Xiling Empire Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Fixed Target

The small plains covered with red gravel are silent. Only a little bit of salty wind that has been blown from time to time brings the sound of distant waves to our ears. My eyes are empty and flat, but as long as the mental power is concentrated, various The invisible effect will fail in my in the eyes, and then I can see that there are two hundred Xiling soldiers lurking in a rather cumbersome gesture on the open space.

Well, in fact, the posture of these warriors is not at all insignificant, but when I saw a knight who was kneeling on the ground and smirked and rubbed the gun, I felt that the whole hunting plan was to be full of wretched taste.

Pandora quietly stood two meters in front of me, with the body from time to time, a strange “drop” sound, I feel very fun – as far as I know, Pandora’s current body structure and Human Race basically It’s the same, then these drip sounds… Is this gimmick used this way to relieve boredom when it is usually boring?

I asked afterwards, the result is really…

Just when I was a little troubled, the enemy finally came to live up to expectations.

Under the sensation of my mental power, a concealed energy quickly gathered in the center of our encirclement, and there was a faint smell of sulphur like sulphur in the air. Shandora gestured to me. I pay attention to Jaina’s reaction.

I turned my head and found that Jaina had no reaction at all.

Shandora’s voice sounded in my mind: “This is an energy fluctuations that are not part of the Azeroth Magic system. It doesn’t even touch the element’s power. Only your mutated mental power and our full-band radar can be scanned, so that Little girl can’t perceive any anomalies at all, it seems that because of this, the emergence of the small stock Demon makes Azeroth’s strong people confused.”

Indeed, I also felt that this way of gathering energy is quite eccentric. It seems that it does not affect the energy of the elements in the surrounding environment. I don’t even know where the energy comes from, they seem to suddenly appear out of thin air. Then it comes together without reacting with any energy of the surroundings. This quirky energy really makes me curious – because according to common sense, the more powerful the energy, the worse the stability and the easier it is. Reacting with other forms of energy, how come today to meet a card that does not follow the common sense?

“It’s a variant of Psionic,” Shandora answered me in time. “The most popular energy in Xiling Empire is Psionic, which decays from void energy, but this variant of Psionic is not very common, because they are too stable, I want them. The reaction requires very complicated equipment, although its energy efficiency is nearly 30% higher than that of ordinary Psionic. However, due to the high complexity of related equipment, this energy is only used in some energy and energy. Where security is extremely demanding, such as – remote space transmission!”

Psionic… The Burning Legion is unlikely to master this kind of energy that represents the Supreme science and technology civilization. So, their Psionic technology comes from where it is obvious…

However, I still have some questions, but I have no time to discuss this in detail.

The air has been appearing with some distorted shadows, although Jaina is completely unaware of the energy collected by the surroundings, but now, as long as it is not a scorpion, it can be found that the situation is abnormal.

As the signs of twisted ripples in the air became more and more obvious, the lurking Xiling soldiers unlocked the weapon in their hands, and then a space gate with a distorted light curtain appeared in front of us.

This is a medium-sized space gate with a diameter of about ten meters. The other end of the door seems to be a blackenomous platform. However, due to the serious distortion of the scene, I am not quite sure. As the space gate opens, it seems to be like that. The pungent scent of sulphur suddenly slammed again, and it was thicker than it was just now – it seems that the air quality of these Demon’s homes is not so good.

Jaina’s face was shocked with no disguise, because she clearly saw such a large space gate, but she did not find Magic fluctuations. It’s no exaggeration to say that if I didn’t see it, even this The space gate is sticking out of the back of the body, and there is no way to detect it!

How can this be? According to the most basic common sense, the magic required to open such a large space gate is quite amazing, so the strong Magic fluctuations, not to mention being close at hand, even if you are at the other end of Continent, you can feel vaguely. !

So, no culture is terrible…

In the eyes we are looking forward to, one tall and strong figure has finally stepped out of the space gate and appeared in front of us.

Is this Demon?

Really ugly…

There are not many prey that appear in front of us. It is exactly 50. The leader is a male Demon with an ornate batwing, naked upper body and dark skin. It should be the only one that Lin Xue said. The flying guy, behind this male Demon, is two Demon guards who are three and a half meters tall and have black-purple skin like a cast of steel. These two Demon guards seem to like to show off their muscles. For the typical Marine Warfare Shield, I also learned that the Demon, who is guaranteed to be agile in the air without wearing armor, is shirtless. Hey, just let your muscles verify the powerful kinetic energy of the ballistic weapon. Now!

I took a closer look and found that one of the Demon guards had a broken corner on the forehead. It seemed to have been left with a jagged section by brute force. I don’t know which cow has this strength. It turned out that the hardest unicorn on the head of the Demon Guardian, who is known as the king of close combat, was cut off. This brute force, I am afraid most Xiling Soldier is not an opponent.

Then, this Demon Guardian will take special care for a while, and it is enough to take care of him.

The remaining 40 Demon Soldiers and the three princes are a lot worse than the coming from, but from the height of nearly three meters and the armor of the heavy armor, there is a lot of suffocation, Demon, Sure enough, they can afford their name.

Fifty Demons immediately watched the perimeter as soon as they left the portal, and then the winged Demon headed for a sudden chill.

“… Why do I feel that I am staring at a lot of very sly eyes?”

Good keen insight!

Carrow, who was in command of the infantry, took the initiative and did not hesitate to reach the order: “attack!”

The Xiling soldiers waiting for a long time immediately removed their invisible system, and two hundred individual guns aimed at the enemy in the center of the ring at the same time!

Demon were instantly stunned. They just came out of the space gate. Before they could observe the surroundings, they were suddenly surrounded by a group of strange warriors who appeared in the air. Then they never saw each other. The extraordinary weapons in the hands of the black armored soldiers screamed and spit out powerful power tongues, instantly injuring their most powerful body!

I was shocked at the same time that these Demon were shocked.

God, is that still normal body? That’s just the steel plate Oh!

Xiling soldiers use the en-03 triple-loaded single-armor guns. What is clear about me? This thing is called a miniature tank gun. It is a single-armed equipment with overwhelming firepower advantages in the same class of light weapons. They are three six-piece Vulcan guns mounted on a rotating gun shaft. However, their calibers are twice as large as the Husky guns developed by Human Race, and the ammunition they use is also larger than the Vulcan gun. Not the same: these savvy babies can be replaced with dozens of physical or energy warheads. The limit of state, the firing rate of nearly a thousand bullets per second makes them have a dizzying performance in the short and medium battles, two hundred doors. en-03at the same time Open fire, let alone flesh and blood, even if a tank camp will become reclaimed garbage in the ground in one minute, but these 50 Demon actually blocked?

That’s right, it’s blocked! Despite the horrible splash of flesh and blood, it seems that these demons are not killed. I have to admire their willpower and fighting consciousness. Under such painful circumstances, they can still maintain the optimal battle formation and calm. The ground entered the state of battle, and in the initial round of saturation blows, they all protected their vitality!

Just as I was surprised that the Xiling Soldier’s attack did not receive the expected results, Carrow’s suddenly raised his right hand: “The second attack team, replace the titanium Saab!”

What? Replace the warhead in battle?

Shandora and I came up with such a question at the same time, and then turned their eyes to the Loli Pandora, a war that had been slightly reddened by the excitement.

The latter immediately answered our doubts with a rare exhilarating tone: “This is to test the lethality of various warheads against Demon… at the same time, in order to prevent the target from dying before the end of the trial, we weaken The firepower of the weapon…”

It turned out to be like this…

I and Shandora couldn’t help but start sympathizing with the Demons who were targeted as fixed targets…

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