Xiling Empire Chapter 141

Chapter 141, Della’s Major Discovery

I feel sick now, retching, moderate dizziness, accompanied by weak tinnitus, and the green Goblin with wings in front of me circling…

“That’s your illusion…” Della, sitting on my head, said as I kicked my head. “You know Della’s is amazing…”

I decided that starting from tomorrow, the supply of lollipop for this little thing will be halved!

“You two will be quiet first, just like children…” The sister listened to Della’s description of the everything in disorder that happened today, and told us with a dumbfounding expression.

In the arms of her sister, Little Bubbles in a new dress is also glaring at the big eyes of the sparkling eyes, as if she can understand the description of Della’s many existing in disorder.

“Well, let’s talk about business,” Shandora said as he picked up a small piece of black matter that had been broken down by Della from the table. “What do you say from the inside to analyze a lot of strange substances?”

The little thing immediately jumped out of my head and excitedly said, holding the stone that was quite enmorous to her. “Della shows you!”

“You don’t have to demonstrate it!” All of us immediately waved our hands and quickly grabbed the stone from Della’s arms, leaving small things squinting at the eyes, confusedly looking at the hands that were already empty.

Just kidding, another big bang, what are we living in this evening?!

“You can do it, we listen…” I carefully set the black stone aside and pressed my finger to Della’s head. “Just stop exploding…”

The little things lost incomparably Oh, and even the wings behind them pulled down, it looked very pitiful – but! Don’t worry about being close to the stone half a step!

Finally, our explosion madman gave up the attempt to get close to the stone, and sat down in my hands to start telling her major discoveries.

β€œDella found the residue of Psionic alloy Oh~~ in those sapphire fragments. And the residue was not mixed in order to smelt the new alloy, more like – the burning caused by the bullet hitting the armor…”

The little thing said to the small face.

I am confused.

Qianqian is confused.

Little Bubbles is foggy.

Shandora is foggy… fog your sister Oh! What is the word “Psionic” that is dedicated to Xiling Empire? You are still foggy Oh! I knock…

“I don’t want to cooperate with the atmosphere…” Shandora said with a grievance in his head.

Pandora waited for us to finish, and then calmly explained to us: “Psionic alloy, using the inerting heavy molecules at the core of the red giant star as a molecular skeleton, mixing dozens of traces of high-energy-conducting plane edge dust The tip metal smelted in a weak void energy environment is generally hard and has no special energy resistance. However, it has a terrible energy capacity and energy interference performance. After charging, it can produce an explosive explosion of enormous. Use of ammunition for special entity ballistic weapons…”

Is it a special alloy for warheads?

I looked at the mutated star stone fragment placed on the table and said: “A coming from Xiling Apostle’s high-explosive warhead, which appears in the Star Domain God Clan’s equipment fragment – is not good news.”

In the hands of Shandora, playing with a piece of black stone, he said: “Starstone is an extremely strong and powerful material. It can be said that it can melt or even change its properties. Xiling’s cutting-edge weapon is just One of them, if it is said that the positive impact of the powerful Xiling entity weapon caused the gemstone to melt and mutate into this, then it is imaginable…”

“In other words, somewhere, Xiling Apostle and Star Domain God Clan played one…”

β€œAnd the battle is fierce,” says Shandora. β€œLike now, the warhead and the stellar armor – we assume that this sapphire is part of the armor – completely fused together and even changed the nature of each other, that is only the greatest energy on both sides. It is only possible in the case of output. It is necessary to know that after all, it is the two most stable substances. If there is no strong external force, they cannot be mutated to such a degree…”

“Della, should you find something else?” I asked the little thing to my eyes and asked with a smile.

This is for sure. If there is such a discovery, it is impossible for Star Domain God Clan’s Della to talk to us as calmly as we do now – after all, we represent two forces that should be good-neighborly and friendly. However, there is now evidence that the Soldier of our two sides may have been killed by a large scale. If there is no accident, what Della should do now should be to give us a few days…

“Oh… I wanted to give you a few nervous things… It seems that goddess sister said that Della is not suitable for deceiving is true… Well, Della did find something more incompetent – those that merge with the stars The Psionic alloys together are not filled with the Psionic or void energy commonly used by Xiling Apostle, but – the abyss energy!

What a sinister word Oh!

We look at each other and see this meaning from their own eyes.

I don’t know when it started, we are entangled with those annoying abyss. Now I am afraid that I will not be surprised when I meet the two students and tell me that they are abyss.

β€œXiling Apostle, which was eroded by Abyss power…” Shandora said in a near-faith tone.

I immediately remembered Kaiser’s stalking and sinister and sinister bosses who would turn into two pieces of equipment.

“A’Jun,” the sister said with some concern. “Isn’t this a coincidence?”

“I also hope it is a coincidence,” instead of answering Shandora, her face doesn’t look very good. “But we have to do the worst. In fact, due to the special living thing form and way of thinking, we Xiling Apostle is even less susceptible to corrosion by Abyss power than God Clan, which is close to zero, but the corrosion is still appeared. When Kaiser appeared, I thought it was just a rare accident, but now we are Found this…”

Shandora said, spread his hand, inside is the black stone that has been pinched by her.

“More corrupt Xiling Apostle, they even had a fierce battle with their former friend’s God Clan partner – this is almost a convincing fact – I have a bad feeling, I am worried that the entire Empire suddenly collapsed and This is related.”

I felt a heavy pressure on my back, and this heavy feeling even made me feel breathless…

“Bubbles, Little Bubbles, can you change places to play? The adults discuss things…”

I struggled to turn my head and said to the big and small Loli on the back…

Uh… this heavy feeling is too specific…

In addition, when did the Super House of Bubbles come downstairs? Now she is not brushing the sun well on the top twenty-five? I seem to have heard from Sharona that Bubbles is going to get all the team copies at this evening…

Bubbles rubbed his face on my back and said unhappy: “The server is maintained…”

Qianqian said to me indefinitely: “Hey, A’Jun, are we talking about serious issues?”

β€œYes!” I said affirmatively. β€œBut the repression of the atmosphere cannot be solved immediately. Why do we have to go with ourselves?”

β€œA’Jun makes sense!” Shandora burned the black powder in his hand to ashes and stood up and said, β€œThings are to be solved, but now we should still consider more pressing things!”

β€œMore pressing things?” everyone said they were puzzled.

“I’m hungry……”

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