Xiling Empire Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Surreal Conversation (middle)

… I really took Lin Xue this guy… Jaina’s qq number… This girl can really think of it.

Needless to say, she must have found a communication channel with Jaina, which is imaginable. After all, as the famous strongman of Azeroth World, Jaina’s strength is there, especially the powerful Mage class as mental power. Occupation, it is also possible for us to contact us in another World.

Don’t underestimate this contact, you know, the gap between us and Jaina, but the sea!

That is second only to the chaotic zone of void, any energy will decay at an alarming rate in the etheric sea. So far, apart from my kind of mutated mental power that can be transmitted in the void without any attenuation and infinite transmission, this is still me. The first time I heard that a mortal’s mental power can talk across the world.

There is no increase in the Space-Time sensor at all, because the increase of the Space-Time sensor is one-way. In other words, we can enhance the to scan signal that we have transmitted through this large machine, but we can’t use it. It reinforces the signal sent by the other party, which is why we can scan to Azeroth World, but most of this information is the cause of intermittent garbled, which is like zooming in on a picture with a very low resolution. What we can do is just enlarge the size of this picture, so that we can’t find what we couldn’t see on the picture, but we can’t fundamentally improve the resolution of this picture. The bigger the image is, the more blurred the image… …

The same is true for Azeroth World. We can increase our to scan intensity and receive more information from coming from Azeroth World, but whether this information can be distinguished or not is clear enough, we can only rely on the strength of the information source. .

And be clear that you can talk to us directly – this mental power is just as good as the Xiling Apostle that fights Elite Level and specializes in mental power!

“Hey!” Lin Xue’s voice sounded again, and the pride and happiness in the voice did not hide. “Is there not? Jaina, but I will soon be off the assembly line… Hey, it is the end of meditation, you are now seeking this lady.” If you have this rare opportunity, you have to miss it…”

Dead girl, still want to marry me? Although it is tempting to be the first Human Race to talk to Jaina, but…

“Sivis, shut down, leave.”

Sivis, who has been standing aside, immediately banged a standard military salute and replied loudly: “Yes, your majesty!”

Hum hum, see who is going to marry!

I’m sure this is Lin Xue’s biggest weakness now, and it’s completely inconsistent with her outstanding appearance. This gimmick has an amazing enthusiasm for the mysterious and advanced Xiling science and technology. This unique Space-Time sensor For her, it is a super big toy that can make her sleep for three days and three nights, now shuts down…

“Don’t!” Sure enough, Lin Xue was an exclamation at the same time that Sivis’s voice had just fallen. The voice was so fierce that it was just like the righteousness. Isn’t that just letting you leave the machine? Is it necessary to be so exaggerated?

But I still sneaked Lin Xue’s love for this “big toy”. I didn’t need to speak. Lin Xue took the initiative to disarm: “I beg you, don’t shut down, I haven’t played enough yet!”

“Then quickly set up the communication channel for me!”

Hey, Lin Xue, this super-Artificial Intelligence’s to scan instrument is not as good as those without brains. This is not the case.

“cough cough… I will say something first?” I suddenly remembered that I still don’t know what to say. Do you say directly to Jaina: Hello, I am Savior. Do you need special services?

With this at the same time, on the distant Azeroth World, on the Mage tower in the central part of Theramore.

A beautiful woman in a purple robe is undergoing meditation in a dark room with concealed magic fluctuations.

The Ramer of Salem, the big Mage Jaina. Proudmoore.

From the outside, she is just a young woman who is just in her early twenties. The power of Magic may still allow her to maintain such a look for a longer period of time. This appearance makes it hard to believe that she is a powerful Mage. It is even harder to believe how much enormous responsibility and pressure she has.

Yes, pressure, as a female, become the ruler of Theramore, Jaina is under pressure from outsiders, and in this land where the tribal forces occupy an absolute advantage, Jaina must take up the people who protect themselves and The tribe maintains a relatively balanced responsibility. Not only that, but she also faces a variety of questions and even hostile gaze, which consumes a lot of her energy, so that she is a meditation practice necessary for a big Mage. It has become a very rare thing for her.

No wonder there is a saying between Mage: the crown does not belong to Mage.

Mage’s cultivation is quite time consuming. They need to spend large chunks of time on meditation, thinking, and researching spells. Avoid all the outside interference so that they have more time to study the mysterious and charming Arcane. Knowledge, Mage, which looks superficial on the surface, is actually a boring life that is comparable to that of a monk. Even when you sleep, they must be combined with cultivation, so once a Mage puts limited energy on other things, Then their strength will be greatly affected.

Like Jaina, shouldering such a major responsibility and maintaining Mage’s cultivation can only be attributed to her talent.

Jaina’s brow wrinkled slightly, and it was obvious that this meditation was still not very smooth.

There is no way to do this. The most important thing about Mage meditation is to abandon all the distractions and concentrate on mental power to feel the magic elements of surroundings, but Jaina is now very difficult to do this.

Although a little regrettable, Jaina is still ready to leave the state of meditation. As a veteran Mage, she knows that in this case she can’t make a quick profit. Since she is not in the state, there will be no good results for forced cultivation.

“Hey, can you hear it? Hear back…”

Just as Jaina was ready to take back the outgoing mental power, a voice suddenly sounded in her mind. With this sound, there seemed to be other things like “I really didn’t think creatively”, “A’Jun I am hungry. “I come to me,” “Oh…Oh…” such an unclear and confused voice…

Although initially shocked, Jaina quickly calmed down and then began to quickly analyze the current situation.

First, she ruled out the possibility of illusion: As one of the most powerful Mages in the world, Jaina’s mental power can almost match Huge Dragon, not to mention a failed meditation, even if it is a fearful demon who is good at mental power. Attack’s leader-level Demon is hard to make her hallucinations.

Well, this is where someone talks directly with themselves through a powerful amount of mental power!

Jaina is no stranger to such a means of communication. Although there is no Mage in the world that specializes in Magic, many powerful Mage have the means to use their formidable mental power to conduct similar communications. In fact, as long as Mental power is strong enough that Magic is harder than a small fireball.


The prerequisite is that mental power is strong enough! Moreover, it is strong enough to establish a spiritual connection with yourself in this situation!

This is not the place where any Mage’s mental power can be invaded. Because I know that Mage is the most vulnerable time, it is the meditation state. Jaina personally designed the defense system of this Mage tower. This always-on defense system can stop everything. Allowed alien Magic fluctuations into the tower, unless the Magic fluctuations are strong enough to counter the entire Mage tower, and Jaina is also a powerful Mage, the external mental power is directly invaded into her consciousness – unless the other’s strength ratio She is more than twice as strong!

If Jaina knows that this spiritual connection has even crossed the Ethereum and the World barrier, I don’t know what she will be shocked…

The only thing that is fortunate is that this powerful “invader” does not seem to be malicious. At least, he did not use his powerful mental power to make himself into an Idiot.

With this at the same time, Earth…

After a long while, I still didn’t hear the echo, so I asked another side: “cough cough… This is the World Management Center. Is there anyone?”

I admit that the term “World Management Center” is a nonsense, but… According to Bubbles’ analysis, this statement is most likely to be successful, so I have to impersonate those God Clan screaming… anyway, Della This true god has no opinion to say…

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