Xiling Empire Chapter 170

Chapter 170—Little Bubbles’ Question

Seeing Alaya’s bitter expression, I knew that there was trouble, and it was a very troublesome trouble.

Although Alaya’s character has an unexpected off-line, she is, after all, part of the World Arbitration Mechanism, which is usually best at dealing with all sorts of troublesome multiple-choice questions that can make her a headache. many.

“Elder Brother Monarch…” Alaya glanced at me and let the Bubbles team behind him come forward.

… I seem to hear Angel’s sister use a very weird name… Is it an illusion?

“What’s the matter?” Looking at the twelve Lolitas lined up by Bubbles, I wondered, wasn’t Alaya carrying the Bubbles to build a front outpost on the nearby island? How come it again? Is it a malicious bug in the database of these copies that needs to be reported?

… Although the term “bug” is normal on the Xiling Host, I still feel that there are eleven Bubbles that are almost identical to the normal Human Race except for the instinct. I still feel that the black line has crossed the forehead. .

“Little Bubbles seems to be coming over…”

Alaya said this sentence with a strong sense of helplessness.

“Hey?!” I was shocked.

That little girl is coming over? Didn’t let her stay at home?

This time, it is not an outing. The positive anti-burning legion is inevitable. The danger is not a joke! Little Bubbles Such a Xiling Host, still in its infancy, has no self-protection ability, so I discussed it with Shandora before I left, so that little girl stayed at home, so I prepared it for this purpose. A new toy like a hill attracts the attention of the little brat. Why did she still come over?

More importantly, under the eyes of a group of well-trained Xiling soldiers, how did this idiotic little brat come in? ! Are the guards growing up in Sanlu?

“It’s my mistake…” Bubbles awkwardly said in front of the team: “Because the Xiling Host copy is a mysterious Apostle, I didn’t seriously check it. After boarding the ship, I let them enter the dormant position. Under normal circumstances, no one will go to the Apostle in the dormant warehouse. At that time, Little Bubbles should have been mixed in. At that time, although the child is active, Xiling Apostle’s talentability allows her to temporarily close her. The emotional module, which makes itself as mechanized as everyone else, so no one notices that there is an abnormal individual in the eleven replicas…”

“Identity code?” Qianqian plugged in. “Every Xiling Apostle has been authenticated for identity verification when boarding the ship? Does Bubblegle have forged the Xiling ID Card?”

“…this…Little Bubbles is really a very talented child. She doesn’t know how to make a jammer in her body, and disguise herself as a copy, and I was… … anxious to brush the equipment, so there was no secondary verification. The staff who stayed in the shadow K City reported that they found a Xiling Host that was in the base because there was no instruction. We found that a copy was Dropped the package…”

… really strong! In order to brush the equipment, even the daughter ran to the battleship did not know! And looking at the helpless look on Shandora’s face, seemingly similar situations have occurred many times?

“Chen Jun brother?” Bubbles lowered his head and reported the situation. He was preparing for the embarrassment, but he waited for a long time without any movement. As soon as he looked up, I saw that I was staring at myself with full strangely, and I couldn’t help but wonder.

“Oh…nothing, it’s been a long time with Little Bubbles in the early childhood version. I suddenly changed to an IQ regular version of Bubbles, and some care…”

Everybody :……

Hey Hey hey, don’t you find it interesting? Obviously, they look exactly the same, but one is a little idiot that won’t even say their name, and the other is the hardcore otaku girl who studies IQ games for more than three hundred days. You don’t think this contrast is very dramatic. Is it?

Ok, I understand, it’s really not the time to pay attention to these issues…

“In other words, now a naughty little girl is hiding in the middle of these copies, but you can’t tell, so I have to come to me for help?”

Alaya is desperately nodding, and what makes us collectively black is that Bubbles is nodding with her life.

Even your mother can’t tell it? !

In addition…

You are full of expectations, I am not sure…

Look at these eleven Lolis, look exactly the same, I am afraid that even the length of the eyelashes is not bad, there is no difference in temperament: Little Bubbles has already turned off its own emotional module, unless the little girl is actively exposed Otherwise, she has no difference with other downtimes. I know that the only difference between Little Bubbles and ordinary mass production Xiling Host’s is that she has feelings, but now, the only difference is gone…

But I still have to find a way to find Little Bubbles, little girl is not sensible and do not know the danger of doing so, but I must prevent her from going to the battlefield!

Jaina has been watching, and there are twelve identical looks of Loli that make her feel very novel, and after listening to it for so long, she also understands the story.

Basically, it is a naughty little girl who was left behind by the adults because she was afraid of danger. As a result, she was mixed into the army through the “wisdom of the child” and finally caused the current situation.

“Can I ask a few questions?” I walked up and down the Loli squad, thinking about how Little Bubbles would jump out, but Jaina sounded behind me.

“Of course, you ask.”

“These children… are they twin sisters? And just now you said that there is a child who is not suitable for the battlefield, but I see that they are all about the same size. Do they have to go to the battlefield?”

I turned my head and saw that Jaina was looking at the Bubbles team with a curious look. Of course, the latter still stood still with a gaze and did not respond to Jaina’s shot.

In order to prevent a thinking car madman from being hypnotized by his own fantasy World, I quickly explained the situation about Xiling Host’s in a way that Jaina can understand.

It is one of the most wise people in this world. Even though this magical thing is unheard of, Jaina quickly understands my description and expresses great horror to this military unit called a war cheat. .

And regardless of Jaina’s situation, I am overwhelmed.

Shiny crystals, sugar in small animal shapes, dolls in one person, story books with color illustrations, and even two small Trojans, basically all of Little Bubbles’ favorite things I have come up with, but The Lolitas in front of us still don’t have an abnormal performance…

The people who surrounds, after seeing someone continually picking up a candy toy from a mysterious space, have already been collectively stunned. “Professional stay at home dad” four golden letters from the horizon rising……

The most powerful thing about Lei is the distantly watched Human Race Paladin and the pastors, without him, a person who was treated as a god a few minutes ago, but now holds a lot of toys. He smirked and yelled at the children in front of several Lolitas. This strong impact has already made these serious priests have the illusion that the nerves are about to break…

When the last teddy bear tactical failure, I didn’t know what…

Seeing that I was eating, Lin Xue immediately smugly said: “So you are a fool, hum hum, hurry to pledge allegiance in front of the ice-snow, beautiful and unparalleled Miss Ben! Come here, one here, one…”

“When you go, you have the ability to find out Little Bubbles! It is forbidden to use Esper in advance, otherwise you will not want to be close to the pile of machines!”

“Cut, what’s the matter,” Lin Xue confidently raised his chin, dug me with contempt, and turned away. “All right! From left to right, count!”

Finished, I lost…





With such a simple approach, I don’t expect… I know that the Little Bubbles’ language module has no effect at all…

Little Bubbles is naive, but not stupid. When you open your mouth, little brat knows that you are stuffing, and the emotional module that has been suppressed has involuntarily restored its effect. On the spot, I saw eleven stunned Apostle. Out of an eye, I turned around and tried to hide the little girl behind the sisters.

I looked at Little Bubbles with a smile. After half a minute, the little girl finally confirmed that she had been caught, so she immediately rushed up and said her little Little Bubbles in her mouth, while squatting on me. Ah, oh.

I didn’t realize what I made wrong at all… Maybe this little brat thought it was a very interesting game? It’s like hide and seek…

Although I was a little angry, I saw Little Bubbles’s innocent smile. I immediately laughed. After all, it’s a child. Her mind is probably about three years old. I want to be at this moment and nothing. I understand that the children who just want to play with me seriously discuss the military discipline problem… Isn’t she more childish than her?

Shandora also laughed, pinching Little Bubbles’ face from the side and said: “If you have already followed, let her follow it. For the evolving Xiling Host, you can get more information about other Worlds. Growing up faster, but…” Shandora said halfway, suddenly turned his head and reached out and grabbed on Bubbles’ head: “An irresponsible mother is punished! You are not allowed to play for three days!”

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