Xiling Empire Chapter 156

The one hundred and fifty-sixth chapter strange girl

โ€œHuman Race is really talented in terms of entertainment.โ€

From the roller coaster, Shandora commented.

It seems that I have heard her praise the Human Race before. Oh, it seems that in Shandora in the eyes, the only merit of Human Race is really only the entertainment spirit…

Qianqian stretched aside me and said with a sigh of relief: “Calling – the feeling of sitting in the roller coaster is really refreshing Oh!”

I looked around the “normal visitors” who had just come down from the roller coaster and were still pale and even shivering. I felt as a sad otaku surrounded by various superwoman.

โ€œPandora, is it fun to fly?โ€

I smiled and bowed my head, and asked on the little girl whose face was serious but could not conceal her smile.

Pandora hesitated a little, then revealed a happy smile and replied with nodded: “Well!”

“Well, let’s go to the next destination…Shit!”

I suddenly exclaimed and made Qianqian nervous immediately: “What?”

I hurriedly rummaged through the pockets of my body, then spread my hands and said, “Della is gone!”

This time, everyone is nervous.

Needless to say, it must have been on the roller coaster. Because the swing was too fierce, the small figure of the body shape was smashed out – you know, there is no button on my pocket!

It’s hard to imagine how catastrophic the reaction of Della, the surreal creature, will be!

I am afraid that it is possible to cause global attention!

I don’t worry about what damage Della will suffer. Don’t look at it as a small squash with a small size. Her body is a God Clan physique without water, and she is still the ruler of this World. I am afraid it is small. Planet hit Earth, she can push back the way…

“Where is this little thing going in the end…” We looked around, and all the eyes were coming down, but the problem was that Della was less than fifteen centimeters in total, God knows where she was taken!

Even more terrible, this playground is also very environmentally friendly, this is everywhere lush and green flowers, a green dress and even the hair of the green Della in the case of being caught in the bush…

“Lin Xue, is your ability useful?” In a hurry, I can only resort to a disaster amplifier that can be used to expand any small event into a World class trouble.

Lin Xue is also unambiguous, immediately closes the eyes and begins to carefully feel the energy fluctuations of the surroundings.

After a long time, she opened her eyes and shook her head unwillingly.

This is normal, Della is a god after all, any sneak peek will be forbidden by divinity, unless Della actively releases his energy, otherwise Lin Xue’s power is ten times stronger and can’t feel Della’s breath.

Just then, Pandora suddenly pulled my sleeve and pointed my hand behind me and said, “Brother, over there.”

I looked back and saw Della squinting out of a small flower terrace.

It seems that the little things have been completely stunned, and they have not even noticed that they are about to fly to the crowd…

Fortunately, the tourists in this area are not too many, and most people’s attention is attracted by other entertainment facilities, plus Della’s size is really small enough, and no one noticed this in the air Itโ€™s a little bit swaying.

Without my command, Qianqian has slowed down the surroundings, and Pandora slams forward like a white lightning. The next second, the little things are put on my hands by Pandora.

Della, who couldnโ€™t tell the direction, climbed for a while in my hand, then smirked and said to me: “Ha…ha…A’Jun…Ah… turn around… turn ……”

… It seems that even God Clan, a body-formed informable, will have such an unexpected weakness!

I carefully put Della, who was trying to flutter away because of my unclear mind, and said, “Let’s take a break, wait until Della wakes up.”

Everyone has no opinion, and to be honest, Della, which has a 99% increase in the cute index, is more interesting than the rigid entertainment facilities…

In the corner of a small number of people, we found a few benches to sit and rest.

Looking at the Loli trio who is next to me or in a daze or dozing or yelling, I am suddenly feeling: I am still young and good Oh!

… How do you suddenly feel that you have fallen into a strange state of mind for a moment? Has my stay at home dad been maintained for too long and has completely changed my psychological age?

“Elder Sister?”

While we were enjoying this rare silence, a familiar voice suddenly came from the side.

I followed the sound, it turned out that it has been a long time since I saw Lin Feng, who has almost become Passer-by B.

Lin Feng and didn’t expect to meet our group of people, seeing Lin Xue and we together, he couldn’t help but look back and forth on us, and suddenly revealed a quirky look: “Elder Sister, is it? Dad is telling the truth, you are really with Chen…”

“Biography!” I shouted in unison with Lin Xue.

Lin Feng was shocked: “The hustle and bustle of the husband and wife!”

Lin Xue’s face sank: “… Believe it or not, I am jealous of you!”

Lin Feng didn’t care about Lin Xue’s face at all, but completely immersed himself in his fantasy world: “It doesn’t matter, as long as my sister is willing, I have no opinion, but I heard that Chen has two…”

We looked at each other and then said the same thing: “The Ten Great Tortures in the Qing Dynasty!”

“Haha…the sun is really round today…”

I didnโ€™t know how much I had contacted before. Itโ€™s only now that Lin Fengโ€™s mouth is so owing Oh! Is this mouth that can be used as a special weapon as a Lin Family specialty? Or is it that anyone who is with Lin Xue will be infected with the virus?

“I always feel that someone is secretly saying bad things about me…” Lin Xue suddenly looked at me suspiciously, the meaning of interrogation in the shiny big eyes.

I immediately said innocent: “That is your illusion!”

“A’Jun,” my sister whispered in my ear. “Public channel – we just heard your thoughts…”

… I… I am the one who smoked Oh!

Lin Xue glanced at me for ten seconds with a threatening look, until I turned my cheeks around and turned my face, and I began to wonder how this time prevented Lin Xue from messing me up with the least cost. – Especially now, in order to study the cottage version of the Space-Time sensor, this gimmick also has the authority to enter Shadow City, God knows how much prank she can give me!

With Lin Feng in the presence, we have to be careful about our conversations. More importantly, I have to be careful that the little things hiding in my pocket are showing up because of curiosity. The secret about some of us, Lin Feng, is still unknown. Love, Lin Xue is a good conservatating secret at this point.

“Little Feng, when did you come back? What about your new girlfriend?”

Lin Feng immediately said with some restraint: “What new girlfriend, Sally is my first girlfriend… I just came back today, I was going to go home first, but I won two prizes on the roadside. Admission ticket, so…”

“Okay, you guys who have love and no family love…”

At this moment, a beautiful young girl with brown curly hair and tall, ran to Lin Feng, and then stuffed a lot of souvenirs in his hands into Lin Feng’s hands.

This is Lin Feng’s exotic girlfriend who is in the Amazon, a girl named Sally?

Sure enough, Lin Feng immediately introduced to us: “I know everyone, this is my girlfriend, Sally, is a mixed-race half-Chinese blood, how, beautiful?”

The young girl named Sally immediately politely glanced at us and said with the standard Chinese: “It’s nice to meet you.”

“This is my sister, Lin Xue, I mentioned it to you. These are my friends…”

Lin Feng introduced them one by one, and Sally seemed to be a very polite girl, and she continued to say hello to Lin Feng.

Finally, Lin Feng introduced Pandora.

“This is Pan Lily, Chen Ge’s different surname…”

Sally smiled and put his gaze on Pandora: “Hello…Oh!”

Quite suddenly, Sally screamed with a horror of fear, as if she had seen the most terrible thing in the world, her face suddenly became pale, her eyes staring in horror, staring at Pandora, who was slightly surprised. He slammed back until he suddenly fell to the ground.

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