Xiling Empire Chapter 133

Chapter 133, Tony

I was alone in a narrow chamber for many years. When I finally saw the sky, I found that the home I was familiar with had become an unrecognizable ruins. What is it like?

I can’t imagine, but I know that this must not be a wonderful experience.

Anveena, who was finally able to leave the room, quietly floated forward in front of us, stopping from time to time, rubbing the walls or paintings that had been dusty and even stained with blood, seemingly recalling the big house that had become a haunted house. Resplendent, I recalled my experience of working and laughing together with my sisters, but all this has become a vague past. Now, there is no luxurious decoration and bright lights, and the rest is only gray. Corridors and streaks of blood.

“If I can be stronger, the first thing I have to do is to kill all the culprit main culprit, the so-called Sargeras in the womb!”

The Qianqian, who has been severely violent, frowned and his voice was very ice-cold.

Lin Xue is a typical vomiting type. Even if the current Qianqian to to be full full full full full full full full full full full full to to to to to to 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她- You registered directly as a fairy.”

And at this moment, I was thinking about how to kill a baby in my mother–and then I suddenly found that my imagination started to be a bit bloody…

Ok, my Lenovoability is starting to run infinitely again.

“Here…” Anveena suddenly stopped in front of us and pointed to something on the ground. We leaned forward and found that it was a long sword that had been broken and the sword was rusty. The color is dark, and the ground has accumulated a thick layer of dust. If it weren’t for Anveena, I wouldn’t notice it.

Anveena said with a low voice: “This is the weapon that Mr. Fowler used at the time. It broke after cutting a ghoul’s head…”

Through the introduction of Anveena’s, we also have a good impression on the original owner of the house, the person named Fowler. There are too many examples of richness in the world. It is even more rare to see a good wealthy businessman. Now I see this one. Relics, we can’t help but also a while.

It’s normal to see the remnants of the dead sigh, but let’s take a look at the story of a dead person who is telling the relics – and it’s even more lamentable.

“My brother and I are next to the corridor on the west side of the second floor. It is the two adjacent rooms – there are fixed rooms for the servants who often live in the big house.” Anveena said as she floated upstairs. .

We followed, and as soon as we set foot on some decaying stairs, the lobby immediately rang with an unpleasant snoring—compared to the quiet way of moving Anveena, which was really noisy.

Ghostly haunted house, Ghost maid in front of the silent, a group of nervous explorers, and heavy footsteps echoing in the room…

And in my arms, holding a feather, a smile, a self-satisfaction, and talking about Little Bubbles…

I always feel that the last one seems to have seriously damaged the rare adventure atmosphere…

“It’s here!” Anveena finally stopped in front of a grey wooden door that looked no different from the surroundings. “We’re living in Mr. Fowler’s mansion, except for a holiday home on Sunday. This is Tony’s room, next to this is my room…”

We followed Anveena’s and looked at it. I found a small bell that had faded and a small bow on the door next to it. Surroundings and several rooms also had this decoration. It seems that the girl’s room has this. Mark to distinguish.

“and many more!”

Just as Anveena was about to push in, Lin Xue suddenly snorted and frowned, staring nervously at the door that looked nothing special.

In the face of our doubtful eyes, Lin Xue explained: “I just saw Anveena being a black shadow through the scene of the soul flying at the moment of opening the door, although I can’t see what it is because of the Space-Time distortion. Things, but there must be something weird behind this door.”

Lin Xue’s words immediately made us very vigilant, Anveena was even scared and flashed all the time – this Ghost was very courageous, and now I heard that I have to die again, of course, I was frightened.

Death is terrible, but it seems more tiring to die after dying.

“Don’t worry,” Lin Xue comforted the flash lady who was hiding behind us. “The scene has disappeared just after you left the door. Also, Little Bubbles, don’t drool over Anveena’s sister – even if she is Not shining!”

Pandora took out two Xiling bayonets that glowed purple and crossed them in front of them, then carefully approached the door.

This place is too narrow. The giant weapons commonly used by Pandora are the giant weapons that are suppressed by wide-area firepower. It is not suitable for use here. The two-meter-long slashing knives are not open for the same reason, so she can only choose The small weapon that I usually dislike the most, as for the reason I don’t like it, this seems to Pandora has been using this extreme way to cover up the height of his disappointment…

I patted Pandora’s head and said, “It’s still a weapon like this…”

Then I saw the near-substantial black resentment rising from the back of the little girl…

Sure enough, a few days ago I saw this little bit of disdain. Suddenly, it was not my illusion that I was interested in the increased shoe advertising on TV. Pandora really had an enormous resentment against her little man.

Perhaps my words spurred her, Pandora immediately turned into violence for Loli, she gave up the cautious way of action, but strode to the front of the door, and then did not hesitate to fly, the fragile wooden door could not stand this Coming from a dozen sets of Psionic reactors together to produce a horrible kick, immediately turned into scattered wood chips.

At at the same time, we saw a black cloud with a dirty green thing flying out of the room, the target is a face of Pandora.

The two Xiling bayonets crossed the air at a high speed that could not be captured by the eyesight, evaporating the disgusting things into a mess.

Shadow arrows in legend?

When I saw the disgusting thing, I first thought of this because it looked too much like a shadow arrow in the game.

There was a hoarse and low-pitched voice in the room. The sound made people feel like a worn-out leather tube was leaking. It was obvious that the sneak attack failed to make the enemy inside feel angry.

A figure swiftly rushes out of the room, and the goal is the Pandora that is ready to go.

Lolita, who held Xiling bayonet, did not have any enemies in the future. She waved her bayonet in her hand and heard a shrill sound of separation of flesh and blood. Then she leaned to the side and escaped. enemy.

We saw a mass of flesh and bones mixing together the monster Monster slammed into the wall behind Pandora and then squirmed wildly on the ground.

Monster, the flesh and bones that mix together, I can only describe it like this.

In front of this disgusting Monster, it was obviously a Human Race, but now the skin on the body has fallen off, and the stinky carrion tumbling and squirming on it, as if ready to leave the body, a The roots of different lengths and sharp spurs are visible from every joint of this Monster. On its back there is anenomous wound through the chest, and a pile of broken bone fragments constantly tumbling from The flesh and blood was squeezed out and swallowed back. Obviously, this is the masterpiece that Pandora left just now.

Qianqian and Lin Xue immediately leaned over and retched.

I was also irritated by the disgusting guys who be be full of performance art, and the stomach was turned into a sea. It’s so strategic that it’s so strategic, and its fighting strength is not mentioned, the light looks like this. A deterrent weapon Oh!

But Anveena, behind us, suddenly burst into exclamation: “Tony?!”

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