Xiling Empire Chapter 150

Chapter 150—Broken Car

Now think about it, it seems that I have not seen Lin Xue’s younger brother, Lin Feng, for a long time.

Lin Xue had mentioned to me before, Lin Feng went to the Amazon jungle area, where he visited a place suspected of Ancient times remnant, but that was already a matter of more than a month ago. According to our experience, one month, even if it is It’s enough to use it for crossing…

“Little Feng,” Lin Xue showed a sly smile. “At this moment should be with his heart, don’t know where the honeymoon is…”

“Ah, Lin Feng is looking for a girlfriend?” I said casually. After all, Lin Feng is not very familiar with us, so I am not too concerned about his affairs.

“Well, it was a foreign girl I met when I last performed the task. How do I say it, at first sight, now that two people are in the hot period of love, don’t expect to see him at home in a short time.”

“That’s a good thing. It seems that you don’t have any opinion about Elder Sister’s?”

“That’s their own business. Do I have a view?” The girl seems to be good too. At least I didn’t find out what she was malicious about – hey, yes, I’d better look for the opportunity to see them next time I meet. The future scenario, this capability is not a waste…”

…you finally found something more meaningful than the weather forecast.

At this time, Lin’s father’s Luo… cough cough, the training was finally completed. It can be seen that everyone on the scene has been suffering from stomach acid during the long wait. When the banquet starts, I can See a clear salvation expression from everyone’s face.

Shandora is just like a distraction… cough cough, in short, when I reacted, Shandora had already brought me the food like a hill to me.

Just as we were busy with stomach acidity, a boring voice sounded beside me: “It’s really didn’t expect, we actually met again, and it’s still on this occasion—for you This is a scene that people can’t meet in a lifetime?”

Listening to the sound, I know who this is, the Liu Zicai that is not lost.

Also, it is rare that such a good opportunity, it would be surprising if he did not add it.

I turned my head and just saw Liu Zicai’s boring face. He looked at me and Qianqian with a scornful look, then looked at Shandora with amazement and said: “Unbelievable, look like you I can really use the means of seeing people…”

“I think, who should I have nothing to do with you?” Shandora instantly swallowed the bulging food in a way that I couldn’t understand at all, and then said to Liu Zicai in a harsh tone.

Liu Zicai immediately calmed down. It seems that Shandora has already made this little brother who has not had much guts a deep fear. Even his almost stupid provocation is dumb at this moment.

“It seems that there has been a lot of misunderstanding between us,” at this moment. Another voice that sounded to listen to the gentleman came over. It turned out that Ding Bai was coming from here with a glass of red wine. “But we are not Should you put down unnecessary hostility and enjoy this rare gathering?”

Ding Bai, who is always a gentleman’s face but secretly slashes, I don’t feel good about it, but he is Ding Ling’s brother, which makes me have to treat him and Liu who has been seen as a bug. Zicai is treated separately.

At this moment, Shandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind: “A’Jun, do you remember the three killers?”

“Three killers?” I didn’t react at all. Shandora reminded me, I finally remembered that she was referring to the three people who appeared on the night of Alaya’s arrival. They were sent to deal with me, but they were poor. A little threatened to Elder Sister’s safety, but fortunately there was a patrolling Xiling Commander nearby to avoid the unfortunate incident. Later, the three killers were taken to the Shadow City market in Pandora, and before they escaped, Shandora also Biochemical Robot is placed in its with the body… (see Chapter 50 for details)

“I remembered, how come you suddenly mention them?”

“I placed the Biochemical Robot in their with the body and kept track of their nest, but it was awkward to scare them in the city of Shadow City. As a result, they were shut down as mad who had lost their senses. Until recently, I found clues from their chaotic conversations – guess who sent them?”

The three ambassadors who were recognized by the killers at that time were Liu Zicai, but we did not believe that it seems that there is another behind-the-scenes black hand.

“It’s this Ding Bai! This guy’s little belly chicken has reached an incredible point, and it seems that Liu Zicai’s pig head is only used as a gun by Ding Bai. Now Ding Bai is estimated to guess from Lin’s attitude. To the abnormality of our identity, I am going to fix the relationship – but he still does not know that his original little action has been known to us.”

It turned out to be the case. I looked at Ding Bai, who looked in front of her face and looked good and sincere, and could not help but feel the hypocrisy of this person.

In addition to the glamorous appearance, such a banquet is meaningless, so in addition to Shandora’s good appetite for her appetite, each of us feels awkward.

It’s not too late to see the time. I think there are a few troublesome and troublesome people in the family. Although my sister looked at them, I was still worried about what went wrong, so I went to tell Lin’s father.

When I left, Father Lin once again hinted at us, let us provide him with a sample of transparent crystal as soon as possible. I can only express this as soon as possible – the speed of the establishment of the Xiling military building is amazing, that is, the site selection There is something to be a headache…

“What is this? Scrap iron? Throw the trash and look at the place!”

…Liu Zicai This guy is really a place to add people!

Just as we were about to leave, we just happened to run Liu Zicai. As a result, the other party immediately noticed our 700 billion “broken car”. In the middle of a high-class car, this gray does not pull a few The rustic shape and a lot of “patches” broken cars are just as eye-catching as Harem’s three thousand Jialili standing up with a Fengjie. In fact, it has already attracted many Lin Family’s eyes from the beginning, but it can be ignored. The ground shouted out, only the stupid Liu Zicai.

I am afraid that the pig’s head did not realize that the sneer of ourselves on several occasions was actually offending Lin’s father–even, this guy has never realized that we have actually become a guest of Lin Family, and he is constantly Challenge the bottom line of Lin Family.

Even Ding Bai, who has been with the Liu Zicai station, is now showing the look of Idiot, quietly away from the idiot.

I am afraid that in the future, Liu Zicai will never want to enter the door of Lin Family again. This can be seen from Lin Dingfeng’s look at Liu Zicai’s disgusting eyes.

“700 billion ah…” Lin Xue sighed aside, “You just have to pick up a little bit to find a car to design a design shell that is stronger than this…”

… the Empire Military Personnel who is self-proclaimed as an artist will cry… In addition, although this thing claims to cost 700 billion, it is only theoretically, because it was produced entirely in an Empire Army factory. From the beginning to the end, I can only yy 700 billion in my heart…

“What kind of name should you have in this car?” At this moment, Lin Yangtian suddenly said next to me.

“This thing, it is enough to turn over a tank camp.” I revealed to Lin Father the basic fighting strength of this Chief of state special car in a more conservative way.

Father Lin immediately shocked the car with a fetish.

“It’s finally quiet…”

Sitting in my 700 billion, Qianqian leaned on my shoulder and said.

“At last I was full…” On the other side, Shandora also leaned back.

“…It seems that I have never let you have a full meal – in other words, how do you solve the two big troubles?”

“Liu Zicai, and Ding Bai?” Shandora squatted on me to find a more comfortable position, then smiled. “My advice is to evaporate them directly – but I know you definitely don’t let… …”

“Of course not, the Ding Bai is not a good thing, but after all, it is Ding Ling’s brother. If you can, let him kill him. As for Liu Zicai, although it is not important, but a jump clown is not worthy of being provoked. trouble.”

“There is no trouble! The Vengence Army has a lot of warriors who are good at assassinations and snipers, so that they can guarantee that Liu Zicai will not be left with gray and will not miss any horses…”

“So I said that you can really get into trouble…” I said with a headache, the terrorists who are always following a bunch of grasshoppers are too stressed.

At this moment, Qianqian suddenly said: “A’Jun, there seems to be a problem with the car behind.”

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