Xiling Empire Chapter 163

Chapter 163 is ready to go

Seeing that I decided to cut off the connection decisively, Qianqian was still unclear. So, the big eyes with bright eyes asked: “Why don’t you say a little more, I think she is being fooled.”

“Flickering? It’s impossible,” Shandora said with a faint smile. “Who is Jaina? A leader who can help the various ethnic groups alone, affect the entire Kalimdor situation, and even let the Burning Legion be jealous. Her cautiousness is definitely beyond your imagination. I even guessed that she simply regarded this connection as a mischief of a strong person, so I would like to say that this kind of dialogue will fool Jaina and let her really It is impossible to take us as the God who saves World.”

“That… aren’t we all in vain?”

I cried on the curious baby version of Qianqian’s head and said with a smile: “So I have to suddenly cut off the connection, which will allow her to maximize doubts and a little bit of confidence, and at the end, she will inform her that there will be The news of the arrival of the reinforcements unilaterally cut off the contact before she reacted. In this way, it was equivalent to giving her a shot in advance, although it was impossible for her to really welcome the arrival of the Xiling army, but at least When we landed near Theramore, we won’t be overwhelmed by the attack, and as a hero in a chaotic world, Jaina must know how to prevent any kind of accident, so we landed near her territory and will be affected by Human. The protection of Race power, although these Human Races can’t really protect them, they can at least protect us from other sensitive forces. Of course, protection is better. It should be said that it is Jaina. Come over and monitor our troops, but as long as we don’t act rashly, these surveillance forces can Let us from the best umbrella of trouble. “

“It turned out to be the case,” Qianqian nodded said.

In fact, this is nothing complicated. It is nothing more than grasping the two words of psychology. Leaders like Jaina who shoulder heavy responsibilities will definitely have more doubts than ordinary people. If this is too suspicious, you can do it for us. Service, as if this time, if I did not greet Jaina today and landed near her territory, then she probably did not hesitate to send a large army to destroy the mysterious army that our gang and the Burning Legion appeared in the same way. It’s off – even if it’s just possible, this is what we have to avoid, let alone this is still very high, think about what would happen if you suddenly drop the army of Alien on the Earth one day, you can understand it, Now, we have an early contact with Jaina. Whether she regards this as a prank, when we enter Azeroth, the chances of her attacking us will be reduced. Of course, the warning to us is definitely inevitable. of.

In other words, this is to reduce hostility, but to increase vigilance, and vigilance, under the premise of our sincere help, is not a big problem.

Of course, we also considered landing in an unmanned corner of Azeroth, but this idea was quickly abandoned. The reason is very simple. On the Earth, the thing about Demon Beast World is just the projection information of Azeroth World. And the real Azeroth must have the difference of ennormous. In case the wilderness we found according to the story of wow is just the front line of the Burning Legion, is it completely gone? And this is not an alien tour of one or two people, but a group of the entire army. At the beginning, a certain Xiling Commander was sent to the trunk because of the failure of positioning. I am still fresh in one’s memory…

So after discussion, we still think that it is much safer to find a landing point that is monitored but reliable, rather than finding a space coordinate that may not be noticed but is more likely to be the enemy base camp.

The rest is to reorganize the army and prepare to go. Of course, the assembly place of the army is in the shadow K City. I have not been daring to mobilize the Xiling Legion in the outer city center.

Unlike the previous accidents of the exotic tour, this time we are prepared for the expedition, and the enemy is also completely possible to confront the Xiling Army and even corrupt Xiling Apostle’s Abyss power. In other words, we will face this time, It is the battle of the Legion against the Legion. Of course, we must be prepared seriously.

Hey, to be honest, it’s really a bit nervous, but the threat of the abyss is too big. If you leave it alone, I’m afraid that the whole world will suffer from the catastrophe, take the initiative to destroy the enemy in the bud and wait passively until the four sides sing. Keep your position, as long as IQ is taller than the stool, you know which one to choose.

Sure enough, it is far away.

Pull the subject back and reorganize the army.

Xiling Apostle’s army has its own characteristics. Because of the application of space garrison technology and the heaven defying science and technology such as Xiling Host, the soldiers we want to assemble are not exaggerated to the point of the million army, just like now, standing on me. The main force troops in front of them are just less than 5,000 elite warriors. After these fighters, the various military vehicles arranged are just over a thousand enthusiastic light fighters.

These troops are the initial troops after landing Azeroth. After all, it takes a certain time to build the base through Xiling Host. In this “fragile period”, we must have a group of elite fighters to take the initial fighting strength, but these initial combat forces. Not too much, otherwise the energy consumption of the Space-Time transition will definitely make me cry to death.

However, although I did not see the millions of troops I expected, there are five thousand powerful Xiling soldiers and a thousand to be full of high science and technology taste ufo…cough cough, the fanatics line up waiting in front of themselves The training is still very good at satisfying the small pendulum mentality in my heart. As the saying goes, there are thousands of people, no side, not only 5,000 people, but also very visual impact.

But… what about you?

“So, this kind of pre-war training is only the noveau riche of you, will you come up with whimsical? Cut, also say what will use your own temperament to motivate the military, so that the Empire’s warriors can win unmatched warfare. – You really can’t help, does the Xiling Army need these things?” Lin Xue saw me standing on the podium, and immediately couldn’t stop the soul of the spit, and began to carry out an inhuman spirit attack on me.

Hey, dead girl, you still said that I did not want to be alone before the war.

However, Lin Xue said that it makes sense. Xiling Soldier has no morale at all. He has no brave and brave questions. He is also superficially disciplined, obeying orders and obeying orders. He respects Senior Officer and cares for his subordinates. He is experienced and powerful. More terrible, most of them are wars without independent thinking…

What is the perfect army, what do I teach Ah?!

I couldn’t help but see Qianqian and my sister’s expressions, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I expected that the enthusiasm of the war and the mobilization of the war had not begun yet, so I couldn’t think of it. What is the noveau riche of a general addiction?



… The above is the whole content of this war mobilization, 555, I am really depressed, there is a perfect army that does not need to motivate morale is really my biggest misfortune Oh!

These formal forces are only part of it, and our more important army is still behind.

When the Xiling soldiers left, the second unit to be reviewed entered the site.

With a neat but lighter pace than the big soldiers and a little Girl’s tender “one two one” slogan, our real main force Corps played!

Xiling Host, a whole dozen identical Bubbles…

Of course, in addition to the leader Lolita, the other eleven are simple copies copied by Bubbles through mass production. Although they look exactly the same, they are just automated construction machines with simple command recognition capabilities.

Well, twelve Xiling uniforms wearing the small ones are perfectly analogously standing in front of themselves, Loli, this visual impact…

I am not Lolicon, I am not Lolicon, I am not…

Lin Xue suddenly looked at me with a puzzled look and said, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, I count! Well, let me see, one, two, three…”

This is our most important military unit, Xiling Soldier is more powerful, but it is just a person, and Xiling Host, hey, just a few days, a Xiling Host is a super fortress!

Unfortunately, I still don’t see how Bubbles copied itself. The little girl seems to mind this. Even Shandora, when Bubbers copied himself, was blocked with me, that, by the way, At that time, we were also discovered by my sister, and then by my sister, “You have to go to see if you have children,” he gave a charred on the outside while tender on the inside.

Strictly speaking, these mass-production Xiling Hosts are not considered Bubbles’ children. They are simply copies, and there is no independent thinking and emotional module. With Alaya’s, there is no soul, but since the older sister uses “born children” to describe Well, I also use this reason to understand why Bubbles is not willing to let us see…

Now, the army is assembled, the goal – Azeroth!

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