Xiling Empire Chapter 129

Chapter 129 The Undead

Looking around, we didn’t find anything like a will in the room, and there wasn’t a bunch of strong bone powder in front of us, which made us feel a little overwhelmed by the spirit of being alert.

Of course, we can’t hope to see something like a ghoul standing in front of us.

β€œWeird, it’s clear that there are moments of energy fluctuations coming in.”

Lin Xue’s voice full of doubts sounded beside me, then she looked around into the room and suddenly shouted:

“Yes – ghosts?”?

Ojou-sama, I worship you, I worship you from the heart!

At this moment, we suddenly heard a loud noise coming from behind.

The voice was so familiar… I turned and smiled and turned around, just to see Alaya clumsily climbed up from the ground, and then patted the dirt on her body.

Although this luxurious house has a very high roof, for Alaya, the height in the corridor is still not easy to fly, so she has been following us since the beginning.

Angel, who walks with his feet on the ground, may be fine, but if this Angel is Alaya’s, something very funny will happen.

Every time Angel, who thought of solemn and pure and always, left his left foot and left foot to let himself fall to the ground, I couldn’t help but feel quite speechless.

At this moment, Alaya finally got rid of the sticky dust on her body, and then gently shaken the inner wings of the queen. I haven’t had time to stop it. Some of the slow-moving Angel sisters started to lick like the birds licking the drops of water. I am shaking my wings.

Suddenly, the entire room was filled with smoke, and everyone was coughed up…

Is this clumsy girl doing things without thinking? Based on this serious off-line thinking, how did she decide the running state of a planet before!

Just as the entire room was filled with flying dust, the lingering light in my eyes suddenly slammed into a vague shadow that flashed behind us.

Vaguely can be distinguished, it is a strange woman wearing a long skirt.


The most agile Pandora in everybody immediately had an action, rushing to the other side of the road with a ghostly speed, but no one could have imagined that the figure seemed to be without any hindrance, directly through Pandora’s body. !

Pandora gave a slight glimpse, and then her eyes instantly turned into ice blue under high-speed data calculation. She glanced at the figure without the entity and immediately got the best solution.

“Energy Bonding Force Field!”

The voice fell, centered on Pandora, and the entire room was immediately covered with a light blue glow, and the weird woman who had rushed to the door was still at midnight at the same time.

A creature that is formed by energy all over the body? I immediately thought of the indispensable extras in a haunted house scene.

Sure enough, when Alaya’s friendly version of the cottage version of the cloud effect was finally exhausted, we saw a Ghost that was fixed in the air and faintly faintly faint.

It seems that the woman who fled into the room and eventually died in it, think of her experience, to tell the truth, we all have some sympathy – of course, the premise is that she has not completely transformed into a heartless soul.

I asked Pandora to use what Force Field to close the room and then unlock the energy bond on the other side.

As soon as he was free, the Ghost immediately gave a low scream and then rushed toward the door. When it was blocked by a blue light wall, she quickly rushed to the corner and curled up into a ball. The light of the whole body flickers and flies, a look of incomparable fear.

Always think that this role should be reversed? This time it should be Ghost scare people instead of people scaring Ghost?

Lin Xue, who is most filled with the spirit of mixing, is also very similar. She shrugged and shook her head and said, “I am all ready to scream. This Ghost really doesn’t work…” She said, she stepped forward and shivered at the condescending Ghost said: “Hey, Ghost, match it, scare me a jump?”

I said my forehead silently, and I couldn’t understand Lin Xue’s character: “Are you sure she can understand Chinese?”

Lin Xue raised my eyebrows and said with no doubt: “Don’t you find that the guy who is lazy at home has already achieved Chinese language in this book?”

We all say silence.

“No…no…” The Ghost finally spoke. It was a hollow and sharp female voice. She shuddered and forced herself into a ball. “Don’t purify me, I never hurt anyone… I have never hurt anyone…”

Purify her? I can’t turn around, as a Ghost, this guy is too damn, right?

But very quickly, I noticed who the Ghost had been avoiding – Alaya, who was concentrating on combing feathers behind me and not realizing that she had become the focus of everybody.

After a while, Angel sister finally noticed the atmosphere of the surroundings, she quite strangely lifted her head from her wings, looked at me with confused eyes, and then showed a silly smile.

Do you dare to be slower? !

I finally understood that this Ghost is Angel in front of fear, and Alaya, which is almost entirely composed of divine energy. Is it just a small Ghost? The elite of the class, I am afraid that Angel’s sister can drop this Ghost and throw it away. The Ghost in front of her eyes obviously retains her mind. She is not the fearless, no brain zombie, facing the true God. Dare to play suicidal charge.

The god of Azeroth World is not God, holy light, element, Titan, Luna, the belief of this World is quite complex, teachings are also strange, but one seems to be common with Christianity on the Earth, that is: Angel is God The messengers, they are powerful and noble, and are the nemesis of all dark creatures.

At the time of the outside world, Della has told us that in most Worlds, Angel’s image exists, because Star Domain God Clan’s is so influential that World that does not believe in them is also subject to the law. The interference of force produced a worship of Angel. Although Alaya is Xiling Empire’s Apostle, she is also a kind of Angel. For a Ghost, it is a natural enemy.

After repeated assurances that we would never hurt her and let Alaya put away the full light energy of the whole body, the Ghost finally calmed down a bit.

I was the first to see Ghost, although I have seen all kinds of strange creatures including slap goddess so far, but I am still curious about this mysterious existence with a long legacy.

Although the other party is a dead soul, it does not look terrible. It may be the special nature of Ghost’s undead creature. The other party still retains the shape of life. She wears a simple maid service, which should have been in this big house. The maid, with linen and long hair, looks like a beautiful woman, but all day in the middle of Qianqian, they have turned around in the middle of the country, I have developed resistance to such visual nutrients, not to mention the other side Still a ghost who doesn’t know how long he has died…

Well, although the maid costume is quite… cough cough, let me see if I have opened the public channel of the spiritual connection again…

In view of the fact that the other party is now quite frightened, and the most curative of us is Alaya, and it seems that only Alaya can make this undead creature honest, so Angel sister was chosen as the ambassador of the first deceased exchange, she was careful The land was close to the battle, sitting on the bed and a pair of Miss Ghost, who could escape at any time, stopped at a distance acceptable to both sides and gently asked: “What is your name?”

At this moment, Angel’s younger sister exudes a warm temperament full of fraternity. It is estimated that he has been keeping his head down and staring at the other’s Ghost. He is also killed and can’t think of it. The Angel in front of him almost didn’t stand a second ago. Steady in front of yourself…

“…An…Anveena – Lycra…should be this name, I am a civilian, no family name…”

Ghost hesitated for a long time, so he replied in a low voice. It seems that it was because he hadn’t heard the name for a long time and almost forgot it.

“Fortunately, I found it in time,” At this moment, Shandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind. “In general, when a soul class creature completely forgets its name, it is the moment when it completely loses its heart. Ghost must be a very simple guy during his lifetime. There is not much impurity in his soul, so she didn’t forget her name so easily.”

Alaya paused and asked in a more gentle tone:

β€œVery good, then Anveena, can you tell us about your experience?”

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