Xiling Empire Chapter 177

The 177th chapter of the outreaching combat conference

Shandora’s analysis quickly and effectively calmed me down from the joy of destroying 50 variants of Demon. I finally realized that the enemies we really have to face are not just the semi-finished Demon Miscellaneous, nor The powerful Demon army, not even the Demon lords like Archimonde and Kil’jaeden, our real enemies are far more terrible than them, and after mastering the abyss energy, they can even defeat God Clan’s corrupt Xiling Apostle, and they Compared to the 50 small characters that are being destroyed today, they are not worth mentioning.

Therefore, instead of predominating, we are at an absolute disadvantage. This makes me very awkward. I am not afraid of the enemy’s strength. But the first time I encountered such a situation, the Xiling Empire army, which has always been invincible, became a weak person, telling the truth. Now I feel bad.

In order to get rid of this bad feeling as soon as possible, I immediately pulled the Pandora next to me, then squatted on the soft little face of the little girl, watching the little brat react to a little bit of doubt and stupidity. Well, I feel much better…

After returning to Theramore, we will say goodbye to Jaina for a while, let her take the unfortunate Demon squad leader who is already savage and sullen, and call it the minor character a, and some of us will leave with Lin Xue. That is very interesting and quite a set, but because the author forgot to give him a name, it is still tragically called the minor character b’s breakpoint Demon Guardian returned to the faith level, ready to call everyone to open a meeting.

The base built by the Bubbles is a small island that can be connected to a triangle, and the faith level is parked in the center of the three bases. The tightly protected at the same time also bears the responsibility of the command center. The effective operation of the three base’s automatic defense system, the fear of the holy light, we have been worried about the pilgrimage of the night pilgrimage, but there has not been a snorkeling swell near the Theramore. It seems that these crazy holy The light believer has collectively pinned its hopes on the water after discovering that it has been difficult to work from the upper reaches of the water. Now the first thing that Paladin and the pastor, who are usually seriously and reserved, do after every afternoon change is to fly to the pier and then to somewhere. Under the leadership of the so-called expert-level swimming instructors who did not know where to come out, they carried out various kinds of fast-paced trainings full of funny meanings, and finally threw them into the water–this is really a speechless development…

Well, these idiots are purely burned by the holy light. Let’s put it aside and now put our attention back in the conference room.

The belief level is really big. This baby that can be used for interstellar colonization realizes the starship city that can only be imagined with Sci-Fi. In the belief level, there are actually two small towns. Of course, Shandora’s words, this is called the colonial ecological ball, a “simple ecological device” that can be directly released from outer space to the surface of the planet for colonization.

I have maintained a fairly calm attitude towards this “simple ecological device”…

Compared with the ice-cold hall built by steel, everyone still likes the nature of living thing, so our meeting moved from the core command room filled with radar and monitoring equipment to the belief level 2 ecological ball. In a small jungle, for this development, a troublesome polymer expresses the dissatisfaction of the enormous, and our little goddess show a madness of cheers – but I don’t think this can be used to explain why our Supreme commander The meeting eventually developed into an outing…

“I said… everyone is at least serious about it…” I was so weak when I looked at the size of the beautiful women who had no serious sense of an outing.

Can anyone tell me why a good combat meeting will develop like this?

In this small forest glade, in addition to a tragedy man who seems to be completely assimilated by thick black shadows and a troublesome polymer with alleged resentment, there is a relaxed atmosphere for a holiday outing.

Qianqian dressed in a white dress, sitting quietly on the grass, carefully weaving a beautiful wreath, no one can think of it, the usual lively and gentle Qianqian, there will be such a quiet and feminine like the goddess side of the forest .

Next to Qianqian, a real goddess, Della, is doing something that doesn’t exactly match her identity. I saw a little thing screaming and screaming and dancing in the air into a dazzling green light. Halo, apparently it is quite novel and exciting to have such a jungle full of living thing in the faith level.

On the other side, the Loli trio are doing their daily activities: the Bubbles are closed, and the face has a strange smile from time to time. It has obviously sunk into a large rpg World, Little Bubbles and Pandora looked at it as usual, with a poorly shaped but oversized lollipop on the little tree stump among them, and the two Lolitas decided to use this covenant in their own way to decide this brother. The problem of ownership of lollipop made by hand.

Behind the two Lolita, standing behind their respective support groups, Sivis was standing behind his Senior Officer with a smile, and his sister was helpless behind Little Bubbles. The two sisters were obviously not in this situation. I saw it for the first time, but no matter how many times I saw it, I couldn’t change their helpless expression…

Little Bubbles, the key is Pandora… Sivis now has some doubts that Lolita, who is not blind to other children for a lollipop, is not his own Senior Officer. God, if this is a time back… …this scene is killing her and she can’t imagine it…

As for the farther places, a sly smirk of Queen next to the barbecue shelf, let us ignore it gorgeously…

In all fairness, the scenes of these lovely girls who are free to rest in the open space of the forest are really pleasing to the eye. Of course, if all this is not placed under the premise of “combat meeting”…

Obviously it was a meeting, and it was clear that we had to discuss something very important. Why did it eventually evolve into this way Ah? Was it really a mistake to remove the venue from the command room?

“Yes, it’s a mistake!” Lin Xue, who was resentful, suddenly lifted the head and looked at me gloomy.

Oh, it seems that I am thinking about something in the public channel. Forget it, because there are too many similar situations, I will not vomit this.

In addition, it’s normal for me to worry about the country’s worry, and that the Emperor’s safety will be lost because the combat meeting becomes an outing. But Lin Xue doesn’t look like this. So resentful? Is it just because she left the hall full of interesting machines? It stands to reason that this fresh nature should be what every girl likes? In other words, Lin Xue’s essence is actually a transformation…

“Hey!” A loud noise made the girls gather together, and then the beautiful and beautiful women looked at me and swayed from the sky, except for Little Bubbles, with a surprised expression pointing at the big pit I had pulled out. Yeah, “After a while, everyone said that there was no accident.

Hey Hey hey, you saw it, I saw it, Lin Xue, this guy just had a very obvious personal attack, right? Tenglong hits the side and picks up the three paragraphs of the upper part of the kick and hits Oh! You have at least some reaction? ! You are rushing to condemn this violent woman Oh!

But the next second, in my mind at the same time, the sound connection of n sounds: “Live it…”

Ok, I am really incorrigible guys who often do some untimely thinking activities on the public channel…

“So what…” I did my last effort, trying to summon everyone back from the deadly appeal of garland candy and barbecue. “Would we consider the most important crisis now? Outings…not here. For a while…”

Thankfully, it seems that after playing for a long time, I finally remembered that there was still something to do, and the Ojou-samas finally managed to let go of the matter at hand.

… can also be considered that they have already played enough, the garland in Qianqian’s hand has been completed, the match between Pandora and Little Bubbles has ended in the previous victory, and now Little Bubbles is pulling her mother Yiyi who just came out of the game. I complained bitterly, and a certain Queen who has been roasting in the far from the very beginning is now full of mouths and melts together – only at this moment, do you think of doing something right?

“Well, let’s talk now,” Shandora took a slap in his face, hit a small bulp, and looked around. “The situation should already be known – Little Bubbles, you don’t need to know – discuss today. How to deal with those burning forces that are stronger than us, are more stable than us, are more familiar than us, and have the backing of Xiling science and technology.”

… baby, are you the undercover from Archimonde?

When Shandora was on the court, he used a magnificent ranking to completely dispel everyone’s enthusiasm. This kind of serious morale destructive speech… really has Xiling features…

Although it sounds incredible, but Shandora used this as a starting point and there is nothing wrong with it. Xiling Apostle has never had a morale and morale, and it is a morale for a group of war machines that will never be scared by the enemy. It’s a waste of time, and it’s more straightforward to show that all current rivals’ strengths are more useful—Shandora is used to this way of speaking.

But her habits don’t necessarily mean that we are used to it, almost the voice just fell, and Shandora suddenly realized that he made a mistake…

Looking at everyone’s big blow, Shandora immediately miserable and came over and said, “A’Jun, I was wrong…”

Of course, I can’t bear to blame her. After all, from the perspective of Xiling Apostle’s, her way of speaking is normal, and the situation is really as bad as she said.

“How long does it take for Bubbles and base to work, enough?”

“The current three base resources and limited space have greatly limited our development, but Xiling Base will produce the next generation of Lite Xiling Host in a week. These Lite Xiling Hosts are used for outward expansion. The speed will be greatly improved, and it is expected that in just six months, we will be able to form an army that is sufficient to confront the coalition of the Burning Legion and Fallen Apostles.”

Six months to build a strong army from scratch, enough to fight the evil coalition, this is really enough to claim the military expansion capability of terror, but this is not enough – we need six months of uninterrupted peace of mind Development, while the Burning Legion can be invaded at any time. It seems that it is impossible to follow the traditional military development route.

Then, everyone has proposed other options, including even sending special teams to Draenor World and Universe space to actively seek for enemy opportunistic damage, but none of these programs have sufficient practicality.

“I said…” Lin Xue, who had been squatting on the ground, suddenly raised a hand and said that he had something to say, “Why do we want to fight alone? Or why is every force in the entire World going to fight alone?” ?”

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