Xiling Empire Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the information that the Burning Legion has mastered the biochemical transformation technology has caused a lot of pressure, we are not at all good news.

Specifically, it’s a message that should have been bad news but was turned into good news because of a certain key item – dizzy?

This is the way back, Pandora told me when I was resting on the transport ship.

When Carrow sorted and analyzed the data collected by the soldiers in the live ammunition, he came up with a surprising conclusion. Pandora told me the news for the first time.

We have a special effect weapon that can form at least double damage to the variant Demon!

Profound Iron ammunition!

I just stunned when I heard the term, Profound Iron? what? It sounds familiar and looks like it. Where did you hear it?

Looking at my sudden expression of doubts, even Shandora couldn’t help but sigh, and couldn’t help but sigh how he found such a great product: “I said, A’Jun, you occasionally have a little bit of good news about these important information. Profound Iron, isn’t that the last time we went to the outside world and stumbled upon the metal that can restrain Abyss power? We also let Bubbles leave a mother nest to help the aliens train Esper warriors in exchange for stability. Profound Iron resources, now, you… God, why haven’t you thought about it…”

I was too embarrassed to tease her when she looked at her own image and grabbed her head with her blond hair. I was too embarrassed to tease her again, so I took a young girl who was already crazy and embraced it. Said: “Well, I am teasing you, I thought about it, and the Central Esper Bureau, but I just really didn’t expect…”

Seeing Shandora’s happy face in my arms, Pandora, next to it, couldn’t help but sneak a gaze on it. The seemingly empty gray hazelnut and the small face that had never been expressionlessly revealed the envious look. .

If it’s Little Bubbles’, at this moment, I must have waved a small hand and rushed up to Yiyi. I want to hug it. Unfortunately, Pandora can’t do this. This little girl is obviously a little Loli. Appearance, but always want to maintain a serious look, only when we are several together, she can occasionally spacted in her own way, but in the presence of others, she will be stretched with a small face Now, I looked at the two facial expressions that were seriously lacking in the front of the door, and looked at the guards who were so tight and meticulous. They looked at the Lolita, who was very eager to come up with an active and steady adult look, and suddenly felt that this girl was too Interesting…

I thought about it here, I couldn’t help but touch it on Pandora’s head. Now, if I hug her as a child in the subordinate, this girl will definitely be awkward, so I can only ask her to slap her. Head, the two guards at the door, although they look serious and stiff, but at this moment, they immediately turned their faces to the side, and they were careful to watch if there were any enemies nearby. Well, they were on the road.

Although Pandora usually doesn’t like being treated as a child, I am obviously an exception, so even though touching his head is a relative way to treat children, Pandora immediately reveals a very enjoyable expression. At the same time, he does not forget to sneak a sneak peek. At the glance, is there anyone paying attention to this side? When she found that the two guards did not look at it, she was obviously relieved.

“Is that Profound Iron warhead really so good?”

“Good surprise,” Shandora reached out and took a super-sized bullet that looked gray and sloppy from his carry-on space. “Although we haven’t analyzed the ingredients in Profound Iron that have special effects on Abyss power. What, but simply using the purified Profound Iron to make bullets is easy. The surface of the bullet is coated with a thin layer of Profound Iron. The Burning Legion and our fallen relatives use the abyss energy to Demon. Carrying out biochemical transformation is definitely a bad news for us, but… they definitely don’t expect World there is something that can restrain the energy of the abyss. After strengthening, Demon skin can resist the armor-piercing projectile. The physical warheads are not at all resistant, and the Profound Iron bullets fired at the lowest initial velocity can almost unimpededly penetrate the Demons who think they are invulnerable…”

“In other words, now the threat of strengthening Demon has been eliminated?” Of course, I was overjoyed to hear the good news. Don’t look at the elimination of fifty enhanced Demons today, but this does not mean that we formed the Burning Legion. There are three reasons for this advantage. First, those Demons that were eliminated are obviously only the first generation of experimental products. According to the description of the Demon team leader, the transformation they accepted is still quite rough and primitive. The strength of these guys is completely incapable. Compared with the truly sophisticated variant Demon, according to Shandora’s analysis, if this transformation is successful, the ordinary Soldier of a Burning Legion is likely to gain the same fighting strength as the general Xiling soldier, so that our absolute advantage has been lost. Only the science and technology advantages of the remote weapon are left. Secondly, the Demon we met is obviously a tactical miscellaneous soldier. This may be related to their new strength, which is not familiar with their own. Only by relying on the body of their formidable It is obvious that we can use the ingenious rapid change to make a defensive counterattack. If today we are faced with 50 well-trained and far attacking close combat tank Healer complete standard raid group… cough cough, this subtle Don’t worry about the mistakes, I mean, even if the 50 Demons encountered today have a slightly stronger military literacy and more diverse combatability, they can resist the physique of the machine gun. It is absolutely impossible for us to win so easily. The third and most important point is that our military strength is at an absolute disadvantage.

Yes, Xiling Host technology is very heaven defying, Super Space-Time garrison technology also makes our basic strength considerable, but the Super Space-Time garrison is limited, Xiling Host and then heaven defying also need construction and development time, twelve It is impossible for a Bubbles to start working around the clock, so that we can catch up with the Legion of the Burning Legion in a short period of time. Although the Burning Legion does not have the sign of a large scale due to some reasons we are not sure, I have a hunch, Demon The coming is not far away. We definitely have no time to develop so many troops.

In summary, let’s not see that today we have easily eliminated 50 variants of Demon, but in fact, compared with the Burning Legion, our overall strength is completely at a disadvantage…

However, the development of Profound Iron weapon has brought me an unexpected good news. It seems that our biggest crisis – the variant Demon is not so terrible.

But it seems to be specifically for me to fight, and Shandora slammed the Profound Iron warhead for a long time and told me a fact that was quite shocking: “The situation is not as optimistic as you think…”

“Profound Iron warheads can indeed restrain the abyss energy of the variant Demon, but their restrainability is only reflected in the suppression of the abyss energy. In other parameters, such as bullet kinetic energy, hardness, penetration, etc., Profound Iron bullets There are not many excellent places, even due to the conflict between Profound Iron and several alloys, the warhead is inferior to the general physical bullet in hardness, in other words, if the enemy is a strong Demon. The power of this bullet is not even as good as that of a titanium Saab, and even if the full power of the variant Demon is reflected in the abyss energy, Profound Iron is not a panacea. Even if it is a natural enemy, its restrainability has limits. I roughly calculated it. As a result, a bullet with a Profound Iron coating can suppress the abyss energy of this size…”

Shandora said, reaching out his right hand and gently popping up a small black spark – much smaller than Little Bubbles’.

“Equivalent to the semi-finished products we have encountered today, Demon’s abyss energy, and as the energy of the abyss strengthens, the Profound Iron bullet’s suppression ability will become weaker and weaker until it has no effect at all… Right, don’t think about it. The entire bullet was built with Profound Iron to improve its power. Let’s not say that we don’t have as many Profound Iron resources. Even if it is, this is useless because the range of bullets and abyss energy is actually limited to it. The surface is just… Hey, A’Jun, what’s wrong with you?”

…nothing, just someone just wants to ask why they didn’t make the bullets pure Profound Iron. Our Queen adults predicted the possible stupidity of their lovers in advance and prevented them from producing an immediate inferiority on IQ. Feeling just…

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