Xiling Empire Chapter 175

Chapter 175, you see, how horrible Loli is.

Jaina doesn’t understand a bit. In the eyes of God’s Envoy, which can make a powerful Demon as a toy, is it intentional or true character, how can this kind of accident happening one after another.

For example, now, after the other’s hearing deprivation, it begins to ask questions on its own…

“Cough cough, the accident, just a small accident…” I coughed and slammed on the Shandora’s head, screaming at the side, and then lifted the hearing restrictions on that Demon.

“Listen, Demon, now I ask you to answer, don’t think about concealing or lying. You have already seen it. It is simply too simple for me to kill you, but for the spirit of entertainment, I decided to let you play a little more heat. Kind, understand?”

“…who are you guys? I don’t remember that Human Race is so powerful…” Although I have been ruined by most of my rebellious will, this stubborn Demon doesn’t seem to work well.

“ε—€-ε—€-” A burst of flesh and blood burned, Pandora started, little girl reached out a hand, and then used his fingertips to explore the other’s arm – it can resist the alloy warhead The formidable muscle of attack was actually burned in front of this white little finger! Pandora’s fingers evaporate a hole in Demon’s arm as easily as the hot iron in the cheese!

Hey, is this little brat’s finger a soldering iron? In addition, I suddenly found out that the really terrible creatures on this World actually include the well-behaved Lolita…

“Ah…” The pain of the arm being slowly melted by the ultra-high temperature made the hard-boned Demon irresistibly horrible, but he was horrified to find that he could not move, except for such miserableness. Even moving your fingers has become a luxury!

Shandora decisively cut off the other’s body control, and said in a gentle tone of ice-cold: “Demon, our patience is limited, you better honestly answer our questions, extra nonsense can only make me My sister has more curiosity about your toy!”

Baby, you are not flustered when you shut down the boss!

However, I have always had a division with Shandora’s. One sings a white face and sings a red face. The suffocating scent of Shandora through countless conquests and the pressure of the superiors are more effective than any criminal detention, and I am more suitable for the psychological defense of the other party to collapse. Time to open a seemingly bright way for him, as for Pandora – this three-no-Loli, which is neither good at psychological warfare nor good at small conspiracy, is the only task that creates a terror atmosphere from time to time, which is easy for her.

Looking at the Demon leader who was twitching from time to time due to the pain of the whole body, I showed a smile that I thought was very sunny: “Now you can say, how did you come to Azeroth? This…space transmission technology I feel very curious.”

“I do not know……”

Pandora immediately stepped forward and stretched out his white hands to prepare for another two.

“Ah… don’t… I really don’t know… This is not the technology of the Burning Legion. I am just a junior officer. I only know that the big Demon lords have found some very powerful allies, and those allies have brought us this. A space transmission ability that ignores World rules and energy constraints, but the principle of this technology… I don’t know…”

β€œDisregarding World rules and energy limits?!” I was surprised at Shandora at the same time. β€œCan you send Archimonde directly to Azeroth?!”

If that’s the case, then the situation is really bad. It can’t be worse. Fifty variants of Demon can also be achieved by virtue of quantity and equipment, but if the entire Burning Legion includes the most powerful Demon Lords at the same time. In Azeroth’s words – we can’t stop it now!

Fortunately, this situation will not happen, because then Demon revealed a very important piece of information: “That is impossible, it is said that it was caused by the fatal blow of the enemy, the transmission brought by those new allies. Equipment damage is quite serious, it is the limit to transport dozens of low-level Demons at a time, and it takes at least half a year to fix those conveyors…”

I let out a sigh of relief, then asked: “The problem is first put down, the second question – why are you stronger than the ordinary Demon? Is the Burning Legion already extravagant to the extent that the soldiers who come out to explore the road are elite Demon? ?”

“Because we received the gift!” The Demon leader immediately showed a very proud expression, and at the same time his head was also proudly raised – this action that greatly exaggerated his height advantage once again stimulated the petite Pandora. Little girl immediately a beautiful inch punch on the belly of this non-long-standing Demon, the latter immediately screamed, plop fell to the ground.

The Demon Guardian, who has been secretly looking around, has once again become a shackle, squatting on the ground and trying to shrink his body as much as possible. At the same time, he constantly tries to put his head into his crotch…

So, Loli is terrible…

“Very good, gift,” I tilted the eyes and looked at Demon, who was lying on the ground and hum hum. “But in my opinion, it is just raising you from the level of bean curd to the tofu block. Tell me about this gift. What is it.”

“This… I am not very clear… I just obey the command, the Senior Officer let us lie in a strange pool, then hypnotize us by the Dreadlord, and when we wake up, it becomes more powerful. Demon, the process of the period… I don’t know what happened… Then we were sent here, and the task given to us by our superiors was to act freely and create chaos at random. Nothing else… ”

It seems that there is really nothing more to be learned from this waste. Although the strength is stronger than those of the miscellaneous soldiers, it is obviously a stupid soldier who only knows to obey orders and is used as a gun. It is estimated that these are now. Demon was also the first semi-finished product of the Burning Legion. It was put into Azeroth World in order to test its power. However, despite the lack of information, Shando and I analyzed a lot of things. First, the Burning Legion and the Corrupted The Xiling Apostle association has basically become a reality, as can be seen from the Xiling space science and technology they use. Second, the Xiling Apostle, which is very likely to have been deep-rooted, was hit hard before contact with the Burning Legion. Even the most important military facility in the Xiling Army, the space transmission, was almost destroyed, which confirms the intelligence brought by Della in one way – the Star Domain God Clan and Xiling Apostle’s violent clashes in Azeroth World, although possible Due to the absolute number of disadvantages, the God Clan squad has been completely overwhelmed. No, but correspondingly, the corrupted Xiling Apostle has also been disabled, which is definitely good news for us. The third point is that the biochemical modification technology obtained by the Burning Legion from Xiling Apostle may not be perfect, otherwise they will not frequently send test articles to Azeroth World to test the results of the transformation, but considering the horrible R&Dability of Xiling technicians, I am afraid that the maturity of this technology will soon come. At that time, we will have to face a powerful and infinite number of Burning Legions – even if this kind of transformation has limited effect on the powerful such as Demon Lord, the strength is increased several times. Ordinary Soldier is enough for us to drink a pot.

In addition, I also thought of one thing, that is why the Burning Legion will only start these actions until now, so what is the point of sending Beastman and causing undead natural disasters before?

However, looking at the dumb officer of the Demon officer in front of me, I know that these questions are impossible to get answers today.

“Well, the question ends here.” I reached out and Pandora, who had been turning around to turn the other side to create a horrible atmosphere, said to the two Demons. When Pandora left, I obviously saw two. The unfortunate face reveals a happy expression of escape from birth.

“Jaina, this long-winged guy is here, I have already erased his talentability as Demon. Now this guy is not much stronger than a pig except for his height. You take him to test specimens and even give officers and soldiers. I don’t have any advice on improving the food. As for the broken corner guy, I want to bring it back. Our Prophet has something to ask him. You have no opinion?”

“When… of course…” Jaina seemed to wake up suddenly. It seems that she was caught in some sort of weird fantasy world. Now she just woke up, or was she scared by the scene? This is also possible, a powerful Demon that is far superior to Human Race in strength is actually a toy by Lolita, which is really exciting.

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