Xiling Empire Chapter 158

Chapter 158, Research Center in the City of Shadow City

After saying that it finally stopped Anveena from carrying out the sixth general cleaning today, my sister suggested that everyone go to the city of Shadow City to see what happened to the copy of the cottage version of the Space-Time sensor.

Originally, we also hope that God Clan can have Azeroth World’s space coordinate, which saves us a lot of trouble, but unfortunately, Della recently received a message from God’s Domain, because our plane is too In the remote, Azeroth World has not been prepared in the World Management Center of God’s Domain. God Clan knows the existence of this World, but… they know that the way of World is only through Netease’s official website…

Should I… faint?

Anyway, due to the unreliable God Clan, we still have to look for Azeroth World’s space coordinate on its own… The only thing that is fortunate is that there is Della, a little rabbit that is said to be popular in God’s Domain. We are fighting at Azeroth. It may be easier. After all, God Clan reinforcements are not a joke.

Speaking of Shadow K City, since Pandora has created such a phantom space to place Commander, I rarely go to that magical place. It is really busy in Real World that I can’t get away from it, but more The important thing is that I am not used to this strange projection World…

Well, I am not used to…

Walking on a street that was familiar and empty, I once again developed this kind of violation of Dreamland.

The city is K City that I grew up in. I am very familiar with every street and grass here, but the whole city is so strange, not only because of the accidental appearance in the city. The tall Xiling building in a certain building group is not only because of the desertedness and death of the whole city, but the enormous distortion of this space as a false world.

This kind of induction is very mysterious, just like being in a sober dreamland, everything in the surroundings looks even if it is real, you will feel abnormal.

When we came in, the Real World outside was just dark, but it was already late at night in the city of Shadow City. A round of extraordinary moons hung in the sky, covering one-fifth of the sky, on the “moon” The weird lines are clearly visible. This is Bubbles’ bad taste. After watching a few weird-style cartoons, this little otaku girl, who had no other hobbies other than playing games, began to like it in the shadow. World’s sky made a variety of different artistic graffiti, she even built a twisting space Force Field in the city of Shadow City, which was set up such as “curse o”, “midnight o bell”, “zero o butterfly” Simulation scenarios like…

I have always maintained a very tolerant attitude towards this Wannian family, which is even weaker than Pandora. She is willing to do what I usually do with her, but when she tries to teach Little Bubbles to paint art on her own room wall. Except when painting…

A large group of our people walked under the dim light of the street. The head was an etheric moon with a dizzy moon. There was a Ghost girl floating next to me, surrounded by cold and dead like a grave. The buildings in the huge buildings are brightly lit, but there is no trace of popularity. In this strange atmosphere, I feel that the so-called haunted house adventure games are warm and harmonious like the spring wilderness…

Fortunately, we are almost used to…

The day-to-day management in Shadow City is the responsibility of Pandora’s aide, Sivis – forget the name? So, when you were the one who was almost the president of a country and finally became my class teacher, Pan Lingling, should you have an impression?

Since I left school, Sivis immediately quit the job that didn’t make sense to her, and instead focused on managing the affairs of Shadow City. After all, this is a base with a lot of high-level Xiling Apostle. Without a superintendent management, God knows those Xiling officers who fear that the world will not be chaotic.

Sivis lives near the city centre of Shadow City, close to the core computer that monitors the entire space. Due to the importance of this area, it has been transformed into a tight military fort, with warning towers and patrols everywhere. Xiling soldiers, the ground is completely covered by dissimilar alloys that can be sharply punctured at any time, and over the fortress, the small light armed forces are cruising 24 hours a day, so the tight protection is probably Only the flies have to fly in and have to be bombarded with saturation…

But… Is such strict protection necessary in a projection space where there is no way for an enemy to enter?

β€œIt’s quite necessary,” Pandora said with a serious expression. β€œYou can never underestimate the strength of the enemy – even if they look like ants are weak.”

… You are a small war-monger, what imaginary enemy Oh is in your head!

While I was very speechless about Pandora’s war spirit, Sivis, who just learned that we arrived, hurried.

She banged us on a standard Xiling military salute and said loudly: “Empire glory is with you! Great Emperor your majesty!”

…Do you know how a strange teacher who once walked the gentle route turned into a Xiling iron officer?

After awkwardly returning to the ceremony, I immediately waved my hand and said, “Okay, you know that I don’t like this one. You still use the usual way of greeting…”

“Oh… have you eaten?”

“……have eaten……”

I feel even more surprised when I say hello to this majestic and oppressive military fort door.

It seems that no matter which race it is in, it is a very important thing for superior leaders to come to inspect, especially when it comes to inspections including the Empire Chief of state, Star Domain, and Supreme military leaders. Such inspections are even more difficult.

In just two minutes, Sivis told me that all the staff and related equipment in the research center are ready… so fast, I am afraid that only these Xiling Apostles who can directly control the spirit through the superior Commander can do it. To.

Walking in the alloy corridor of to be full of future science and technology, Sivis tells us in detail about the results of the Xiling technicians who recently came to a period of time.

In fact, it is said that the results are not very accurate and should be said to be the technology they have recovered.

The technical strength of the Xiling Empire was quite powerful. At that time, Empire even developed a method of annihilating the entire World to extract energy. But now such a horrible technology no longer exists, even the relevant literature is also due to Empire. The data network is broken and there is no trace. Now what Xiling technicians are doing is how to use the existing means to reproduce the science and technology that has been lost but extremely important.

Space-Time sensing is one of the most important ones.

The Ultra Space-Time transition technology has always been the most widely used technology of Xiling Empire. It is the existence of this technology that makes it possible for Xiling Empire’s forces to spread across countless planes like God Clan, but now, The most critical part of this technology is missing, the strange space to scan technology. Without this technology, we can no longer purposely explore the new World, but only in the known World. Traveling, for Xiling technicians who are used to discovering new worlds and exploring them, it’s just as painful as stabbing their eyes.

Unfortunately, observing other Worlds through the Ethereum or even Endless Void is not something to say, even if the technicians are at a higher level, it is impossible to reproduce this near-miracle science and technology in a short time.

When we came to the largest research “room”, the Space-Time sensor that only completed 60% of the cottage was in front of us.

In all fairness, this is really a magnificent outer equipment. It is a large, small, hexagonal cone with a large head and upside down suspended above a large hollow in the center of the study room. The total length is at least two hundred. Meters, on the surface of this exclusive hexagonal pyramid, are covered with components that are so complicated that one can see at a glance – this is because the equipment has not been completed yet, and there is no reason to install the casing.

In the gaps of those complicated components, from time to time, there is a dim light flashing through. It is the technicians who are testing some key energy lines. The energy consumption of this big guy is amazing, so it also uses Xiling. Empire’s most commonly used high energy output method, the isospace energy reactor, can effectively reduce the equipment by placing the huge energy unit in a different Space-Time and using the space interface to output the energy of the enormous energy to the energy consuming device. The volume in the real space, and avoids the possibility that the super energy core is hurt and has catastrophic consequences, but such an order also has the disadvantage that the complexity is too high, after all, to install space at the end of each key energy pipeline The tearer, such a thing can be more than ten million times more complicated than a simple plug and socket…

Have you fainted? Anyway, when Pandora explained this pile of things to me, I was dizzy.

“The main part of this Space-Time sensor is actually fully usable, but the key thing is that we still can’t provide a stable to scan probe for it.”

I looked nodded seriously, then looked at the magnificent equipment of the extraordinary.

“Do you understand?” Qianqian suddenly exclaimed.

I still look serious: “…no…”

In the corner of Shandora, a blue vein emerged: “…if Lin Xue is there, you will be spit out to death…”

Sivis smiled and changed the easy-to-understand statement: “In other words, you can think of this as a microscope. Now we have assembled a durable frame. Unfortunately, we can’t polish the lens… ”

… Hey, the most crucial thing is not.

“How about Lin Xue’s ability? I heard that the last test was very successful?”

“Yes, the power of Lin Xue’s mother is even the best of our Apostle, which is good at energy perception, and the energy wavelength of the mother and the resonance between the devices are quite good, and they are responsible for the ‘lens’. Good fit, but…”

“But what?” I noticed that Sivis’s expression was a little hesitant, not to be asked by quite strangely.

At the same time, my heart began to produce conjecture.

Is this equipment a negative effect on the human body? Think about it too, the inside of this thing is to be full of high-energy radiation, perhaps Xiling Apostle is not afraid, but Lin Xue is still Human Race, her mental power barrier is also strong, her character is very understandable, full of To be strong, as long as it is a commitment to a friend, then she will do it at all costs, even if it is hurt, it will use a strong appearance to go through the customs, although I and her usually always noisy , but how can we say that we are also friends, she is afraid that in order to complete their promises, they will be hurt by radiation and will not tell us…

As Lin Xue’s image continued to rise in my heart, Sivis finally took a blackened part from the next table and said to me: “Lin Xue mother will always do some small moves during the experiment… …we have burnt out the four control cabins…”

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