Xiling Empire Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Surreal Conversation (Part 2)

“Lin Xue, you won’t be mistaken for the channel?”

After waiting for half a minute, we still didn’t hear any response. I couldn’t help but wonder if Lin Xue was wrong.

“…you dare to marry the strength of Miss Ben!” Lin Xue immediately responded like a cat stepped on the tail. “This lady is not your IQ. The tenth place after the decimal point can see the dead wood of the effective number. Hum, tell you, even if there is something wrong, it is a problem with this big machine! This lady’s judgment is absolutely no problem! Well, yes, it must be that this machine is broken, and this lady is very difficult. Help you repair it, who and who, help me bring the pliers, this lady wants to dismantle… cough cough, repair this machine…”

How much is this irritating Oh! Do you need to accurately describe my intelligence to get the superiority of IQ? Do you really dare to repair with pliers? No no no ! This is not the point. The point is, how do you get the Oh that my IQ needs to be accurate to the decimal point to see the valid number?

Actually, we don’t even know that this contact has not responded for such a long time. It is not that Lin Xue’s space has identified the problem, but that Jaina has not responded at all…

World Management Center… This monk’s name is a bit too awkward…

It’s like a day suddenly there is an Alien to drop out from the sky, standing in front of you claiming to be a member of a certain Galaxy Protection Organization and asking you to pay this year’s protection fee, to be full of bizarre style and nonsense…

So, it took Jaina 30 seconds to get her nerves back to normal, and began to analyze which strong man is using this way to send his super boring time…

β€œThe last contact…” At this moment, Jaina suddenly felt such a message in her mind…

Yes, it is emerging!

Unlike the illusion that just like the illusion, the way of sounding in the mind is different. This time, the information is directly in your own thinking! It’s like the idea that comes out of your own mind, or something like a memory that suddenly appears in your mind. How terrible this is!

Jaina believes that there is no such ability – even the Lich King, I am afraid that it is impossible to project his will directly into the thinking of a big Mage.

It seems that it has been a long time, but these things are just the thoughts that flashed in Jaina’s mind for a moment, and that information still continually emerged in his mind: “The last contact, here is the World Management Center. Please reply to all the planets that have received the information, and now start to contact –

Agus Star, Agus Star… No return signal found, confirmed to cancel the Argus star…

Draenor Star, Draeren Star… No return signal found, confirmed to log off the Draenor star…

Van Nuo Xing… Van Nuo Xing has a reply, confirming that Van Nuo Xing still exists…Dantuin Star, Dantuin Star… No return signal was found, confirming the cancellation of Dantuin Star…

Azeroth star, Azeroth star… No return signal found, confirm logout Azeroth…”

“wait a moment! Here is Azeroth…”

Shandora forwarded the communication port to me, and then gave me a smirk of invitation.

“Really didn’t expect, you are still a psychologist…” I looked at Shandora with a stunned look, feeling that my flickering effort was as weak as her parasitic worms facing the star cluster…

Cough cough, is this description a strange way?

In any case, Shandora’s whimsical flickering behavior is very good at holding Jaina, although Jaina certainly did not fully understand these words, but what she wants is to make her seem to understand!

Argus, Draeren, these two words may be a bit strange to ordinary people, but as a knowledgeable big Mage, Jaina certainly knows what these two worlds mean, these are two planets destroyed by the Burning Legion!

This is not quite right, because the planet Argus is the hometown of the Eredars, not so much destroyed by the Demons, but rather the entire rear camp of the Burning Legion, and the Draeor is truly destroyed by the Burning Legion. The planet, with these two names in front, Jaina naturally can’t help but associate this quirky message. Then, the word Azeroth appears just right. If you change to me, I am afraid I can’t help but respond to that mystery. Information?

“Received Azeroth World response, establishing a two-way connection…”

I reorganized my emotions and tried to imagine that I was a superman wearing shorts. I was standing on the Eiffel Tower and telling the story of “i havea dream”… cough cough, in short, let yourself be as serious as possible: “You Ok, here is the World Management Center.”

“…oh, here is…Azeroth…” A nice female voice echoed in the hall with a little hesitation and caution.

I quickly turned off the power of the microphone, then jumped on the spot for three and a half weeks and jumped two backflips, shouting: “Yes-“

Ok, vent is finished, turn on the microphone, and continue to install Savior.

A cold wind swept through the R&D hall, including busy Xiling technicians, everyone couldn’t help but chill, and my nearest Shandora was a petrified look.

β€œEven if he is a senior wower,” Qianqian endured the twitching of his mouth. β€œThis is too exaggerated…”

Lin Xue, who was still in the control cabin, immediately hum hum, and said vicissitudes: “Hey, how can you understand the wow feelings in our hearts… Of course, I also think that the roots are not slow to respond to IQ is zero. The dead wood is not quite normal…”

Hum hum, you say your own, this great man can now have something to do!

I cleared my throat and started to follow Jaina according to the previously planned Fudge program… Well, communication…

“Hello, Azeroth’s representative, since you can receive this message, then you prove that you have enough qualifications to talk to us. We are all World’s managers. The main purpose of this contact is to collect the stars – well, According to your understanding, it should be the status quo of the so-called World. According to our observations, the world of the seventeenth batch has undergone an unknown change in the past a period of time, including many worlds such as Argus and Draeren. Lost contact with the creator, the observer has been dispatched, and before they arrive, I hope to understand the current status of Azeroth.”

“You are… Titan?!”

“Titan? No, our name is not Titan. It may be that the passage of time and the change of World have caused your knowledge to pass away wrong, but this is not a critical issue. You only need to know that we are now responsible for World’s custody work.”

That’s it. There are fakes in the real world, false… cough cough, don’t discuss the details. In short, use these things that are familiar to Azeroth’s knowledge groups, and cooperate with the communication methods they can’t understand to achieve the purpose of flickering. Of course, I don’t think that such a flicker will make Jaina’s keen and intelligent people completely believe in us. It doesn’t matter. What I want is only she is dubious.

That’s enough.

Jaina is silent, and I have no voice, giving her time to think.

Suspicious, quite suspicious, this is Jaina’s biggest feeling now, although the other party obviously has strong strength, and can use its own unheard of the ability to directly imprint information in the other memory, but only rely on these two points to claim to be God… There are only two possibilities. First, the other party is really a god, so there is no need to blame the temper and the mortal to prove their identity. Second, the other party is only a powerful force but not very normal. The arrogant, or a boring to go crazy, the old Monster specializing in the magic of the magic door, it is obvious that the second may be more reliable, this World is not lacking to study Magic’s Mage that burned the brain.

Thinking of this, Jaina couldn’t help but play a little heart–it’s right, it’s just playing with heart, being riddled by the trivial things of the everyday in disorder, plus the pressure from comping from Human Race, she is fed up. Now, it is rare to have such an opportunity to appear a “person” who does not have to face it with a false mask – whether the other is a god or a madman, Jaina feels that she can finally speak without a mask.

So she responded: “Hello, distinguished…”

“Apostle, this is our unified title.”

It’s quite formal, it won’t be true? Jaina thinks like this, but the reply is not slow: “Apostle adults, if you want to know the current situation of Azeroth, I can only say that it is very bad…”

“Prepare the record – please elaborate.”

Regardless of what Jaina thinks, she at least seriously told us about Azeroth World’s experience – even if she was just holding on to the prank.

Through Jaina’s retelling, we finally realized that there is a difference between the projection information and the actual situation.

Although there is no difference in the big world outlook, the real thing about Azeroth World and the Demon Beast story on the Earth are still distinguished. The most obvious example is the beginning of the undead natural disaster, the burning army invasion. Blood Elf rebellion, the moment when this bunch of key events happened, is completely different from the “plot” we know!

Fortunately, I listened to Lin Xue’s proposal and contacted Jaina. Otherwise, once we rush into Azeroth and follow the description in Demon Beast’s plot to make an action plan, we will definitely take a lot of detours!

On the Azeroth side, when Jaina just finished talking about the invasion of the Legion, the mysterious voice immediately interrupted her description: “According to your statement, now the Burning Legion has invaded your World, and you are now Is it completely passive?”

“Yes,” Jaina no longer considered whether the other party was in a prank, but really began to talk to us seriously. “Demon’s army has set foot on the land of Kalimdor and has been fierce with us. The battle, we… are completely at a disadvantage, not only because the other’s are strong, but because…”

“Internal differences, or – civil war.”

β€œYes, even in this case, there are still differences between the various ethnic groups. Even though we have reached a covenant with Beastman and Dark Elf, more Human Races still have a negative attitude towards such a joint. The situation… very bad.”

“Understood, Azeroth World is the priority rescue target. The rescue team will arrive near Theramore within 48 hours. Please be prepared to receive it.”

Then, the communication was interrupted, leaving only the horrified Jaina.

… can’t be done, isn’t this a prank?

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