Xiling Empire Chapter 148

Chapter 148 Secrets

“Lin Lin knows what is important!” This is the thought of all of us at the same time.

According to his tone, Esper Organization must have found more secrets about black crystals. At least, they have discovered the clues of this black crystal – otherwise the father will not ask if we have found a stable source of this black crystal. He can ask this question, at least he proves that he has doubted whether this crystal is only present in some Ancient times remnant.

After a brief spiritual exchange, I reached a consensus with Shandora and decided to test out how much Lin’s father knew.

“In fact,” I said, I said, “We did have some information about this crystal, but – can you tell me what value this crystal has? I have tried my best to find it? Because according to our analysis, this crystal has no effect except for the amazing hardness and obvious traces of artificial processing.”

“It seems that I need to be more confessed,” Lin Yangtian apparently expected that we would not hand over the information we had so easily, so nodded said, “This crystal does have no effect, if it comes from antiquity There are many discoveries in the relics that are far beyond the level of the Human Race craftsmanship at that time. But there are still many discoveries about this crystal, but there are some things related to it that have an unusual meaning!”

“Do you count my grandfather, do you think it is very interesting Ah?”

Just as we listened attentively to Lin’s father, Lin Xue’s voice suddenly came from the spiritual connection.

“…Do you have a way to let Lin’s father honestly tell the story without revealing the existence of Empire?”

“……forget it……”

Lin Xue also knows that this matter is related to the Xiling relics that appear frequently on the Earth. This is a very important thing for us, so she has to stay peacefully and Ding Ling to stay side by side, watching us and our own father intrigue.

“First of all, this involves the original purpose of our Esper Organization…”

“What is the purpose of the Esper Organization?” Lin Xue said, “Not to solve the mysterious events on World that cannot be solved by conventional means?”

“That’s just the daily action of the Esper Organization… The original purpose of the Esper Organization was far from simple. In fact, our involvement in various mysterious events on the World, the exploration of ancient ruins, and even the collection of historical legends, It’s all for one goal: to find the truth about Esper!”

We look at each other in dismay, including Lin Xue. Although Lin Xue is a high-level leader of the Esper Organization, it is clear that she is not qualified to contact these programs and can be called Esper Organization Supreme. Things, I really didn’t think that the original purpose of the Esper Organization was to find the origin of Esper. Although the emergence of Human Esper is indeed a very curious thing, even Bubbles can’t analyze the reason why Human Race produces Esper. However, an organization that has always appeared in the image of a hero who has saved Human Race in distress has its true purpose. It is really surprising.

“About the legend of the ancient times, you should know everything about it?” Lin Yangtian suddenly turned his head and slammed the topic onto the legendary legend.

I felt that my brain was screaming for a long time, and finally I finally managed to catch up with Lin’s jumping topic.

“That is an ancient era that exists only in the legend. The beasts are traversing the earth, and all kinds of strangers are endless, and even the gods and immortals in the legend are frequently seen in the mortal world,” Lin Yangtian said, as if he had been immersed. In the world where Chaos was first opened, “But, after a historical fault, all the records about the flooded heritage were interrupted. The rest were only the folk legends and anecdotes that were not based on them. Those beasts, immortals, The surgeon disappeared completely…”

“It’s not just our Chinese land, in the legends of all parts of the world, it’s like the appearance of the gods, the gods of Olympus, the gods of the gods and the sun god system, and more about the legend of the ancient goddess of the gods. It’s not surprising that those incomparably powerful gods and heroes seem to disappear overnight.”

“This… Should the progress of the Human Race civilization lead to the decline of the mythological era?” I said in a less certain tone, but my heart also had doubts: after so many things, I can no longer put Human Race All kinds of legends in history have been dispelled as superstitions.

“Obviously, you don’t really believe that those are just legends,” Lin Yangtian naturally saw my hesitation. “Although you claim to be an Esper club that doesn’t care about the world, at least you will usually study these things?”

…you don’t want to hang your appetite, can you continue to say no?

Fortunately, the old man quickly went on to say: “We have been studying the mythological legends that have been buried almost in history, and then we have found an incredible commonality: in almost all mythological systems, crystals are mentioned. Or can think of crystal things!”

“The sacred stone jade mentioned in the Chinese comprehension system, the golden crystal scepter of Zeus in the myth of Olympus, and the crystal ball often appear in Western mythology. The Egypt faith also appeared many worship of the magical power of crystal. And the discovery of the more mysterious crystal skull, it seems that all the gods of the ancient times rely on a crystal or ore to enhance the power, which makes us have to have doubts – the gods in the ancient legend, is it Ordinary mortals rely on a high-energy ore that existed in Earth at the time to gain superhuman power, and the subsequent decline of the gods was also due to the exhaustion of these ore…”

Quite contemplative, this is almost the most unimaginable situation, but I know that Lin Yangtian would not make such a conjecture if he did not find a lot of tangible evidence. In other words, they at least found a way to prove the antiquity. There are many strong people in the era relying on some kind of “ore” to obtain evidence of Superman power!

But what does this have to do with Esper?

“Because there are so few Esper on the World, there is a high probability that it is the descendant of the ‘God of God’ in the ancient times!”

We immediately turned the horrified look at Lin Xue and Ding Ling who were overwhelmed.

Although knowing the “God” in the mouth of Father Lin and the true God like Della is not a meaning at all, it is quite a shock to hear that Lin Xue is actually mingling with the descendants of God.

“We have extensively studied the genetic data of all the Esper that can be collected, sorted out the common points, and then compared it with the mythological legend, and finally made this bold conjecture, and there is already evidence that Esper’s genetic mutation is indeed It is a genetic result that was generated long ago because of the variation of their ancestors.”

“So, we suspect that the so-called myth of the wilderness is actually a story of Esper’s super Esper who was acquired by some kind of high-energy ore in ancient times. Of course, due to the power, they may not be called Esper. And it really should be called the gods.”

Father Lin stopped his narrative, let us sort out the ideas, and then we began to share their thoughts through the spiritual connection, and finally came up with the most likely inference.

In ancient times, Human Race was still in the initial stage of civilization evolution. At that time, there was no such thing as a god. Some were only the human race’s worship of nature and rough beliefs, but I don’t know when, on the Earth suddenly appeared a lot. “Crystal”, or other forms of high-energy ore, the radiance of these ores causes some of the Human Race and animals to mutate, they become stronger than their peers, and of course they may have a change in shape, the existence of this part of the variation is When the fashion-defunct Human Race is awe, and it becomes a beast and a god, some of the shape variations are unlucky or the nature is not very good, it becomes the image of the original Demon and evil spirits, which are called the gods by the primitive people. The mighty might not be as strong as the legend, but under the influence of the Human Race’s great fear of natural forces and the extreme worship of the gods, the legend was exaggerated.

An ordinary person who has mastered the powerful electric Esper is likely to be described by the legend of later generations as Zeus, who has the power of lightning.

So the mythical era began.

We don’t know how long the gods have been active. It may depend on the distribution and reserves of the “crystal mine” on the Earth at the time, but if they are not supplemented, these crystals will one day run out when all exist in Earth. When the crystals were all consumed, the gods finally came to the end.

Esper is not immortal, even the first generation of Esper, known as the ruins of the gods. They may have a longer living thing than ordinary people due to variability, but they will still die when the high-energy ore is exhausted. The powerful first-generation Esper died, and the myth era ended.

But everything did not end there.

Long-term exposure to fertile high-energy ore changes the genes of powerful mutant organisms. This change may be hereditary, so after the disappearance of the powerful gods of the ruin, there is a small period of folk mythology. The period of the appearance of the folk little gods, they are obviously much weaker than the “source god” of the wilderness era, because their ability is only from the inheritance of the father’s inheritance rather than the high-energy ore radiation, but due to the instability of the radiation variation This genetic phenomenon was quickly adjusted by nature, and with the advancement of Human Race scientific civilization, the era of God finally came to an end.

The rest is the modern Esper that was born because of the accidental emergence of recessive genes, which is extremely rare and whose ability is far from being comparable to the mutants of the ruin.

This is the most likely inference that several of us have thought together and shared all the information with other Xiling Apostles who are connected. Basically, this is already 60%.

I know where the Esper Organization’s research is now, the diamond-shaped black crystal, the Psionic Core after running out of energy – obviously, they have gone into the wrong zone, mistakenly thinking that those Psionic Cores are the ancient times that made the Human Race mutate. And eventually led to the emergence of high-energy ore in modern Esper, if their research continues in this direction, I am afraid they will eventually get nothing.

But although Psionic Crystal can’t make Human Race awaken Esper, I know there is a crystal that can be – mother nest crystal.

Qianqian and others’ Esper was obtained in mother nest. Due to the strong radiation of mother nest crystal, the Esper they obtained is stronger than the current Esper. If you talk about the ruins of the gods, I am afraid that only the Qinqian Esper who was irradiated by the mother crystal is qualified.

In other words, if the information of Father Lin is not wrong, and our guess is correct, the beginning of the Human Race myth is actually related to Xiling Empire! ! !

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