Xiling Empire Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Lin Xue (free in this chapter)

The phrase “Your life is really big” made us cold for nearly 1 minutes.

The opposite beauty was too late to put away the stiff smile and was caught by my very creative “greeting”. A face suddenly became wonderful, and the strong smile and angry expression merged together, estimated on World. The most talented face-changing masters also want to copy the same expression.

“I am sorry!”

“I am sorry!”

We said in unison, then two people stayed together on the spot.

I donโ€™t know why the opposite beauty stayed, but I was really surprised. I thought the other person was coming for revenge (itโ€™s true from her expression). But didnโ€™t expect her first. The sentence turned out to be an apology – although the tone could not hear the sincerity of apology.

“Oh – it doesn’t matter, no, why are you apologizing Ah?”

The beauty glimpsed and said with a grin: “I came to apologize for the matter of attacking you a few days ago!”

“Ah-Oh.” I can’t react a bit. This situation is like two people fighting for life and death. I am ready for the poison trap trap. The other party is also eager to come. Our stone scissors were clothed, so I was paralyzed in an instant.

After a few more seconds, Qianqian’s voice came from the living room: “A’Jun, who Ah? Why don’t you let people in?”

I finally reacted, some awkwardly said: “Beauty, have you eaten? We are eating, or are you coming?”

I think this is really the most creative sentence I was born with – in the face of a person who almost killed me.

A few minutes later, the self-proclaimed Lin Xue’s girl sat at our table instead of the Elder Sister’s position that was retired by Qianqian back to the room.

“You said that you are a friend of A’Jun?” Qianqian looked at Lin Xue, who had a stiff expression with suspicious eyes.

Lin Xue shook his head firmly: “That is what he said, I am not a friend of this guy!”

Qianqian turned her eyes to me: “How can I not know if you have such a friend?”

Lin Xue, who was obviously ignored, screamed angrily: “I didn’t say it? I am not a friend of this guy.”

“Well, Lin Xue was only known a few days ago. I haven’t had time to let you meet.”

“Hey, did you listen to me Oh! I am not a friend of this guy Oh!”

โ€œHow did you get to know A’Jun?โ€ Qianqian once again ignored Lin Xue’s protest. โ€œIn terms of personality, it is impossible for you two to get together?โ€

“I said, I am not a friend of this guy…” Lin Xue weakly and without strength protested.

“Forget it, no matter how you know it,” Qianqian said, “Itโ€™s just a welcome party for Younger Sister Lily. By the way, welcome Lin Xue, a new friend!”

Lin Xue is full of cows…

Looking at the two lively treasures that completely entered the egocentric state, and Ling Xue could not help but have some doubts: Is the male student really the powerful Esper that day?

Thinking of the experience of the day, Lin Xue couldn’t help but tremble, so powerful โ€“ can it be classified as Esper?

Just then, Lin Xue, who was already in a mess, suddenly noticed that another person was ignored at the scene.

The name is Pan Lily’s blind eye young girl. If there is no guess, the other party is also a person with formidable Esper, but I don’t know why this Little Girl has no reaction to her arrival. It is reasonable to say that the other party cannot know that they are not knowing. Identity?

Looking at Little Girl who is eating the food in front of her in front of her quietly, Lin Xue couldn’t help but think: “It’s really a weak child Oh! Even the best ones who are good at scouting are subconsciously neglecting the other’s existence… Is this her? Esper? Can hide his sense of existence? Itโ€™s really tasteless…”

“Don’t try to beat your brother’s idea.” A voice suddenly sounded in Lin Xue’s mind, causing Lin Xue to be surprised that the chopsticks were almost dropped on the table.

“Keep calm, this is the most basic quality of a warrior.” This voice sounded again, Lin Xue finally can be sure that this voice is not his own illusion.

Is this the performance of this Little Girl? Thoughts conversation ? !

Lin Xue suddenly went to get agitated like the new Continent.

Esper’s ability is varied, and all kinds of bizarre capabilities are endless, but most of the unpopular Esper, except for a few combat-type abilities, are of little uselessness, which also makes Esper powerful but never able to It plays a bigger role, but the “thoughts conversation” in front of this Little Girl is a powerful Esper that has never been seen before. It is not an exaggeration to call it a kingly skill, although it is not suitable for facing the enemy, but it is placed In the team action, that can play a role…

At this time, Lin Xue suddenly thought that since the Little Girl’s ability is “thoughts conversation”, then the kind of fascinating high-temperature energy of the past few days is obviously the ability of the damn male student in front of him, although the other party makes himself so embarrassed. And his character is also very odious, but if they can really join the organization…

As long as it can contribute to the organization, even if it is aggrieved, what? After the big deal, I secretly added this mess to Chen Jun’s guy.

Thinking of sitting in front of such two baby squats, Lin Xue immediately felt that the female student named Xu Qianqian was really in the way…

โ€œHey!โ€ Lin Xue suddenly spoke.

“Oh?” I responded a bit strangely. This is Lin Xue’s unknown person. I still don’t understand the other’s identity and intentions until now, but she has always been friendly, I will wait and see, now she is active. What is the opening to say?

“You,” Lin Xue’s eyes swept back and forth between me and Qianqian several times before finally saying: “You two, are lovers?”

“Who knows!” I replied in unison with Qianqian.

Lin Xue is stunned.

What does this answer mean? Yes? Still not Yes? How can there be such an inexplicable answer on World!

“How do you say it,” Qianqian said with some distressed hair, “I should be a lover with this guy. It seems to be a bit of a development after the transfer to the same school half a year ago, but now the situation – hello, A’Jun, are you my boyfriend?”

I… I am a little cramped…

Although I know that Qianqian occasionally has an off-line, I didnโ€™t expect that she could get off the line to this point, but seriously think about it, my relationship with her is really like this, and I have a good relationship with each other. I care about each other, but I can’t find the feeling of being in love, just like โ€“ I have entered the husband and wife mode before I have time to fall in love…

“Qianqian, unfortunately, I am your unlucky boyfriend…” I said with a sad face.

โ€œOh,โ€ Qianqian turned to Lin Xue’s direction. โ€œIt seems we are lovers.โ€

Didn’t expect, my relationship with Qianqian’s is determined in this nonsense way.

Lin Xue is already dying.

She has some doubts whether the two people on the opposite side are deliberately teasing themselves, but according to their own observations, the two men did not have any jokes in front of them.

“Well, I know, you are a pair of funny lovers,” Lin Xue said helplessly. “You see a strange strange girl around A’Jun and there is no doubt or jealousy?”

Qianqian blinked and then said to me with some confusion: “A’Jun, I think so too, you suddenly met such a pretty girl, and it is reasonable to say that I am a bit unhappy as a suspect of your girlfriend. Category?”

โ€œTheoretically is like this.โ€ I analyzed it very seriously.

“Then why don’t I feel at all?” Qianqian was even more confused. “Are you too sense of security?”

“Qianqian,” I was already crying. “I began to doubt my status…”

“Okay, I am joking with you,” Qianqian waved. “I don’t know what you are. I don’t know how you know Lin Xue, but do you have anything to do with me?” Still can see it…”

Lin Xue can finally be sure that the creatures suspected of being in front of the family are not able to deal with the normal interpersonal treatment plan, so she said with some discouragement: “Okay, I have served you two… time is not early I will go first, then you will talk.”

In fact, what I want to say is that I have been waiting for you for a long time…

After leaving Xue Xue, who was depressed and puzzled, Qianqian also stood up and said, “Well, I should go back. I have to go shopping with Zhou Jie in the afternoon. The hard work of washing dishes is left to you.” ~~~”

It seems that Qianqian still cares a bit. This is something that she can only see when she waits until Lin Xue leaves. She still doesn’t trust me to be with a beautiful girl with unknown details.

I have to say that I have received some comfort…

After the Qianqian left, there was only two people in the living room and Pandora. After a few minutes, the doorbell rang.

I got up and went to open the door. Unsurprisingly, Lin Xue, who had just left, didn’t stand for a long time.

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