Xiling Empire Chapter 153

Chapter 153 Coming from Alien’s Super Villain

No one dares to resist, even the most savage gangsters who are carrying a few human lives can only lie on the ground with their legs and legs, and they don’t even have the courage to look up.

Because each of them has a violent High-Tech Alien lethal weapon on their heads, these two-meter triple-packed particle guns emit a low-pitched squeak, fully integrated with the Xiling soldiers’ arms. The unrecognizable red light flowing from the twisted and stretched arms of the soldiers’ arms, combined with the sculpted ice-cold blunt expression on the Soldier’s face, directly scared the dog’s daring on the scene. .

As the leader of the gangsters, Liu Zicai received special care – Carrow put him alone in the air, letting his frightened face straight to us, next to him, a whole six swallowed blue The single soldier of the light is eyeing.

Shandora floated in the air and slowly approached Liu Zicai, using her unique electromagnetic voice: “Strictly speaking, you and your men have no ability to interfere with our actions. We never waste time eradicating non-threatening. Goal, but unfortunately, your stupidity makes us think that it is necessary to carry out the necessary cleaning of your fly.”

“…don’t kill…don’t kill me…” Liu Zicai was lifted in the air by a single-armed Carrow with a weight of 726 tons. No matter how he struggled, he couldn’t let the steel casting behind him Xiling officers. Shaking a half, in the end, he can only calm down and plead with fear.

“It’s a pity, we can’t find a reason to forgive you,” Qianqian shrugged and said indifferently. “So it’s time to say goodbye to this cruel World. – I hope you can learn smarter in another World.”

This method of behavior after the transformation of the girl’s character is really a matter of time when it is normal. If the ordinary Qianqian would not say such a thing at all, the only way she would scare people would be to grind. And already…

The threat of death is often the most effective, especially when the threat is targeted by a young master like Liu Zicai.

Qianqian’s words made Liu Zicai a white face instantly. He almost asked for help in tears: “Don’t kill me… Please don’t kill me… I want to give you everything… I have money, I have a lot. Money, my dad is a big real estate businessman, all his bank accounts and property are in my hands… As long as you can let me go, I will give you…I…”

Liu Laojiao has such a superb son and he has not wasted his merits in real estate accumulation…

“What is the use of money for us?” I stepped forward and poked on the head of Liu Zicai’s cold sweat. “The economic lifeline of the entire World can be mastered within seventeen minutes, and all your homes are even Not enough for my army’s daily consumption, your poor egg has no effect on me.”

I guess this is the first time in a lifetime that Liu Zicai has been called a poor man, and he is still said by a person who has always been regarded as a poor bumper.

At this time, Liu Zicai seems to have finally had the time to think about our identity. He struggled to look at the surrounding people, the black men who could not be Human Race at all, and the surreal violence of their hands. .

“You…you are Alien? You want to conquer World?”

Didn’t expect Liu Zicai This straw bag is also loaded with these things, and his guess is reliable in some respects. If Pandora is on the scene… then it is more reliable.

“Leave me, I am useful! My understanding of the Human Race community is very comprehensive, you will definitely use me!” Liu Zicai struggled to think about what it would do for a group of Alien villains, and quickly organized Discourse, “I still know some officials, even abroad, if you want intelligence…”

… This grandson is too wicked. Going forward for decades, this guy is an Innate traitor!

“We want to help you in conquering World?” Shandora also said it was funny, disdainful.

Liu Zicai suddenly wakes up: the external identity of this young girl in front of her is clearly Riesca’s Princess!

Thanks to the numerous conspiracy stories created by the talented director writers of Human Race, Shandora was immediately positioned as a super Alien conspiracy who invaded the Human Race Princess and secretly steals the Human Race kingdom – although there is nothing wrong with it. .

Liu Zicai has such a association with Shandora. Naturally, we can’t escape. He glances at us with horror. It seems that I finally understand why several obscure ordinary students will become a leader of a non-Human Race. Chen Jun Xu Qianqian has long since disappeared! This group of Alien invaders occupied their body! !

There is also the weird Pan Lily, Chen Jun’s sister Chen Qian… Are they also Alien Monster?

In addition, Lin Family Ojou-sama seems to be closely related to them recently, and Ding Family Ojou-sama is also in contact with them – are these Alien plans to start with the super-family who control the situation of Human Race in the dark? In other words, today I saw Young Lady Lin and Ding Ojou-sama are the shells occupied by Alien?

At this moment, Liu Zicai incarnates the emperor, and a super-shocking conspiracy walks through his brain, which is already indistinguishable from illusion and reality.

“A’Jun, then? Kill this guy?” Shandora’s voice rang in my mind.

Uh… I didn’t think about this…

Originally my idea was to give this Liu Zicai a lesson, let him settle down later, don’t waste our precious time, but now…

It’s definitely impossible to let go of this. The character of this guy has just been revealed. It’s almost no hesitation to sell his father’s betrayal of Human Race. I really want to let go of this scourge that already knows a lot of things. Awkward, but killed on the spot – I really didn’t think about it.

Although I also know that Liu Zicai, this guy must have done a lot of things that make him die. It’s just a matter of seeing the gang that he brought with him.

It’s not that after the war with Abyss power in the outside world, I still can’t kill such a small character that is insignificant and not worthy of death. Just killing him like this will definitely lead to no small trouble. – He is different from the beaters he brings. Those gangsters who can’t see the light are the guys who bleed on the tip of the knife all day. They don’t have big problems when they die, but Liu Zicai is different. After saying that he is also a giant, once he hangs up so unclearly – I am afraid that everyone who has had conflicts with him recently and met with him will be involved.

“In fact, those troubles are very easy to get,” Shandora said. “But I don’t bother to deal with unnecessary troubles. This Liu Zicai will spare him a life…”

I saw Shandora coming to the front of Liu Zicai, indicating that Carrow had put the other person down, and Liu Zicai, who had already been in the soft, immediately fell to the ground like a mud.

“Listen, your living thing is worthless to us. It will be meaning that all of the Human Race’s living thing is meaningless to us, but I don’t want to provoke unnecessary trouble, but also to conquer you. There is no interest in the backward planet, so fortunately, you have escaped…”

Liu Zicai apparently didn’t expect that she would have a hope of surviving. Now we have become a Demon group in his eyes that is ready to destroy Human Race, and Shandora actually said that he wants to let him go alive, which makes him almost I thought I had an illusion.

“Of course, Human Race’s heart is fragile and changeable, you don’t deserve our trust, all we need to do some preventive measures…”

Under the horror of Liu Zicai, Shandora’s right hand showed a black flame, and then the hand that apparently did not belong to Human Race pressed on his forehead.

A violent pain almost caused Liu Zicai to faint on the spot, and his screams of tears caused the gangsters behind to squat, showing how intense the pain caused by Shandora’s dark burning.

Then, Shandora took out a small white pill and stuffed it into the mouth of Liu Zicai, who was screaming in pain.

“This tablet contains a lot of parasitic Robots. Each of these cute little things has IQ higher than your pig’s brain. They will find your brains cleverly, then hide in your brain and monitor you. Everything is normal, if you say something that shouldn’t be said or what you shouldn’t do – the black flame will appear again, and you will perform a thousand hours of slow fire. Presumably you have noticed that this kind of flame brings you endless pain without leaving scars, so you won’t die until the end of the fire, and when the fire is over – the legion will wipe out everything about you!”

I was listening to the goose bumps, Shandora, you are too dissonant!

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