Xiling Empire Chapter 1350

“The above is that Xiling Apostle’s was born.” The ancestor Anthus breathed a sigh of relief. He said that so many things seem to make him a little dry mouth and tongue. After all, it is a mortal body. He always has to be subject to his own body in certain details. The situation.

The original body, originally designed as a weapon for combating the abyss, did not surprise me and Shandora’s. In fact, in the Xiling Apostle’s core memory, there was also a vague impression associated with it. Apostle’s first mission: Fighting against the abyss, it is almost as deeply engraved in the core of their thinking as the instinct of race. Xiling Apostle’s own living thing form also supports this: their talents and ways of thinking are all for war. It can be said that this is a precisely tailored species for war, so I am not surprised at the original. The body was ultimately designed for the purpose.

It was only the mechanical Soldier used to fight the abyss, but it turned into a successor to replace the old Xiling people. There must have been a lot of things that year. Anthus scornfully mentions the decision to turn the civilization into a hand, but the discerning eye can see at a glance how amazing this decision is. It requires not only vision but also the entire race to realize the dark end.

Can you imagine the circumstances under which earthling will create a man-made man who is more powerful than the existing Human Race, then leave the consciousness of the civilization stage with the entire Human Race and hand over the Human Race civilization to his creation. What? The Xiling people of that year did this.

“This decision is really tough,” Anthus certainly knew what was going on with her face on Shanrowa. He calmly nodded. “The new government is under a lot of pressure, and the people are. Everyone knows that this is necessary. But no one is willing to accept this fact, it is easy to understand: we are also human beings, we are afraid of death, afraid of being forgotten. I am afraid that I will lose everything that I have created so far, no one can abandon the result of the civilization of my entire race, saying A few words of high-sounding words and then gracefully exited – no one can, even the sages can not do this. We have created the original, their performance is better than expected: efficient, courageous, strong. Tough, Innate spirit The connection’s ability to perfect itself at an alarming rate, but the thought of these new species will take over the Xiling civilization, and our creators must leave… To be honest, many people are in conflict.”

โ€œIs there no other choice at the time?โ€ I can do nothing about it. Imagine how hard it was to be in exile. So there is this question.

“What you said, many people said that,” Anthus smiled silently. “‘No better choice?”Can’t symbiosis with the original?” The old Human Race must die, no substitute Is it a solution?โ€ This kind of problem has been repeatedly mentioned for a long time. The less determined factions in the new government have almost wavered, but this is the shake. Let the staunchists be more convinced of one thing: mortals have many shortcomings, it is difficult Abandoning the feelings, the current controversy just proves that the old Human Race, which is vulnerable, must leave, otherwise the Xiling civilization will never be able to defeat the abyss.”

“I will give you an example,” Anthus looked at me thinking, and suddenly laughed. “This is a real thing that happened when the original body was about to be successfully developed. It almost caused the Xiling civilization to escape.” Completely collapsed -“

In fact, after fleeing hometown World. We have also been under the threat of the abyss, no one knows what’s going on, but Abyss power is raging in a considerable scope, the fleet can’t stop, we are constantly suffering from the World wreck that was destroyed by the abyss, for hundreds of years, We have never rushed out of the abyss polluted area. โ€

โ€œMaybe a large abyssal door triggered the resonance of the surrounding World. Or a few Universes at the same time.โ€ Shandora explained to me in a spiritual connection, โ€œI sailed in void with the ancestral technique of the year. It should be very slow.”

“In this dangerous situation, the fleet has been destroyed several times.” Anthus continued. “It is very ridiculous, we announced revenge, but in those days, we must do our best to escape. The most dangerous. Once, the 14th ship of the Ark Fleet was involved in the wreckage of a collapsed Universe…”

โ€œIs it polluted by the abyss?โ€ Shandora whispered.

Little Doll finally stopped running. She came over and grabbed my arm. The little girl was bored while listening to the mother star history, but now she seems to be attracted by the new story.

“Yes, heavy pollution, active Supreme’s abyss pollution incident, the 14th ship almost instantly became a poisonous nest, half of the population became Monster in the blink of an eye, and the remaining half faced a difficult decision:” Seuss showed a bitter expression. “You are so advanced. One of the ways to know the abyss pollution is to spread through information exchange: if it is an active abyss, it can spread through any form of information exchange, whether it is sound or text. , pictures, or eyes and gestures, as long as they communicate with another individual, there is a possibility of communication. These exchanges naturally also include distress signals.”

Of course, I know this kind of pollution. In fact, Shandora’s high-order mind plague is also the skill that emerged after she was transformed by the abyss. It is the super-diffusion of the abyss.

โ€œAs long as the 14th ship seeks assistance from other spaceships, the pollution may spread out in an instant.โ€ Shandora said, this is the most deadly situation for ordinary civilization. Xiling Apostle builds a firewall and its own Psionic in the mental network. The environment is highly resistant to this type of pollution, but for mortal races using conventional communication systems, they have little knowledge of how to set a barrier that filters the abyss in their own communicators and radios (here only for example): This barrier involves information manipulation techniques and high-level Psionic control technology, which is a high level of science and technology beyond the ancestors of the year.

And even if Xiling Apostle had network barriers, the Old Empire was ruined by pollution far beyond the strength of the firewall: the danger of this pollution is evident.

Anthus continued in a low voice: “The situation at the time was extremely dangerous. In the subsequent investigation, we realized that our race was almost once again on the verge of extinction. Abyss power on the 14th ship would spread to the entire fleet at any time. You have to know that it is not only the captain who issued the distress signal that will lead to the spread of pollution – no need for the captain, no signal station, as long as there is a citizen on the 14th ship, personal communicator in the hand, give yourself a little Friends and relatives on other spaceships send a screening message. The entire fleet has a chance to be infected!”

I have a cold sweat in a moment: Yes, there is no need for the captainโ€™s request for help. The abyss can not pick up any โ€œsufficient grade channelโ€, it is pervasive, even the lowest level of communication channel is enough to constitute an infectious medium. . I believe that the Xiling people at that time still retained the civilian communication network. It is absolutely not difficult for ordinary civilians to make calls to relatives and friends on other spaceships.

Even if Captain 14 has the Authority to lock all the communication channels of the entire spaceship, what if he didn’t have time to do this? In case he is a second late. Have civilians called the family?

In case – the captain himself is in a panic?

“Whether it is out of fear, out of panic, desire for survival, or other people’s common sense, it is simple to see one of millions of civilians who have to identify with friends and relatives.” Anthus clenched his fist, knuckles Whining, “The 14th ship is a huge ship with a population of nearly 10 million. At that time, there were 4.23 million people who had the ability to contact other Arks. Before the captain ordered the bombing of the spaceship communication tower, there were four. One hundred and twenty-three untimely bombs will destroy the entire civilization. Fortunately, Captain No. 14 is a decisive and ruthless person. He has hardly thought about it. Before someone opposes it, or if the weak party asks for help from other spaceships, He instantly blew up the entire spaceship with his ultimate Authority.”

The story of Anthus was finished. I found that my hand was full of cold sweat, and even the nearby Shandora had a sigh of relief: back to that year, if the captain responded slowly for a second. Or his heart is so soft, with a little bit of luck, there is no later Xiling Empire!

“If you go back to that scene,” Anthus looked at my eyes. “The fate of the whole race is given to 4.23 million. I will be afraid of death, I will be afraid of pain, I will lose my senses, I will cry and I will be flustered.” The mortal is still handed over to a group of rational creatures who can close all emotions at a critical moment and not hesitate to blew themselves. How would you choose?”

“If we want to survive, find a stable World for the rest of our lives, and then flee again when the abyss comes, then naturally you can choose the former – as long as you run fast enough, no problem. But if you want revenge, you want to be like a warrior. To be righteous and to kill those things, you must choose the latter: let the mortals retire, can not drag the original body a little bit of hind legs. Even when the battle with the abyss is not the old Xiling people we are outdated, we are at least Give your children a place in their own way, as a parent, at least not a waste.”

Anthus mentioned the words “towing the hind legs”, three words that are heavy and harsh, but after fully understanding the thrill of the age of exile, I can only admit: these three words are the only applicable.

Fighting with the abyss, you need more than just the mortal courage, the Xiling ancestor who lived on the premise of revenge, fully understand that to defeat a cold and ruthless enemy must be more ruthless than it is – at least they have not mastered overwhelming Before the technical strength, starting from the willpower is the only way they can think of.

“So we used the original as the successor of civilization, and taught them all the knowledge that could be taught to them. Then the exile fleet was divided into two parts,” Anthony said when the tone was relaxed. “We are There is also development in the escape: by collecting the materials in the World wreck that we accidentally encountered, we have created a new batch of spaceship, more advanced, faster, and experimental precision navigation equipment, we give these spaceships to The original body, let them find a road that is completely opposite to the current course of the exile fleet, go all the way, never look back, from that day, Xiling Apostle replaces the old Human Race. There is no old Human Race left in the original spaceship On the other hand, because any mortal may become the weakness of the abyss breakthrough, the exile fleet will continue on the original route, hoping to find a stable World that will not be found by the abyss to try to rebuild civilization, but… later You can also guess the things, you found the wreck of the Ark, the fleet finally failed to escape the abyss The blow, and the reason for the collapse of the fleet is still the weakness of the mortal: the panic of the people and the wrong decision of the leader led to the complete destruction of the fleet. At least when my spaceship disintegrated, there was no echo in the communication channel, so there was probably no other survivor. Let’s go.”

Anthony finally finished these long history, and the long silence in the lounge, even the always-moving doll, the young girl, was very sensible and quiet, and hugged my arm around my leg. Turning his face to the eyes and looking at Anthus without hesitation, I gently licked her hair: “You erased a lot of information about the creators in the original memory. Right?”

“Yes,” Anthus smiled nodded. “I participated in the resolution and got the support of most people, because everyone knows that although the original feelings are indifferent, they will always develop a complete emotional module. If there is too much information from the creators in their memory, I am worried that they will look back to their ‘parents’ too early. At that time, we are not too sure what the critical point of the emotional and rational modules is, so only Can erase their information about the creator to reduce this risk.”

โ€œSo we haven’t remembered what our creators look like for many years,โ€ Shandora said softly, as if to talk to himself. โ€œI can make such a decision, and I am brave enough to use the Xiling Apostle’s standard.โ€

“But the bravery of mortals is always temporary. Do you know how many people are eager to turn around and chase the direction of the originals when the fleet is about to be destroyed? Do you want the children to protect themselves?” Anthus revealed A very deep smile, “There are many brave warriors among those people. If they face other enemies, they will never be weak. However, the abyss will affect people’s minds. The willpower of mortals will be softened by the abyss, then Nerve disorder.”

I didn’t talk to Shandora.

โ€œTalk about the abyss that broke out in the hometown of the world,โ€ Shandora licked his lips and asked a question that many people care about, โ€œaccording to your description. It was an explosion of an oversized scale, even in my In memory, it is rare to encounter this abyss disaster that spreads many Worlds. It originally appeared in the form of a ‘gate’. How big was it at the time?”

“Door?” Anthus obviously does not have the knowledge of Xiling Apostle’s now. There is no clear concept of the abyss in his era. “Is this your later statement? Probably, I remember that it is more than five. The light year. Just across the 46th colonial star system, the sun and the colony are divided into two…”

“What?!” Anthony’s words were interrupted by an exclamation from Shandora. “How big is the size of the abyss!”

“… Five light years,” Anthony was surprised. “has a problem?”

“The door to the abyss is impossible to have such a big,” Shandora said. The whole person almost picked up: Her Majesty the Queen can show this look is not easy, I remember the last time she was so panicked or I suggested that she diet. “The nature of its causes the greater the scale of the abyss, the faster the self-destruction, the threshold is that the abyss below the critical point will be self-destructive after the destruction of World, the abyss above the critical point. The door will collapse itself before polluting World, and the self-destructive life of the Abyss Gate will decline exponentially as its size expands, a five-year-old abyss…”

โ€œIt may have collapsed as soon as it appeared.โ€ I now understand these conceptual things very easily. โ€œIt may take a large piece of Universe space before the collapse, but the door to such a large abyss is too late. What harm is produced.”

Shandora bit his lip: “It’s not just too late to cause harm. Theoretically the abyss is simply impossible to achieve this level. It is not mathematically true. The method of causing ultra-large scale pollution is not a very large ‘door’, but several The gates of the abyss are overlay together, at least the latter has examples. Wait, Anthony, you just said that the gate of this abyss divides the stars and the colonial planet… into two?”

“Oh, yes, it’s like an inner scar that cuts the universe, tearing through the forty-six colony.”

I realized that this situation is wrong.

The Gate of the Abyss – I have seen it by myself. It is impossible to “cut” any target. This is determined by its geometry. The door of the abyss looks like an absolute flat circle, no matter which angle you look at. It, it is a plane circle, then a circle with a diameter of five light years, how should we cut a star system?

In the observer, in the eyes, it will devour the star system as a black hole, because it will never produce a “slit wound” in the observer’s eyes.

“I confirm, is the shape of the door of the abyss a circular hole?” Shandora asked as Anse’s eyes.

“The hole? No, it is a rift, very neat, like a quilted eye, an enommous, five-year-old eyes,” Anthus draws a line with his hand, “closed at both ends At the widest point in the middle, there are zero light and three light years, and everything in the path is cut vertically. The celestial bodies in the eyes are the first things to be polluted.”

I and Shandora looked at each other with a blank look.

“That’s not the door to the abyss!” Shandora said to me in a spiritual connection. “That is an abyss that I have never seen before!”

โ€œIs there any problem?โ€ Anthony finally realized that the situation might be a bit complicated, and immediately asked strangely strangely.

“No, ancestor, please rest first,” Shandora at this moment also did not care about the other’s name, and used the “dead name” that made Anthony exceptionally awkward, then she pulled me up. The hand is ready to leave. “We are looking for an expert to research, and the information you provide is very useful.”

“Oh, useful,” Anthony hesitated and bowed his head and said goodbye to us. “It’s good to be…you can go busy.” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to start the investment.) Recommended tickets, monthly passes, your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users please read.)

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