Xiling Empire Chapter 1419

I thought at the beginning that this Twin Star Transfer Station is just a simple transfer facility. Just like the portal created by the mysterious civilization that I have seen before, it can be used after a few simple operations, but didn’t expect this. The game actually has a user operating system and a welcome interface – it can only be said that the previous quarter of the world’s civilization has at least achieved great results in the spiritual civilization construction, the specific performance is their “programmers” (maybe here should be called Rune Master?) Basically, I have been shameless. (Baidu Search Literature Museum)

Sawyer didn’t know how many people were listening to the radio on the square. She just listened carefully and carefully to Rune on the control stick, and said to herself: “It’s also thanks to this thousand people. The restrictions, or those who are out of control polluters all of a sudden can not be blocked by the people on the ground.”

I quickly exchanged a look with other people: the polluter, what is the moon Demon?

But now there is no time to think about this problem, Soya has fully activated the system, and a new broadcast sounds on the square: “You have set up a small-scale transmission. The transfer station will automatically shut down one minute after the completion of this transmission. Please leave the control area. Stand anywhere in the square and the system will track your biological response and complete the transfer.”

It seems that this dragon girl does not want to let more people know about the startup of the Twin Star Transfer Station, but she certainly can’t think of how many people have been on the sidelines. She left the area where the console was standing and stood outside the yellow line on the ground. I noticed that with this yellow coil that I don’t know when it appeared, the energy field around the console was asynchronous with the energy field on the square, so I quickly pulled the others back and prevented the normal operation of the site.

A slight humming sound accompanied the breeze sweeping through the square, and the figure of the dragon girl Soya suddenly disappeared into a distorted light curtain.

“Oh, it looks like it works.” Ice Teece carefree and took a shot and took the control stick that Sao had replaced. “But she left this thing, careless?”

Lin Xue waved his hand: “Without this control stick transfer station, you can’t start. She can only leave this. After a while, the old pope should send someone to recycle it. Let’s not waste time and keep up.”

Say, Ojou-sama started the old equipment in the way of learning Sawyer. In fact, we can send it directly to the moon in a simpler way, but it is obviously more interesting to try this strangely high transfer station. This transfer station should look like a public facility for the general public, and its delivery function is open to anyone who can activate the console. Lin Xue’s hand touched the control stick, and the welcome interface of the transfer station appeared again immediately: “Verify the user – no user name mode, open the basic function. Twin star transfer station control core boot, Magic network is not enough… Fix. Twin Star Transfer Station welcomes new users, you are currently limited…”

Ice Teece looks at the console. The face is even with ice cream: “Oh, shut up.”

The control system that runs on the established program certainly can’t understand the human language, but the language power of goddess is immediately effective, and the broadcast that sums up is “Hello, Dear User, I am You”. Lin Xue relied on his own Ability [Precognition] and instant translation to easily set the transmission parameters, and finally hit a ring: “Get it. Go to the platform.”

The radio also started broadcasting again: “You have set up a small-scale transmission and log in to multiple users. The transfer station will automatically shut down one minute after this transfer. Please leave the control area and stand anywhere in the square, the system will track you and other The user’s biological reaction and complete the transfer.”

The pedestrian and three iron horse knights who were a little confused all the way quickly hurried off the yellow line, at the moment of the launch. I suddenly felt a little smudged feeling of being rubbed by the electrostatic field, and then I shook my eyes.

After the small vertigo ended, I saw that it was still a circular bowl-like building like the Colosseum, which looks exactly the same as the square. Almost people think that the transmission just did not happen. But the sun shining into the square is dim and sloping, which shows that the sun is already at a different angle: we came to the earth. Or on another planet opposite Heisenwood, it happens to be in the evening.

This is the month.

I looked up at the sky and found that the air of the moon was much more polluted than its companion star, a turbid and grayish hue filled with vision. There is no cloud in the sky, because it has been turbid to the point where it can not completely distinguish the clouds. There is only dust and fog in the line of sight, and the endless dust and fog is like the whole planet is covered in a thick fog. Sunlight weakly and without strength slanted through the thick fog on the square, and the sun itself became a half-dead spot behind the thick fog. I looked at the wall of the transfer station in the distance. I could easily see it on the ground, but here I can only see a dark shadow behind the fog.

Lin Xue took a deep breath and was particularly impressed: “There is a taste of on the Earth.”

Qianqian also took a deep breath and sighed with a grin: “The taste is similar.”

Me: “… Don’t say it, pull hatred.”

The Joseph trio did not seem to be accustomed to the bad air environment on the moon, frowning and snorting, and Anna’s voice was a bit boring: “It’s really uncomfortable to have a stone powder in a quarry.”

“Is this going to the moon?” Joe looked at the surroundings of the surroundings in an incredible way. This place, except for the bad air, was similar to the scene just like the one he imagined. “I thought it was coming out.” Fighting.”

“What is your imaginary month?” I asked.

Joe shrugged: “At least the poisonous mist is everywhere, the swamp is all underfoot, the whole earth is covered with poisonous thorns and piranhas, and the Demon and the ghosts are everywhere. I used to read this book. .”

Seeing the deep expression on Joseph’s face and Anna’s face, I know that this is probably the impression of the landlord’s unification of the moon, perhaps the result of the deliberate guidance of the old pope.

“Where is that dragon on the head?” Ice Teece looked around in the pergola and didn’t see Soya, who was sent before the everybody, and asked strangely. I thought about it and answered with uncertainty: “May already Go ahead and look for the blood Princess. Do you still have a scorpion?”

“The whole body sent two scorpions to follow the dragon hoe, at this moment, I don’t know how it didn’t move.” Ice Teece said as she looked down and looked for something, then she suddenly saw gold light not far from the front. A flash quickly ran over, and when she came back, she was holding two golden balls that were shining. “Mom, these two goods can’t hold this level of transmission, and I’m dizzy. That silly fox Something that fell from the body can drop the chain than she can.”

I looked at Ice Teece’s palm and found that the two small balls were really rolling around in the confusion. They had vague facial features that were very similar to the fox fairy. Now these two silly faces look like the fox. It’s exactly the same when you are confused…

Ice Teece snorted again on his body. Find out the last scorpion, this scorpion is still in the spirit of the female rogue protection, and once it comes out, it will energetically arch the two companions who have already passed out.

The female rogue is pointing at the air: “Looking for someone, the appearance and energy characteristics have already told you.”

The insane little light ball made a wind chime and screamed out.

I look at this female rogue, I don’t know how many ” drones” she brought out this time. Anyway, her current impression is simply an aircraft carrier, full of carrier aircraft…

“And then what do we do?” Joe looked at us as if it was busy, and immediately asked Ai Ai to come up and ask. He and the other two iron knights have completely entered the circle after being transferred to here, and now they can only listen to my arrangement.

“Follow us, just in the end, I will definitely let you see the blood Princess, maybe you can see your mother,” Ice Teece waved. Take the team to the exit at the end of the square. “Xunzijing has traced the trace of the dragon’s head. After she finds the blood Princess, we can pass it directly. Now let’s go to stroll nearby and learn about the situation. .”

“cough cough. cough cough…” Della got a small head out of my pocket and complained while coughing. “A’Jun, where are you going? Ah? How to surrounds Suddenly so dusty, Della is sleeping. Was woken up!”

Lin Xue frowned. “It doesn’t seem like ordinary dust. I put the range of perception far away and found that the fog did not sink and dissipate at all. They are like solidified in the atmosphere. These things are not allowed to be entrenched. how long it has been.”

I have stayed in this World for many days, and now I have summed up the experience that no matter what suspicious things are happening, it is definitely right to push directly to the Haoyue War: the dense fog that is here is definitely the first time. What left behind after the war. Didn’t it be said in history? The moon and the earth before the war were two places with the same plusness and environmental index. After the war, the moon was covered with a haze, watching the moon on the earth. The planet is as dirty as a dirty snowball. It seems that this kind of pollution should have a large part of the reason coming from this heavy, fog that will not dissipate.

The Iron Knight trio did not pay attention to the fog. They all looked at my chest pocket in amazement. Anna couldn’t help but come up with two steps: “This is a… What? How can your brooch speak?” ”


Della was treated as a dragonfly. When it was done, it became a beast and an alchemy doll. Now she finally ushered in one of the most misunderstood ones: Anna actually thought that Della, who only showed a small head, was a brooch! I don’t know how this red-haired sister who is a little bit unrecognized thinks about this. Anyway, the image of the little things is getting more and more colorful. After two days, I have to stuff the small bean into the book to see if she has taken her. When bookmarking…

Probably because the place is too far from God’s Domain, or Anna’s association is so detached that the gods system has not responded. Anyway, I waited for a few seconds and I didn’t see the gods falling in the sky. “She is Della, it’s my friend. Don’t inquire about what she is. Anyway, it’s not a dragonfly. It’s not a hand or a brooch. You respect her, this is not a big deal.”

Anna nodded, given the same explanation as Ron: “Oh, ancient race?”

In this terrible world, there are a lot of ancient relics that can’t be clarified. They will suddenly come out to challenge people’s three views, so many people have developed that no matter what they see, they are directly attributed to “this is all The habit of “the wrong month”, plus the trio now can’t take care of anything else, they didn’t ask much. I estimate that even if they pull out a radio that turns into a robot dog or an Ultraman transformer, they can nod their heads and then come to the sentence: This is definitely something before the war.

Passing through the deep passageway through the building at the end of the square, we finally left this ancient building that I don’t know how many years. Without the blockage of the outer wall of the transfer station, the scenery of the moon is finally present in front of everybody.

Similar to what I expected, this is a desolate place. At the end of the month, the transfer station was built on a piece of gravel-covered Gobi Desert. There were only a few gray-black gravel and gravel in the line of sight, as well as the dark fog of to be everywhere. These dense fogs hinder the normal view. The distance that can be seen by the naked eye is very limited. I see some black shadows in the dense fog. I don’t know if it is a distant mountain or a nearby mound. It seems that I will hurry. Still use mental power to detect – although I am not used to the awkward “look” way of things.

There is nothing angry on the Gobi Desert. The only thing is the few yellow weeds in the gravel seams. They stubbornly explored the earth and greeted the weather of the confession. It looked half dead.

“Don’t tell me that this is the whole month,” Qianqian frowned. Rarely, she also has no interest in a new environment. “The resolution of this place is too low.”

“Not at all, other places are still stronger than here. Let’s not see the sea on the moon.” I chose a direction and said casually as I walked.

Ice Teece is letting her nephew track the dragon girl, and we should have a little time to understand the planet before the latter arrives at the destination, and Della drills out of my pocket. Acting consciously as a bio-radar, indicating the direction of the living thing reaction for everybody: her power is the only one of us who dares to use it with great care. Goddess of Life’s can be integrated with local creatures, even if Fallen Apostles to Scan to this planet will also think that the ecosystem here is expanding. The power of the remaining few people is different.

We walked for a while, and then we looked back at the transfer station and we couldn’t see it completely. Everything disappeared into the dense fog. The only remaining scenery in the heavens and the earth was our little monk. Surrounded by a small piece of stone beach that can see the road ahead, as well as the fog to be everywhere and the sun that is almost extinguished. Anna narrowed her neck uncomfortably: “Do you know where to go? How do I feel that I am lost?”

“Shut up and follow.” Ice Teece didn’t look back. “Our ‘eyes’ are not affected by these fogs.”

The Iron Knight trio screamed and took their own horses to follow.

Ice Teece walked with me alongside and analyzed the environment: “The stagnation of the fog is not a pure Magic effect, but a large scale lasting change that changes the rules of the planet. It works a bit like a body.” The mantra seen by the people on the ground, but the level is extremely high, it should have been lost on the ground. The deep surface of the earth has a residual reaction that has been affected by the magic energy for a long time. The time is about two thousand years ago, it should be the first month. Shortly after the end of the war, it was speculated that it might be the power to transform the planet. The gray-black stones on the Gobi Desert are highly oxidized metal ore, which should have experienced high temperatures and Arcane energy scouring. Before, without guessing, this signify was once a battlefield. In the end, this point has some meaning: it seems that once the war ended on the ground and then played on the moon for a while, it was around this heaven and earth bridge…”

I also remembered the end of a war mentioned in the goddess scripture: goddess came in person, destroyed the original sinister army and smashed the already mad mountain king of the barbarians, and then drove all the original sinners out to the moon. If you follow this history, then the original sinners will be the Demon after the moon, and the war will be over after the exile. This planet named “Ridmuern” has become the world of the people of the month – then they What to hit at the transfer station surroundings?

Self-killing? There is still a follow-up of the underground people who have not had time to evacuate, so here and the moon Demon have a fire? I think both are possible.

In short, the facts are different from those in the goddess teachings: the war did not end immediately after the closure of the Tiandi Bridge. After the battle on the ground subsided, another battle was made near the transfer station on the side of the moon, causing a The Gobi Desert, still dead after two thousand years.

As for what happened here, I am afraid that only the four people in that year knew it.

My eyes are on Joe. Elf is a long-lived race, but each World’s Elf life is different. Some World’s Elf is almost immortal, and World’s Elf is not up to this level: they also It’s just a mortal race that lasts longer than the Human Race, so Joe’s mother’s generation still knows the secrets of the year, but they haven’t had time to pass on to his generation.

A shark’s rolling sound came, and Joe’s ear suddenly shook. The next second, the sword was pulled out of the sheath. He held the weapon and bowed low waist, and his muscles twitched. His face looked nervous: “I Feeling surroundings seems to have something!”

Joseph and Anna also pulled out their swords and stood in a triangle to face the front. The three old-time knights had already felt that something malicious was approaching here. Of course, several of us felt it earlier, but there was no threat to the visitor. Ice Teece didn’t even have the interest in raising her eyelids. Only Qianqian showed a curious look: she was curious about everything.

Along with the sound of sand and rolling stones and a heavy footstep, behind the dwarf hill suddenly turned out an etheric black shadow: it was a tank-like mighty giant beast!

That thing is at least twice as large as the giant bear we saw in Songlin. It has thick and powerful limbs and a torso that covers the horny nails. It looks like a black lion with a variation of the armor. A long mane is stretched under the piece and slowly swings in the breeze. This giant beast is obviously directed at us. When it appears, it will make a leaping posture in this direction. The golden red scorpion is a strong killing and offensive desire. If you are correct, you should have some appetite, especially after it sees Joseph, who is a big man.

The iron knight trio was simultaneously sucked in a breath of cold air, but no one stepped back, but instead gripped the weapon neatly, but our attention was placed elsewhere –

Ice Teece stared at the beast and suddenly whispered, “Is it felt? The tame abyss, like the abyss reaction in Shandora, can be perceived at close range, but it is completely invisible from far away, and there is no pollution at all. Sex – Mom, this is the thing on the moon!”

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