Xiling Empire Chapter 121

Chapter 121—Exploration?

“Ah, it seems that your Yan’s beauty is not shallow Ah?”

While I was almost asleep, a familiar female voice suddenly sounded above me.

I struggled to open the eyes. It took a while to distinguish a young girl in a green dress from the dazzling sun. It was Lin Xue, our sponsor of the beach tour and a big head.

“Oh…the figure is good…” I deliberately pretended to be ambiguous and said, and then I saw the other person screaming and rushing over.

Five minutes later, we collectively ran to spit sand…

This is really incredible. What kind of unexpected situation is it that allows us to have the sand of the mouth of everyone who is stunted by the thousands of troops?

“Oh… curse…” The sister embarrassed to explain to us while spitting the sand. “The group sent…”

We collectively silence, then spit…

Not many meetings, we lie back on the beach, but there is an additional Lin Xue.

The sea breeze is still blowing, the waves are still smashing, the seabirds still scream, Twin is still playing at the beach, Uncle is still his child king, Bubbles is still sleeping next to him, Pandora still sits and drinks soda without any sense of existence, Little Bubbles Still crawling on my body and entertaining myself.

We are lying in the warm sunshine and drowsy.

Although very pleasant, but…

“boring…” I suddenly sighed.

Lin Xue suddenly propped up and slammed his head and said: “Really, I was almost infected by the lazy breath of your guy. It’s rare to come to the beach to play. How can it be occupied with nothing in the sun in the sun! Why don’t you go swimming? I think your swimsuits are all dressed!”

Lin Xue’s voice just fell, we are silent.

“It’s too salty…” Qianqian said.

“A bit bitter…” said the sister.

“…” Shandora looked red and buried his head in my arms.

In the face of Lin Xue’s curious eyes, I ignored the gesture that Shandora had twisted around my waist and said, “Well, I will swim, but I think it is too much trouble to fish out Shandora…”

“No!” Lin Xue exclaimed with a high degree. “You guys are so powerful, only this stupid wood can swim alone? Then what are you going to do in the swimsuit?”

“Actually, I will be a little…” said my sister.

“I thought I would swim…” Shandora said unwillingly.

“In order to make a pervert’s line of sight not go somewhere else!” Qianqian said, then twisted and twisted around my waist with the same sense of Shandora.

“That’s really you can do nothing about it…” Lin Xue shook his head and couldn’t accept it, then grinned at me. “You guy, left and right, it’s cool. I really don’t understand why you are this.” Wood has such good luck…”

Why did you pull it on my head… Also, Qianqian, don’t bite me, okay?

Actually, I think it’s very good to bask in the sun on the beach, but at the moment, Lin Xue, who is a little overexposed, obviously doesn’t think so. She looks around and can’t stop when she can’t find someone to play with herself. Look like.

But the only thing left here is the Loli trio. Bubbles is sleepwalking, and even if there is no sleepwalking, this gimmick will not be interested in anything other than video games. Pandora is drinking soda, if I don’t start the water, she is absolutely Unwilling to leave me a hundred meters away, Little Bubbles is still happily crawling up and down on me. Lin Xue can be sure that the little bit of this birth is only half a month is to put a swimming ring to sink to the bottom of the sea… …

Although she will not have anything even if she sinks to the bottom of the sea… and it is estimated that she can still play with the various sea fish on the seabed with curiosity for a day?

As for the remaining few…

Lin Xue looked at Twin in the shoal and shook his head. Once the sisters interacted, they were completely exclusive. Except Pandora and Chen Jun could scream them, even Shandora could hardly stop the twins. past? It is estimated that there will be a few hours of sea breeze blowing beside it…

And… a knight’s face sunglasses who are accompanying children to play with sand…

Lin Xue had a chill, it was not as good as lying with the Qianqian on the beach…

Lin Xue flat mouth, unwillingly side by side with us lying on the elegant plastic sheet, started to dry the back, and then suddenly shouted when all of us almost fell asleep again: “have!”

Then all of us quickly and eagerly jumped up and looked around Lin Xue after looking around.

Stared by several ultimate killers, the nerves were as big as Lin Xue, and they were not stunned. They hurriedly explained: “Wait–I mean, I know where it is fun!”

I have a bad premonition…

“Let’s go explore!”

The hunch is coming true…

Like my reaction, everyone else has collectively played a cold war, except for the little Bubbles, which is heartless. This little brat is now staring at Lin Xue with bright big eyes, seemingly to be full of so-called adventures to be full Of curiosity.

Little Girl, young and ignorant, you don’t know that the danger of this World is to be everywhere, and you don’t know that all the things that are related to Lin Xue are more to be full of danger, more important things, this matter. Also named by Lin Xue is the word “exploration”.

Ever since I realized this problem, Ojou-sama, I deeply realized how big a troublemaker this guy is. She seems to have a special ability, that is, let any one be ordinary to others. The little things eventually turned into troubles that allowed the Empire Chief of state to scratch, which can be seen from the fact that she can turn my winter vacation into a worldly salvation record.

So we heard that the word “exploration” in Lin Xue’s mouth immediately lie down and said that I am not interested in any customs other than drying the sun. I also deliberately smashed the confused Little Bubbles and the eager Pandora. Come over, these two big Lolita are not worthy of the world, a passion for all kinds of battles and dangers to be full of enthusiasm, if you are not optimistic about them, wait a moment, we will wake up and find ourselves surrounded by dozens of ms possible.

“Hey Hey hey! I said that you guys don’t give face too much?” Lin Xue jumped up and down in a hurry. “I was determined to take you to the secret base of my brother and I played Oh!”

Lin Xue’s secret base when I was young? This guy will also have such an to be full of innocent and pure atmosphere? I thought that Lin Xue was born and gave him a small flag of “I am trouble”.

“Prepare the luggage and let us go!” I jumped up and swayed and pointed my fist at the front, and Little Bubbles stood next to me with a kind of skill, and stretched out a small fist to call “Yeah” in the distance. number!

Lin Xue passed the blue veins on her head and gave me an uppercut without hesitation. Then she picked up Little Bubbles and said softly: “Children don’t want to learn these nervy moves Oh~~”

Don’t you think this contrast is too big?

The secret base of childhood, how filled with childlike fun and fond memories, really didn’t expect Lin Xue Young Lady Lin, the ultimate troublesome polymer, will have so to be full of innocence, so to be full Of incredible and gossip breath, even if there is a shape hidden inside, I have to go see an Oh!

It is estimated that other people who come with me also share the same thoughts with me.

Bubbles didn’t follow us. For her, this boring adventure was not as interesting as rpg. Acida and Acidora didn’t follow us because they had to take care of the Bubbles that once they started playing games, and Carrow didn’t follow. Come over, because he also wants to study the grandeur of the pirated disk market nearby, and my sister has not followed. She is not interested in such activities. At this time, she prefers to sunbathe on the beach to “get wheat-colored health.” Skin” – I am deeply skeptical about this because of the various sunscreens on her sister and the quirky physique that she would not tan.

So in the end, only me, Qianqian, Shandora, Pandora and Little Bubbles started with Lin Xue.

In fact, it’s not true that five people are right. It should be six people. I also want to add a certain day in my Mental World. I am not sleeping or just daze or share the visual Korean drama with Alaya. Angel sister is because of its striking appearance. I have to avoid the crowd all the time, only in occasional circumstances will come out to breathe, and be careful not to be attacked by Little Bubbles (little brat has an enormous interest in all shiny things, obviously, all over The holy light of Alaya is shiny…), this time there is a rare opportunity to go out to play, I naturally want to let her out to breathe, although I don’t know how much a World Arbitration Mechanism is getting sick.

In this way, we and a group of seven people took the opportunity to go to a sea island – luxury yacht…

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