped out of my house! Because my mother is cooking today!”

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