Xiling Empire Chapter 1267

In fact, I am a little worried, that is, whether Anuli Li can accept that her compatriots have become a pile of glowing mosaics – or whether she can accept a bunch of glowing mosaics is her own compatriots. Of course, I personally think this is nothing. It may be a long time with Xiling Apostle, or it may be dealing with the magical race of Shadow City all the time. My acceptance of the race form is not generally high. Basic I can think of things that can be thought of as smart species: if you don’t have the ability to accept it, then you can’t mix in Shadow City. This place is even more likely to encounter an iron ball or even a beach jelly. Your intelligence is still high… but Anulili may not think so. In any case, this girl has few worlds to see, she may be able to accept the strangeness of other races, but not necessarily accustomed to her ancestors and even the heads are replaced with colorful.

And I have to worry about whether the soul creatures can be integrated into the local life after going home: it can be said that in addition to the soul, now they have completely become a brand new species, no longer eating, no longer drinking water, Human Race big Partially limited by the physical emotions, they are no longer available. They only need to go to the ionosphere every month to live, and they still have at least seven hundred years of knowledge in their minds – all three years. Generation gap, guess how deep the gap between the ancestors and the generation of Anulili?

Such a group of ancestors who have left the Human Race form suddenly return to their side, can Anuli Lili and her compatriots accept? Can these ancestral spirits get used to it? Can they still recognize each other as compatriots? Gao (ε“”) Dali’s old Human Race was brainstorming with the new Human Race because of a few dna problems. Now the ancestral spirits have no nucleus…

Sometimes. The gap between the living thing form and the world outlook is a headache.

We can imagine the most probable situation: the ancestors of the recovery are first and foremost stronger than the common species, then they will have the authority and knowledge (of course, power) as God after returning to their own race. Ordinary people may have to unconditionally convince these ancestors. This situation may not be a problem at first, but it will take a long time… Some people may start to challenge authority. Some people may question that these ancestral spirits are no longer their own compatriots. It has become a new “God” on the top. Even the spirits of the ancestors themselves may have problems: can they tolerate their slow-moving and ignorant compatriots, and use hundreds of years of patience to slowly wait for these “primitives” to catch up with themselves? We can’t easily smelt others, but we can’t treat everyone as a saint. Species like God Clan and Xiling Apostle are not everywhere. These things don’t want to be, once you start to associate, you will find the place to be full of fucking in reality.

When Anuli Li communicated with her ancestors, I was waiting for Gaia to wait for outside. Gaia is holding a round, self-disciplined mechanical smile with a smile, and she is surrounded by a large group of at least dozens of self-disciplined machines, which makes Gaia like a group of pet dogs. It is estimated that she is basically in this state when she is alone, and I am thinking about the above things that are not very important in my mind. After a while. When Gaia started to name the self-regulatory machinery, I finally couldn’t help it, and poured out my thoughts about everything in disorder with Gaia.

The faint blue shadow of the female face with a faint smile, gently stroking the round body of the self-disciplined machine in her arms, after a little thought, she chuckled: “your majesty, you think and my together will be very Is it strange? Do you think that when you talk to me, will there be a sense of separation that is not my family, or a sense of distance that is incomprehensible in words?”

“Of course this is not,” I seem to be happy to see Gaia playing. Then quite strangely bent over and picked up a small robot like a ball, which issued a series of screaming voices: What fun? “But this is not the same situation. I am very familiar with you, and I personally accept the ability is very strong, and then strange creatures can be their own people. If you can’t live this day, there are all the birds and beasts in the house, count Fox and Raven, I have unified Animal World… Well, count Lilina. It’s estimated to include the plant world…”

“In fact, there is no difference. If it is for a goal, focus on a concept of surroundings, anyone can unite. Living thing form and world outlook, even the difference in perception will not destroy this unity,” Gaia volley sits in the air On the top, it looks so good, maybe every time I come to mother star to accompany her, her mood will be super good, “your majesty, you used to live as Human Race, also have the world outlook of Human Race, see you at first When you come to us and see the smart race of the World, you have also shown great surprise and alert, but now in less than five years, you have accepted everything, as long as it is under the Empire. You can do it the same: even if their shape is different from your original Human Race world outlook, you should also trust the girl and her compatriots. At this critical moment when the race re-emerges, no one will be because of this. Stopping at intervals, at least in the general direction of the whole family, no one will have this problem: because this is simply too stupid As for the contradictions that you mentioned, it is true that they may appear in a small scope. Friction and sacrifice are unavoidable, but they will never affect the overall situation. Moreover, Macro World has so many races. They can all live in harmony. Why is there a split between people who should be fellow citizens?”

In fact, I want to remind Gaia that those races other than the Xiling Apostle sometimes have such a painful situation: they can often communicate friendly with different races, but once they have a top-notch, there is a small wave of people who can Hit the brain. But thinking about it, Gaia said that it makes sense. The one who was so ignorant in the past, can now accept that the home is the same as the animal World, and what kind of heart is my virginity…

We waited outside for a long time, and there was indeed a lot to say between Anuli Li and her ancestral spirit. Gaia had previously told the ancestral spirits of the entire cause and effect of the Empire expedition Melova people, but of course Anulili knew more from her perspective. same. The spirits of the ancestors who have experienced the most incredible reincarnation of a intelligent creature, there are many things to tell their descendants. During the waiting period, I had a chat with Gaia. I was a little bit lonely and quiet on the mother star. Our topic started from the unforgettable first encounters a few years ago and extended to the same age. In Pandora’s expedition, Gaia also mentioned the past events of Onee-sama: after the concept cut, she has recovered all the memory of her previous Emperor. In the Gaia mouth, I finally know what kind of person Onee-sama was tens of thousands of years ago:

A general interest in the open soil, but very keen to develop a variety of fresh technology ruler. Has the same indestructible will and execution as all Xiling Apostle. It also has a human side. Occasionally, Pandora is planning a lot of conquests with great interest. The focus of the work in the Sky Zone is just a headache in a research project. I used to be very close to Alaya because she liked the soft, warm feeling of Angel’s wings. Gaia mentions Onee-sama’s past life, her face can not help but reveal the look of nostalgia, she said her opinion: “Your majesty at that time is a reserved person, focusing on the cracking of the R & D field, rather than Going to the expedition for a low-value, ridiculous World. She is very efficient and doesn’t like to repeat an order twice. Occasionally she argues with Pandora about armaments: Pandora always suggests making more powerful super artillery, the child thinks As long as it is completely covered with gunfire, Empire’s will will naturally be implemented, and your majesty always likes to use the squad and various new technologies with unexpected effects to achieve the goal. But in any case, the relationship between your majesty and Pandora is also very good. – In addition to occasionally patting the latter’s head, saying to himself, ‘When will this child not care about his own?’, Pandora will make a small temper…”

“Do you miss her?” I saw Gaia’s look lonely and finally couldn’t help but say. Xiling Apostle is also a creature with emotions.

β€œFor more than four years, my daje’t expect that my majesty has been around me,” Gaia smiled and shook her head. β€œNow see her. Feel the familiarity in the soul, but it’s already a human being. She is not the Emperor of the year, nor does she remember a lot of things, so we have more or less some sense of loss, but I think… maybe this is also a good thing.”

I looked at Gaia a little surprised.

“She should have rested, her rule lasted for hundreds of millions of years, and she never took a break. Xiling Apostle is not trapped by exhaustion, but if she can put the burden down like now, I think it is also a good thing,” Gaia took. Look at it with a smile. “And more importantly – you took over this burden. Empire will move on, everyone will get what they want, and we, the old people, don’t have to worry about it. Nostalgia is not what Xiling Apostle should do, we just have to look ahead. It is.”

I can feel a heavy trust from Gaia’s words. If it was a self years ago, at this moment, I am afraid that even the courage to bear this trust is not available, but now, I am just confidently nodded: “Do not worry, Will not let you down.”

“Then we will continue behind you,” Gaia suddenly pressed her hand on the back of my hand. I felt a 72 Hertz and a warm touch. “I will trust you, unconditionally.”

At the moment, Anulili finally knew everything from the mouths of the three ancestors, and the triangular-shaped building opened. I saw the slim young girl walking in the front, behind her, three floating volleys, like some kind of guardian spirit. Anulili’s face was unstoppable with a smile and a surprise that had not completely faded. Looking at the atmosphere, their communication seemed to be smooth. I greeted them far away: “Hey! Are you finished?”

“Thank you, really, thank you,” Anulili came to me, her expression was excited, and even a bit incoherent, “…I don’t know how to express my current mood, I really didn’t expect, you The surprise is that… our people will be ecstatic, this surprise has completely exceeded expectations.”

“I hope that you can adapt to the different living thing forms on both sides of the day as soon as possible,” I laughed. It might be easy for two living things to have different species, but if the living thing is very different. In essence, it is a compatriot. It is necessary to deal with the problem in the same way. This is a relatively high-end social humanities subject. “I have prepared a transport ship. The spirit of the ancestors you want to take away can be more than these three.” There are thousands of them.”

“Yes, I can’t wait to bring them back!” Anu Lili happily grabbed my handcuffs and licked it, then realized that this subconscious movement was a bit sloppy, revealing a rustic and somewhat silly Smile, “Oh, sorry, sorry… that… can I leave as soon as possible?”

I certainly nod. Although I really want her to play in Shadow City for a few more days, it is clear that the other party is not wandering now, she still has a devastated World waiting for reconstruction: this girl has a long way to go, those 14 years old to save World, with She stood up and estimated that she could not lift her head.

The significance of these ancestral spirits to Anu Lili’s race is very obvious.

What does a race need to rebuild?

Knowledge, inheritance, and cultural system of generation. Lost science and technology… All of these things can come together in one word: history.

Now what Anuli Li lacks is history. They are the most serious of the history of all slave races, and the Melova people almost erased all their knowledge except eating and sleeping. Now only the resistance organization holds the sporadic information of the year. For the entire reconstruction goal, the information cannot be said to be a drop in the bucket, but it is almost the same. For thousands of years, they even forgot what their original name was.

And the spirits of these ancestors, with their most urgent “history.”

The main will of the ancestral spirit is almost comping from the first generation of the Human Race against the Melova (here, the Human Race is of course the race of Anulili), these people insist on their strong resistance. Today, they cover members of all areas of Human Race at the time, except for military personnel. It also includes scientists from all walks of life. Even the latter is more than the number of soldiers. After all, most of the soldiers have been killed on the battlefield. Only scientists were captured by the Melova people after the war. They have a large number of technical materials of the Human Race of the year, and they also have a brilliant picture of the entire civilization in their memory.

Culture, faith, science and technology, tradition. From the custom to the past history, they have everything.

Although this information will not be complete due to quantitative restrictions, it is for a waste civilization that needs to be rebuilt. This is already a generous and incredible gift.

Anu Lili took the excitement and took away the 6,700 ancestral spirits from us – this number is more than the large royal star ship we faced at the beginning, because there are many human brain arrays and Not listed, but stored as an emergency in the underground warehouse of the Kingdom of God. She left the Empire capital city that afternoon and took the road back to her hometown.

Perhaps this girl has not realized how much she will leave in the history of her own race.

The rebellious young cadre who fought back in the slave war, brought the spirit of the ancestor back to the legendary young girl of the homeland, and rebuilt the meritorious person of civilization. She was not the leader of her own race, but I suddenly felt that she might really Will go to this position, as long as she accumulates enough qualifications, Anuli Li has this capital. I can almost imagine that many, many years later, the name of Anulili appeared on the history textbooks of their junior high school.

Is the great heroine of my family, Anu Lili, brought back the spirit of the ancestors in xx years? (本空5 points)

How many people are there in the spirit of the ancestors who returned home? (本空3 points)

What kind of profound influence did the heroine Anu Lili’s actions have brought to my family? Please briefly describe it in your own understanding. (Discussion title, out of 12 points)

Then Anuli Li will be rated as the most feared historical figure of the early high school student. Just like the white beard and grandfather who hanged a wall in my high school school building, I was rated as a Chinese Nightmare… Do you say that I am saved when I am idle?

Because Gaia was still busy studying the grand plans to store her own cloud into the entire shadow space, I didn’t continue to bother her. There are still some things the headquarters wants to confirm, so I didn’t go home, but went directly to Shadow City.

The shadow fortress’s assembly square is still as orderly as usual – I mean, there aren’t many people here, so it’s orderly. There is no war in Empire now, and the gathering square is naturally idle. Several scorpions were on duty in their posts, and they were as if they were steel sculptures. Seeing me appear, the recent scorpion soldiers immediately salute: “your majesty!”

I am nodded, I can’t help but raise my finger. The only guy on the square is how to look at the environment that doesn’t match the surrounding environment: “Who is that?”

There should be a girl on the assembly square that I should have been accustomed to, but I was just hanging out. I saw her from just now: It is a tall woman with a side face that looks like about twenty years old, with a shawl Long hair, the other side wearing the Empire Army, but the kind of military strolling like a military stand is not like the Empire Military Personnel: even the most naughty Raven 001 will not wander around in this place.

What I didn’t think of at all was that the scorpion soldiers who stood here were all shocked. “Your majesty! I didn’t see her at all… please wait!”

Then the scorpion soldier who thought he had been seriously derelict rushed up, but I saw that she had just turned around with the strange woman and turned back. The girl with long linen hair followed her.

“Hello! Emperor your majesty – Well, Emperor your majesty, that’s right.” The strange girl with long-haired linen is standing in front of me, very familiar and greeted with great enthusiasm, I am being this A glimpse of the familiar character, and then noticed that her chest is hung with a small sign with the words like a dog crawling:

“Xiling, if you are pleased to contact the military, thank you.”

… is the Qianqian’s handwriting. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point to vote, monthly pass, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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