Xiling Empire Chapter 171

The 177th chapter

Three days are not allowed to play games. For a hardcore game mad, what is signify?

I don’t have a very personal feeling, but from the performance of Bubbles’, this should be about the same level as World’s end.

Shandora just announced that he had punished the Buckles’, and the latter immediately cried. The big eyes were full of tears, and the miserable eyes were constantly shooting at Shandora, as if the biggest grievances on World made her alone. However, Shandora’s meaning is very determined, and no matter how poor the Bubbles are, this punishment is a nailing…

Little Bubbles lifts the head in my arms, and then strangely looks at her “mother”. It seems that she can’t understand what these strange adults are doing, so the spirit of not thinking about it has the upper hand, little Brat yawned cutely, and then simply put my eyes in my arms and started to sleep.

“And you, A’Jun” Shandora looked at the dejected Bubbles and led the Loli squad to leave, and then turned his attention to me, using a noble Princess to teach himself that he did not disappoint the husband’s helpless tone: “Really, You are Little Bubbles’ guardian, Little Bubbles has always treated you as a father, but how can you not even tell your daughter?”

I can see that this girl is completely intentional! Just now I have produced tons of childcare products that must have stimulated the inspiration of this girl. She is ironic to let my “professional stay at home dad” title carry forward Oh!

But I won’t be so embarrassed!

“Yeah, yeah,” I seem to sincerely admit, “Children are fucking, this time I was wrong…”

Hum hum, do you dare to admit it? ! I see you dare not admit it? !

Just like being swayed by a thunder from a nine-day rush, Shandora was dragged on the outside while tender on the inside by a “child fucking”, so that the posture of a noble Princess became a stone carving……

Qianqian smirked and went forward, snoring on Shandora, and then stunned his mouth and said, “Yes, it really turns into a stone~~~”

Looking at a bunch of people who are suspected of Savior, Jaina is of course shocked and stunned. After a long time, she regained her thinking ability and then whispered to Lin Xue next to him: “That… Apostle, please ask What should I do now?”

“Smile,” Lin Xue said, “at this moment, you just have to smile…”

Compared to Jaina, the Paladins of the surroundings were significantly more irritated. A large group of beards with serious expressions clenched the holy script in their hands and whispered whisperingly, “This is the illusion, this is the illusion.” Hypnotic statement, I suddenly came up with an idea. If I dragged Carrow and let the uncle of the Knights who used the unified piracy market in Southeast Asia to be in the real Paladin, I wonder if he could reverse his eccentricity.

Unconsciously, time flies fast, and three days have passed in the blink of an eye. We found several islands near the Theramore that are large and can make a corner with the Theramore, and base is built on it. I saw how important it is to prepare enough Xiling Host in advance, eleven… Oh, ten Xiling Hosts that copied all the knowledge of Bubbles were launched simultaneously on three islands, and three were built on each island. Xiling Base, while the remaining Xiling Host is next to the Bubbles, serving as the information transfer station for the parent machine, ensuring that the entire building process can be personally directed by Bubbles. In just three days, the three offensive and defensive layouts are reasonable and the base of the solid foundation is basically Completed and began to produce a variety of low- and medium-level Xiling war units, which fully demonstrates the strategic advantage of multi-battalion violent tactics in the case of sufficient resources, and during this time, Little Bubbles has been following us. Turn around between the three bases, learn Xiling Host’s basic skills with her cloned sisters, of course, root After Little Bubbles toss out a bunch of lollipop-shaped pulse minarets and only factory producing toy soldiers of the war we came to the conclusion – revolution is not successful, comrades still work ……

The way the Xiling Army expanded naturally attracted the attention of all the residents of Theramore. The three fortress cities that had risen almost overnight became the focus of all the league’s officers and soldiers, and when they knew the three fortresses When the city was the outpost of the “God Clan reinforcements,” the word “miracle” immediately became the most frequently heard word in Theramore.

Yes, miracle, I agree with this. In some respects, science, to the extreme, it is a miracle!

In fact, our arrival also helped Jaina solve a problem that has caused her headache for a long time, that is, the trouble with morale and rumors.

Originally, when I led the remaining alliance forces to Camindo Continent, I took a lot of pressure. Afterwards, most people in the Human Race ignored the prejudice against Beastman and contacted Thrall. The subordinates caused controversy, plus the matter of General Proudmoore…

At the beginning, due to the pressure of the undead natural disasters that ravaged the entire East Continent and the shadow of Demon, the Alliance’s military and civilians led by them could recognize the reality under pressure and obey the command, but as time went on, the undead natural disaster gradually Quiet, Demon’s army has not been quiet, plus several uncomfortable contacts with the tribal forces, rumors and commotion, inevitably appeared…

But our arrival has instantly reversed all of this!

Questioning Jaina’s decision? I think the arrival of the Burning Legion is alarmist? Fighting with the Horde? Or simply return to the broken home of Dongda Road?

These rumors are now no one dare to mention! God has personally sent his army. Is it difficult for others to use their ridiculous doubts to oppose the will of the gods?

These are also mentioned by Jaina when I chatted with us. I just paid a laugh. The rumors are there at any time. Even if we don’t come, I believe Jaina has a way to suppress it, otherwise she will Not Jaina – Proudmoore! She mentioned these things only to express gratitude and goodwill.

At this point, we have arrived at the scheduled Demon landing point, and are preparing a writ of encirclement.

Thanks to the information provided by Lin Xue, we are full of confidence in this hunting. With the help of Jaina, we have successfully found the small plain described by Lin Xue in the mountains southwest of Theramore, and then That is, waiting for Demon has been thrown into the net.

Although the opponent has only 50 enemies, in order to grasp the first-hand intelligence of the enemy, I and Shandora decided to go out in person. As for Pandora, of course, I will always be with me, and Jaina wants to fight with us as soon as possible, so Leading a small team of Mage to set off with us. As for Qianqian, they are not interested in this battle, so they stayed at Theramore and went around with Little Bubbles, the curious Loli.

Since I already know that there is only one Demon that can fly, the rest are live targets that can only be fought, so this time we brought the armored heavy firefighting heavy infantry led by Carrow. These infantry are equipped with uniforms. Empire’s high-strength alloy armor, standard equipment is the en-03 triple-armed cannon known as the micro-tank gun, and more than two hundred Human World lethal weapons-class Xiling soldiers form a deadly encirclement that will enemies the upcoming coordinate The water surrounded by the point is not available, and Pandora, which has the ability to change the speed of heavy fire, is responsible for dealing with the flying Demon. I believe that under the overwhelming firepower net, even if the other side is as sensitive as a fly, it must be sieved.

Look at the time is almost, Soldier at the same time started the phase interference equipment with the the body, the figure slowly disappeared into the air, and I and Shandora, Pandora have a better use of things: mental power distortion Field, this stealth skill behind MicroSpace Crack, Jaina and Mage have no such advanced technology, but Mage’s stealth is enough.

At this moment, I suddenly felt that the Demon was quite unlucky, and met the group of gangsters who insisted on walking through the hustle and bustle…

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