Xiling Empire Chapter 187

Chapter 187 The Tragedy of Carrow

When Anthony began to doubt the so-called holy light that he had been insisting on, I suddenly felt that I was an Innate’s sophist Oh!

“Elder Brother Monarch,” Alaya’s voice suddenly sounded in my mind. “Too bad tongue, really…”

…didn’t expect Even Alaya has shown such an extraordinary reverence for the strong language bombing that I just made. It’s really fascinating Oh!

Cough cough… Anyway, I took Angel Younger Sister’s words as a compliment, what? !

“Think about it, calmly think about what you usually insist on because of the subjective impression of the brain or the exact fact. It is not terrible to make mistakes. It is terrible to make mistakes but not to repent but to think that they should – Now almost all the living people in the whole world are in this state of mind, which makes me very worried.”

“I’m sorry,” Anthony suddenly lifted the head, and with a firm look in his eyes, said to Anveena, who was around me, “I am very sorry for my blind and arbitrary thoughts that led to rude behavior.”

“Oh! It doesn’t matter!” Anveena hurriedly replied, even though she had a so-called “padre” status, but this little Ghost still maintains the mentality of being a little maid when she was, so she still subconsciously thinks she is only now But it was an inconspicuous maid, and when a “noble” Paladin suddenly apologized to himself, Anveena was of course frightened.

When I heard Anveena’s answer, Uncle Cavalier immediately took a very serious look: “Thank you for your tolerance. It seems that my previous knowledge is really too narrow. Didn’t expect the undead can be so tolerant and kind…”

Sure enough, every Paladin is an old-fashioned guy, but it seems that this character has some advantages…

In addition, my sense of accomplishment is even more bursting now! The most sturdy guy in Paladin Oh! World, I was tossed like this by a similar language attack! Sprinkling home is really a genius! ! ! Hey, Lin Xue is not good at the side. At the very least, at this time, I will not drop out from the sky.

Although this sense of accomplishment is good, I don’t intend to be a missionary to spread my idea around World. Hey, convincing an Anthony is so troublesome, to change the public opinion of the whole World, then Still not exhausting me? Therefore, in the purpose of life, such as eating and drinking, I decided to give this great and arduous task to those who truly believe in compassion in the world, such as…

“Anthony, I think you have already understood the mistakes made in the past, then what are your plans for the future?”

“I want to spread your teachings and let more people realize that the undead creatures are not completely evil!” Uncle Knight immediately stood upright and stood up for a tragic stance that was about to dedicate himself to the whole world.

Well, well, I am very gratified. Now I am more and more like Paladin. It’s until you just take advantage of it. Even if you sell him, he will happily help you to save money and deposit it in the bank. Now!

Jaina and Victor, who have been watching, are also eccentric at the moment. Because they are not the undead professions of Paladin and the undead creatures, they were convinced by my words earlier than Anthony. Now they are only Surprised, the most stubborn and difficult to deal with, Paladin Anthony, was sold so easily…

But from the performance of their two collective silence, I can be sure that Victor and Jaina also have a black belly that is unknown!

Fearing a misunderstanding, Anveena once again became a Raven form when I left the Mage Tower, and I stayed on my shoulders honestly, and Alaya floated behind me, I dare not let her fly too high. This clumsy head with unexpectedly large nerves never knew the problem of preventing the light. If I didn’t remind, I guess she could go back in the skirt all the way – although I am sure that the mortal below will not have the guts to look up. But always feel that there will be losses like this…

“Elder Brother Monarch!” I was thinking about things with my head down… well, I was in a daze, and suddenly there was Angel Younger Sister’s voice behind me.

“What happened?”

“Over there.” Alaya came over and pointed to a group of people gathered in the distance. “What are they doing?”

In the direction of Alaya’s white little fingers, I really saw a lot of people gathering together. From a distance, it seems to be some priests and guys like Paladin.

On a small dock that is often used to temporarily load and unload supplies, a group of Paladins dressed in heavy steel armor and devout priests in white robes are gathering together to see the expression on their faces, seemingly listening to what is important. Everything, one by one, seriously does not dare to breathe.

Among these noble priests stood a tall man dressed in awkward black costume.

It is said that these clothes are awkward. In fact, these Azeroth aborigines have never seen such a style of clothing. This dress is short, cut and reasonable, and easy to move. There are no complicated but useless decorations commonly used in Azeroth clothing. The whole embodiment reflects a simple line beauty, but it seems a bit unsuitable to wear it on the present owner – because the big man’s body is too tall, the muscles of the whole body are still bulging out, full of everywhere With an explosive sense of power, the whole body of a typical mad warrior, wearing such a figure that looks like a small one and tightly wrapped around the body, is always a bit uncoordinated.

However, the tall man’s stature did not make people feel fierce, the reason is all his face – it is a thick-eyed national character face, full of upright lines, plus that pair Melancholy and decisive, and the brown eyes that give people unlimited trust, it is completely a face that only Paladin is most suitable for Oh!

I don’t know which big man once said that as a Paladin, holy light, strength, and country face, it is an indispensable condition, especially the last one, which is almost the biggest sign of Paladin. There is such an axiom: as long as you There is a perfect national character face. In the battle, you can get more screams than a guy who is covered in a holy light but looks like a monkey. Of course, there are more coming from the enemy’s bricks, can do nothing about It, a Paladin of the elderly national character face, it is too… Paladin…

I saw this sturdy uncle with a knight’s face standing in the middle of a group of priests, holding his right hand and preaching something in a solemn tone:

“…the people of holy light! Our Savior has arrived! You have witnessed this with your own eyes, the battleship of God made of pure and holy light comes from us, the noble Angel Come and help us in person, what a great glory!”

“But – the people of holy light,” said the Uncle, who immediately turned around and said in a harsh tone, “Can we enjoy such favors with peace of mind? Everyone asks themselves, their heart is holy light. Grateful, really worthy of Savior’s love?!”

As the voice of the uncle of the Cavaliers fell, the onlookers immediately burst into a commotion.

“I know the cry in your heart,” the uncle’s face was low, and then suddenly rose. “You are crying: I can prove my belief in holy light! So good, the people of holy light, what way will you use? Prove your faith?

“Look – just behind you, the place that is covered by the light of pure and holy, is the most powerful place of the world’s holy light power. The gods come to the battleship that World is riding, if you want to prove your own Resolute faith, then go! Go to the battleship of God and go to worship in the glory of pure and holy!”

In the face of a handsome face of the knight’s face, the crowd was silent, and everyone showed a “this impossible” expression.

“I know what you are hesitating, yes, God’s test!

“There must be tests on the road to pilgrimage. This is inevitable. I think you have already tried it. It is quite difficult to swim to the glorious island.”

The words of the uncle’s face immediately caused a lot of resonance. It seems that the guys who tried to swim on the night-level pilgrimage at night were really a lot…

“Do you know why you can’t go through the sea that you can swim without even a little effort?” The knight’s uncle suddenly changed his tone, using a white-bearded old man who seemed to drop out from the sky with an aperture on his head. A tramp who said on the side of the road said “Know your destiny”.

The people around the city immediately shook their heads together.

At this moment, the face of the Cavalier’s face suddenly flashed a line of joy – great, finally paved the way, and finally can start their own plans!

“Because you don’t have this!”

I saw a shiny disc lifted out by the Cavalier’s uncle, and the sunlight reflected by the disc instantly swayed the onlooker’s eyes.

“This thing, called – CD!

“As the name implies, it is an Item full of the power of holy light! Only it can help you through the cruel test, let you successfully climb the road of pilgrimage! Look at this surface full of mysterious brilliance! Just a gold coin, You can also have it – don’t question why such a sacred thing will be associated with money, know…”

Looking at the surroundings, the uncle’s face is unattractive, and then slowly look around – eventually, the line of sight is still in a certain direction.

Two seconds later, the uncle’s face, who was just fascinating, suddenly revealed the expression of World’s last days.

“I want to marry this guy!!!” Over the sky of Theramore, the family was so angry.

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