Xiling Empire Chapter 145

The one hundred and forty-five chapter open old man

I think the head is big, quite big…

Lin Laojiao is sitting in front of me now, staring at me with the same look at the prisoner, and I am sure that my scum is already seduce his baby daughter. Lin is sitting next to him, double in the Eyes is also to be full of hostility, as if I have been sentenced to death, but in fact, I have nothing to do with Young Lady Lin.

I voted for Lin Xue for help. Lin Laojun immediately stopped saying: “Where are you looking?”

“Uncle, I have already explained it. I really don’t have any relationship with Lin Xue!”

“Do you think I will believe?” Lin Laoyan said with a black face, “youngster, I can understand a little bit of impetuousness, but you have such a play of emotional things, especially deceived my daughter!”

“Absolutely not!” I and Lin Xue are the same.

“Ding Family is when I grew up watching. He never lie in front of me. I am more willing to believe him than you, Little Xue, you should not ask for him again, sober, so The frivolous boy is not worthy of you, Lingling, you also advised Little Xue, you grew up together…”

Lin Laojiao’s voice did not fall, Lin Xue immediately sighed and said: “Who wants to be with this guy together Oh! Stupid and still dead noveau riche, I will not be tempted to kill me!”

At this same time, Ding Ling, who has been holding a flower pot next to her, has turned her face and continues to hold the pot.

“Dad knows that you are deliberately saying something to protect this kid, but…”

“Dad, don’t say it, I don’t like this wood at all!”

“Little Xue, don’t be willful, listen to Dad and persuade…”

“Dad, don’t persuade me, I really don’t like him Oh!”

“But when you grow up, you have to marry someone… you die, you dragged me in!”

A few of us sneered at the end of the injury… Lin Xue, this mouth, really Divine Artifact…

“Don’t laugh!” Seeing that some of us even included Lin’s face, I couldn’t help but look forward to it. Lin Laojun couldn’t help but look red, and hurriedly sipped a little to maintain the majesty of the head of the family.

At this moment, Shandora suddenly coldly snorted, some unhappy said: “Mr. Lin, maybe you think this is a private matter in your home, but I still need to remind you that you have been smashing my fans in front of me. – My patience is limited!”

It seems that I suddenly realized that there is still a Princess in existence. Lin Laojiao’s face is a little embarrassing, and then she said to Shandora with a little weird face: “Her Highness the Princess, I am sorry, but I really don’t. Understand how such a person will get yours… I don’t mean anything to smash, just…”

“This is normal in our Riesca kingdom – we practice polygamy.” Shandora shrugged and completely substituted herself into the identity of Riesca Princess – even though this identity was only equivalent to an inexhaustible bank for her.

At this same time, her voice also sounded in my mind: “I am annoying.”

I feel that cold sweat is coming out from the back, Shandora is annoyed, that signify, if Lin Laojiao does not give up within thirty minutes, an unprecedented nuclear explosion will smooth out the city – although I can stop Sundering the Shandora, but the danger of getting rid of the gun, I don’t plan to take it.

I first communicated this dangerous signal to Lin Xue through the spiritual connection. The latter immediately tangled and said bitterly to Lin Laojiao: “Dad, I said, this is obviously Liu Zicai. The guy is in trouble. Well, why do you have to make sure that I am in contact with this guy?”

“Hey, your dad is also for you.” Lin, who had never spoken, sighed and looked at her baby daughter. At the same time, he glanced at me and said, “Even this kid is really good. To make a Princess be willing to share him with other women, I will not agree with you and him together!”

“Yes,” Lin Laojiao raised his voice. “You have to make sure that you don’t meet him again from now on!”

good idea!

But obviously, that is very difficult… Although Lin Xue usually doesn’t give me a lot of confusion, but we say that it is a good friend, and more importantly, she also demolished me enough armed forces a squadron Soldier Equipment, such a large account, how can it be written off because of this black-faced uncle!

“Okay, okay, a bit messy,” I said with a headache. “Now let’s rearrange it. – The focus of the matter is on it. Obviously, it’s not focused on whether I am on the scum or not. Is Xue talking to me, so Uncle Lin, you come to provide evidence that I am really interacting with Lin Xue?”

Obviously, Lin Laojiao has no evidence, so he is very embarrassed.

Shandora said impatiently: “In other words Are you now relying on the words of others to conclude?”

“Well, I will believe that there is a misunderstanding between you and Little Xue, but there is no wind, Liu Zicai and Ding Bai…”

“They are retaliating,” Qianqian said in an understatement. “Liu Zicai tried to take advantage of us, and the result was a nail. As for the surname…”

Just then, a soft knock on the door suddenly sounded, and a respectful voice came over: “Master, madam, father, and Ding Family and Young Master Liu.”

Shandora stretched out and gave me a secret gesture, meaning: I was really annoyed.

“Hey, bear with me for a while, go back and buy fried chicken for you.”

“I want sixteen large!”

The person who came is the family of Lin Family’s previous generation, Lin Xue’s grandfather, Lin Yangtian, a spirited man who looks like a hero in a kung fu costume, and behind him is the culprit of this event, main culprit, Liu Zicai, Ding Bai. .

The appearance of the old man temporarily interrupted the three-time trial of me. Everyone stood up and respectfully respected the old man wearing a training uniform, while Lin Xue seemed to see the savior and rushed. When I arrived at the old man, I took the other’s arm and acted on it. “Grandpa, you can come, you don’t know how much daddy hates it, let me and the wood together…”

I think that the birth of such a mad head in the world of Supreme’s life is simply God’s biggest mistake. When you make Human Race, you must drink Sanlu.

Lin Yangtian smugly touched Lin Xue’s head and smiled kindly: “Grandpa already knows that things have passed, you can rest assured that Grandpa will handle everything.”

At this moment, Liu Zicai and Ding Bai also met with Lin Zhengfeng. I also saw what Liu Zicai whispered and Lin Zhengfeng said, while secretly taking the finger to point us, and Ding Bai apparently didn’t expect her sister. Also on the scene, Ding Ling was pulled aside when I first appeared – I don’t think this is Ding Ling’s help, because now I have deeply felt that this long-lost Loli actually has one and Lin Xue. At the same time, I am yearning for the chaos of the world. This is because she knows that everything is misunderstood and that the identity of several of us is not simple but we can’t explain it at all.

“You are Chen Jun?” Lin Yangtian came to me after asking a few words to her son and daughter, Shen Sheng said.

“Lin Grandpa is good.” I respectfully replied that respect for the elderly is essential.

“Well, it’s not as bad as I thought. Just Xiaofeng told me that this girl named Xu Qianqian and the Princess are all in contact with you? And you still have a relationship with Little Xue?”

“The previous recognition, the last one is purely fictitious.”

“Haha,” the old man Haha smiled. “It’s very interesting. I’ve seen a lot of so-called successful people with lots of women, but it’s the first one that’s so young and you admit that it’s so refreshing, and you seem to only But is it an ordinary Student? And it is said that Little Xue has arranged for you to enter that school?”

It seems that although the old man has withdrawn from the position of the owner, what is happening in the family is still knowing things like the back of one’s hand. At the time, Lin Xue also vowed to assure me that we have to keep a few secrets for going to college. In place, it seems that ginger is still old and spicy!

When I thought that I was going to accept the next round of trials, Lin Yangtian turned around and said: “This World, some people are standing at a different height than ordinary people, they may be because of power, perhaps because Wealth, perhaps because of our own ability, can have a life that is unimaginable to ordinary people. I think you understand what I mean. If you really have such conditions, then I will not have any prejudice against you, but now this one When it comes to Little Xue, the old man has to be cautious. In all fairness, the old man absolutely does not want his granddaughter to be wronged, but if this is your own idea – as long as you can pass the test of the old man, you are casual. How to do it, the old man will never stop!”

what? Is this development? I said who, when did you discuss this story?

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