Xiling Empire Chapter 1252

Regarding those human brain array hosts, we considered things that helped them get rid of them from the beginning. Because the Merois rely on the special attributes of the soul to control the starship, they do not completely destroy the souls of those human brain arrays, but suppress their activity intensity to a very low state, in other words, those people Brain arrays also have the potential to be resurrected.

However, the real resurrection, there are many troubles to face.

The technique of reintegrating multiple consciousness into together and resurrecting in the form of a new individual is not really a new thing. There are many examples around you. The most impressive one is Shandor’s adjutant, now revenge. The total Commander of the fleet: Grand Warlord pl15. He is a collection of consciousness regenerative, those Commanders who have followed Shandora for many years and then sacrificed on the battlefield and can’t be resurrected. In order to continue fighting for their own Queen, they voluntarily give up their own personality and choose a mixed consciousness. Reborn and continue to rush to the front. The legendary experience of the Grand Warlord is a typical Xiling hero image: loyalty, courage, sacrifice, giving everything to Empire and Monarch, never ending for victory, but his experience can do nothing about it. Rename the mortal except Xiling Apostle On the species.

Xiling Apostle has its own reasons for returning to the battlefield in the form of fusion consciousness after death. Their souls are special: strong, tenacious, full of never-ending thoughts, even after death, as long as the soul is still there, a Xiling Apostle Being able to maintain a complete self, and if for a valuable goal, the soul can achieve it at any cost, including giving up on itself. Secondly, Xiling Apostle is a race in which each individual grows up in the spiritual network, and their minds are unified, with their own will. This whole race is in the drive of a higher collective idea. This collective idea has laid a second solid foundation for the “collective consciousness regenerative body”: even giving up its own personality. Xiling Apostle’s souls will not dissipate as they lose themselves because of mortal race, because they have a whole will to stick to it, which is not available in any other race, and even God Clan may not have this special talent.

Other than that. Xiling Apostle Special perceptual thinking and rational thinking ** Opening and closing ability also affects their soul from the body. A pure logical mode Xiling Apostle is no different from a computer. It is a machine, then it can be connected in parallel: That’s why in Xiling Apostle. There will be a lot of collective consciousness regeneration.

Finally add one sentence: the above features are only used by Xiling Apostle, mortal race is easy to try to have a risk of cerebral palsy, please be cautious…

This is the problem. Xiling Apostle can generate new individuals in a collection-conscious form. At the same time, all the original memories are retained, and ordinary races can’t do at least the same large scale. As far as I know, a few ordinary races do have the existence of fusion consciousness, but that is a small-scale construction. A few good friends and friends who can achieve synchronization before they may be able to do it, but they have to brag The risk of enormous. And its maximum scale does not exceed double digits. This is not a situation with the Grand Warlord: like Xiling Apostle, thousands of consciousnesses are merged into one rebirth, and can be expanded as the situation continues. Speaking to the ordinary race, it’s all maddening…

However, there is a mortal race exception, and in his own impression, that is the only one he knows: the “parliament” of the fourth invading fleet.

The female leader is a combination of the Nader’s entire race in tens of thousands, and at the same time, according to what I have heard, the Nader is a carbon-based species, in other words. They have no special talents for Xiling Apostle’s, such as pure logic mode. Their individual soul strength is not likely to be a mess with Xiling Apostle. Compared with the Monsters of the tribes, in other words, they have the means to achieve the Xiling Apostle with the mortal soul “quality”. Of course, I also know that the “Parliament” was born with the talent of the Nader people. The latter said that it is a mortal race, but it also has special talent, but at least compared to Xiling Apostle, they look more like ordinary race. Close to not Yes?

If you know how the fragile mortal souls can be smoothly integrated, then perhaps other race talents used in the fusion process can be complemented by technical means.

“Collect a piece of information about the brains of those people, including their complete living thing form, soul structure, and current status. The more detailed the better, then hand it over to the ‘parliament’,” I looked at Aurelia, ” In addition, when is it possible to remove all the human brain hosts?”

“It takes about a week. This is the fastest. After all, to ensure that those human brain arrays survive, every time you disassemble a host, you must create a maintenance system that matches them. We don’t have a corresponding production equipment. It takes a little time. .”

“Oh, that’s already very fast. Before that, I have to meet with the ‘parliament’…” I thought about it and felt that the current thing was so many, “Say, now the fourth and fifth fleets are on Empire. The impression should be a lot better, just in the past to see the situation… Melova is still brought out by the Fifth Fleet.”

Next, after learning about some other situations in Heaven Sector City, I might not be able to catch up with dinner when I was late in the sky. I took Alaya and Aurelia to say goodbye. Although I had a whim before I went, I wanted to see what Aurelia was looking for when she was uncomfortable. But then I thought that this may be one of the few remaining ones that I am very impressed with. This idea didn’t dare to say that it wouldn’t be big enough to let Alaya give it to himself…

It was very late at home, but as I expected, the family was still waiting for their own meals. I felt apologetic when I saw that Shandora eyes were green. The time spent in Heaven Sector City was slightly exceeded. It is expected that the whole family will always wait for this is the family.

In order to apologize, I had to take a penalty on the spot. Shandora had made seven bowls of fried noodles, although I didn’t know what she could do. The little lamp finally strangely came up to sneak a drink, was dragged down by her sister, and then an episode: Lilina was out of mischief. At this time, I poured a little beer in the Elder Sister’s cup.

Now my sister is sleeping on the second floor.

Alaya is sitting next to me. This was originally the location of Pandora or Viska. But now the two small have been successfully countered by the pork braised in brown sauce across the table, so she is sitting here. Angel’s sister was very interesting when she sat in the chair, because her wings couldn’t get back, so the wings would go around behind the seat back. The tip of the wing has been hanging to the ground. Now Little Bubbles is drilling under Alaya’s seat, trying to catch those glowing feathers. Speaking of it, after I and Onee-sama kept on educating, Little Bubbles now knows that she can’t directly pull the feathers off the wings of others. But this does not prevent the little brat from continuing to go to those shiny feathers.

Alaya gently swayed her wings to avoid Little Bubbles’ scratching, and by the way, I was fanning the wind, and my face always had a faint smile. I can see that she is very happy now.

“You are in a good mood,” Ice Teece looked up at Angel’s sister. It seems that the experience is very honest. “Well, use the tip of the wing to draw a circle on the ground. I also have this little habit when I am in a good mood. The long wings are almost the same… …”

“I am not…” Lin, who was licking the rice, said weakly, and Ice Teece immediately squinted: “I mean the wingspan is under a hundred meters. You have to draw a circle to give groundwater.” type it out.”

“Oh…” Lynn said weakly. Continue to bow your head.

“Because I saw a lot of new compatriots,” Alaya said as she raised the wings on the left side. I saw Little Bubbles hanging on her wings: the little brat had put all of her on the feathers. “Start tomorrow. There is a lot of work to be done, training new recruits or something… Well, it has been tens of thousands of years without doing such a thing, I feel a little missed.”

I reached out and took Little Bubbles off the wing of Angel Younger Sister’s. I heard this sigh at the same time and I apologized.

It seems that inadvertently, I have always ignored Alaya’s loneliness.

In addition to the need to fight, she always sleeps in my mental world, even if it comes out, it seems to be occupied with nothing, but this is not because Alaya is lazy.

Since a long period of time, Alaya has been the only Xiling Angel of the new Empire. She has no Soldier, no compatriots, and not even much work to help. The concept split makes us unable to make a new Angel. Alaya, the only individual of her family, can only hang on the spiritual network all day and act as a computing server: besides, the new Empire has nothing at all. On the battlefield, Alaya is active with a strong fighting strength, but without Soldier, no fleet, a personal fighting strength, what can a strong general do? At best it is a super Soldier.

Alaya, but a general.

Until the end of the conception, we rediscovered the half of the mother star lost on the mysterious side. Alaya became more active. She began to devote herself to the construction of Heaven Sector City. Every day, she was full and happy, and today, Seeing that her new compatriots finally gathered again, she also showed the true and cheerful appearance.

The usual Angel sister is always smiling, and it seems that she has never been depressed. Her character is so gentle that I forget that she will also be wronged and depressed. She never complains about anything, just silently doing what she can, and then killing in the corner that it will never end. When the concept was split, she was only part of the World Arbitration Mechanism. In order to ensure that the system was completed and was thrown onto the mother star on the science and technology side, she should know what she was facing: even the most A good situation arises. I have survived and faced a future that has lost all my compatriots since then, but that is the case, she still does not say a word.

To this day, I saw that Angel sister faced her new compatriots with an unprecedented smile, and her lively performance for a little while, I realized that I had overlooked a lot of things.

However, this situation is a apology and it is a bit ugly, so I can only take a little guilty and look at the Angel young girl next to me: “Well, although I don’t know what happened, I will take another shot…”

Shandora, across the table, lifted the head and held his own bowl: “Oh, just, I will punish a bowl of noodles…”

Angel’s sister smiled more and more…

That night, the fox had not returned all night, she must have been busy with her old friends all night: everyone knows the life habits of Yokai. Everyone is crazy. As long as there is something to celebrate. It was the party all night long, and they didn’t have much to do. Anyone who was doing business in Shadow City also had a sign that “the store opened with the customer and the customer settled”. How many rules can you expect from their lives?

The next morning, when I cleaned and went downstairs, I almost got a slap in front of the stairs. I looked down and found that there was a golden ball on the last step of the stairs. The fox should be in the morning to get home, because her ears are still stained with dew that is not steamed. Most of this guy wants to go upstairs to go back to the room to sleep. Although she often squats at the door to sleep all day, but in fact, the fox also has his own room on the second floor. He just climbed a step and fell asleep.

I bent over and licked the fox’s big tail. She didn’t even wake up, just gently arched her body for a more comfortable posture, and rolled up another tail to cover her body. After getting close, a burst of alcohol on the fox came to me, and I almost got a slap in the mix of wine and girl’s body. Then I saw that there was a footprint on the tail of this guy: the footprint is not strange, but the footprint is her own. How did he do it? Are you stumbling over your tail? And still walking backwards?

This cargo went crazy last night!

According to the fox, this is a confusing look. She couldn’t wake up for a while, and went up to lick her ears. There are only two words of dreams and ears trembled in response to oneself: the trump card has failed. I was going to take her to a place where I didn’t get in the way, but then I thought about it. Although she has nine tails and is a canine, on the other hand, it is also a girl. It seems that it is not appropriate to let Shandora or Qianqian I saw it easy to be bitten for a day.

Of course, what’s more important is that in the face of a Yokai young girl whose tail is bigger than the body, he can’t find a place to start: it can’t be the same as Xiaoxue’s light and heavy gimmick. The tail is dragged all the way to the second floor?

And just as I watched a sleepy sloppy hair ball, the young girl didn’t know how to start, Ice Teece suddenly appeared on the second floor stairs, and the female rogue who just got up ran down from above, and did not stop it. Opportunity, then I watched as she rushed down the stairs in a hop, and finally stepped on the fox’s tail.

The fox’s scorpion woke up the whole family…

“Oh… this is blameless, but the main reason is that this guy is sleeping on the stairs…” Ice Teece awake a little from the morning when he was in a state of madness, screaming at the hair, and the unlucky fox In the living room, I’m going to squat, and there’s no end in my mouth. I can fully affirm one thing: she is completely awake now.

Finally, the fox finally calmed down, because it hurt so I tipped my toes and showed me her tail with resentment. Of course, the ice sister is God Clan, comes with purified halo, there is a so-called dust-free realm. So there is no footprint on the fox’s tail, but I still sympathize with the latter’s nodded, and then said that I don’t open the big move now, but I can’t beat the female rogue, please change it.

So the fox immediately raised his tail, and like the big windmill, slap on my lap and slap a circle, indicating that it was uncomfortable. She probably saw that there was only one person at home who would not marry her most…

“I have done it, and I don’t want to eat anything,” I grabbed the girl’s tail and let her calm down. “Tell me something, the new girl in Yokai town, haven’t you seen it?”

“… um?” The fox looked up at me with a confused look. It seemed that he had forgotten what it was like to return to her family yesterday. I saw that her unruly look suddenly burst into a big head and took Della out of her pocket. On her head, “Della wakes her up, and the goods are now yawning forty-two degrees! What a fox is so good to drink!”

After half a day of tossing, the fox finally woke up, and I remembered that there was a strange girl in Yokai town. As a result, in the face of my questioning, she shook her head: “I didn’t see it, I don’t know where she went.”

“Don’t see? And leave the town?” I was amazed at all. The Yokai was usually a little in disorder, but they always looked very strict about their territory: this is probably a group of 80% belong to The intrinsic property of the group of wild animals, but did’t expect that the person who suddenly popped up disappeared!

“Ah, it seems that I lived in the town for two days. She said that she is a local or something…” The fox scratched his ear. “We thought she was the priest of the big shrine or the administrator of the flower garden.” After all, I was free to play in Avalon, so I didn’t ask much.”

“Avalon is currently working as a manager and clergyman. As long as you are the leader, you have seen more or less,” I looked at the fox. “And the ordinary Soldier and the lower-level monks will not leave their base, and will not go.” In the town of Yokai, I lived in white for two days. More importantly… there are no new people entering Avalon recently, so it is not possible to be a new high-ranking priest or a flower garden Commander. You understand.”

The fox is not stupid, even she is quite smart, but she usually feels lazy at home and gives up the impression of a second product. This time she instinctively thinks that everything is in the same place as usual… well, at The landlord was in control, so I didn’t think much about it. I just happily returned to my mother’s house for a night. Now I talk about the situation to this point. She understands what happened on the spot.

“Where is the place like Avalon, it will be people…” The ears of the young girl are erected, and the fluff on the top is slightly blasted.

“Theoretically the probability of this situation is zero, it is impossible to be mixed in, but it is really a bit strange now,” I looked at the fox’s golden eyes. “You go to Avalon and look for Artemis.” … um, the little one, let her check Avalon’s flow of information, let me tell you about the death of the flower garden and the local garrison. Lilina “My eyes swept to the gods Loli who was wearing the pony pajamas from the second floor.” Big shrine, let them scan the entire Avalon and find people who are not registered.”

After allocating this, I gave a sigh of relief, and then I saw if I could find the “stranger” that popped up.

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