Xiling Empire Chapter 1325

Viska really did not live up to my hopes – she had forgotten about the mundane things that she had in the past, even including the cloak that she liked to wear when she first joined the big family, but fortunately she still has Ai adjutant using the original firmware memory method, although the spirit of the second madman is not normal, but at least the memory force is no problem. After seeing the picture we passed, she suddenly remembered the bloody hurricane. On the day of the memory, I used a red circle to circle a certain part of the picture in the feedback. I said, “Look, this is the belly button of the ship that year. The belly button of the ship can be big…” …”

The entire conference room was quiet, including Ice Teece, with a horrified look at the two madmen. This one is a broken mouth, the latter has not stopped: “You look sexy? The ship was not so fat in the same year. At that time, the figure was good. The curve had a curve and the body had a body. As it is now, the waist radius has been more than 7,000 kilometers…”

“You… Shut up, listen to us asking questions?” I squatted on the table half-deadly, madness: I really regretted looking for the two madmen, and I rushed to pick someone who didn’t have a door. goods!

“Oh, you said,” the second madman woke up from the moment of recollection of his navel and waist. Her avatar on the communicator had been a cloud of no physical, and now the clouds are twisting and twisting. Then slowly turned into a black and white Viska image. “How about the new look that I have given myself to myself? It is much better than the big Warlord.”

I continue to be mad: “… well, in short, do you remember the way you and Viska brought this Hessen tribe to this side? How did you find their home World and then leave some here? What, and whether this universe has been transformed by you – we found a lot of space folds and completely enclosed highly encrypted parallel Space-Time here, which caused a lot of trouble for the Empire Army, Harlan now hides in a certain In the same space, if there is time, then by the way, Visa suddenly came to his Savior – “I can’t help but look at Visa, little girl finally tweeted from her portable space.” The black cloak that she liked to wear at the time, is now dressed as the appearance of the year standing in front of the Hologram projection, posing the same posture as the photo. Then let a bunch of small players play the game. “I really can’t understand why Visa had a good time in the past.”

“Hesse tribe? Is that something?” The second madman squatted. “When did we still bring people?”

Me: “…” The answer to this question is high energy – when the Destruction Corps of the year was awake from top to bottom? !

Fortunately, the memory library of the second madman is still no problem. She carefully checked the information in her core core corner. It can be considered that after the destruction of the army and the rumble of the army, there were several layers of refugees on the spaceship. The driver takes the way!), “Oh, remember, it is with people, but they didn’t call the Hessen tribe at the beginning. They were called… um, anyway, other names, not important information, so I didn’t record it. I probably changed my name after the new World took root. Normally, after World’s last days, I changed my name and went to foreign countries to apply for a new experience after winning the prize…”

I don’t even know where she got this every in disorder knowledge! And are there any links between these two things besides being similar in action?

“Hesse tribe… um. This ship is also called,” the second madman opened his voice and began to confuse. “It seems like a group of very interesting guys, but the generals did not contact them at the time. The Legion was in Old Empire. Patrol outside the border – this is what we used to say, that is to stroll everywhere and then watched if I could find a few waves of unopened scorpions to play a few shots. The generals used this hobby. Then we found that World. That place is the end of World, you know the temper of the general, and she likes to watch the end of the world. So we watched in the void for hundreds of thousands of years…”

“Wait!” I almost slammed my head on the table. “You have been smashing hundreds of thousands of years outside the World barrier, just to see how a universe collapses?”

“Yeah, anyway, idle is also idle,” the second madman said, of course, “the generals can enjoy watching the end of the world, the big tear, the big collapse, the heat and silence, the slow disintegration and the rapid disintegration. After the World barrier was broken, it was swallowed by void, and all kinds of World Doomsday. At that time, when such a good thing happened, the Legion squatted outside the World Barrier, and the ship would bet with the General to see the Universe. How long can it last? Sometimes are slow to meet, and the general can’t look at the bridge for more than a million years. Every day, let the stupid soldiers help her blow the gray…”

The full house looked at Viska, who was playing with a bunch of small people with an astounding gaze. The latter did not know that she was reversing the picture brought by Shandora and dressing herself up. In the past, I continued to play with everyone to find out.

Suddenly I felt a bit so sad – the second madman said a story that sounded ridiculous, but I couldn’t laugh at all. When Viska was so lonely, she would regard this as her only hobby, she I don’t know what is happy, what is sorrow, I live to live, and to act for action. It’s really hard for her to be with her for so many years.

“Hah, the ship was made by the generals. It should have been with the generals.” The madman ai was very disapproving. “Although it is a bit boring to see the end of the world… I don’t say this. In short, the Legion was waiting for the same as usual. The Universe collapsed completely, and then the general suddenly saw what she was interested in, the Hessen tribe. They ran away without a fate. Nearly a third of them died in the blink of an eye, so the generals let the army go in and join in the fun. ”

Elder Sister’s logic is obviously normal, so she is puzzled: “Catch the fun? Why? What?”

“Need the reason?” The logic of the second madman is obviously not normal, so she is also very puzzled. “The general said: Let’s go in, then run around the edge of the Universe, so the Legion goes in.”

Everybody : “…” This is the truth of the year.

“Then there are a lot of spaceships rushing over to us,” the second madman said. “Well, it’s quite a lot. At the time, the general did not say that they wanted to get rid of those things, and the ship felt that the spaceship looked pretty.” So they dismantled their engines, and they were chained together in a string. The big rods in the Legion were doing this, but the ship was the biggest one. On the upper deck of the ship, a whole six strings were hung!”

Suddenly, in the conference room, the sound of the tablecloth smashed his head and slammed on the table. For the first time in my life, I heard that the quantifier of spaceship can be said with “string”. At first, I thought that the records of the Hessen tribe had translation problems. Now, it is true that this nm is true: the neurological diseases of the Destroyed Legion really put the spaceship of the Hessen tribe on the eye string. The reason is that people’s spaceship is better! I can now imagine that the two madmen essentially use the suicide forces as a necklace, and now she is going to the small planet to collect ice mines as a planetary warship. It is a truth to make a star ring for the grass. She is very good at doing such sensational things. As for the two madmen, she is still swearing: “Speaking, at the beginning of the year, the ship did not really think about it. Those spaceships were all there. They hung on the body for several days before they noticed this. Those bracelets are thrown away.”

At this moment The room full of people has not talked, even a bit of ADHD’s Qianqian are sitting there honestly: she probably finally hit a brain with a big open guy with her fighting strength, I feel very admired.

“What do you think about saving people in the end?” This is my best question, because no matter how you look at it. The devastating corps of that year was not like a guy who could do good deeds. A group of people who could lie outside the World barrier and watched the stars in the cold end of the world can die clean and cold war machine. Can you expect them to be kind? I love this now Visska, who knows how to be obedient and knows how to protect others, but her dark history can’t be denied…

“Reason? It’s weird to talk. Is it necessary to do things?” The second madman also asked me, “The general said that bringing those people, we brought it, and then went to a world that no one has ever been. General. Suddenly asked the ship. Why did the fleet have so much space-consuming debris? She had forgotten that she ordered to bring them – so we threw them out. When the generals left, they did not Knowing what she thought, she let people throw some ruins that couldn’t be used to those mortals. It’s the same from start to finish. Oh, yes, the generals told the mortals that they would come back: we I found that the life of the universe is approaching, and the end of World will not take much time. The general must lead the army back to the crowd. Now think about it, this should be the only time the generals talked to the mortals from beginning to end, she told them in total. So few words:”

“Let’s go, don’t follow me.”

“These are not broken, you take it.”

“I will be back when I get there – you go and go.”

“What are you, why are you on board?”

The story of the second madman is finished, this is the entire history of the Hessen tribe recorded from her perspective. Everywhere, Ice Teece suddenly licked my arm: “You see, you shouldn’t ask about the cause and effect of this history: You still don’t know your sister’s brain is not normal?”

I am focusing on the facts. In fact, this truth should have been thought of: when Viska saved the Hessen tribe at all, there was no reason at all. Even on her way, she suddenly forgot what decision she had made, so that she was very surprised to be pointed The refugees who brought their own spaceship asked what they were. In this case, it is better to investigate how the Hessen tribe was rescued and the motivation of the Destruction Corps to do so. It is better to study the problem of chickens and eggs.

When Viska was more powerful than Qianqian, Qianqian could only say that it was a bit of a vain, and Visa’s brain was a Brownian movement…

“That’s why we think more,” Shandora said, shrugging a little bit like a cry, and she was just like me. At first, I thought that the Hessen tribe had such a great relationship with the Destroyer, and it might have been a little old. The secret of the day can even uncover the history of Viska in the past. As a result, now they are purely the “goods” that Viska puts in the warehouse when he is unclear. I don’t know if this truth is the case of the Hessen tribe. Still loyal to the people who are waiting for the return of the generals to know what will happen: simply treat this as a black history, never mention it again, “but in any case, they have a relationship with Viska. This war tries to protect these people, Then, according to the new Empire Code, consider them as one of the old Yi people to accept into the Empire family.”

Everybody has no opinion. Anyway, the more the servant army, the better. The Hessen tribe now seems to have the same strength of science and technology. But for the servant army group that relies heavily on Empire technical support, the level of its own civilization is very easy to upgrade. And they also had a lot of enthusiasm for the end of the day: if they passed on this spirit. Maybe it’s a good group of guys, at least in line with Xiling Apostle’s values.

As far as this Hessen tribe is concerned, I have just had some ideas. I think they may have unexpected development potential: according to their experiences, this species is a miracle in the survival ability. They were sent hundreds of thousands of years ago— – According to the situation where the crazy ai was present at the time. That was at least 700,000 years ago, and I can imagine that the gang of gangs did not know how to prepare a comfortable living environment for the guests. When these mortals were taken away, Viska certainly did not take the time to help People packed their bags, so this species has almost re-developed since zero. In this barren and cold world, the difficulty of surviving is imaginable. We assume that Viska has left them with enough material to survive temporarily, but without a warm sun in the entire universe. Learning how to live before the material is exhausted requires a powerful survival force.

At the end of the gradual collapse of the Universe, once Don Quixote challenged the windmill to meet the void charge, the murderous corps of the devastating army pinched to the ground, was accidentally stuffed into the spaceship to bring such a broken place, and then casually With such a throw, now they are still alive and happy to live in another World end – this is a magical and life-threatening species! I think the only difference between them and the magical third brother is that the Ganges water is left…

I am so emotional. Viska finally got tired of everyone to find out. She ran into the black cloak that hadn’t been worn for a few years, and ran to me. I greeted my madman ai in front of the communicator: “Hey. Adjutant, I used to help these people.” ?”

“That’s true, the general of the general – aha, I heard your voice feels so good, the South Pole of the ship is excited and shivering slightly. If you have doubts about this history, there is a core in the ship’s memory. The image of the year.”

“No,” Viska shook his head, grabbed my arm, and looked excited. “Brother, I did a good job that year! I did a good job!”

I don’t know at all what kind of expression should I use to answer Viska’s excitement now, or continue to sigh the life of the group of Hessian tribes – the magical species that can’t be smashed from the beginning to the end with the devastating army. This nation is growing up in the Indian god oil, right?

“But I’m curious, what the Hessian tribe wants to do now,” Shandora turned off the projection device and tapped the finger rhythmically on the table. “From Harlan into the World, the Empire Army also flocked in, all It’s a high-profile act. People in the Hessen tribe should have seen this for a long time. A civilization that has developed to the top of this universe has no reason not to have super-light-speed deep space observation technology. They are not even sent out by a representative. What are they doing? .”

I am deeply nodded: “And they should know the Empire warship. When there was no reason for Viska’s spaceship not to be recorded as a kind of worship, now it is like God descended in the Vatican, and the whole city is followed. Didn’t see one…”

When I spoke half of it, I was interrupted by an emergency call from the command center:

“your majesty, here is Sivis, this World Aboriginal has an unusual move. They suddenly assembled an innumerable spaceship and are marching towards our position! It is expected that the first head team will contact our army in a light distance within an hour! ”

So everyone in the entire conference room had a look of “lying trough?” and then ran to the bridge.

When I saw the coming from the detection of the deep space probe and the early warning radar, to be honest, I was a little surprised.

Each set of pictures is coming from different airspaces, and there are thousands of such pictures – in fact, the giant projections in the center of the command hall and the Hologram projections on the peripheral command seats have been occupied by these pictures. Nearly endless black warships are gathering, they pop up from every corner of the universe, from every space fortress and red dwarf Refuge of the Hessian tribe, even from some that we didn’t notice before. The old and ice-cold dust came out. These warships are ugly, gray and black, and their shape is almost the simplest geometry as the ellipsoid spaceship we used to collect eop-03 radiant energy. The cylinders and ellipsoids are mostly, giving me the feeling. It’s like the overwhelming Armstrong guns flying over… in short, that’s what it means.

I have an idea – does the Hessian tribe smelt the only thing left in this universe to create a spaceship? ! What is the number of this trough? (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for the recommended ticket, monthly pass, your support, is my biggest motivation. Mobile users please go to m. Read.)


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