Xiling Empire Chapter 122

Chapter 122 The Haunted Isle

Well, luxury yacht, Lin Xue’s own luxury yacht, this “yacht” that can almost be classified as a medium-sized ship is said to be a birthday gift that her dad specially customized for her last year…

Because we didn’t want the rare expedition to be disturbed by unrelated people, we didn’t have an outsider – including the necessary staff on the yacht. Fortunately, for Pandora and Little Bubbles, this simple mechanical thing is not difficult to operate. The two of them temporarily guested the role of captain and helmsman and the engineer and… At the same time Pandora also took over the role of super radar to help us find the island that didn’t know what corner.

What I want to say is that two little more than one meter of little brat is really funny, especially Pandora station ahead, said with a serious expression: “Go forward at full speed!” Then Little Bubbles is on the side. I promised to step on the stool behind the console and laboriously enough for the buttons and joysticks that are always in in disorder. How do you see how to be full of comedy…

“Ah…the sea…” Qianqian was the first time to take such a high-level thing, looking at the completely different sea view from the beach, she could not help but slam on the railing and mad at the waves, I Carefully licking her clothes collar to prevent this mad mad head from bumping into the city – even though her ability can completely ignore such danger.

“I guess that Liu Zicai is a country rich man in you in the eyes,” I slid the Qiqian of the claws from the railing for the fourth time, and I was very impressed by this luxurious mechanical gadget. “I thought it was that.” The guy’s family is called Millionaire. Now look at your yacht – I guess I can let Liu Zicai indulge in the river…”

“That won’t be,” Lin Xue stood next to me in the standard equipment of a jungle expedition. It looks like a jungle warrior. “Liu Zicai is actually a small force, just like Ding Family Lin Family. It’s a bit of a climate for the whole world’s super-family, but in terms of development prospects, their homes are worth a promising future. As long as Liu Zicai is a bit of a skill, Liu’s family is a major family in China. Possibly, perhaps because of this, Uncle Ding will agree to his pursuit of Ding Ling – but looking at Ding Ling’s attitude, it is entirely about using Liu Zicai as a toy. That is to say, Liu Zicai’s character is more or less in the outside world. There are also some rumors, although Ding Uncle may not be very clear, but Ding Ling’s ghost guy must know a lot, the unscrupulous ghost gimmick is definitely not going to find a fire pit to jump.”

I am very interested in the secrets of these big families mentioned by Lin Xue. It is very curious whether this big family is really as strong as the one mentioned in the book. When I throw this question, Lin Xue’s face has changed obviously, but I can’t tell if it is happy or not happy. How to say it seems that there are very complex feelings in it.

“Because you, Ding Ling’s childhood is really boring,” Lin Xue’s face for the first time without a hippie smile, but with a smile that I feel strange, a good The well-trained temperament of the educated people appeared so magically on Lin Xue. “From a very young age, we must start learning a lot of things we don’t like, see those we don’t like, and we have to be constantly Others remind you of etiquette, pay attention to words, pay attention to many things, but they get used to it when they are long. If people get something, they will definitely lose something. This is not unfair to us, and now think about it. When I was a child, it didn’t seem so bad. Parents loved us very much. Although strict, the old people in the family were very harmonious most of the time, although they could not go out and play like other children at any time, but the elders We always try our best to arrange entertainment for us under the conditions that can be allowed – although I don’t like it, huh, in addition, you The deadly house rules that I think do not exist. The rules are there, but our family is not the old feudal era. Let’s take Ding Ling, although it seems that Uncle Ding arranged her and Liu Zicai together. Meaning, but if she doesn’t want to, Liu Zicai can’t have a chance at all. It’s even more impossible to have a so-called forced marriage plot. And since adulthood, the family has relaxed the management of our descendants, and inherited their own. Before that family business, we were free to arrange our own life.”

Lin Xue said a big call in one breath. It seemed to be a big sigh of relief. All of a sudden, she relaxed, and Haha’s smile appeared on her face again, as if everyone’s show was completely my illusion.

“It’s a lot better to say so much,” Lin Xue Haha smiled and slammed on my shoulder twice. “It seems that wood has the benefits of wood. At the very least, when I speak, I can listen carefully, no. As for Ding Ling, I interrupted me every three seconds. Now, what else do you want to know? This Ojou-sama is in a good mood and it is difficult to answer you once!”

I slap the hand that Lin Xue patted on my shoulder and said with a finger: “On one question: Since you were so strict at home when you were a child, how did you have such a childhood secret base? You and Lin Feng were still driving a yacht home when they were young?”

I am really curious about this question. According to Lin Xue, in addition to the various gatherings arranged at home, she and Lin Feng did not have much chance to go out to play when they were young. Then this “secret base” far from the depths of the ocean is A bit ridiculous… cough cough, in fact, anyway, the secret base of the two children needs to be on the yacht, which is a bit difficult to understand. Isn’t Lin Xue’s super troublesome polymer when it’s small? The incredible event’s ability? So that she and her younger brother are locked up at home and can be involved in the plot of the blood of the desert island at any time.

Lin Xue also learned how I looked and shook my fingers in front of my eyes, and said with a smile: “This is a good understanding, because the island we are going to and even the islands of the surroundings are the private industries of our Lin Family. In the post-garden of your own home, what old grandfather wouldn’t care~~”

Qianqian, who was squatting on the railing and facing the sea, was suddenly on the spot, then plopped… and fell back on the deck.

“Evil and wealthy people Oh!”

I was so distressed to help Qianqian, while helping her with her head sighing, such a super family is really rich, the so-called World Millionaire who are on the bright side to let the public know and compare with these super riches It’s just the working class!

Qianqian, holding my arm, is full of small stars, full of yearning and saying: “It turns out to be a private island, how many three rooms and one hall can be covered Oh!”

“Evil and wealthy people Oh!” I once again screamed at Qianqian’s head, and comforted the girl who had three rooms and one hall as the ultimate goal of life: “Hey, after two days I let Little Bubbles give you a faith level. That thing is definitely bigger than the small island of Lin Xue. When I removed the guns, I will cover you a three-bedroom apartment…”

Lin Xue’s smug smile suddenly stiffened. After a moment, she sighed in the same tone as me: “The rich and powerful people…”

It was more than two hours later, and a bunch of wealthy people who were already boring and boring were finally on the beach.

Unmanned Island, this is my first impression of Lin Xue as a small island that she and Lin Feng secret base.

The area of ​​the island is not small, about a radius of more than ten kilometers. The whole island is covered with lush and green forests. The forest is full of thick leaves and rot, a trace of Human Race activity. None, so I said that this is an uninhabited island.

In fact, there is really no Human Race to live here. Not only does Lin Xue guarantee that even Pandora’s living thing radar does not find any Human Race other than us on the island.

But Lin Xue tells us that in the middle of the island, there is an enormous house.

We decided to camp on the shore for a night, when preparing for dinner, Lin Xue told us: “No one knows why there is such a deserted house on the island, although this is our family’s industry, but in fact we I got this island more than 20 years ago. The former owner was a foreign old aristocrat. He had a deep friendship with my grandfather, and even gave the island to me before he died. Grandpa, but I don’t know why, Grandpa hasn’t sent anyone to check it out here, and it’s forbidden to let other people in the family come close to… Dead wood, look at what, I don’t believe you were always awkward when you were young! Anyway, Miss Innate Smart, flickering two stupid things in the family secretly taking me and my brother to play is not trivial…”

“In short, my brother and I have been secretly here since we were young, and we have found something that is unacceptable – the big house on the island!”

“And then?” We were completely attracted by the story told by Lin Xue. They asked about it and saw that she was still planning to sell it. I immediately used Super Bab: I hugged the strange strangely staring at the barbecue shelf. Little Bubbles, a pair of bright stars staring at Lin Xue, Little Bubbles, immediately showed a very curious and wantful expression – well, I admit, Little Bubbles is the expression for most of the time… …

Lin Xue gave me a sneak peek and said, “No!”

“Ha?” We collectively said that even Pandora, who had been uninterested, couldn’t help but walk forward.

“It’s gone. At that time, my brother and I were so big Oh! Of course I was scared, and the two family members who came with us were afraid of accidents. I quickly took us back. Later, my brother and I were beaten by my grandfather… …” Lin Xue said in an unwilling tone, it seemed to be lost for the half-death adventure of the year, and then she went on to say: “But ah, I secretly heard the other old people in the family say it – the house, as early as The island was demolished once it was handed over to Grandpa!”

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