Xiling Empire Chapter 142

Chapter 142, Lin Xue’s trouble

Although it’s easy, the repeated appearance of Abyss power has affected our mood, especially this time Abyss power appeared in Azeroth World, which is even more disturbing. According to Shandora’s analysis, Azeroth World and the universe we are in are Adjacent World in the same plane, and based on the current level of projection of Azeroth World on the Earth and the emergence of the Dalong County haunted house, Shandora even suspects that Azeroth World has produced a certain degree of entity with our universe. Intersection, this is a very dangerous signal, this signify once Abyss power hidden in Azeroth World finds this intersection, they can enter our universe without any hindrance – the current level of civilization in this universe, according to Shandora said that it is not enough to fight the abyss for too long.

If the Xiling Empire didn’t crash, everything was fine. After all, this universe was once the largest colony of the Xiling Empire. Empire’s power here is extraordinary, but now there is more and more evidence that the abyss has found the ordinary Xiling Apostle. The corrupted approach, the situation has come a big reversal – we are afraid that we will have to face more Xiling Apostle’s attack that has gone mad.

This kind of hunch makes our dinner very heart-wrenching, even Shandora is affected, only eating four bowls of rice can not eat…

Should I vomit?

“You must go to Azeroth.”

After dinner, Shandora said slyly.

“I just shared with Bubbles about the projection information about Azeroth World on the Earth and found a very important clue: Demon power, the Titan giant Sargeras, who was lured by the Dreadlord and the fallen, and the Ayre Ake Mond and Kil’jaeden, they all have one thing in common, that is, after accepting a ‘shadow’ or ‘Demon’ energy, they become more powerful and crazy, and have a variant body, which is related to Abyss power. The impact is too close, and more importantly, Azeroth World, which should have been dominated by mysterious and unknown forces, is obviously the product of the artificial artificial intelligence science and technology, considering the World interference. There is a certain degree of distortion in the process. I am a bit skeptical. The so-called Burning Legion… is the Xiling Legion that is corroded by the abyss… or at least there is a certain degree of connection between them!”

β€œI feel that things are moving in an incredible direction…”

I can only make such an inference about Shandora’s nervousness, but although these inferences are a bit too ethereal, I have to have a feeling of identity.

“Anveena, you are an aboriginal Azeroth, should you give us a little reference?”

At this moment, I suddenly remembered that there was still one of the most vocal characters, so I started calling Anveena who didn’t know which corner to hide.

Then I saw that the TV set not far away suddenly turned on, and a maid version of the nephew with long linen hair climbed out from inside…

“Ah… Master Chen Jun, I am stuck…”

I turned my face in a blank expression and said to Shandora: “Let’s talk about tomorrow’s breakfast…”

“Okay, okay, this I like ~~~”

In the end, Anveena didn’t help.

Even before the rejuvenation, Anveena was just one of the most common civilian young girls. For her, the whole World is two blocks in Dalong County. Even the rural Mage is almost legendary for Anveena. After the invasion of the undead natural disaster, she became a Ghost in a confused way. We asked her to understand the situation of the Burning Legion. It would be better to discuss the problem of breakfast tomorrow…

In addition, I think that Shandora proposed to eat pork braised in brown sauce early. Rice is not as easy to digest as soybean milk fritters…

Although it is said that we want to go to Azeroth World, it is not to say that we can go. We still need to make a good arrangement. The Burning Legion is not a bunch of unconstrained rabble. If we don’t assemble a regular army, we will probably be tragedy. .

Della will leave for God’s Domain early tomorrow, and she will report her findings to her superiors, because God’s Domain has never received news of the Xing Army attack from God Clan forces. She wants to determine if there is a recent God Clan expedition. Lost contact with God’s Domain, in addition, the “latest” time span mentioned here is from 7,000 years ago…

Shandora wants to integrate his own guards. Although they are not many, they are all super elites who have survived 50,000 years of war baptism. If we really want to work with the Burning Legion, then the elite Commander in Shandora’s hands. The troops will be the biggest trump card. Similarly, Pandora will have to contact Carrow who recently moved to the nearby “career” to pick the Commander that best suits the World Expedition.

Speaking of Pandora, who is scheduling the army, there is one thing worth mentioning. Why is the gap between Loli, Pandora and Bubbles mother and daughter so big?

I looked down at the Bubbles and Little Bubbles who climbed the tree on me, and I felt that the life at stay at home dad was infinitely desolate.

Everything was going in an orderly and orderly manner, but the next morning, a phone call made us have to stop the work at hand.

The phone was called by Lin Xue.

This is rare. I mean that Lin Xue chose to call after 8:00 in the morning instead of one and a half at night. This is not to say that I enjoy the crazy prank, but I am not used to her. Acting only – this shows how the image of Lin Xue in my mind has become…

“Chen Jun, 100,000 rush, fast-moving army to save me!” The phone was just connected, and Lin Xue exclaimed exaggerated.

I immediately pretending to call on the phone: “Pandora, convene a rapid response force, quickly control all traffic networks in the surrounding cities, activate all dormant Xiling armored units, destroy all armed forces nearby targets within 24 hours, space strike troops Take off and let Carrow stand by and respond to the enemy at any time!”

” Stop and stop! I am serving you, no kidding, this time I am really in trouble!”

“There is no such thing as this inspiration. – Please help us to take a four-year leave, and we will skip classes tomorrow.”

“Less come! You hurry to the school gate to gather, this is really a big headache, damn, this time you must be responsible for me!”

“My responsibility?” I was immediately shocked, and then Shandora and Qianqian’s ears stood up and stared at the phone in my hand. Pandora also paused every morning and Little Bubbles’ daily confrontation, gray Eyes looked at me without hesitation.

“Don’t ask, come over quickly, I will explain it to you again!”

Putting down the phone, I am confused.

A fog of Little Bubbles routine.

The fog of Alaya’s routine that has just returned from the stratosphere.

Pandora continues to swear by me.

My sister blackened and smiled in a circle.

Qianqian and Shandora are carrying a single missile…

Hey Hey hey, I said, don’t you have to be so exaggerated?

“I heard it, you are responsible for her, aha?” The wooden floor at the foot of Qianqian repeated the process of decay and restoration, apparently entering the dark state.

“My favorite person, ha…it is responsible for other women…” There is a real black mist behind Shandora.

“Hey Hey hey, I said, Lin Xue, the mad gimmick, you also believe? You have been following me, Lin Xue and I have nothing Oh! You won’t be serious!”

“Serious?” Qianqian and Shandora looked at each other with a smile, then at the same time, put away the Human World lethal weapons in their hands, face to be full of sad despair “we… if this is what you want, we will leave… …”

“Hold it!” I quickly stopped two girls who had some emotional out of control. They said that the woman IQ in love was infinitely falling, and the imagination was infinitely rising. This sentence is not false. Now Shandora and Qianqian’s look really hurt me. At the same time I gave you this mess in the early morning. Lin Xue was also cursed by countless circles. “You didn’t hear Lin Xue let us all go to the school gate to meet? I want to be with her.” There is that relationship, do you think she can ask you to help solve the problem?”

“That’s oh…” Shandora and Qianqian immediately clap their hands at each other.

… Why do I seem to see them in the eyes with a strange smile?

“So I said A’Jun is a wood…” Shandora said to Qianqian’s hand. “Everyone knows that there is telepathy. He really thought we wouldn’t believe him.”

… Is it true that the IQ is infinitely falling and the imagination is rising infinitely?

Qianqian also changed back to the usual happy smile, holding my arm and said: “I and Shandora are suddenly trying to give it a try. You can be nervous about what we are, don’t expect you will be so exaggerated…hehe But I am really happy now! Reward one!” Speaking, Qianqian quickly got together, and when I didn’t respond, my face was already printed with a kiss. “Say, you are really good.” Stupid, obviously you can tell if we are really angry through telepathy, we can also sense your mind, so you can be deceived…”

Shandora also got together, rubbed his face in my arms, and then said with a smile: “Don’t be angry, we are just kidding…”

“I am not angry…really…”

I feel a kind of happiness in the day of escape, and I am angry. I estimate that there are three things on World that are the most difficult. The first is to single out Father God, the second is to rule void, and the third is to make me The two girls in my arms are angry.

Three things are nonsense events with a chance equal to zero.

Although due to the help of telepathy, Qianqian and Shandora did not have a so-called misunderstanding, but I was curious about Lin Xue’s emergency help, because the tone of Lin Xue’s on the phone was not like a joke, in other words, she really met. Trouble, and – is this trouble caused by me?

Then I am really a bit curious.

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