Xiling Empire Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Alien Workers (This chapter is free)

At midnight 12, the Empire Commander who is coming from the distant mother star has finally entered the final stage of the long Space Jump. Next is Pandora’s work. She will become a void marker, guiding the 300 Commander to complete the final space positioning. In order to prevent an unlucky Empire Military Officer from having to get out of the toilet of a resident.

Pandora, which switched completely to the information processing mode, not only turned the hair into a crystal-like ice blue, but her body began to gradually appear a blue halo. From a distance, it was like a blue standing in the night sky. Color Elf In general, the dreamy beauty, even the moon in the sky is eclipsed by it. I looked at it from a distance, but I was lost in this gorgeous light curtain.

As the transition channel opens, the blue light on Pandora is getting brighter and brighter. Gradually, she has become a bright illuminator, and the faint blue light even illuminates the surrounding tens of meters.

“It would be more convenient to drive at night.” I sighed.

I stared in the direction of Pandora’s, for fear of missing this unprecedented scene. Finally, some vague black figures gradually appeared in the Pandora surroundings.

Is this the 300Commander?

After a dozen seconds, the black shadow gradually became more solid, and the closest to Pandora’s shadows can already see some vague faces.

“Come on!” I whispered.

“Brother,” Pandora’s indifferent voice came over. “Don’t stare at the strong Light source for a long time, there will be hallucinations…”

Cough cough, I said, how do the black shadows look more and more like Pandora.

I smiled awkwardly and turned my head to stop looking at the Pandora that had become an unknown illuminator.

“I said, Pandora, itโ€™s almost ten minutes? Why havenโ€™t you been to Ah?”

Pandora didn’t answer my question, just focused on the 300 who didn’t even see the shadow.

“Come on.” Pandora’s voice suddenly sounded, letting me out of the sights of God.

As the Pandora’s sound fell, many aurora colored light curtains emerged from the surroundings, and one after another came out of the light curtains.

Is this the Commander of Empire?

The people who just came out of the light curtain were just translucent black ghosts, just like Ghost. They bowed to me from afar, and then stood on the spot. Gradually, their figure began to be real. .

Ten minutes later, I was standing in front of the Empire Commander wearing a silver-white alloy light armor. The 300 people said that there were not many, and that there were not many, and that they stood in front of me perfectly, so that I suddenly had a thousand The military is full of my hands.

Xiling Empire’s technology is really terrible. With this technology, as long as sending a person to the enemy’s rear, it is equivalent to sending thousands of troops directly into the enemy’s base camp. I can only secretly thank you: Fortunately, I am not a war madman. If Hitler Student wakes up this Empire… this idea is simply too uncoordinated…

Pandora has now returned to its normal appearance, she quietly walked over to me, a burst of heat blew, I quite strangely turned around and saw that Pandora’s clothes were being blown by the hot air – feelings Is it cooling?

Iโ€™m looking at 5 minutes with the Empire Commander. Iโ€™m a little embarrassed to Pandora, who is talking about heat. โ€œWhat, Pandora, are you talking to them first? I donโ€™t know how to speak…โ€

Pandora nodded, calmly stepping forward, for a moment, I feel that Little Girl seems to be a person around me. A pressure I have never seen before spreads around Pandora. This is absolutely impossible. The momentum on a Little Girl made me secretly scared.

At this time I finally realized that Pandora, she is a general.

The quiet young girl stepped forward and lifted her right hand high.

The Empire Military Officer in front of the body tightened the body.

โ€œFor the Empire!โ€ Pandora suddenly shouted, and the tender voice was unquestionable with steel.


“For the Empire!” The anger of the Empire Military Officer resounded through the clouds!


“Freedom is Power!” Pandora has completely transformed into a bloody Loli.

“Freedom is Power !”

Hey hey hey ! I am not asking you to say this Oh!

“This World will be the new frontier of Empire… oh…”

Hundreds of Commanders watched indifferently as their bloody generals were pulled from the side of the man and dragged their mouths to the back, but still shouted neatly: “This World will become the new frontier of Empire… oh…”

Hey Hey hey, I am holding Pandora’s mouth? What are you doing with Oh? Oh, is it not Yes?

“Cough cough – everyone pays attention,” I coughed a few times and came forward, saying, “First introduce myself, my name is Chen Jun. You should already know my identity – your current leader. First of all, very happy. Everyone can come here in the distance, and the comrades have worked hard all the way!”

The cold wind blew…

As it turns out, I really don’t fit this formal speech occasion.

“It seems that everyone is very serious… then I will make a long story short, first of all, about this World!” When I said that my voice suddenly increased, “This World is not the front line of Empire, although there are battles, but the Lord of this World The tone is still peaceful. I don’t want you to come in a conqueror manner. I don’t want you to influence the calm of this world. You can stay here, but if anyone dares to get into trouble – that is, betraying my will, betraying Empire. !”

This is the best way Pandora told me to let Xiling Apostle obey – use Empire’s law to pressure them.

Hundreds of pairs of eyes at the same time flashed a blue light – this proves that they have recorded my words as the most high-level long-acting instructions in their thinking circuits.

In other words, itโ€™s really cool to teach hundreds of Empire Commanders so confidently!

At this time, Pandora suddenly pulled my clothes and whispered, “Brother, one less.”

“What is missing one?” I did not respond at the moment.

โ€œOnly 299 is here,โ€ Pandora said. โ€œThere is a Commander who commands Spirit Assault Force.โ€

“Is it missing? Is there a problem with the Space-Time transition?”

โ€œNoโ€”all Space Jump units have arrived at their destination, and I try to expand the search channelโ€”โ€ Speaking of it, Pandora suddenly paused and seemed to find something incredible, the face said weird: โ€œ found itโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

I looked at Pandora with a fog and walked down a big tree not far away, calming down, and then punched the trunk!

A group of red lights flashed, and the thick trunks turned into four scattered ashes.

A young man wearing a silver-white light armor and a slender face fell to the ground.

Pandora gently kicked the man who kicked the floor and confirmed that the other person had completely stunned, then turned back and said to the other Commander who was waiting for the order to wait for the command: “Look, this is the end of forgetting to open public navigation during the transition.”

I wiped the cold sweat on my forehead and said, “What’s going on?”

“This idiot forgot to open public navigation at the end of the transition, and the result was sent to the trunk – now half of his stomach should be wood fiber, which is still lucky, if the space interference effect is wrong again, It is possible that his whole person and the trunk are integrated.”

Oh…hehe…didn’t expect Xiling Apostle There are so interesting people in it, it seems that they are not all types of cold in manner like Pandora.

In addition, Xiling Apostle’s living thing is very formidable, but it is not dead…

“What about now? He won’t have anything?”

“Nothing, find a careful person to help him pick it up,” Pandora serene said.

Sure enough, I really can’t treat these guys as normal people.

Just as I was still sighing the formidable of Xiling Apostle living thing, a long, tall beard uncle came to me, banged upright, and then hit his left chest with his right fist – looks like This is their Xiling Empire’s military salute ?

“Report Emperor, Xiling Empire Pandora Heavy Armored Regiment has been assembled, the Fourth Spirit Assault Force Commander Kay Kyles failed to be in place, the rest of the 299 people are on standby, please give orders!”

Well, very good, really a sense of accomplishment!

Pandora also turned my attention to me. Although the eyes of the godless eyes could not see any feelings, I can still feel that she is also very concerned about how I plan to arrange this 300 number, after all, according to her economic situation. Analysis, in order to feed this 300 person, in addition to robbing the bank, there is only one way to counterfeit money…

My eyes slowly swept through the perfectly analogous 300, and then suddenly a very bright smile.

“From tomorrow,” I said with a big hand, “You all work for me!”

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