Xiling Empire Chapter 168

Chapter 168, the biochemical test of the Burning Legion?

“God’s Envoy adults?” Jaina couldn’t help but ask when I saw a worried look frowning.

In an instant, my brow stretched out… Well, this kind of legendary hero respectfully called the “God’s Envoy adult” feeling, and it really made people feel like a disappointing satisfaction after the success of the big man…

In the next second, I felt that my foot had suffered an unprecedented blow.

At this moment, I understood two things. The first thing is that when I saw Lin Xue wearing Xiling Commander armor, I was inexplicably involved in a cold war. It makes sense – the heel made of super alloy It’s really painful to come over! As for the second thing… It seems that the family has just thought about something worthy of contempt in the public channel…

Seeing that my face changed continuously within a second, Jaina suddenly became confused, and said that this is a special hobby of God Clan’s? Facial muscle exercises and the like…

Why do I feel that someone was negotiating in a very rude way at the moment?

At this moment, I finally noticed Jaina’s gaze, and my heart was not good. I was infected by this guy’s “burstful thinking violent disease”, and quickly sorted out the expression and took myself to Young Lady Lin. Unexpectedly hit and couldn’t help but start to twist the facial muscles and flattened, then said: “You don’t have to be so constrained, you can call me Chen Jun, I personally don’t care about those red tapes, and about this God’s Envoy… In fact, we Not all of God Clan…”

Appropriate loading is very enjoyable, but don’t continue to flick after the addiction.

Jaina’s expression was very exciting, confused, surprised, and a little bit irritated after being fooled, but these angers became even more puzzled by evidence that could almost prove the identity of the other.

Seeing that Jaina is about to be swallowed up again by her imagination of being extremely good at running the problem, I quickly explained: “Before we said that we are a World Management Center, we didn’t deceive you. We are really responsible for the security maintenance work of many Worlds, and long-term and The gods cooperate to remove the unstable factors that flow between the world, but we don’t think we are God Clan…this, do you understand?”

Obviously, Jaina is more confused.

Responsible for World’s security maintenance work, and the gods are partners, and there are members like Angel, even said that they are not God Clan?

Jaina doesn’t understand what I mean.

This is also normal. For the average mortal, especially the mortal in Magic World, where Azeroth World really has the “God”, God, that is a real existence but can not be looked up on the high, how can they think like Xiling Empire, although it’s a mortal World, but it’s close to God Clan, like a hutong in the afternoon, it’s the same as the two grandfathers who played the ostrich and played the big mountain. For them, God and man, that is, they don’t interfere with each other. Even if there is an intersection between the gods and the mortals in the ancient times, God’s World is not for people to participate.

Average person I really don’t think there is a Xiling Apostle on the World, a Monster race that is mortal but has the same strength as God Clan.

“Oh…” I felt a pain on my feet again, Shandora panting with rage thoughts conversation: “Death A’Jun, who you say is Monster!”

Although Jaina didn’t understand what I said at the moment, she quickly came to her own understanding: “In other words, you have the power of God, exercise God’s duty, and equal status with the gods… ‘people’ ?”

“Outside God Clan,” Shandora continued to make high-level combos on her husband’s feet under the table, while in the most elegant posture, the fine black tea in her hand, “In… you can’t understand In World, we are also called, in other words, we are a very special ‘mortal’, we are similar to God’s work, power is only limited, but we still belong to the mortal category.”

“Then I call you God’s Envoy. Nothing wrong…” Jaina showed an expression of understanding. “At least for the mortal of Azeroth World, this existence… is already God… In addition, you just said, you Not ‘full’ is God Clan ?in other words ……”

I immediately put my hand into the pocket of my jacket, and I felt a sigh of relief, and then accompanied by an unclear whispering protest, a green little bit was picked up by me – the hand was sticky… wrong! It’s Della’s slimy! You little fool! Do you dare to eat the toffee? ! Finished, this is the clothes that Qianqian personally gave me.

Della was eating happily, and she was suddenly stunned by someone. At the moment, she was confused. I saw little things being held by me in my arms, constantly looking around, my face was inexplicable, and from time to time.舔舔 Your own fingers – not just your fingers? You are all sugar now, right now?

According to the old habit, I threw Della into the cup at hand, and then held the cup… up, down, left, right, and right… Dangdang! A clean little cute!

Well, the next second, it should be Della’s time to chase me, but! After countless similar experiences, wouldn’t I have no countermeasures?

Before Della woke up, I couldn’t help but sneak a slap in the face of Della, and I pulled out a lollipop and slammed it into Della’s arms.

Little does not instinctively hug the baby sugar in his hands, and then began to look around in confusion, it seems strange why he always feels that he has forgotten something important, Haha, you are simply small, it is so simple to deal with you!

I will push forward with the Lella of the exclusive lollipop, just to see that Jaina has boasted the light of the booth eyes – sure enough, the cuteness is as big as the woman’s lethality!

Before Della was caught by Jaina as a wild baby, I said faintly: “This unknown living thing belongs to a branch of God Clan’s. Well, you can call her Goddess of Life, our Xiling Apostle and the gods are friends, This little thing is the goddess who come to help…”

In a word, Jaina was petrified, and a gust of wind blew, Jaina was deserted, and I estimated that Jaina would soon be vaporized…

At this moment, Jaina’s mind began to run her grand thoughts about the difference between God Clan’s image and the legend’s ennormous difference. However, fortunately, this time her distraction time was interrupted by Lin Xue for only a few seconds. .

“Well, we don’t discuss this topic,” Lin Xue said, yawning. “I know that this idiot must be on the subject once he speaks – let’s continue to pay attention to Demon.”

Fortunately, Della’s attraction is big, Jaina also knows what she should care about now, so she quickly pressed down her curiosity and took Della’s impulse to observe it, and began to introduce us to the weird Demon.

As Jaina described it, my mind’s conjecture is getting closer and closer to reality.

Biochemical science and technology ! And it is only the Xiling science and technology that can be researched and combined with Magic’s biochemical technology!

Although Xiling Apostle has no research on biochemical science and technology because it is not a carbon-based creature, it is never signify Xiling Apostle to study non-born technology!

For a group of Xiling Apostle at the same time who have mastered Supreme science and technology, occult knowledge and even knowledge from God Clan’s knowledge about World origin, it is simply too easy to study a new discipline. ! Although it is a bit difficult to reach a level in this new discipline and in other fields, it is only relative, such as biochemical science and technology, Xiling Apostle can’t make this technology as developed as their space science and technology. But to be used for general species transformation, that is enough!

The most direct example is me – in order to make me stronger, the Xiling scientists under Shandora and Pandora have been working on the genetic enhancement technology for Human Race. Now I have been mentally intensive with Qianqian and my sister. If you say absolute physique, I am confident that I can play boxing with the main battle tank now!

What’s more, Xiling Apostle is not only about science and technology, but also masters the mysterious and unknown Magic power, combining science and technology with Magic to reinforce Demon, who is already strong and has a fight with the Terminator. The effect that can be achieved is just to make people feel cold and sweaty.

At this moment, as if the shock was not big enough, Shandora added another sentence: “Those guys, and abyss energy…”

Still not letting people live? !

Biochemical science and technology, Magic power, abyss energy, Xiling equipment, plus Demon such a congenital physique is very formidable transformation object, this difficulty is not fun at all! Although I knew that there was a spell Xiling Apostle that might have been turned into an enemy by Abyss power, I never thought that the situation was so tricky…

Now, I can only pray, I hope that the other’s biotechnology is still immature, which is very likely, because now those small-scale and confusing enhanced Demons seem to be obvious experimental products, put them to Azeroth World Much like checking its fighting strength, in this case, as long as the action is fast enough, perhaps we can still have the upper hand.

However, I still have a lot of places that I can’t figure out. For example, why the attack of the Burning Legion will be postponed, and why the power of the Undead Scourge will be weakened in advance. This is a very unreasonable place. It doesn’t matter if the plot is not a plot. Is it Ake? Mond children’s shoes really will be a brain damage? I don’t believe it.

However, considering these questions is just too much headache, so I decided to give it to Lin Xue!

Whether or not Propheet, who studies the weather forecast all day long and hits my military equipment for 24 hours, is really eating rice.

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