Xiling Empire Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Beauty Visits (This Chapter is Free)

In the next few days, everything was calm. The mysterious attack on the market in the past few days seemed to be completely absent. If it wasn’t for Pandora to report to me that the two mysterious people who launched the attack had escaped, I thought they had been To be everywhere’s Xiling space weapon smashed into scum.

Today is a rare day off. At noon, my sister personally cooks and says that I want to make up for Pan Lily’s welcome meeting, which was too busy because of the work, although the parties have no interest in this matter.

It is a welcome party. In fact, only Pandora, my sister, and I have four people who are coming to join in the fun of Xu Qianqian. Although there are not many people, this kind of party makes me feel warmer. This feeling is those. People who walk around the social gatherings all day can never understand.

After everyone sat down, the sister first spoke: “Now, let us welcome the arrival of Younger Sister Lily’s – although this welcome is late.”

I applaud with Qianqian.

Pandora stays silent and sits at the table motionless…

Seeing that Pandora was unresponsive, the mother-in-law’s sister immediately thought of Pandora’s “tragic experience”. She gently pulled Pandora’s hand and said, “Lily, no longer have to worry, you are a member of this family from now on. Will take care of you like a sister, no one can hurt you.”

I say that no one can hurt Pandora. I believe it completely, because according to the history of the Xiling Empire that has been collected so far, the last attempt to rebel against the Pandora Regiment has turned into a universe dust…

Qianqian also broke out of maternal glory. She took Pandora’s other hand and said, “Yes, Younger Sister Lily, you don’t have to worry about bullying you anymore, and we take care of you, maybe you still have a chance to regain See things!”

Cough cough… What I want to say is, in fact, Pandora can see even how many E. coli you have in your hand…

“A’Jun, what do you say,” Qiangian couldn’t help but look at the dishes, and Qianqian couldn’t help but be angry. “This is your biological younger sister Oh! Losing Lily is still so sticky.”

I lifted the head and looked at the doll-like but coldly indifferent Pandora. The unfocused eyes of the latter turned to my direction. Perhaps it was the telepathy that had been with the spiritual connection between Pandora and the Pandora. I intuitively felt that Pandora’s attention was focused on the crispy chicken in my hand.

“Give, eat.” I handed the chopsticks forward and then sent the chicken to the other’s mouth in order to prove that Pandora couldn’t see anything.

Looking at Pandora quietly eating something, I was quite curious as a living thing, how she became interested in these carbon-based living thing foods.

Qianqian reluctantly looked at the interaction of our “brothers and sisters”. The supporter sighed: “A’Jun, you are… exactly the same as before, nothing has changed.”

My sister smiled and played round: “Although A’Jun doesn’t seem to be good at expressing emotions, he still cares about Lily’s.”

“This guy is really not good at…” Qianqian suddenly sighed. “Speaking, it seems that we haven’t gathered together for a long time, since I moved.”

“Yeah,” my sister said with some emotions. “I remember that at the time, the two of you were just as big as the current Lily. When you were crying separately, it was so big now…”

“Don’t say what you said to an old woman,” I glanced at the elder sister who was sighing in time, but my heart was a little embarrassed. So many years, my sisters put the burden of the family on their shoulders and said that it was my sister. But more often it is playing the role of a mother, and it is inevitable that she will have this feeling.

Perhaps, since she began to take on this fragile home, her heart no longer belongs to a young girl.

The younger Qianqian is obviously not thinking of so many, she Haha said with a smile: “That is, when Elder Sister Chen Qian is still young and beautiful, how to say so old, say, Elder Sister Chen Qian looking for a boyfriend No? I don’t know which lucky guy can have this honor Ah?”

“Dead gimmick!” my sister smiled. “You can’t think of something serious?”

“How can you not be serious? This is related to our Elder Sister Chen Qian’s lifelong event Oh! ”

It is said that a woman has two major skills, one is chatting, the other is shopping, and now my sister and Qianqian have perfectly shown me the first skill. After a while, both of them have completely entered the interactive mode, so that this The original central character of the second party, Pandora, was left aside.

“Ah, patronize you and make trouble with Younger Sister Lily!” The sister finally reacted and exclaimed, but it was a pity that Pandora had no reaction from beginning to end, whether it was unintentionally ignored or at this. Moment was called to the name, she just quietly ate something in front of her, from time to time to explore the role of the dish to play the role of a blind woman, this way, as if the entire World abandoned her.

Pandora, you will make your sister feel guilty…

Sure enough, when I saw Pandora, the two girls who had just chatted happily immediately blamed themselves. My sister first picked up the wine glass that I hadn’t touched before, and said, “Lily, I’m sorry, my sister made a free throw!”

I hurriedly dissuaded: “Sister, don’t…”

A step late…

This process can be simplified into the following words: toast, lip, and sister.

Looking at the sister who had fallen on the table, Qianqian said: “didn’t expect Elder Sister Chen Qian’s drink is still so small.”

At this time, Pandora’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind: “Brother, yesterday attacked one of our two carbon-based living things. Appeared.”

I was shocked, but did not show it. Instead, I talked with Qianqian and asked through a spiritual connection: “What happened? Where is that person? Is it directed at us?”

“Just outside the door – the other party is still not hostile. A comprehensive analysis of the hormone status of the other with the body concludes that there is no attack intention, but does not rule out the other’s threat.”

Outside the door?

I indulged a bit and then replied through a spiritual connection: “Do not block, wait and see, if the other party really wants to do so, to protect the sister and Qianqian as a priority -“

Just then, the door bell came over.

“Hey, A’Jun, have you invited someone else today?” Qianqian asked strangely.

“Oh,” I waved my hand and let the prepared Qianqian sit down. “It’s a friend, you will accompany Lily first, I will open the door.”

Although Pandora told me that there is no hostility, and I believe that Pandora has the ability to get everything before the opponent launches the attack, but the other party is the one who attacked me a few days ago, and the attack method is also very powerful, so the station At the door, my heart was still a little nervous.

But this nervous mood turned into surprise as I opened the door.

I imagined that the other side was a cool youngster, a black uncle who was unshaven, a scary Scar man, and even a terrorist who was full of armed forces, but I did not expect it, the other person turned out to be a sweet, A tall, pretty girl.

It’s just that the beautiful woman wearing a goose-yellow coat, long hair and shoulders is not very good at this time. Although the other party tried to bring a smile, the deep anger was easily discovered by me.

It seems that the other side must have suffered a lot under the Xiling weapon a few days ago.

Since the other’s image is really unexpected, the rhetoric after the original meeting was not used at all. We looked at it for a few seconds, and I finally came up with a sentence: “You are so big!”

The pretty face of the opposite woman immediately darkened.

Lin Xue is very upset now, very unhappy!

The reason is that this man is in front of you.

About ten days ago, Lin Xue’s school was transferred to the school where the task was transferred. A number of students were injured because of their own ability, so Lin Xue chose Reporting to the higher level is waiting for support, but just after she reported it, the three civilian gunmen suddenly fell to the ground, and their behavior was abnormal. Later, after inspection, the doctors were surprised to find that their IQ had fallen to the point similar to the mouse. , in other words became Idiot.

Despite this suspicion, there is no valuable information that an eyewitness can provide, except for Lin Xue.

She found two things worth noting.

The first is when the three criminals fall. Lin Xue clearly remembered that the three people stood still some time ago, but the next moment they fell to the ground and became Idiot, and there was no process of falling to the ground in the middle – just like a video was knocked out for a while! The original vision was so obvious that the individual could find it, but the situation was too chaotic at the time. No one in the running school noticed this, so that Lin Xue now has some doubts about whether he was wrong.

If the first point is still possible, the second point is definitely not a problem – when the three criminals fell to the ground, Lin Xue felt unusual energy fluctuations from the two opposite students.

For her own ability Lin Xue is 100% confident, so she will report the situation to her superiors, and the superior will give her instructions to test the target person.

Then, a nightmare-like day came.

Lin Xue clearly remembers that when the wind blade edge issued by Lin Feng crossed the older male student, there was no reaction at all, and even the weakest Esper could not perceive Lin Feng. The obvious energy fluctuations sent out, just as Lin Xue thought that his judgment had a problem. When the other party was just two ordinary students, she found that the two people not only discovered the traces left by the wind blade edge. And still discussing something calmly!

The other party has already discovered his own attack, and he has not put this kind of attack in his eyes!

With this conclusion, Lin Xue immediately decided to retreat, but everything seemed to be late, because a burst of energy was gathered on his head almost instantly, and Lin Xue even suspected that such a powerful energy Once it falls to the ground, will it directly evaporate the entire city!

The expected death did not come, it may be that the innocent person was worried, the other party stopped the attack, and the energy gathered in the sky dissipated quickly—although that energy had already produced a rush of too many too too small in the process of gathering. .

Feeling that the other’s is strong, Lin Xue decisively pulled Lin Feng, who still had some unclear conditions, and began to run away desperately.

They escaped all day and night.

The other party didn’t seem to kill themselves. They just teased Lin Xue and Lin Feng. The energy column that could not be seen by the naked eye kept behind them, driving them away from the street like a madman, whenever they ran. When the physical exhaustion has to rest, the energy will stop, and when they finally recover a little physical strength, the deadly energy will follow up…

This cat-like teasing continues until the next morning.

Then Lin Xue and Lin Feng hit back from the nearby town…

Even though he was chased by such awkwardness, Lin Xue didn’t dare to offend the two people, because such a powerful Esper is too precious for the organization. In any case, the two people and the organization cannot be opposed for their own reasons.

Therefore, Lin Xue today succumbed to the grievances and anger of being teased and apologized, didn’t expect that the other’s first sentence turned out to be like that!

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