Xiling Empire Chapter 126

Chapter 126 is welcome to arrive in Long County

We carefully approached the weird big house, one by one.

Lin Xue is the most experienced in dealing with this kind of mysterious phenomenon. The most common thing that Esper Organization touches is the strange event of various kinds of egg pain. Among them, 60% of them are boring citizens. The product, as well as 30%, was finally found to be purely a matter of fear that the indiscriminate elements in the world are not messing up, leaving 10%, which is indeed in front of us and cannot be explained clearly by the current Human Race science. s things.

Although the secret of this big house has been understood by Shandora, it does not dispel our pleasure in exploring. On the Earth there is such a legendary thing. To be honest, this is even more fascinating than the War of the Dragon War!

As we approached the iron fence outside the big house, everyone clearly felt that the environment of the surroundings had changed.

An ominous chilly breath spread from all directions, let us numb the scalp, it is not a simple cold, but it seems to be mixed with all kinds of negative emotions and greedy malicious strange smell, I am only in A place has felt a similar atmosphere: the mortuary of the hospital.

Of course, compared to the strange atmosphere here, the morgue can be called the holy light cathedral.

Almost a moment, Alaya, who has been sleeping or stunned in my Mental World, reacted to such an unclean atmosphere, accompanied by the ethereal sound of a sacred hymn in the air, a pure and holy white light to drop out From the sky, Alaya appeared out of thin air and stretched the white wings of the enormous, and then floated about a quarter of a meter from the ground. She looked around and the golden hazelnuts were full of puzzles.

Despite having seen it many times, I was deeply shocked by the image of Alaya’s fall and holy beautiful.

This pure and holy and beautiful image is too much contrast with Alaya’s airhead hidden in the bones!

Anyway, the airhead is good, the little idiots, the strong holy light brought by Alaya’s arrival instantly cleans up all the unclean atmosphere of our surroundings, let us breathe, and then we all agree, we at the same time open The mental power barrier isolates the cold, chilly atmosphere.

Although it is a hidden airhead, but now Alaya is working, she has not done anything to undermine the current beautiful scene, but frowns and said with disappointment: “There is a breath of death and resentment, and disturbing The thoughts echoed in the surroundings… My Monarch, where are we now?”

“Lin Xue’s post-garden.” I looked at the scene that had completely changed around, shrugged and said.

“I won’t cross it again?” Lin Xue was looking around. The eyes were full of surprises. It was estimated that she was wondering if she had any other Esper not found out. It seems that as long as she is licking the hoe, it will eventually end up. It will turn into the problem of ennormous, even the place where she sneaked to play when she was a child became a different World…

But Pandora denied the possibility of crossing us again. She shook her head and said faintly: “Our absolute space coordinates have not left Earth.”

โ€œin other words, are we still in that space?โ€

I asked, lifts the head and looked at the completely different scenery.

The gray-black mixed with a little bit of dirty green heavy clouds pressed down on our heads, the pale sunlight was weakly hidden behind the clouds that almost enveloped the entire sky, faintly as if it might be extinguished at any time, the low wind blowing from us I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s an illusion. Itโ€™s like a hoarse whisper and a suspicious low sigh in the wind, so Qianqian canโ€™t help but hug my arm. On the other side, Little Bubbles hangs almost the entire body. On my body, I can clearly feel that the little body is shaking violently.

At our feet, the grass that is not born in the grass shows a rotten gray-black color, and there is a constant grayish mist rising from the ground, condensing in our surroundings, this mist is very strange, we are surroundeding a few meters and the bungalows in front of it are not exposed to heavy fog. The impact is clearly visible, but behind us, that is, the direction we just came, is completely covered by thick fog, and nothing can be seen at all.

It seems to have been trapped near this big house.

However, we don’t have any concern. The Pandora’s space positioning system can still work normally. It proves that the current situation is not as disturbed by the energy of the abyss as it was at the time of World. It is only the gray weird that blocks us. It’s just fog, even ordinary people can ignore this fog and leave this haunted house – of course, he will definitely get sick after being eroded.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of Lin Xue telling us that her grandfather had sent someone to dismantle the house once, which made me wonder.

It is impossible for ordinary people to easily stay in the vicinity of this haunted house for too long. The space-time and harmful energy here are very likely to kill them. In other words, Lin Xue’s grandfatherโ€™s invitation was absolutely impossible. The demolition workers in the sense!

But those things will have to wait until later to see Linโ€™s father and say it again.

Shandora has mapped the shadow of black flames. The unclean power of surroundings is powerful, but it is not worth mentioning compared with the abyss. She just used a little bit of Abyss power. Surroundings still have some gray fog that is just moving away. Going back, if Alaya’s pure and holy breath is to make these things deeply jealous, then the abyss of Shandora is to let them surrender completely – there is absolutely nothing in this world that can be more erosive and unclean than the abyss It must be pure.

We carefully walked forward and stopped next to the small garden outside, where there was a broken iron fence, the rusty fence seemed to be covered with sharp cuts and suspicious dark red marks. Left on it, a piece of shabby wooden board with only half of it left on the fence, the writing on it has faded and blurred, but because it is etched, it can be distinguished after wiping.

After some tossing, the writing on the board was finally clear, and it was a string of flowery Latin.

So I said, rich people are idle guys, so good to write a brand of such a fancy! Bullying, I don’t understand how it is!

But Lin Xue looked at the wooden board that was like a book to me, and couldn’t stop but nod.

Ok, okay, you are a young man who has been studying in the whole world from a young age. He is familiar with the language of the eighteen countries. He is a genius Ojou-sama with a degree certificate. I am an unemployed youth who does not know how to eat and die. Do you have to look at me with contempting eyes every time you look at it? The unemployed youth in front of you is also the Empire Chief of state. Your little civilian!

After a long time, Lin Xue seemed to finally enjoy the feeling of despising my feelings. I raised the wooden board in my hand and said, “This is a sign that shows the identity of the head of the household, and the kind of life on the door that you think of is common in Japan.” Different cards, this thing is produced and distributed by the local government. According to the identity of the head of the household, the pattern on the brand will be different. The pattern on this brand indicates that the head of the household is an alien wealth and reputation but there is no The name of the nobility, this sign is no longer used, but it is very fashionable in some parts of Europe.”

We immediately showed the expression of thirst for knowledge. At this moment, I couldnโ€™t help but think of the fat man in the class who had graduated and we went to work. What he usually likes to do is to hang his appetite and harvest a big one. Helping curious baby to know the thirsty expression, of course, every time he will be very miserable, not being fat or being fat or being fattened… It can be seen that the same thing is wretched. The success rate of fat people and the success rate of beauty are really different! Oh!

Lin Xue satisfactorily nodded, then cleared the scorpion and pointed to the sign saying: “The owner of this house is called Fowler, but the family name and family name are no longer clear. The identity is the local big businessman and philanthropist. Then, Let me see where this brand was issued… Really, how many so scratches on the landing…”

Lin Xue looked at the brand for a long time and finally figured out the handwriting that had been seriously damaged. He read: “The payment is – Dalong County Town Council… Dalong County!”

“Dalong County!” I followed Lin Xue and exclaimed.

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