Xiling Empire Chapter 1578

I spent a day with Shandora on the edge of the Milky Way, plus I had to wait for a while in Empire, so it basically means “missing” for a whole day, but because of the departure, I’m slightly related to Celin. I have been vaccinated, and the latter has no doubts about our going day. This is very rare. It fully proves that the fighting nun trusts me and Shandora’s. After all, it is a very special period. The pagan things are on the town. The trainee priests are heart-wrenching, and the whole town is almost forbidden to enter and leave the city.

And when I came back with Shandora, I quickly got good news: Coming from Church The Pope’s Order of the Holy City was released, and Celine got the chance to face the Pope, and as she expected, I and Shandora had to follow trip.

In fact, whether or not this invitation has no effect, I and Shandora are not big enough to directly find the people in the holy air, but it will be a bit confusing and troublesome, so we have been waiting until today. And it turns out that this kind of waiting is valuable: if we don’t wait patiently, we won’t know from the female revival of the technical revival that the pope can change the intelligence of the cardinal in the hands of the cardinal, and then find the wrong one. I am afraid that it will take a lot of effort. Now I don’t have to think about anything. The invitation to go to the Holy Land has been sent to the front. I will wait with Shadora for peace of mind.

At dinner, Celine announced the news of the “People’s Summoning”. The single-mother-type fighting nun who has entered the working state has the same biggest change compared with a few days ago, although there is always a feeling of resoluteness. The tired expression of waking up is lingering, but she is really a kind of slogan when she talks and does things. I suspect that when she was an adventurer, she must have been like this. The kind of lifeless atmosphere when she saw her a few days ago. Needless to say, it’s just the hard life of these years.

“After the day after tomorrow, only one day will be prepared tomorrow, the time is tight, but you should not have any problems when you travel outside.” At the table, Catherine gave the girl Ai Lu to slice the cake while facing me and Shandora nodded, “because it is The Pope personally summoned, we can take the church’s Royal Eagle, so save time, count the middle break, two days to the Holy Capital. But you should not ride that kind of beast? Even the adventurer, in the air I don’t think it’s easy to fly. I will apply to prepare a Royal Hawk with a closed pod. Miss Shandora looks… very light. You two will not be afraid.”

“Nothing, we are not afraid of ‘flying’,” I waved, thinking that the Royal Eagle should be the vehicle used by the high-end people of the World. It seems that after losing the superb science and technology, the church had to find it from the beast. Some of the alternatives, but its popularity must not be very good, at least the official clergy such as Celine can only get a “flight permit” when the situation is special, “you see Shandora, she has been flying around.” I am also very flying experience.”

The Shandora ball is now lazily soaked in an enormous soup pot, which she uses to satisfy her appetite, but I still feel like she is now a big balloon floating on the soup. This can’t be said, otherwise she will inevitably jump on the spot and splash at the place where someone has a soup. Her Majesty the Queen hum hum swayed a few times: “Yes. Flying is a very common thing. In fact, I am definitely flying faster than your Royal Wind Eagle.”

Celine looked at the dancing thing in the different shape of the Shandora ball, and then looked at me as a mysterious “adventurer and scholar” who married a ball as a wife, and looked down at the corner of her mouth. It seems that I am not going to continue to communicate with our abnormal duo.

“Mom, can I follow?” The little girl Ai Lu lowered her head and spent a long time licking the child. At this moment, I couldn’t help but say anything. She looked at the table and looked at Catherine. The big eyes were full of expectations. “I want to see the pope. People say that the height of the Pope is also eight feet…”

“Don’t talk nonsense, keep the respect of the pope,” Catherine immediately glanced at her niece and then shook her head. “This is not going out to play, or as before, you go to Azaria, I have arranged.” You have been living in Isaari for half a month. But I will probably come back before that, just to report some things, and the specific actions of the upper level of the church should be nothing to me.”

It seems that Ai Lu has not been left at home for the first time. Celine probably goes to the Grand Diocese or the Holy Land every other period of time. (She also said that she is also a person in charge, usually does not work. Every year, the enmity always has to get a card to get a salary, but the little girl still tries to show the appearance of owing her eight million to the whole world: “But the cake made by Azaria can almost wipe the gums off.” what.”

Celine’s expression was a stalemate, then she didn’t look over her face. The tone was not very emboldened: “…I can’t say this to my aunt’s family. You can always be taken care of by her from small to large. But her baking cake is really a problem. … Do you want to change it temporarily and go to find Uncle Ford?”

Ai Lu’s face was green when she arrived: “No, Uncle Ford lie to me to eat spicy vegetables, it’s hot and spicy.”

It’s a mother and daughter who are harmonious and friendly. Say Shandora, are you enough? Have you soaked up enough of my noodles to go to Bubbles? Dry chewing cakes are good for the dead!

I don’t need to go into the second day of travel preparation. Anyway, I didn’t have any preparations with Shandora. I took a travel bag and pretended that I had luggage. Anyway, I needed to get out of this bag and survive from the wild. Knife to the wilderness island is no problem. In the early morning of the third day, Celine sent Ai Lu to a friend’s house, and then locked the door of the hotel and led us to the square in front of the church. Some of the “Eagle” and some monks dressed in black clothes have already Waiting here.

The Royal Wind Eagle… In fact, it is not as powerful as eye-catching. Although there is an “Eagle” name, in fact, it looks more like a strange vulture. This giant bird with a few meters is not. Know if it is the original creature of this planet, or the original transformation of ancient civilization (after all, their shape is not the result of natural evolution), in short, they are the replacement of this World after the loss of aircraft airships. Transportation, and it seems to be the fastest. Each giant eagle has a seat on its back, a reliable strap and an original parachute backpack (how Gods knows). These eagle eagle eagle were transferred from the neighboring parishes. The black robes who came here together were the church’s “air knights” who served as guards and guides on this road. These air knights are unpredictably equipped with advanced weapons. The people of this World called them holy costumes, which are actually things like particle rifles.

I imagined a group of medieval-style monks in robes of the gods riding on the fantastic giant eagle. While shouting the slogan of the gods and using the particle rifle and small rockets to fight, this scene is really a little feeling!

This kind of eye-catching thing is rarely seen in this small town. Several eagle eagle attracts civilians and bear children who are full of pits and valleys to come and watch. The little girl Ai Lu is ran away by her mother, otherwise at This moment is definitely also on the scene. However, all the civilians stood in a place far away from the eagle eagle, and even the bear children consciously did not pick it up. It seems that people are very jealous of these fierce creatures.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been riding this thing,” said Celine, looking at the emerging raptor in front of her, and couldn’t help but reveal her face. “The average adventurer doesn’t just have the chance to fly. I’m still at the beginning. In the church, because every clergyman had to learn to fly before riding the giant eagle of a period of time. But I learned the skills that I used when I was fighting. The average person simply had to ride the road… There is no difficulty, overcome the fear, keep warm, confirm the rope, close the eyes waiting for the arrival of the destination. Right, your giant eagle is next to it, although you said that you have had flight experience, but The church-taughted giant eagle is much faster than the rental giant eagle that the adventurer can reach. Remember to check the ropes.”

“Oh, no problem,” I came to my giant eagle, and couldn’t help but ask a small round scorpion next to the seat. “Is this used for dryness? Why didn’t the giant eagle of others?”

“Amount…” Celine’s face was awkward. “This is the ‘seat’ for Miss Shandora. The church discussed with them that they didn’t figure out how to prepare a ball for the night. The usual ropes seem to be Not very safe. Let you hold the fly all the way, we are worried about accidents or make you too tired, then… is it bad?”

I thought about it, holding Shandora, I didn’t dare to let go (I was afraid that Her Majesty the Queen would rush out and swear the head): “Oh. Thank you for your kindness – but I think I can hold her, and Shandora will fly, please Be sure that her flying skills are no worse than these birds.”

Although I feel that there are too many slots, after all, these church members are also kind, let them study to prepare a seat for a ball. This is also difficult for a strong person. Maybe how many air knights last night faced this incredible request and almost caught the head into a bald head. So, I still smile and swear, I believe that the Shandora ball Queen will not care about this small problem.

Celine’s expression was weird (in fact, she was nodded when she saw Shando and this strange weird duo), and then turned the bird very chicly, and waved her hand: “Depart!”

We embarked on a journey to the lost sanctuary in the legend. The time flies like a moon and a moon. In a blink of an eye… Well, after two days passed, the group arrived at the destination without any fuss.

I said that this road is smooth, I don’t believe it! As a few years of epic-level hardships that have to catch up with each other for a few years, this road has not encountered a natural disaster** and has not encountered a pagan hijack, except for the Shandora ball that fell from the sky several times. By the way, Shandora also proved that he really flew very fast with practical actions. You dare to believe?

If you don’t believe it, you have to believe. Anyway, we are at the station: a great mountain city, the god of the Holy Spirit.

The city is located in a cold spot near the northern mountains, and a semi-circular mountain range separates it from the ocean. Crossing the mountains is the ocean. On the other side of the ocean is the island chain called Magic Pearl and mystery inheritance. It is said that there are many ancient artifacts on the archipelago of the big and small, and the base of the lost gods is on the other side of the mountain. Lu, surrounded by mountains. Coming from the warm monsoon of the ocean is blocked by the mountains, the holy capital is located in the middle of the lower temperature mountain, where half of the year is winter, but we have a good time, it is the whole summer of Continent, The holy capital is also the appearance of ice and snow to melt the grass and spring.

The city is not as whole as I imagined, but it is divided into several areas and distributed along the mountains. It is like a large piece of mountain excavated and built into a city. The magnificent buildings hidden in the mountains Dispersed and less prosperous, but added a bit of atmosphere because of the integration with the mountains. The imperial giant eagle we rode landed smoothly on a rocky platform with a higher height in the holy capital. Because of the intermediate transfer, the Royal Wind Eagle is not the group at the time of departure.

“This is the wind-striking stone platform. The church’s Royal Eagles are managed by the Magic faction, so you will see a lot of Magic creations on the stone slabs. Miss Shandora’s ‘Egg Curse’ will definitely be The Cardinal of the Magic faction was solved. “The two-day rush didn’t seem to make Serene’s seemingly weak fighting nuns tired. Whenever everyone got to the ground, she began to introduce us here with great interest. The situation, because I was afraid of leaking out, and Shandora said that she had never been to the Holy City, so she felt that she was a member of the church and the “introducer”. It was necessary to take half a guide. “We are here for a long time. Then go directly. The cathedral in the city. Oh, you can see the cathedral from here, the biggest black and white building is, it is amazing, is it not?”

Catherine happily pointed to the stone platform and followed her finger. I saw a large architectural complex between the mountains, the most conspicuous of which was the Supreme Temple, known as the “King of Knowledge”. . It is anenomous building with a spire of tower spires and a style resembling a Baroque church. The most eye-catching is its color scheme – half black and half white, divided into two halves from the middle. It’s like the two churches are together!

“White stands for science and technology, black stands for mystery, science and technology Pope and Magic Pope in the ‘Knowledge Crown’ ** peers empower God, supervise the world’s knowledge. Guide how believers should be careful to touch ancient wisdom “Cylin drew a strange symbol on her chest, with a happy look on her face.” When Ai Lu grew up, she might have to bring her here to meet the world. The girl was thinking at home all the time. Things, she couldn’t stay in the country. Actually, I have a plan to wait for Ai Lu to take her to the Holy Land after I was an adult. Anyway, the ancient tower remains open. After a few years, it will become abandoned. Ground, my mission will be completed. After Leif’s departure, there is not much place in the town that is worthy of nostalgia. It’s better to go back to the Holy Land. This is where I grew up.”

After a few days of contact, I have found that Celine is actually a very good talker, gentle personality, not dull, and it is easy to open up to more trusting people. This is an ordinary single mother: life is a bit hard, there is still some sadness in my heart, but there is a lovely child as a support, the burden of life may be heavy, but it can still support, she lives ordinary life. I work in ordinary places, and I look after my children in an ordinary way. She won’t know that she has inadvertently witnessed history. I don’t even know that I might become a part of history. It is said that Shadow City has been expanded. Maybe, at that time, let her and Ai Lu try to settle down in a more prosperous and more magical place? At least the strange ideas in Ai’s head are definitely not considered awesome in Shadow City.

The name of the wind singer Shitai is called “Shitai”. It is actually a very wide irregular square. The side of the square is an open space facing the sky. It is the place where giant eagle and other flying camels land. The edge is also built with a view. The same facilities on the other side, while the other side of the square is basically a residence and a shop. Most of the people living in this city are members of the church, but because of the strange rules of the lost gods, even the church members have to live the same with the ordinary people. I want to live, so they still have to work and do business in their own city. The most common conversation in the streets and lanes is this: “The god of science and technology is on, Joseph Cardinal Ankang, do you sell this radish?” “Magic God is on, Archbishop Roland looks good – five copper plates a pound.” “How is it more expensive than yesterday?” “Oh, the cardinal of the cardinal of Wilson who gave the food to the market is at home, this dish is that I hired a car. When you pull it down from the mountain, you have to make me earn a hardship of copper…” “Hey, you old, in the name of the god of science and technology.” I will go back to the following article with two coriander.” “The god of Magic is on! Are you two?!”

Basically, the streets are all about this rhythm.

The Pope received the visitors in the evening, so the church has already arranged a place for us to rest. After all, it is a very tiring thing for ordinary people to blow the natural wind at high altitude for two days (the fighting monk and the fighting nun are white. It’s not Superman. We led a few monks to a lodge in the inner layer of the stone slab. It seems to be specially prepared for the pilgrims who come to the Holy Land, but it is not a festival. There are no tourists here, and the hostel surroundings naturally looks very deserted.

But what is the activity on the side of the holy city?

Because the wind-striking stone platform is very high, it is very easy to see the scenes in the city below. I found that there are many black robes or red robe monks on the wide roads that are cut or piled up along the mountain. The clergy will only dress like this when they perform their duties or go out as a spokesperson. In normally, they are all dressed in casual clothes (like the first time they met Celine), so these monks who rushed up the mountain road Obviously it is because something has been called up.

They are all gathering in one direction: the cathedral in the center of the Holy City. (To be continued.)

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