Xiling Empire Chapter 160

Chapter 160โ€”Surrealistic Dialogue (I)

Elune! Stormwind City!

This broken conversation is coming from Azeroth World!

As a senior wower, Lin Xue quickly identified the source of this information without my reminder, and then concentrated the to scan area in the frequency range of this information. Immediately, more information was continuously transmitted. .

Frontline battle reports, politicians’ talks, broken into almost unrecognizable intermittent images, inexplicable Magic formulas, ads with gold roses, grace, and the snoring of some dwarf…

I have to admit that Lin Xue’s detection capability has been qualified as a god after the strengthening of this big machine…

In addition, according to Sivis, when this behemoth is fully activated, the information it receives in every millisecond is almost equal to the total amount of information that can be created by Human Race in a decade, even though most of this information It is meaningless garbled or World archives that are incomprehensible to Human Race, but Lin Xue can accurately analyze the identifiable ordered data from such a terrible information sea… This brain Is it the core of quantum computing?

I am afraid that Pandora’s super quantum computing core at this moment will also smoke?

Sure enough, Esper is something that can never be explained by common sense. It is like God Clan’s exists in the same way as Alaya’s living thing. This kind of Xiling science and technology is classified as mysterious and unknown. If you intend to use science The way to explain them, it is simply to find a way out – to be inferior to death.

Our super radar and Prophet Lin Xue Young Lady Lin satisfactorily met a super curiosity and exploration spirit that her mortal can’t understand in the information sea, and then finally remembered what she was doing, and began to analyze the space of Azeroth World. Coordinates.

This world space coordinate is a rather incomprehensible concept. Although it is called coordinate, this thing and the coordinate I have learned in class are not a concept at all. In other words, it is not the same as the x-axis and y-axis. Determining the point – of course, even adding a z-axis is useless, because Azeroth World is completely World that is not in the universe with Universe. The concept of space that Human Race can understand is once removed from the standard reference of “Universe”. Things will become meaningless, just like discussing the problem of drowning with fish or letting a two-dimensional creature understand what is a three-dimensional space. There is no possibility of understanding. Similarly, I can’t accurately describe it. What does the space coordinate of the different World mean? There is no connection between the people and our space. What do we use to locate?

But if we don’t understand or understand, we can still use this technology. After all, we are not God Clan. It is not necessary to be bored to explore the origin of void. As long as it can be used, the original people don’t know what molecular motion is. And the relationship between heat, they can not barbecue?

In addition, we are much more fortunate than the original people, at least those Xiling technicians who can analyze the different World space coordinates…

At this moment, we worked hard for nearly ten days and finally came out. A competent Xiling technician suddenly reported loudly: “Azeroth World coordinate is locked, the basic data is saved! Upload to Empire central database…”

Then, the hall was quiet in an instant…

Empire central database – long ago did not exist.

The habitual word of the competent Xiling technician made this relaxed atmosphere immediately suppressed. The Xiling Apostle feelings are not the same as the Human Race, but it is not that they have no feelings. Now, I can clearly feel the research. There was a suppressed feeling in the hall.

Although I am a Human Race, at most I am a half-way Xiling Apostle, but I can roughly imagine this feeling, in other words, it is – the country broke.

Even more unacceptable, it is still such a mysterious country to break the family – even a little record has not been left, the entire huge Empire has vanished overnight, and only Xiling Apostle is faced with Abyss power from birth. The Iron War and the emotional pattern and the Human Race’s very different race can barely accept such a thing, if it is me…

I can’t help but imagine that if I wake up one day, I know that it has been tens of thousands of years, the entire Human Race society has already vanished…

Then, I can’t help but feel the strength of the Xiling Apostle.

But this kind of strength is also limited. Even if they have cultivated a strong spirit that can face any desperation, it does not mean that they can be indifferent to such a desperate situation.

Although the Xiling Apostle usually doesn’t care, and there are even people who are so heartless as Carrow, I can imagine that the strong emotions in the depths of every Xiling Apostle are just as calm as they are. It is clear that such emotions may have a bad influence on their judgment, so they can be so flat.

Thinking of this, I couldnโ€™t help but look down at Pandora, who still has a calm expression but is holding my hand tighter, and Little Bubbles, who is looking around with lollipop and looking around with innocent eyes… Hey, body For the carefree new generation Xiling Apostle, Little Bubbles is so lucky…

“Don’t worry, I’m not as fragile as you think.” When I met Shadora’s line of sight, the latter suddenly burst into a sincere smile. “As long as there is a breath, Xiling Apostle will not die, all difficulties are temporary.” I believe that you will always be with me until everything is fine – will you?”

“Of course, whenever I am, I will stay with you…”

โ€œcough cough…โ€ Qianqian suddenly coughed. โ€œAlthough I am not ‘very’ mindful, can you choose a place for the two?โ€

I suddenly woke up, looked around, and found that there were at least a hundred pairs of eyes staring at the two Empire Chief of state in the center of the field…

“Bubbles! Take your daughter away, don’t bring bad kids!”

When I was squatting, Lin Xue’s voice suddenly rang through the hall, and I found a big step in a consistent way.

Although Young Lady Lin’s ethics is not very good, I still thank her for helping me and Shandora get rid of this embarrassing confession in front of hundreds of subordinates. The atmosphere that has just been triggered is finally dissipated at this moment.

“Okay, let’s do something right,” I took the opportunity to shift the topic. “Azeroth World’s space coordinate has been confirmed, and the corps can be logged in at any time. Are we going to take the time to prepare?”

“No, I can’t be anxious.” Shandora took less than a second to get rid of the embarrassment and turned into the cool and wise Xiling Queen. “The rushing landing will bring unnecessary trouble. We better do it with Azeroth.” World contact.”

โ€œYes,โ€ Lin Xue, who is also sitting in the Space-Time sensor control cabin, also interjected. โ€œThis landing is not the same as the previous crossings. This time we are going to enter with a formed legion. Alien, it can’t be as unobtrusive as the previous Lone Ranger crossing. Azeroth World has a lot of powerful races, they will definitely react to it, and after the invasion of the Burning Legion, they are now on the ‘outer space’. But the alert is tight, a coming from a different World legion is on Azeroth World… optimistic estimates, etc. After we complete the Space-Time jump, we have to face thousands of ethnic groups, I believe in Tyrandesa The superpowers like this can still sense the fluctuations when the Space-Time gate opens.”

… I also believe, and I still believe that Azeroth’s strong players are completely capable. We have suffered a lot before we have completed the Space-Time jump. After all, that World does not lack the powerful Monster-class big bang, card. Degas, they have made the feat of the same as the Dark Portal, if at that time we not only did not destroy the Burning Legion but were given the same by the Azeroth Indigenous People – it was really dead.

“Lin Xue, have you been able to contact Azeroth? Are you hanging our appetite here?” According to my understanding of Lin Xue’s, now that she is in contact with Azeroth, there must be a perfect plan, and There is a great possibility that this plan will make her arrogant…

“That is of course,” Sure enough, Lin Xue’s voice immediately sounded with a sense of substantial pride. “I have Jaina mm’s nickname Oh~~~~~~ I want it? I want it. Miss Ben, this is a good opportunity to talk directly with Jaina mm. The average person canโ€™t ask for it…โ€

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