Xiling Empire Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen Alien invasion? (This chapter is free)

I am very sleepy now, dizzy and light-headed, sore body, and nausea and retching.

I am very aware that at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, a female superman with a speed of 210 kilometers rushes back and forth hundreds of kilometers on the shoulders. There is no doubt that sb behavior, more sb is, after a night of tossing, I still insist When I came to class, I couldn’t help but make me have a terrible idea – did my potential Masochist Attribute finally be activated?

… chilling Oh!

After the early self-study, the classrooms were chaotic, like the hutong mouth of the city management. There were noisy voices and students with excess energy running around. They went to the canteen where the US sold missiles to the school to do lunch at noon today. How can primitive people as far back as tens of thousands of years think of barbecue foods as they went to school shootings yesterday? It seems that the whole world may have topics that are concentrated in this small classroom. The vast amount of information is distributed here and then processed. In a variety of strange ways, it is estimated that not many people can understand what they are saying without subtitles.

In this noisy environment, I just want to take a good sleep.

If I can sleep well, there is no need to write this chapter… cough cough, slippery.

In the middle of the night, I saw a black shadow coming, with a whistling wind.

The name of this shadow is Zhao Hang. It was the first friend I made after I came to this school. Unlike my school after I was in high school, Zhao Hang was here from junior high school. The school’s understanding far exceeds me. I have helped me a lot when I first started school. Besides the personality, I’m still a very good person. The most obvious feature is the size of the mobile meat mountain and his The agility that is completely inconsistent with the weight, it is said that this guy’s weight has reached 190 kg and there are signs of breaking the 200 mark. It is also called a humanoid chariot.

“Chen Jun! Wake up! It’s like this early in the morning, are you last night…”

I lifts the head, double in the eyes, the bloodshot of the big fat man in front of him.

“Yeah, Chen Jun, are you stunned? You went all night last night? Have you Elder Sister watching you sneak out online?”

“I want to say that I went to the terrorist joints last night, do you believe it or not?”

“Do not believe.” Zhao Hang shook his head firmly, and the fat on his face burst into waves.

“There is no common language…” I said, and the eyelids involuntarily showed signs of closing, and the voice gradually blurred.

“Hey, wake up and wake up, don’t be busy sleeping, I have big news here, can’t you listen?”

“The buns at the noon canteen are special?”

“That didn’t.”

“Go well, don’t send…”

Watching me close my eyelids again, Zhao Hang is helpless.

However, although I have no interest in this guy’s news, it does not mean that other people are not interested. Soon there will be a voice that will save Zhao Hang Comrade’s young heart that is being hit.

Qianqian, who always likes to listen to various gossips, came together and asked strangely: “Fat, what about the news?”

“Our menopause class teacher has a big event at home and resigned!”

The whole class was quiet for a few seconds, and then it suddenly boiled up. Everyone was attracted by the news, and they came forward to inquire about the news – this time I couldn’t sleep completely.

“Okay!” Zhao Hang slammed his hand and glanced at the surroundings with the expectations of the students, then slowly said: “The back is the focus – do you want to know who our new class teacher is? ”

Students were silent for two seconds and then bent over to copy the stool.

“Wait, I said I said!” Zhao Hang wisely chose the latter in front of vanity and small life, “is a Great Beauty Oh!”

“Ah–“everybody screamed and then said neatly: “Just follow your aesthetic?”

The aesthetics of Student Zhao Hang has always been a very interesting thing for everyone. It seems that in this kind of woman, as long as it is a woman who does not affect the city, it can be called a beauty. Later, there is a rumor that as long as it is a woman, it can be entered into Student. Zhao Hang’s eye, the latest version is that Student Zhao Hang has extended this range to any non-man range, and it is optimistic that this range may even extend to Chun Ge in the near future…

Therefore, for the “beauty” class teacher in the mouth of Zhao Hang, everyone did not report a little hope.

Seeing everyone’s cold reaction, Zhao Hang was a little anxious. He said aloud: “What do you guys say Ah? I said it is true! It is a long-haired beauty Oh! Not only I think so alone, there are two passing The buddies also said this!”

It seems that this guy has a little self-knowledge about his own aesthetics. At the very least, he also knows to find a normal person to prove himself. Of course, we do not rule out the possibility that other people have such a special aesthetic.

Seeing that everybody still doesn’t care, Zhao Hang has a sleeve: “Anyway, you will know it. The first class is the class of the new class teacher. When you see what you have to say! Hey, it’s definitely a long hair. beauty!”

Seeing Zhao Hang like this, everyone can’t help but have some doubts, and there is a slight expectation for the “long hair beauty class teacher” in the legend.

As for me… Why do I feel very uneasy when Zhao Hang’s “Long Hair Beauty” is exported?

Just then, the class bell rang.

Everyone returned to the seat at a fast speed, waiting for the arrival of the beautiful class teacher in the legend.

A rhythmic footstep sounded outside the door, and then a beautiful woman with long hair and long bumps and a look of 20 came in.

“Wow–” all the animals screamed.

“Ah–” the women were horrified.

I chī li slammed under the table.

I know this, the long-haired sister who almost became the US President last night…

“Students, I am your new class teacher. I will be responsible for your Language and Literature Class in the future. My name is Pan Lingling. I hope to be happy with everyone in the next six months…” The long-haired beauty on the podium smiles. Saying, the line of sight swept from me from time to time.

I thought your first sentence should be: “Ignorance of earthling, you have been conquered! Let go of the weapon and obey our Xiling Empire’s leadership!”

I didn’t know how it passed in this class. The unstableness of standing on the platform really affected me a lot. I was so swayed, but fortunately all the animals in the class have been fascinated by this Alien Terrorist. And no one thinks that what am wrong with me is uncomfortable.

After class, my first thing is to go to the middle school to find Pandora and ask what is going on.

When I just ran down the stairs of the school building, a tall man and I slammed into the conveyor.

“Ah, sorry, sorry!” I said in a panic, then turned and left.

After three seconds, I turned back.

The tall man who had just hit me was standing there straight, seeing me return, and banging a Xiling Empire’s military salute.

“How many counterfeit notes did you print last night?” I asked with a sullen face.

“Reporting Emperor! We print enough cash to support all Empire Commanders living in this World for four or five months,” the man in front of him is not someone else, it was one of the counterfeit duo last night, “guarantee not to this World The economy has caused an excessive impact.”

“What are you doing here now?”

“Reporting Emperor, I have successfully become a teacher at this school!”

Sure enough, as expected…

“What do you teach them?” I was curious as to what the Big Brother, who was still printing counterfeit notes the night before, could teach the students.

The counterfeit banknotes in front of the “Politics and the legal basis!” replied eloquently.

I feel that the next generation of earthling is experiencing a premeditated disaster…

Under the school building in the middle school, Pandora is calm and uncomfortable in the face of my question.

“According to your order, they each found the right job, and considering your safety, I arranged them for the surroundings of the school.”

“… well, I don’t doubt if they have the corresponding ability. I still have a question – how did they find a job? Anyway, for a long time, how can they find a job? I knew they came to this World Oh last night!”

“My brother still remembers the Commander that was sent to the trunk yesterday?”

I suddenly thought of the unlucky one who had been picked up for one night.

“Is the burr in the guy’s belly cleaned?” I am still very concerned about my safety.

“Almost,” Pandora’s tone doesn’t care. “The guy is the Commander of Spirit Assault Force, and the best is the group Mind Interference.”

… Can I think that Alien has brainling the brainling?

Although I still feel that something is wrong, I only barely accept this result. Anyway, I can’t think of any good way to place this 300 person.

So, without anyone’s awareness, an Alien invasion was done so rudely…

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