Xiling Empire Chapter 165

The 165th chapter of the history of the most embarrassing landing

The sky, the more haze, even pressed down like a dirty mud, the low thunder continued to spread from the clouds, and there was a strange light flashing on the back of the dark clouds, making the atmosphere more oppressive.

The scene was silent. Except for the thunderous sounds from the sky, only the soldiers were getting more and more heavy breathing. Even the waves not far away did not know when they calmed down. This made people feel even more surprised. .

Now Jaina is absolutely certain that there is something very powerful that is approaching this space, because the weird changes in the surrounding environment now are due to the interference of this energy, which makes Jaina have to make a bigger deal for “they”. The tension, how powerful is it, can we intervene in the meteorology simply by virtue of the pre-event momentum, or even make the whole sea calm?

It is of course impossible for her to know that this anomalous weather is only caused by the aftermath of the cross-plane Space-Time transition. The energy of the Space-Time transition is so powerful that it is only the result of a little bit of weather that has been deliberately suppressed. .

Seeing that even the toughest Soldier was shaken by this eccentric Force Field, the old Mage Victor had to wave and release a “group mind soothing” to relax the spirit of the Soldiers.

Almost in the moment when the group’s mind calmed down, a wave of shocks that made the most powerful space system Mage shocked suddenly came from above the everybody. Even the soldiers who couldn’t understand Magic could feel the energy fluctuations. I couldn’t help but look up at the sky still covered by dark clouds, accompanied by the insurgents who couldn’t help but move the iron armor that the body brought.

With a rumbling sound of rumbling sound, the golden light leaked from the dark clouds. The light was weak at first, but soon the more intense golden light pierced the clouds and sprinkled on the earth. .

Just like the sight of the gods in the legendary legend, the boundless brilliance miraculously dispels the deep haze, a golden light beam breaks through the dark clouds, leaving an annular hollow in the dark clouds, as the light increases. The void also expanded rapidly until one third of the sky’s dark clouds were dissipated, and the bright sun finally sprinkled again on the earth through the hollow, just to the island where Jaina was.

When all the warriors were shocked by such miracles, and even began to tremble slightly, a few of the still calm and strong people at the scene finally saw that at the top of the golden light beam, an exclusive golden archway was applied.

At the moment of the space gate, Jaina finally let her down. The previous miracle made her very shocked, but only this space gate, which exudes endless divine power, can give her complete peace of mind, because the space system Magic is the most difficult to know. Controlled Spell, no one can let the space Department Spell bring other elements of the atmosphere, which proves that behind the door of the etheric door of the sky is really a world of to be full of sacred atmosphere.

In fact, she guessed wrong. There is only one Angel sister who is used as a large flashlight behind the space gate and a lot of energy amplifiers labeled with “test pieces”…

With a ring of bells coming from the distant sky, the door on the sky slowly opened, and then an object that emitted pure and holy light slowly flew out of the gate…

This is our equipment…cough cough, it is the image building plan, right, it is the image building plan!

How important is the first impression is a well-known thing. I dare not say how much comparability the “God of Heaven” scene I designed is compared to the real God Clan, but I can be sure that this way of playing definitely wins for us. Amazing impressions, especially in the case of the aborigines of the world of Azeroth, a magical nature.

Another reason is that the original faith-level shape is too…not flattering. Of course, I am not saying that it is not eye-catching enough. On the contrary, as the Xiling military spaceship, although not the main battle spaceship, the belief level still has With the daunting shape, not to mention anything else, the ten-kilometer-long black hull and various energy generators are enough to be arrogant, but…we are not coming to conquer In the war, what we have to do is to help Oh! The warships are too powerful and I am afraid that they can only bring counter-effects. This principle is easy to understand. I have not seen the “experts” in the medical advertisements on TV. What about decades of old Zen masters? Even if you can’t find a qualified old man at the moment, you must at least prepare a young scholar with good looks and good looks. I haven’t heard of the image spokesperson of a drug. It’s a scar with a scar on the face of Scar.

So, we designed such an image building plan, the purpose is also very clear, is to install … Savior! With such a shocking image, we can directly fool most of the Human Race. We don’t have time to fight for the trust of the locals, deceive or fool. In short, we must win the cooperation of the aborigines in the shortest possible time. The Burning Legion will not give us a few years for us to slowly establish a revolutionary friendship with the Azeroth people. I have chosen this most direct method.

Of course, I am definitely not because this method is very eye-catching! Absolutely not!

… forget it, I don’t believe it myself, I just want to show off, how to drop! Lin Xue The poison tongue is already a scorpion! I see who can despise me!

As the faith-class troop ships disguised as God Clan battleships gradually revealed more of it, some unstoppable exclamations gradually rang between the Soldiers:

“holy light is on! What is it!”

“God…this…this…how big is this thing!”

“This is only part of it! God, it is not completely out!”

“God! This is the weapon of God! I understand! This is what we are going to meet today! Jaina brings us the god of the god!”

Due to various concerns, Jaina did not tell the Soldiers what they are doing here today, just telling them that there will be a very special group of people coming over today, so we must do a good job of “joining”. But what puzzles the soldiers is that this “sentence” is quite vague. If the other party is an ally, then it is naturally impossible to “welcome” this way of gathering on the uninhabited islands, and if it is an enemy. Previously, the superiors repeatedly emphasized that unless they had to, they would never be allowed to launch an active attack. This vague command naturally made these loyal warriors greatly confused.

Now, the truth is clear, what they want to meet is not the power of the mortal, but God! To meet God, of course, to be listed as Supreme secrets, even participants, can not know in advance, of course, because …

Because of what? In fact, nothing is because…

This kind of explanation is actually far-fetched. It is no different from no explanation. Why should God be used to keep it secret in this way? Even the soldiers who are eager to meet? What is the significance of such measures? Explain with a “greeting God”, simply can’t say it!

But theocracy has a very important position in Azeroth World. Some explanations that are ignorant at all, once connected with the existence of “God”, will become more reasonable. If you can’t understand, then contact experts on the Earth. The effect is good. Superstitious gods are superstitions, superstitious experts?

Still stupid than superstition! At the very least, the former has a glorious image, but the latter is now almost a swearing word on the Earth!

Ok, now is not the time to talk about this topic…

After a full ten minutes, the faith level finally came out completely from theenomous archway, praising the advanced Hologram projection technology, so the big archway was so real, even I was worried that the spaceship would hit the archway. – This is purely a conditional reflection. I watched a big door that was not much wider than the spaceship. Even if I knew this thing was a bunch of laser projections, I was subconsciously a little nervous Oh!

It seems that ten minutes is a long time, but compared with the body of a belief level of more than ten kilometers, this is already an amazing speed.

After the enormous “God’s Weapon” left the space gate, it began to slowly fall, letting the Human Race on the island sneak a glimpse of the vertical sense of falling in the air town, but the enemy warship did not land directly. It was stopped at a height from the ground. Then, a platform was placed under the battleship, and a figure wearing a heavy golden Battle Armor was appeared. Then, more figures came up from the platform and appeared on that. Behind the person wearing the body of the Battle Armor.

Well, I have to say that the residents of Azeroth are still very good…

With this at the same time, the rear of a forgotten and blocked mouth, Prophet looked at the scene of the Hologram projection, and couldn’t help but start protesting, well, I translated, careless. Yes: Hey, bastard noveau riche, I despise your x-fruit behavior! Hey, at least bring this lady… Hey? This is… Hahaha, it really is a fool Oh! This is bad luck! Fortunately, Miss Ben did not follow you all and went out to shame…

Jaina is the only person on the scene who still keeps calm, but now she can’t help but come up with the idea: Is this God?

At this moment, the figure that wrapped himself completely in the heavy-armored slowly swept the line below, and then suddenly jumped directly!

This is the height of the kilometer Oh! Even the most powerful warrior does not dare to jump from this height without using any Battle Qi defense, the king of the hills will not work!

And at this moment, some of the already addictive noveau riche deep inside:

Yay! I finally have such an opportunity! I can finally play in this style!

From a very early age, Chen Chen was quite yearning for this eye-catching way of falling vertically from the sky and then standing up with a smog on the ground and finally standing up ten meters. Now, 俺 finally can Eye-catching one!

What? Injured? Just kidding, I don’t have to pay the price of lying in the regenerative cabin for three days in order to get out of the limelight. Don’t underestimate my physical quality. The continuous strengthening of Xiling science and technology is not a joke. Now I don’t say hard resistance. World’s doomsday will at least not be afraid of this little fall damage, not to mention the fact that this eye-catching armor on my body is not a product. The protective capability of the internal stable space equipment can definitely offset any form of external impact!

“咚-” a loud noise, the figure has been heavily squatting on an open space hundreds of meters in front of everybody, accompanied by the smog of the sky and the vibration of the earth, a crack of the turtle extended to Jaina The foot stopped.

Then… everything is quiet…

Well, after three minutes, it is still very quiet…

“Hey?” Qianqian, who was still on the landing platform, couldn’t help but strangely asked. “Why didn’t you still move Ah? A’Jun is not saying that this moment should stand up slowly, then let’s jump a few times? He doesn’t stand up, can’t they just go on?”

Shandora is obviously very strange. Someone who just had eye-catching has not yet moved, so she explored the origin, adjusted her vision to the first-level liberation mode, and began to seriously observe…

“Hey… Pandora, that… Is that armor probably sinking Ah?”

“Two hundred and thirty-five kilograms.”

“Good… I really went into the ground… Do we want to help out the A’Jun?”

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