Xiling Empire Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Exploring (I)

I and Lin Xue exclaimed the name in the same place – Dalong County

Obviously, our Young Lady Lin is also a wow fan, otherwise she will not know the words of Dalong County.

But other people have not heard of this small town in the Eastern Plaguelands, and they have cast doubts on us.

So I briefly told the Qianqian about the story of Dalong County, the unfortunate World that was ravaged by the disaster and ravaged by the undead, the Human Race town that was killed in the undead natural disaster but was eventually slaughtered, and small The little girl in the town who has turned into a ghost but does not know that she is dead, still waiting for her hero dad to go home – Pamela.

This story is undoubtedly quite touching. I believe that as long as you have the emotions of a part of normal Human Race, you can’t help but move this story.

Although my description is very simple, Qianqian is quickly touched by the girl in the story, revealing a sympathetic look.

“This… it should be a coincidence…” Looking at the broken wooden sign in his hand, Lin Xue muttered to himself, “In any case, a world that has been created, how could it really exist…”

Although she said so, I can still be sure that she has begun to wonder if she is really in the Eastern Plaguelands.

In fact, I also have such doubts, and then Shandora confirms our conjecture.

โ€œItโ€™s entirely possible that such a thing is possible,โ€ Shandora said. โ€œThe World that you fantasize in the movie you normally touched is entirely possible, and it involves a very complicated World Interference Theory.โ€

Speaking of this, Shandora looked at me with nothing, and then continued: “So I will explain as much as possible what World interference is!”

… Why do I have a very subtle feeling of unhappiness? Isn’t my baby Shandora also despising my understanding ability?

Shandora paused a bit and seemed to be trying to explain how to understand the next advanced theory. Then, “First, it is about the basic concepts of plane and World. World refers to a certain space that can be observed and perceived by conventional means. The -Time area, such as this universe and the outer layer of the Universe, which has not been confirmed by Human Race scientists, is a World, and plane is a broader concept than World, including one or several World, the full set of basic rules required for the operation of these Worlds, and the standard model for the birth of the new World. There are many things that cannot be resolved by relying on the science of a World in the plane, because they contain a large part of the The information of the World concept, and outside the plane, behind the plane barrier is the Endless Void I mentioned, only God Clan can freely move, God’s Domain is also in the void and can control the entire void. The ultimate World, what it is like, I can’t imagine it.

Now when it comes to the problem of World interference, I have already said that plane is like a soap bubble floating in a void, which may contain multiple Worlds of different shapes but the basic laws are unified. These Worlds are separated from each other by ether. In the meantime, the living thing of life, except the Xing Apostle, which is almost a super-class of God, is basically impossible to perceive the existence of other Worlds besides its own World, but nevertheless, the World of a plane There will still be some connections, such a connection is World interference.

Its manifestation is that one of World’s information is projected into another World through the refraction and deformation of ether, and then reproduced in some form, such as the fantasy World in your novel. On the surface, it is the illusion of the fantasy. Products, but in fact, they are likely to be the result of another World’s information projected on the current World. Through the operation of causality, it happens to be in the form of a novel.

Azeroth, perhaps this is a real world, through World interference, you World will appear the story of Dalong County…”

So this is ahโ€ฆโ€ฆ

Several girls began to nod and expressed their understanding.

Of course, Little Bubbles still just sees adults nodding their heads to learn.

I started to drive all my brain cells.

Well, bow your head and meditate… Close your eyes and eyes… ๆŽฐ Fingers… Full of sweat… A head of blue veins… Rolling all over the floor… I finally want to understand!

Shandora glared at her own blond hair, then suddenly rushed into my arms and said like a mad cat: “God, why do I fall in love with you Oh!”

Qianqian immediately dragged my arm away from the range of Shandora’s attack, and looked at the eager expression, saying, “You can return it!”

Shandora screamed at the air and then hugged me another arm. She shook her head and said, “The above is written, the goods have been sold and will not be returned…”

… When did you two have such a tacit understanding? In addition, you still have two dead hoes in the end!

I suddenly took out my hand and slammed two of them on her head and then began to smile smugly.

See it, you can’t understand it, but the family law is in the hands of the drop!

โ€œOkay!โ€ Lin Xue finally couldnโ€™t help but say, โ€œFucking and looking for a place, here is the Eastern Plague Oh!โ€

โ€œCan’t say that,โ€ Shandora said with a slap in the face, โ€œWe are still on the Earth. This is just a limit of World interference. Azeroth World not only projects its information on this World, but also because The reason for the Space-Time distortion is that a corner of Dalong County is projected on the Earth, so it is still on the Earth. This house is just a small projection of Azeroth World here.”

โ€œNo matter where it is,โ€ Lin Xue was struck by Shandoraโ€™s high-tech theory, and some of them slammed the topic. โ€œLetโ€™s go ahead!โ€

Without Lin Xue’s instructions, we have already begun to move forward, and Alaya opened the way with my instructions.

Even if it is just a projection, it can still be regarded as the land of the Eastern Plague, which is ravaged by the undead. The numerous plague energy and death scent floating in the air of surroundings are not obvious. This is more obvious as we step into the fence.

The gray mist that surrounds the beast of the spirit seems to perceive the arrival of the living, suddenly swaying, the visible airflow rises from the ground, forming a vague shadow, and slowly approaching us, These should be a little bit of the remnants of the dead souls of Dalong County. They are not called undead. They should be just something like a broken consciousness consciousness. For those of us who are almost spiritually energized, they are fundamentally There are no threats.

Due to the nature of the energy, Alaya instinctively resented these to be full of malicious necrotic energy, she snorted uncomfortably, the wings behind it suddenly opened, and the soft glow of the surroundings immediately became a substance. The holy light barriers, surroundings. The undead energy of the undead is just as soon as it comes into contact with the holy light, it evaporates into a blue smoke.

Compared with Alaya’s true Angel-level holy light, these energy residues, which are caused by the resentment of the deceased, and even the basic consciousness, are not even as much as cannon fodder.

Passing through the dead, wilden garden, we came to the front of the house.

The once expensive door to the door has now been ruined. The original bright paint has only dark mottled traces, and the scratches are covered with the entire door. Two round logos, perhaps family signs, hang symmetrically. On the two thresholds of the gate, one of them was cut off by a hand axe inserted in the door, half dropped on the ground, and the other one was still intact, but the dark red blood had covered its original color.

I pushed the door hard, and there was something behind the door that was cracked everywhere. Although the door swayed twice, I couldn’t push it.

I can imagine that the owner of the house desperately used the door to hold the door with all possible things, and then listened in horror to the scene where the undead outside the door slammed down with the sound of the weapon, and the whole town was about to fall, in all directions. It is a desperate situation in the case of the undead!

What’s more, those who are using rusted weapons or even sharp nails to attack the door outside the door, it is likely that there are one or two friends who talked to themselves in the pub in the past!

The door couldn’t be opened. Obviously, the owner’s practice of blocking the door temporarily blocked those low-level zombies or skeletons, but in the end he was killed by the undead who invaded the house from other places.

For us, such a dilapidated wooden door is not an obstacle at all. I concentrated the mental power and then pressed my hands in front of the gate.

The air in the surroundings was distorted a little, and then the door turned into a fragment silently – which gave Shandora a look at me with approval, then fangs said to me: “What is new?”

“Not very skilled…” I touched my head and smiled. This move was a shock or a normal idle thing. I asked the Acida sisters to use it. I used my mental power to resonate with all objects. High-speed shock in space, thus attack, if Twin is used, it is not a problem to instantly cut a small hill into sand, but put it here, it is still in this stage of exploration – but I believe, if I Being able to fully play out their mental power, the power of this trick will not be weaker than Twin.

After the dust that had risen at the door finally fell, we walked into the hustle and bustle of this house.

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