Xiling Empire Chapter 169

Chapter 169 Prophet is a metamorphosis profession

No matter how many conjectures we make, it is based on Jaina’s one-sided description, and because Jaina’s cognition is limited, she may not have noticed some key information related to Xiling technology, so we need to get more accurate now. The intelligence is still to be able to fight with the Burning Legion.

However, this is obviously a little difficult.

“They are completely irregular.” In my words, Jaina can only answer so helplessly. “There is no aura, no magic fluctuations, and even a demon point in the vicinity.” According to common sense, summon Demon. The requirements are very strict. Because of the span of World, summoning a Demon is several times more difficult than calling the elemental creatures by Mage. It even needs to be sacrificed by the soul, but those weird Demons do not follow this common sense. Appear, if you want to find them, it can only be luck…”

Oh, luck, not necessarily.

Almost at the same time, all of us are focused on Young Lady Lin who is busy with Della playing like nothing.

Since I am coming to join in the fun, at least give me a little bit of strength. You are a dead girl! You really want to be sightseeing, right? !

My heart screamed and flipped through the imaginary coffee table, but unfortunately, the resentful resentment was not strong enough to produce a substantial attack effect like my sister. Lin Xue still competed with Della for the last piece of sugar. Ownership.

Me: “ufo is flying!”

Lin Xue: “Where is it?”

Everybody :”…”

“Young Lady Lin, I said that you at least put on a little effort as a companion? Della, this heartless guy is worth learning?”

Della, who was holding her candy under Lin Xue’s attack, immediately yelled: “Della is not heartless! Della has been working hard to eat sugar… Yeah! You are swearing! Don’t let Della’s wing!”

I feel that trying to eat sugar just proves that you have no heart and lungs. You are a small thing that will never grow up!

After failing to grab the candy from Della for the nth time, Lin Xue finally shifted his attention a little: “Know, isn’t it about Demon? You will wait…”

Said, Lin Xue closed the eyes, as if it was set, looking at her very serious and solemn face, how do I think it feels weird…

Prophet Sister, you still have no heart, this serious expression is really not suitable for your lazy image that has been rooted in my mind and indestructible…

Regardless of how I spit in my heart, Lin Xue still held this position for 30 seconds, and then in the eyes of Jaina curious about our expectations, Lin Banxian’s children’s shoes slowly opened their eyes.

β€œThree days later, in the mountains in the southwest, there is a small plain covered by red stones. Go there, there are fifty faces of the demon waiting for you to play the shooting game, those guys are very powerful and the speed is also Not slow, but unfortunately only one is flying, so it can be easily eliminated with heavy fire coverage and strong killing – right, leave a prisoner, well… leave a big man with a broken corner, the guy knows a lot Something, and I am very interested in the black box on him…”

… So, Prophet is the existence of heaven defying! In particular, Lin Xue, a super Prophet that can see a few pockmarks on the face of his future enemy, is a standard war cheat!

It can be said that as long as we have Lin Xue sitting on this side, unless the other party has the overwhelming power to resist our instant killing, even if the enemy is twice as strong as ours, we must endure the Human World tragedy under Lin Xue’s ability. What is the use of your strength? You haven’t started to act yet. We are ready for dozens of traps to kill you! And it’s the kind of trap that you’ve already been destined to get stuck in!

β€œanything else? Is there more detailed information?” Despite this exaggerated report, I was still a bit greedy, so I squeezed the remaining value of Young Lady Lin again.

“Of course!” Lin Banxian rushed me to raise an eyebrow and said: “Tomorrow morning, sunny to cloudy southerly winds, four to six ultraviolet rays, there is a short thunderstorm in the afternoon, and the fishermen pay attention to safety. How about this?”


Jaina looked at Lin Xue’s eyes for a moment of eccentricity, with a clear shock and a little bit of doubt. I explained to the side: “I don’t want to adjust to the sky and follow the wise god, I come out and mix and drink.” The name is Lin Xue, with the prophecy and insightful ability, you can think of her as the god of prophecy – of course, like us, belongs to the extra-topic God Clan that is not officially filed on God’s Domain.”

Lin Xue’s expression is very incomparable with natural movements and skillfully gave me a foot under the table – of course, because of the damn prophecy of the ability, I could not escape – and then smiled: “Although smart and wise, I am against me.” The description of the humble, arrogant and arrogant servant is somewhat dissatisfied, but he at least said one thing – my prediction ability is good, well, the accuracy rate should be above 99%, unless the other is Sa The guy who is as perverted as Grasse, my prediction ability for that guy will be disturbed.”

“Very… powerful…” In the end, Jaina could only sigh so.

Since the enemy will arrive in three days, we don’t have to worry too much. Anyway, the rapid response of the Xiling Army is not to be questioned. Let’s have fun for two days!

But to be honest, there isn’t much fun in this somewhat rudimentary Human Race colony.

Jaina is indeed a great woman, intelligent, and kind, and at the crucial moment, she can act decisively and have the courage to act. Even Shandora gives her a high opinion, but the power of one person is limited. Jaina How hard it is, she can’t let the remaining coalition forces led by herself turn the little Theramore into the second East Continent.

When we came out of the Mage Tower, we were seeing Alaya leading the Bubbles to come over, and further afield, the belief level of the enormous has landed on the sea, and the ten-kilometer-long behemoth still exudes gold. The halo looks far like an island of holy light – it’s good to sell, but it’s a stupid plan to actually live it as an island. Sleeping at night is a problem – awkward The sparkling light pollution is too serious!

However, I still found that one or two Paladin, who occasionally passed by the surroundings, had a fanatical expression on the face of the golden island – they wouldn’t really want to go to the pilgrimage overnight.

Or maybe… not only the believer of holy light, but basically every human race that can see the faith level will stop involuntarily when passing by, and then look at the distant land with the eyes of awe. The enemy battleship, I am really worried about this evening, there will be a lot of Human Race, because of the pilgrimage, and even went to the “God’s Weapon” overnight…

In this way, our previous behavior has not only played the expected role, but also greatly exceeded expectations…

Another attraction that attracts everyone’s attention is naturally coming to us… Oh, Alaya floating down at low altitude. It seems that Angel sister still remembers my teachings and realizes that she is off-line. The root cause avoids the embarrassment of public rushing to the streets.

Before the matter about Angel, Della has already introduced it. Because Star Domain God Clan’s is powerful, almost all of World, whether it is Star Domain God Clan’s territory, has a legend about Angel because of information projection, even Azeroth. Della describes the incomparably small World and also evokes the admiration of Angel – of course, before we arrived, it was only as a legend.

The most pure and holy beautiful living thing, the sacred power condensate, the holy light source, the most just and unselfish God’s people, this is the most appropriate description of Angel – from Jaina, I don’t think This airhead sister, who is entangled with me every night to help groom the feathers, is so great, although I am really amazed at her pure and holy appearance.

Alaya came all the way to us, and I noticed that a lot of fanatical eyes were on her. These sights were especially strong for those who came from Paladin and the pastor. For both of them, the holy light teachings are all adult occupations. Saying, Angel, who is living in front of him, is just the same as the god. I can be sure that now, as long as Alaya makes a sound, all the holy light professions of the Theramore will be in the nest, even if they are alone. They will not hesitate to fight against the Burning Legion!

But the enthusiasm of these followers can’t affect Angel Younger Sister’s mood any more, or Alaya doesn’t realize why the surroundings are so respectful to herself. She just wants to report a big trouble to her owner. .

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