Xiling Empire Chapter 134

Chapter 134 chapter twisted heart

It’s really hard to believe that Monster, the nausea of ​​the carnivorous and smashed bones in front of us, is Anveena’s younger brother Tony.

But this is the case. Although Monster in front of me has no trace of Tony, but Anveena has the common ability of all undead creatures after Ghost, that is the “smell” of the soul, she can be 100% sure, in front of her eyes. Monster is his younger brother.

But now, it is Monster.

The flesh in front of him was desperately twisting his body on the ground. The bone slag crushed by Xiling Bayonet was squeezed out by the carrion on it, and then we saw the new bone spurs coming out from behind it.

Undoubtedly, this fleshy monster has the strange recovery ability shared by all undead creatures.

It stood up and slammed into the Pandora’s disgusting energy group. This time I saw it clearly. The group was more like a burning black fireball, which was also mixed with dirty green. The flame was drawn into a long shadow arrow during the high-speed stroke through the air.

Perhaps this corrosive black dark energy is very powerful, but in front of the super beater Pandora, any nuclear weapon below the blow is a cloud…

I saw the little brat, even the dodge action is too lazy to do, I chose the most energy-saving and time-corresponding way: directly stretched the crushed shadow arrow, and then returned to take a two-meter Psionic heavy 狙, A shot was shot in front of him without aiming.

Hey! ! !

I said, this place is not suitable for this kind of foul stuff? Or is it that in Pandora’s cerebellum, the two-and-a-half-meter Psionic is a miniature firearm?

With a shrill energy scream and a violent explosion, under the indifference of our eyes, this Dalong County haunted house with academic value and valuable historical significance was opened with a skylight, half a wall with that The bones and monsters that once called Tony were all together in the ashes. Through the big holes in the wall, we all felt that today’s moon is really round…

In order to eliminate a mutated ghoul you need to pierce the house? You super violent Loli!

Also, is that thing really a sniper rifle? Is the thing that can be used as a tank main gun really a sniper rifle for assassination?

Anveena didn’t know when it had floated to the big hole that had just appeared, looking at the position where Tony was just now, silent.

I don’t know if she wants to cry, but I know that Ghost has no tears.

“I have to do this.”

Pandora rarely explains his actions to anyone other than me, even though it is just a coldly indifferent to a nearly ruthless statement, it is already very rare.

“I know…” Anveena’s voice sounded calmer than we expected. “After the plague, I have seen more of this. The former relative has become a catastrophe, and finally has to be alive. To end their suffering – even if it is your wife and children, you can’t hesitate because we have no choice… Tony is very lucky, because you are strong, he can suffer a lot less, just for a moment…”

Anveena’s voice hasn’t fallen yet, we hear a hoarse and distorted voice that doesn’t know where it sounded: “Is that true? My sister…”

“Flash! Get away!”

Lin Xue immediately reminded me that I have no time to sigh that this girl has nicknamed others, because Anveena has been stalked by a black chain that appears in the air, not far from her, a bunch of The bones and monsters that can’t see the shape are squirming on the ground.

For a moment, we all wondered how this guy survived the explosion. Did Azeroth’s ghouls have been forformable to the extent that they can be hard-resistant against tank guns? Even if Tony is a mutated ghoul, is it too exaggerated?

The group almost squirmed on the ground for a long time, and finally gave up the effort to restore his body. He had to accept the status quo that he had turned into a super slim, and began to stay safely. There, at the same time controls the black chain formed by Magic to drag Anveena constantly in his direction.

“My dear sister, look at what I am now…” The shredded shrim made a hoarse voice from within the body in a way that severely provoked physiology common sense. “You are scared? Of course you are afraid… From a very young age, you are afraid of ugly bugs, look at me, look at your brother! Now this devil looks like this worm-like body…”

The sound of the minced meat is getting sharper and sharper. Anveena struggles, but can’t get rid of the black chain that the energy has condensed. There are countless ways to evaporate the group of Laoganma beef sauce, but none of these methods can be 100%. Guarantee the safety of Anveena’s.

Even Pandora, it is impossible to use a tank to bombard a mosquito’s left leg at the same time and to ensure that its right leg is functional – Anveena is too weak, and she is too close to the other’s, which is what we face The situation.

“The mind of the pile of things has been distorted…” Shandora said to me “Now it builds all its hatred on the people he once knew most…”

Sure enough, the group mastered Magic’s beef sauce while dragging Anveena in his direction, screaming in a resentful voice: “…you should not be afraid! You are not qualified to be afraid! Because this is yours Masterpiece!” Then its voice suddenly turned into a gentle and low tone, and the dramatic transformation perfectly explained the basic symptoms of schizophrenia: “My dear sister, come over… I am trying to save you. … you must be guilty… come here… we will always get together…”

Along with the other’s voice, we saw that Anveena’s struggles were weakened, as if they were hypnotized.

“Flash! Wake up! This guy is not your brother at all!” Lin Xue yelled anxiously, jumping up and down but there was no way.

Anveena’s calm voice came and the voice was low and firm: “I know that Tony wouldn’t think so and wouldn’t do it… but it’s right, Tony died to save me, even my My brother has become Monster, and I shouldn’t be afraid of him, isn’t it…”

“Very good, very good!” Monster continued, “My sister, come over, we will always together, a carrion, and a Ghost, we will not be obliterated by time, even the Scourge can not let We are apart…”

What a great love sister complex Oh! As a pseudo otaku At the moment I burst into tears…

In just a few seconds, Anveena has been dragged to a place close to the other side. Even the best Xiling Soldier can’t kill Tony’s at the same time. Guaranteed Anveena’s safety, each of us. All felt that there was no way, especially Alaya, the power of her holy light seemed quite restless, because Anveena was quite part of her body, and now Anveena is seriously threatened, which makes her very upset.

“Qianqian, can you stop the time?” I thought of a possible solution, but then Qianqian shook his head: “No, I just tried it, but that Monster has some kind of disturbing thing, though not As for the impact of my ability to launch, but it is very likely that time will run away and Anveena will be wiped out…”

“I will try to save Anveena’s soul,” Shandora said with a frown. “But I also felt the kind of interference, although it was very weak for me, but it could hurt Anveena’s safety…”

Finally, Anveena came to Tony’s face. It seemed that the other person thought that he had given up the resistance. The chain of Anveena finally disappeared. Then she knelt down and pulled her hands forward.


“Ah, my dear sister, how much I am…Oh! what is this…”


“Goodbye, my brother… goodbye… Tony…”

Anveena choked, but no tears could flow out, her hands gave off a white glow, and the light seemed to condense on her hands. Her brother, who had become a bunch of twisted Monster, was mad under the erosion of divine energy. Distorted, countless black chains and shadow arrows appeared out of thin air, trying to fly Anveena out, he did it – the not powerful Anveena was shot by a shadow arrow and fell backwards.

At this moment, I had a flower in front of me, and then a white figure rushed out, the next moment, the brilliant holy light shrouded the entire corridor with a seemingly innocent hymn.

When everything is calm, this big house has been completely purified.

Even if it is still dark and dilapidated, the disturbing sense of depression and the cold breath have disappeared.

Even if Tony’s physical defense ability and resilience are strong, it is impossible to survive in the face of Angel’s holy light.

Anveena fell to the side of the big hole that had just been bombarded by Pandora. It seemed to be in a coma, and the silvery moonlight sprinkled on her body, to be full of serene beauty.

Although she is no longer an ordinary undead, Alaya’s holy light is too strong, even if the little remaining dead on her body is enough to make her faint in the past – perhaps this is a good thing, this unfortunate Ghost can finally rest well. .

We looked around and didn’t find Alaya’s figure who just launched the attack.

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