Xiling Empire Chapter 167

The 167th chapter of the chaotic plot

This is the Mage Tower reception room in the central part of Theramore. At the same time is also the most important place in the whole of Theramore. For a Mage, signing the guests into their Mage tower will signify the greatest trust and respect. From this point of view, Jaina, who has become a leader of power, still maintains her habit of being a big Mage.

Before our arrival, despite the great momentum and to be full of thick equipment… cough cough, eye-catching feeling, but Jaina obviously did not make enough arrangements for this welcoming ceremony, which is understandable, after all, she even Is it all that a strong man’s prank is not sure, and even a little doubt whether we are another group of invaders, it is naturally impossible to arrange a grand welcoming ceremony, plus time constraints, so it is only a customer. After some time, several of our leaders rushed to Jaina’s reception room to start a short meeting.

Everyone is not a politician who puts his mind on useless face projects, so no one cares about the nuances of boring banquets, but quickly focuses on the most important things at the moment.

First of all, according to our request, Jaina introduced us to the situation of Azeroth World as much as possible.

Although knowing the situation of this World may not be the same as the “plot” we are familiar with, now, I still have to feel that the real Azeroth World is quite different from the wowWorld projected on the Earth.

Of course, I mean not only that Jaina has a “burstful outbreak”, but more about the historical process of this World.

For the simplest example, the advent of the Burning Legion was postponed.

Yes, we thought that the situation we would face would be quite bad. It was even worse when it came to a full-scale attack of the Burning Legion. But who did not expect, the situation turned out to be the opposite. The escaped Beastman is already in the card. Limdo has established a foothold, and even Saar has established a prototype of the country. Jaina has also established a stable Human Race base on the island of Theramore, and has formal exchanges with the dark night Elf, while in the distant East Continent, the undead Although the ravages of natural disasters are still continuing, the residual power of Human Race has already risen, and what is even more incomprehensible is that the Forsaken has already established a country!

Sylvanas got rid of the Lich King’s control in advance, or in other words, the Lich King’s power was weakened in this World, even though the Undead Scourge still brought enormous pain to Azeroth World, but at least Sylvanas did not receive more Many obstacles, even when she led the forgotten person who got rid of the spiritual control to establish the undead kingdom in Lordaeron, the Lich Kingโ€™s army was drove out of the Tirisfal area without any resistance!

Of course, despite the freedom gained in advance, the days of the Forsaken are not much better. It is well known that the undead creatures are excluded from the World of the Living. Although they are not the Lich King’s minions, this does not mean that they are Human. The Alliance forces led by Race can accept them, so so far, the forgotten people led by Sylvanas are still fighting alone, resisting the attack of trying to recapture the lost souls and the Demons that are constantly appearing on Continent – That’s right, Demon has just appeared on Azeroth World until now! Despite the fact that all of World has the intelligence of a small Demon, these Demons seem to be too low-key, and even Jaina’s sentinels have only had one battle with Demon’s Exploring Force until now.

At the same time, we also know that these scattered Burning Legion first team did not enter Azeroth through the Dark Portal. No one knows what these Demons use. They are like the ones coming out of the air, silent and silent. The scene appears in people’s sights, and the preparation and actions of these Demons seem quite confusing. They are not like the regular army of the Burning Legion. It should be known that although the Burning Legion is composed of the savage Demon, their military discipline is also well known. Even with the management of iron and blood, the military corps of the Burning Legion is simply a model army, and Demon also has a relatively weak but extremely good strategy. Therefore, the troops of the Burning Legion have always been disciplined and orderly, but now Inexplicably appearing in Azeroth’s small stock Demon, but even the militia can not be called, they are lack of tactics in the military discipline, except for Innate than the mortal forformable several times the body, compared with Azeroth’s army, there is no comparison at all, even The most extensive Beastman of the military discipline is compared with them. Strategic expert!

However, they are indeed the Soldier of the Burning Legion, which has been confirmed after playing against each other. Although there are no prisoners left, the logo of the Burning Legion has been found a lot – unless there are those in Demon’s World. There is a gangster in the flag, and a group of unemployed people secretly create some Burning Legion cards to Azeroth to mix and drink, but it is clear that this possibility is too low.

Although they are all such miscellaneous soldiers, they have not lowered the vigilance of Azeroth residents, not only because Demon is synonymous with blackmail, but also because the way they appear is too mysterious…

What is the power that needs to be transmitted across the world? Without the help of the Dark Portal, even the most powerful Demon would like to come to Azeroth World by himself, and because of the revision of World’s law, the more powerful Demon is the more bound in this respect, and the weaker A little Demon is easier to get into Azeroth, but that doesn’t come casually. At least, a powerful warlock is an indispensable condition.

However, those miscellaneous Demons are appeared.

The Gate of Darkness? Since Beastman was beaten back, the Dark Portal has been under close surveillance. Although many people don’t know if the Dark Portal can be used, will Demon use this gate to enter this World, but that does not affect Human. Race is wary of it, until now, the Dark Portal has been watched by a large number of expert cattle! Jaina swears to me that there is no movement at all!

Warlocks messed up? Less likely! Not to mention that the sorcerer’s dark profession dealing with Demon is resisted by the whole world. Not only is it rare, but as soon as there is a little action, it will be immediately pursued by the whole world. There is no such thing as a storm, even if they really There are a lot of hidden strengths, and those demons that have been eliminated are not magically marked Oh by the warlocks!

The rest of the possibilities, left the Arcane test to cause an accident, led to Demon to enter this World interpretation, after all, the initial Demon stared at Azeroth World is also attracted by the fluctuation of this World Arcane, and similar situations have occurred, However, this possibility is no more likely than the warlock’s disorder. There is no reason for it. The dangerous consequences of the large scale Magic experiment now become the common sense of all Mage in the whole world. Even the most careless Mage knows that it is going on. Set an enchantment before the test to prevent Magic fluctuations from getting out of control, not to mention the emergence of small-scale Demon is not a special case, but it occurs all over the place, although there is no sign of large scale, but this can also Exclusion is the result of the Magic test – unless the whole world’s high-level Mage is brain-dead, and forgetful enough to know what the Burning Legion is.

Although the situation seems to be much more optimistic than we think, the real situation is not so easy. The pressure of the small-scale Demon to bring Jaina is not small, obviously know that there are a group of terrorist enemies that are enough to destroy World. Looking at it, the other party may come at any time, but they have no movement at all, and such calm still reveals strange things everywhere. This kind of feeling is imagined, and people are not lost in the heart. To be honest, even the scene To drop out from the sky tens of thousands of Demon, we are all more than a hung.

The second thing that worried Jaina and her allies was the strength of the Demons – too strong!

When she first contacted Jaina a few days ago, she mentioned that Demonโ€™s army had come to Kalimdor and fought fiercely with his army. It seems that Demonโ€™s โ€œbig armyโ€ should be The more exaggerated statement should be the result of Jaina’s intelligence officer’s nervousness, but the fierce battle is true.

Just a team of less than 30 Demons, let the three thousand elite Human Race infantry almost disappeared!

True, Demon is more powerful than Human Race, and their Shadow Magic is even more of a headache. Even the strongest Beastman Soldier doesn’t necessarily compete with Demon Soldier, but the comparison has not reached one hundred and one hundred. The point!

A Demon miscellaneous singled out a hundred Human Race elites, and still used a no-legged rogue fight to overthrow a thousand military-stricken Human Race infantry – if Demon is so strong, the Burning Legion Nothing has to be done, and direct surrender is!

According to historical records, the ordinary Soldier of the Burning Legion has absolutely no such power! Otherwise, they can’t be beaten back in the last invasion. They don’t say that a miscellaneous soldier can overturn a hundred elites. The whole world’s defense forces add up to not enough to burn the Legion’s ordinary Soldier. Play it!

In addition to the changes in these key historical events, in terms of details, through the introduction of Jaina, we also found a lot of different places from โ€œplotโ€. In a word, we have already used the โ€œplotโ€ before. No, now we will have to face a completely out of shape Azeroth.

Is it really a sad reality, so that the only advantage we have in intelligence is that there is only one trouble-prone Prophet? If that is the case, should I withdraw Earth directly?

Of course, joking…

Although I know that I can’t measure the real World with the “plot” we know well, I and Shandora still think that it is not normal.

First of all, is Archimonde and Kil’jaeden a fool? The undead natural disasters were quickly dismantled before they sent a little harassment. Itโ€™s hard that these two masters still practice the spirit of the knight or the spirit of rpg. They must give the heroes of World a time to cultivate their life and give them a mob. Upgraded brushing equipment will be able to show up? Don’t worry, hurry up and temper! Is it awkward to be addicted to your wife at home? !

Secondly, Demon appeared out of thin air. Jaina, such a knowledgeable person, couldn’t think of how these Demons appeared silently around the world. Even if they were closely monitored, these Demons would pick up from a corner and use their formidable. The strength that can be eliminated is scary, shameless and wretched.

Although Jaina can’t think of how the enemy completed the cross-World transmission silently, I thought of more than one possibility. Xiling space science and technology is said to be the super technology behind God Clan space Divine Technique, Jaina called cross-World transmission. In our eyes, itโ€™s just a Space jump between the stars. Even my half-way Xiling Apostle can come up with more than ten ways to sneak a batch of Demon in Jainaโ€™s eyelids in a flash, and also There is no trace of Magic fluctuations left behind.

If my guess is really true, then I can only say that we are too unlucky… The worst situation is true, the corrupt Xiling Apostle and the Demon army are in the same league, the scientists will not be terrible martial arts, the terrible is that scientists become martial arts expert Rogue also began to study science…

And the third point, Demon’s strength is more powerful than Azeroth’s historical records, which makes me very puzzling, because history can’t make such a big mistake, especially in the case of World’s life and death, it is even less likely. Scribbled, so I think these Demons that are now appearing should be special cases, or…test products…

I suddenly thought of this possibility, and then, the cold sweat came down.

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